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Chapter 150 – Kill

The moment Li Muwan saw this figure, she let out a sigh of relief and her body went soft. She had to lean against the wall. A cold hand went under her armpit, which surprised her, then she immediately found herself take off from the ground.

A familiar smell entered her nose and made her relax. Seeing the fog before her, she was about to speak when she heard Wang Lin’s indifferent voice say,

“Don’t move. I’m taking you to kill people.”

Wang Lin held Li Muwan and paused in the air for a moment. He took out the dragon tendon, which was now like a whip, and swung it. One end wrapped around the headless corpse of the big-headed cultivator and then the end split and grabbed Pu Lin’s corpse.

Wang Lin’s right hand held the dragon tendon as his divine sense spread out and located the ones that ran away. He let out a sneer as he flew northeast, and as he flew, the dragon tendon flew behind him with the bodies of the two Core Formation cultivators.

Kun Sang’s heart was in panic. The moment he saw Wang Lin, he felt like there was a large hand stirring up his soul, and all it would have to do was use a little force to destroy it.

Pu Lin’s mysterious death frightened him the most. There were no words that could describe the regret he felt in his heart right now. For a pill furnace, two out of the three of them had already died. Just thinking about this caused him to feel rattled as he quickly took out some pills and threw them in his mouth. After his spiritual energy was refilled, he bit his tongue and spat out some blood. His hand quickly formed seals, which he then he sent into the blood. As he made the seals, his body quickly withered, but his speed increased several fold.

He left an afterimage as his body charged out hundreds of meters.

Wang Lin sneered as he flew through the sky like a meteor. When he saw Kun Sang, a cold light flashed across his eyes. He opened his mouth and a crystal-colored light flew out. In almost an instant, the crystal light flew hundreds of meters.

As Kun Sang ran, he suddenly felt a pain in his chest. When he lowered his head, he saw a crystal light penetrating his chest. His core flew out from his chest and slowly flew backwards. He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t make a sound. His vision grew darker and darker as he fell from the sky. Even until the moment of his death, he couldn’t understand how all of it had changed so quickly. The prey suddenly became the predator.

As his body fell, a thin, golden light extended from the dragon tendon toward the body. When Wang Lin flew by, the body was bound by the dragon tendon and floated behind him.

The three bodies of the Core Formation cultivators became like three feathers of a peacock’s tail, and Wang Lin was the head.

“The third one!” Wang Lin’s face was gloomy as he placed the golden core inside his bag of holding and flew toward his next target.

Li Muwan looked at everything that was happening before her. Even though she was prepared, she couldn’t help but be shocked. Wang Lin’s strength was deeply engraved in her heart.

Chen Hai was an elder of the Fighting Evil Sect who normally enjoyed a lot of respect. He knew that his speed wasn’t fast enough, so after running for a while, he dug a big hole in the ground, withdrew his presence, and buried himself.

When he was only at the Foundation Establishment stage, he had used this trick many times. As he lied underground, he couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile and think about how long it had been since he had to use this lifesaving technique.

He let out a sigh, but his sigh froze in his mouth as his eyes suddenly widened, revealing the red lightning flashing across it. Blood endlessly flowed out of his orifices and red lightning filled his soul.

A golden thread drilled into the ground, grabbed Chen Hai’s body, and dragged it out along with a large chunk of dirt.

“The fourth one!” The dragon tendon split into four, holding a body in each thread. Aside from the one body without a head, the remaining bodies were all complete and covered in blood, which made them look very frightening.

After killing two people, the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes had not only not lessened but became even stronger as he continued to chase.

One hour later, the number of bodies behind Wang Lin had risen from four to nine.

The last remaining person was the head elder, Qian Kun, who ran away first. The more he ran, the more scared he became. This fear reached its peak as his divine sense detected Wang Lin and the nine bodies flying behind him. His scalp went numb at the sight.

In just this short period of time, Wang Lin was able to kill all of the other Core Formation cultivators. What kind of cultivation level was needed to do something like this?

“Could he be a Nascent Soul cultivator?” Qian Kun’s heart shook at the thought of this idea, but he quickly dismissed it. When they were chasing Wang Lin before, they clearly saw through his cultivation level. He was only at the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage, a pseudo Core Formation cultivator.

If that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t have chased so leisurely. However, everything happened too fast, to the point that Qian Kun still thought that he was daydreaming, only this dream was a nightmare.

As Wang Lin closely followed behind, his eyes became even colder. He sneered as he looked at Qian Kun before him. This Qian Kun was, after all, mid stage Core Formation cultivator, so he was several times faster than the others. However, flying at this speed would waste a lot of spiritual energy, so Wang Lin was in no rush. Once Qian Kun starts to run out of spiritual energy, he will have to slow down.

Qian Kun clenched his teeth and turned his head. He remembered that there was a Fighting Evil Sect branch nearby with two Core Formation cultivators in charge. He hoped that they could hold Wang Lin off long enough for him to save himself.

He used 120% of his spiritual energy as he charged toward the branch of the Fighting Evil Sect.

Wu Ding mountain was a huge mountain with many lofts built on top of it. It used to be the home of a very large sect thousands of years ago, but after they fell from power, they were wiped out by the Fighting Evil Sect and became a branch of the Fighting Evil Sect.

On this day, the disciples of the branch were cultivating when the two Core Formation elders in charge, the brothers Mu Nan and Mu Bei, opened the door and went out.

In the air, Qian Kun was battered and exhausted. He didn’t even wait until he got close to shout, “Mu Nan, Mu Bei, I order the two of you to gather all of the disciples at Wu Ding and stop the person behind me. Do not allow this person leave Wu Ding mountain! If you succeed, I’ll reward you two with 10,000 high quality spirit stones.” With that, he fled in panic.

The moment Mu Nan and Mu Bei walked out, they heard the head elder’s words and were startled. How would the two of them be able to stop someone even the head elder had to run away from?

Just at this moment, Wang Lin appeared before their eyes. The two of them wondered what kind of person would force even the head elder to run away. The moment they saw Wang Lin, they were shocked, especially after seeing the nine bodies flying behind him.

The two of them carefully looked at each other. Their faces changed color repeatedly. Mu Nan bursted out, “The nine elders from headquarters… this… this…”

Mu Bei took a deep breath. He felt chills all over his body. He quickly dragged Mu Nan and respectfully said, “Junior Mu Bei greets senior.”

Mu Nan’s body shivered and he quickly said, “Junior Mu Nan greets senior.”

Wang Lin coldly looked at the two. He went past them without slowing down. That one look caused their skins to crawl. Their backs were soon covered in sweat.

Qian Kun had been flying at top speed for such a long time that his spiritual energy was about to run out. He quickly took out some pills, but just this pause allowed Wang Lin to close in even further.

Seeing that Wang Lin was getting closer and closer, he let out a pitiful smile before turning around and giving Wang Lin a vicious look. He clenched his teeth and took out a red token from his bag of holding. On this token was the word “Punish” written in dark red.

This token was the famous Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Day Kill Order token in the Sea of Devils. This token came from ancient times, and the method of making them has been long lost. Even in the Sea of Devils, there were only ten or so remaining. Qian Kun accidently obtained it and immediately refined it. He was afraid of others finding out about it and had always kept it as his ace. He was hoping to use this to help increase the power of his techniques in the future.

The requirement for activating this token was very strict. It required someone at the Core Formation stage or higher to trade their life to activate it. The person who activates it will have their entire cultivation refined into a pill, which will be gifted to the person who manages to kill the target.

Because of the special ability of this token, whenever a demonic cultivator sees someone who is marked, they will attack them. It was also because of this strict requirement that the owners of the tokens rarely ever used them themselves. They would find a Core Formation cultivator and force them to use it. As for the target, they could just find someone nearby. That way, they could easily obtain a cultivation pill.

As a result, the amount of tokens has greatly decreased, so even saying that there were ten tokens left might be a little too much. Qian Kun also originally planned to force someone to use the token, but now that he was about to die, he became ruthless and waited for Wang Lin to catch up.

Anyone who was marked by token rarely lasts 100 days if they are within the Sea of Devils. However, if they can last more than 100 days, then they can devour the pill themselves.

Seeing Wang Lin closing in, Qian Kun held the Ten Thousand Devils Hundred Day Kill Order and shouted, “Stop! Do you know this token? I have refined this with my soul. If you kill me, you will be marked by the kill order! Today’s matter is my fault, but you have already killed nine elders, so why kill more? If you spare me, I can refer you and allow you to become a head elder at the Fighting Evil Sect like me. How about it?”

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