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Chapter 1490 - Sword Finger Master Lu Fu!

The snow became stronger and stronger.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin withdrew his right hand and reached at the sky. Countless snowflakes condensed in his hand to form a snowball. This snowball became more and more solid.

Looking at the snowball, Wang Lin bit the tip of his tongue and spat out his ancient god blood. Sizzling sounds echoed when the blood fell on the snowball. While dying the snowball red, it also melted the snow.

As it melted, even more snow arrived, and it soon became an ice crystal. Wang Lin waved his hand and the blood ice crystal stretched to form a long sword!

A blood red longsword!

At the same time, thunder flashed from Wang Lin's right eye and vaguely appeared in his eyes. A sliver of the Ji Thunder, one of the nine accompanying thunders, flew out and perfectly fused with the sword.

At this instant, a monstrous killing intent erupted from the blood sword.

"No one under the third step can withstand a strike from this sword! Since you can't leave your homeland, I'll give you this sword to protect you! If anyone dares to disrespect you, cut them down with this word!" Wang Lin waved his right hand and the sword flew into Xi Zifeng's body, becoming her life treasure!

"Tea… Teacher will do one more thing for you… You have a senior brother on planet Qing Ling. If you need help, you can go with this sword… Xi Zifeng…" Wang Lin looked at the woman before him.

The woman bit her lower lip and silently raised her head. She looked at Wang Lin. Their eyes met, and in her eyes were 800 years of love buried deep within… Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment as he looked profoundedly at the woman before him. Wang Lin let out a sigh before he turned around and walked away.

Looking at Wang Lin's back gradually drift away, the figure in Xi Zifeng's eyes the figure, that had used the collapsed fragment to destroy everything in his path, appeared.

The shadow that had taken many cultivators out of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

The proud and upright figure that had emerged in the battle for celestial title… The snow white figure that had gradually arrived. The flying snow made Xi Zifeng's vision slightly blurry.

"This kind of ending, perhaps… is better…" Xi Zifeng lowered her head.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes as he moved through the stars. With his powerful cultivation, he had swept through her memories.

He didn't look at Xi Zifeng's private matters but clearly remembered all those that had humiliated her in the past 800 years. The appearances and auras of these people were clear in Wang Lin's mind!

"I don't mind killing people… Don't mind…" Killing intent flashed in Wang Lin's eyes and he disappeared.

Planet Yun Dong, the location of the Zhao family. The Zhao family was the second largest family on the planet. Although they couldn't compare to those with inheritances, the Zhao family was extremely powerful in this star domain.

The Zhao family's current family head had a high cultivation level. He had made great contributions during the war against the Alliance and had been given a pill. He was now at the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser.

His status on planet Yun Dong was extremely high and he was respected by the people. However, very few people knew that 800 years ago, he was one of the people who had pursued Xi Zifeng. When the Xi family fell, he had secretly used some method to attempt to capture Xi Zifeng to be his cultivation furnace.

Although he was stopped by someone, it had deeply injured Xi Zifeng, whose family had just collapsed.

More than 800 years had passed and the Zhao family head had long forgotten about this. He was sitting in the main hall of the Zhao family's house, and the people of the Zhao family were listening to him lecturing dao.

However, just as he started the third sentence, a monstrous, cold aura descended from the sky and surrounded the Zhao family house, shocking everyone inside. A shocking ray of sword energy descended at an unimaginable speed toward the Zhao family's main hall, toward the terrified Zhao family ancestor!

It happened too fast. In a flash, the sword energy charged into the Zhao family's head. His body collapsed and his origin was soul destroyed!

Planet Tian Mu, Dong Lai family. The head elder was hailed as the most benevolent person in the family. He was at the peak of the Nirvana Cleanser stage 300 years ago and then became a gardener. He had planted a lot of strange flowers and plants in order to cultivate his heart.

Few people knew that 800 years ago, as a friend of the Xi family, before he became the head elder, he had forced Xi Zifeng to destroy her own appearance and hand over the last treasure her ancestor had left her.

At this moment, he was wearing rags and held a watering jar. He was watering flowers like a mortal. Behind him stood three respectful middle-aged men.

"Cultivation is like raising flowers. You need to understand nature and feel the changes in the world. Although this old man hasn't entered closed door cultivation for 300 years and I even forget to check the changes in my cultivation, only like this can I truly comprehend the heavenly dao."

"Head Elder is wise." The three middle-aged man respectfully nodded.

The old man revealed a smile. He naturally knew that the three of them didn't understand. He was about to continue speaking when the planet trembled. The sky changed colors and the clouds scattered. A ray of sword energy pierced through the world and descended from above!

This sword energy was too fast. The old man just looked up and the sword energy charged into his body. The old man's body collapsed and his existence was completely erased!

Only the watering can fell to the ground without being damaged at all.

Planet Zi Miao, Lou family. As one of the four major families in the southern domain of Allheaven, the young master had a high cultivation level. With his family behind him, few people dared to provoke him.

At this moment, the young master was in closed door cultivation. He was naked and was currently moving above a female cultivator, letting out beast-like roars as he did so.

The female cultivator below him was extremely pretty, but her face was extremely pale. Her expression changed greatly as she rapidly aged and soon became almost a bag of bones.

In just a moment, the female cultivator let out a miserable scream as she bled out from her orifices and died miserably.

"Next one!" The man got up and didn't look at the woman. Some cultivators came in, took the corpse away, and brought another confused female cultivator that had lost her senses.

The man grabbed this female cultivator and was about to use her to cultivate with a gloomy expression. However, just at this moment, a heaven-shaking roar came from the sky. At first it sounded like it was far away, but soon it was deafening. The close door cultivation location shattered and the man was filled with terror. He grabbed the female cultivator and used her as a shield. The ray of sword energy passed through her body, causing her no harm. It then directly entered his body between his eyebrows.

There was a thunderous bang and then his eyes widened and his body collapsed. His blood drenched her body and she immediately became sober.

Planet Shu Lou's Qian family.

Planet Heaven Breaking's Sun family.

Planet Xu Ling's Li family.

Rays of sword energy penetrated all those places and killed the people that once humiliated Xi Zifeng!

A team of nearly 100 cultivators was pulling two cultivation planets. They were being led by an old man. He gave off a sense of majesty without being angry, and all the cultivators looked at him with respect.

However, as they moved forward, a ray of sword energy arrived. Before anyone could react, the sword energy entered the old man's body and he died!

Similar scenes took place all over Allheaven!

Anyone who had offended Xi Zifeng died to a ray of sword energy!

There was a large amount of Thunder Celestial Temple cultivators moving around within the giant star formation. They were placing down formations and connecting them together.

In a flash, 11 rays of sword energy appeared and split off into 11 different directions. A gloomy middle-aged man that was placing a formation was pierced by the sword energy. He didn't know what was going on and immediately died.

In a flash, 10 people died at different parts of this giant formation.

The last ray of sword energy charged deep into of the vortex and pierced into an old man who was reinforcing the formation. The old man trembled and his body exploded.

The sudden scene shocked everyone at the formation, and the people of the Thunder Celestial Temple were terrified.

Wang Lin didn't kill one extra or let one go. Wang Lin had used his divine sense and released nearly 100 rays of sword energy to sweep Allheaven! This was the last thing he was going to do for Xi Zifeng!

As he talked forward, Wang Lin appeared outside the giant formation Allheaven had built!

He looked into the depths of the formation formed by hundreds of planets. The countless Thunder Celestial Temple cultivators were silent as he slowly walked forward.

He wasn't fast, but every step he took caused the star domain to rumble as if there was thunder crashing down. Wang Lin's steps formed monstrous sounds that spread in all directions.

Countless Thunder Celestial Temple cultivators became pale and quickly retreated. They weren't like the family of planet Dong Ling that had their minds controlled and were willing to fight to the death. They quickly backed away. From afar, they looked like a receding tide!

As Wang Lin moved forward, a sharp laugh came from Master Lu Fu, who was at the center of the vortex!

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