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Chapter 1489 - Indifferent Xi Zi

An unknown emotion appeared. Wang Lin's memory of Xi Zifeng wasn't strong, but he hadn't forgotten her. Just like how there would be someone you liked in your life, there would be someone else who liked you.

He could've politely reject and let this kind of woman go, but he definitely wouldn't forget.

Wang Lin could clearly see Xi Zifeng's injuries. Her origin soul had been injured many times, making it very difficult to heal. And it was obvious that her origin soul had taken another hit recently.  

"How was she injured?" Wang Lin's gaze swept pass the hundred cultivators and eventually fell on an old man. He felt like this old man was somewhat familiar. He vaguely remembered this old man as one of the people he had brought out of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

The old man became excited when Wang Lin looked at him. The group of people Wang Lin had saved was still grateful even now. With Wang Lin's rise in fame hundreds of years ago, their respect for Wang Lin had become even stronger.

"Benefactor!" The old man's voice trembled and he clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

The middle-aged man in front trembled and his eyes were filled with despair. At the same time, he subconsciously turned toward the old man and pleaded with his eyes. However, this plea collapsed when the old man spoke.

It was as if he had heard the world collapsing around him.

"It's him! If not for him forcing Fellow Cultivator Xi Zi, her origin soul wouldn't be so seriously injured!" The old man pointed at the middle-aged man that was kneeling in front.

The middle-aged man managed to find the courage under his intense fear and quickly got up. He retreated while looking anxious and roared, "Zhou Cong Yun, you slander me!! As a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, I have the right to request each of you to move the planet, and every one of you needs to obey my command. You dare to insult me like this? What is your intent?"

"Senior, don't listen to his person's slander. Junior did everything to help Allheaven prepare for battle. I didn't force Fellow Cultivator Xi Zi at all. Junior even knows Fellow Cultivator Xi Zi, so how could I…" The middle-aged man quickly backed away until he had retreated more than 1,000 feet.

Wang Lin looked at the retreating middle-aged with the same cold gaze with which he looked at the destruction of planet Dong Lin. Wang Lin had been through much, so he immediately figured out the truth from a simple gaze.

"To bully a weak woman, you deserve to die!" The more Xi Zifeng lowered her head and retreated, the more she impacted Wang Lin.

Many things can happen in 800 years of time. The past was like a dream and the present was hazy. What it brought Wang Lin was the melancholy of familiar faces disappearing with the passage of time. 

Wang Lin stared at the retreating middle-aged man filled with fear. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and he raised his right hand.

"You can't kill me!! I'm a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. I'm under the order of the Thunder Celestial Temple to prepare for battle and have the Thunder Celestial Temple's order. If you kill me now, you will become an enemy of the Thunder Celestial Temple and hinder Allheaven's preparations for war. Not only will you become an enemy of Allheaven, but you will also become an enemy of the four star systems!!

"My cultivation level isn't high, but I'm still a power to resist the Outer Realm. I want to battle the Outer Realm, I want to give my full strength to fight for the Inner Realm, you can't kill me!! Even if you want to kill me, you have to give me a chance to fight the Outer Realm and let me die on the battlefield!!" The middle-aged man retreated and roared out all the excuses he could think of.

When he was young, he was good with words and was sharp. Now, facing his death, his skill was on full display!

"I will have no regrets if I die on the battlefield. I don't want to die in Allheaven before I can burn my life. I was wrong, but the crime isn't punishable by death!! If you must kill me, give me 100 years of life so I can fight for the Inner Realm!!"

If it was an ordinary cultivator, they would be moved by these words and might even let him go. These words were awe-inspiring and contained the will to die for the Inner Realm.

In truth, the middle-aged man had used his sharp tongue to obtain great benefits in his life. Even his identity as a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple was obtained by his tongue.

However, this time he was facing Wang Lin. With all the schemes and cunning people Wang Lin had faced, he was able to tell at a glance that everything this person was saying was a lie!

Wang Lin raised his right hand and then gently let it fall. The retreating middle-aged man let out a miserable scream as popping sounds echoed from all over his body. Blood mist ejected from every part of his body and soon he was covered in blood.

"This bitch has been bullied by many people over these hundreds of years. Why do you only kill me? If you really have the skill then kill them all!!" His last roar echoed as the middle-aged man's body exploded and his origin soul was wiped from this world.

Killing a Nirvana Scryer cultivator was like killing an ant!

The surroundings were completely silent; even the old man from before was shaking. Their hearts were beating like crazy. Although they knew Wang Lin was strong, seeing a Nirvana Scryer cultivator die with a wave of his hand without any chance of resisting still shocked them.

Wang Lin's cold gaze swept past these cultivators. With a step, he charged into the group of cultivators and he disappeared along with Xi Zifeng a moment later.

A soft light flew in from the distance and turned into a pill that floated before the old man.

"Take this pill and go into closed door cultivation. Comprehend the beast soul inside and your cultivation level can increase!"

The pill gave off powerful origin energy fluctuations. Just a smell made his mind relaxed, and it felt like he had cultivated for several months.

Inside Allheaven, on a half-abandoned planet, snow fell from the sky, covering the earth in a layer of white. In the northern part of the planet, there was a mountain covered in snow.

Xi Zifeng stood at the top of the mountain. Her face was pale and she had stopped her tears by force as she silently pondered.

Before her, Wang Lin looked at her with a complicated expression. He let out a sigh and waved his right hand. A gentle force entered her body and made its way into her origin soul. In an instant, her injuries recovered.

Xi Zifeng's body trembled and she lowered her head even more.

The origin energy inside her body didn't dissipate after healing her origin soul but charged at her face. Cracking sounds echoed and the scars on Xi Zifeng's face, the ones that couldn't be healed by ordinary cultivators, cracked inch by inch before being blown away by the wind.

As the fragments fell, Xi Zifeng's beautiful face appeared. Aside from the marks of time, there was almost no difference from before.

The beautiful woman from the past was still a virgin, but the hint of time made her look like a madam.

Xi Zifeng raised her hand and touched her smooth face. Tears flowed again. 800 years ago, she had personally destroyed her face. She would have never thought that that person from 800 years ago would recover her face.

Wang Lin looked at the snowflakes that were falling and let them land on his body. He slowly said, "I've only accepted two disciples in my life. One is named Xie Qing and the other named Thirteen… Do you wish to become my third disciple…" 

Xi Zifeng's body trembled. While she pondered, even more tears flowed.

Wang Lin didn't speak again and waited for her response. He was not a ruthless person, but he couldn't accept everything. He could stop himself from liking someone, but there was something he couldn't stop… He could not stop this woman from liking him 800 years ago, nor could he stop her lingering feeling after 800 years.

Compared to how he replied to Li Qianmei, Wang Lin couldn't say such unfeeling words to the weak Xi Zifeng.

In this world, there were many other relationships between a man and a woman.

Time slowly passed and more snow fell down before them… Xi Zifeng revealed a soft smile and for the first time raised her head. She looked at the figure standing behind the curtain of snow.

It was as if she wanted to engrave his figure in her heart, and it slowly overlapped with the figure from before.

She gently knelt on the ground.

This kneeling cut off the feeling from 800 years ago.

This kneeling completed a cycle of karma.

This kneeling, while bitter, also gave Xi Zifeng relief.

She knelt on the snow and whispered, "Disciple greets Teacher…" The last two drop of tears flowed down her smooth cheeks and landed on the snow. The layers of snow were pierced by the tears, forming two deep holes.

However, these holes were quickly covered by snow… Wang Lin softly said, "Come with me…" 

Xi Zifeng got up and whispered, "Disciple's home is in Allheaven…"

Wang Lin silently pondered. After a long time, he waved his right hand. A powerful surge of origin energy entered Xi Zifeng's body. While helping her origin soul, he inserted as much comprehension as she could currently handle into her body.

Xi Zifeng immediately broke through the Corporeal Yang stage and reached Nirvana Scryer!

However, this wasn't over. It continued until Xu Zifeng reached the Nirvana Cleanser stage. Then the origin energy turned into three seals that suppressed her cultivation. This was to allow her to slowly comprehend and digest her cultivation.

Even with Wang Lin's cultivation level, it was difficult to pass down cultivation.

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