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Chapter 1488 - The Hazy Tears of the Present

Xi Zifeng bit her lower lip and flew toward the planet filled with spiritual energy. She closed her eyes, but there were no tears.

Her tears had long dried up over the past 800 years.

Her cultivation slowly activated and a gentle light spread out from her body. Her origin soul created a thread of divine sense that moved toward the cultivation planet that had already been evacuated.

In an instant, her divine sense seemed to connect with the cultivation planet. Her face was pale as she clenched her teeth and her divine sense pulled!

This cultivation planet immediately rumbled and its slow rotation stopped due to the pull of her divine sense!

However, the moment it paused, an unimaginable rebound force appeared and charged mercilessly at Xi Zifeng's divine sense.

Xi Zifeng coughed out blood. The divine sense that had split off from her origin soul wasn't able to bear the rebound force, and it began to tear down the middle!

Her face was deathly pale and she retreated hundreds of feet. Her origin soul flew out once more to form the thread of divine sense. The thread flew toward the planet and pulled once more!

The intense rumble echoed and the planet showed signs of changing trajectory. However, the rebound force was even more intense than before. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, Xi Zifeng's divine sense collapsed once more!

This collapse caused Xi Zifeng's divine sense to collapse layer by layer, and her origin soul was knocked back into her body. She coughed out blood as her body trembled, and she looked like she couldn't even stand. Her face was ashen and her eyes became dim.

"Unless trash!" With a cold snort, the Thunder Celestial Temple messenger flew past Xi Zifeng and waved his sleeves. His origin soul formed a thread of divine sense and connected to the planet. With a roar, he pulled the planet out from the trajectory it had been on for countless years.

The middle-aged man's hand reached out as if he was holding onto the planet, and he roared, "Move the planet!"

The near 100 cultivators all charged forward and silver lines flew out, forming a net around the planet. They all pulled at the same time to move the planet.

Only one old man let out a sigh as he passed Xi Zifeng. He took out a bottle of pills and quickly passed it to Xi Zifeng.

"Fellow Cultivator Xi Zi, this old man was also brought out of the Thunder Celestial Realm by him back then…" the old man whispered as he walked past Xi Zifeng.

Xi Zifeng silently took the pills and revealed gratitude. The bottle contained precious pills that could help speed up her recovery. Over the past 800 years, her family and friends had helped her less than those people that were saved by Wang Lin in the Thunder Celestial Realm. If not for them, Xi Zifeng's path would have been even more difficult.

"What are you standing there for? Come here and move this planet. A waste is a waste; you had a good face, but then you had to destroy it. If you had agreed to my request, you wouldn't have ended up like you are today!" The middle-aged man from the Thunder Celestial Temple sneered.

The old man who had given her the pills before couldn't hold back anymore, and he retorted, "Lord Messenger, Fellow Cultivator Xi Zi has also joined the Thunder Celestial Temple. Although her cultivation is lacking, she has the same status as us. She has already shaken a number of planets off their trajectory and is still injured. Why do you force her to continue? Let her recover a bit!" 

The middle-aged man's eyes lit up and he looked at the old man.

"This messenger doesn't need you to point out the things I do!"

The old man was only at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, so he felt a huge pressure from the middle-aged man that was staring at him. However, the old man clenched his teeth and sneered.

"You also know that Fellow Cultivator Xi Zi loved him. When he was around, did you dare to be like this?"

After the old man spoke, the middle-aged man revealed a fierce gaze and his mind trembled. He naturally knew who that person was. He still remember everything that happened during the competition. Back then, that person was only at the Corporeal Yang, but he was still an existence he looked up to.

He didn't dare to show any disrespect before that person. That person had risen up during the war with the Alliance. That person had become famous in both Allheaven and the Alliance, and the middle-aged man had to admit that he was but an ant before that person.

"He is long gone, he could even be dead…" Before the middle-aged man finished speaking, the old man interrupted him with a sneer.

"What if he comes back?"

This sentence caused the middle-aged man to silently ponder. After a long time, he let out a cold snort and waved his hand. He shouted, "You sure have a lot of words. You and Xi Zifeng, go move that planet!"

The old man looked at the middle-aged man and no longer spoke. He joined the cultivators that were moving the planet.

Xi Zifeng still silently pondered. She gave up healing and moved forward. She clenched her teeth and split a thread of her origin soul into a silver thread to attach to the planet. She slowly moved with the crowd, pulling the planet.

The middle-aged man was in the front and his expression was gloomy. He was a bit restless from the old man's words.

"What if he comes back…" These words lingered in his ears.

A line of nearly 100 people slowly flew forward, pulling the planet with them. They gradually went further and further away.

However, shortly after, a white figure appeared before them. He had a head of white hair that fluttered as he slowly moved forward.

Although he looked slow, every step he took crossed an immeasurable distance. In just a few steps, the white figure closed in, and an almost suffocating aura spread out. A moment later, this pressure disappeared and the white figure disappeared before everyone's eyes.

All of this happened in a flash; it was so fast that no one could react. They felt like it was a mere illusion.

Everyone trembled and terror filled their eyes. The middle-aged man in front was startled for a moment and was filled with shock.

However, before they could awaken from their shock, they heard a soft exclamation that echoed through space.

This sound entered the ears of everyone and shook their minds. Their expressions changed and they quickly retreated.

Xi Zifeng trembled. Although that voice was soft, it was enough to cause her to collapse. Her mind trembled violently.

She subconsciously wanted to look up, but she held herself back and instead lowered her head even more. She backed up to hide inside the crowd of cultivators. An inexplicable emotion filled her body, and she didn't want to be seen.

As the soft exclamation echoed, the white figure that had disappeared reappeared before them and his gaze swept toward them!

Under this gaze, no one could clearly see this figure. It was as if this figure was a radiant sun, so no one dared to look at it.

The middle-aged man at the front trembled. Under that light, it was as if everything inside him had stopped. Even his origin soul was suppressed inside his body and he didn't dare to move an inch.

It was as if this gaze had become solid and was holding his neck and origin soul. It felt like this person only needed one thought for this body to explode and his origin soul to be erased!

This was an existence that was beyond their understanding!

"Sen… Senior…" The middle-aged man had the highest cultivation level and was also the closest to the figure in white. His body became soft and he unexpectedly knelt down. His voice trembled as if he wanted to say something.

This white figure was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin originally didn't care about this group of cultivators, but when he passed by, he felt a person… A woman who once felt love for him… However, if the woman was the same as before, he wouldn't have paid any heed, but when he saw her now, he felt  pain in his heart. The cultivators before him disappeared from his vision, leaving only the one figure hiding with her head lowered. A trembling woman with a pale face… Even though she had her head lowered, he could clearly see the hideous scars on her face. Wang Lin silently pondered.

Xi Zifeng bit her lower lip. In these 800 years, she thought her tears had dried up and could not flow anymore. However, today, at this moment, two streams of tears flowed down her cheeks. However, they didn't go down a straight line but entered the gully-like scars on her face and changed directions… She wanted to hide, she didn't want this person to see her. It was a very complicated emotion, and she was very different from the past her… She would rather die alone from old age than being seen in such a sorry state. She didn't want him to see her ugly face… Tears continued to flow as she lowered her head even more and subconsciously retreated more and more… To hide among the people, to hide at the end of the world, to hide in a place where no one could see her, where she silently touch her own memories… silently wipe away the tears she had forgotten.

Wang Lin looked at the middle-aged woman who was retreating and softly said, "...Xi Zifeng… I am Wang Lin…" He had forgotten what year, month, and day it was when that bright face smiled and looked at him from the crowd…. The face that had slowly become old and injured was staring at him.

The moment he said his name, the nearly 100 cultivators were shaken. The middle-aged man in front lost all traces of blood on his face and his heart seemed to stop beating. Even his origin soul seemed to collapse, and he lost his wits from hearing that name!

Wang Lin!

A name that once shook Allheaven!

"I'm not Xi Zifeng… Senior has made a mistake…" the retreating woman said in a trembling voice as if she had nowhere to escape to.

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