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Chapter 1479 - The Allheaven Star System That is Preparing for War

The atmosphere was tense in the Allheaven Star System. In the northwest part of Allheaven, there was a magnificent formation made of 439 planets. There were many cultivators outside the formation, putting down seals to reinforce the formation.

Even further away, rays of red light roared as countless cultivators moved under command to select large amounts of cultivation planets that were dragged here by force.

In the inner part of the planet formation, there was a cloud of fog. This fog wasn't dense, and one could clearly see an old man sitting inside the fog.

This old man was wearing a daoist robe and gave off a sense of majesty without being angry. His face was slightly pale, but thunder rumbled inside the old man as if his body contained countless bolts of thunder.

This old man was Allheaven's third step cultivator. Early stage Nirvana Void cultivator, Master Lu Fu!

As an extremely rare third step cultivator inside the Inner Realm, Master Lu Fu's status was extremely high. All other cultivators were like ants before him!

Master Lu Fu could be said to be the guardian of the entire Allheaven Star System and the real person who launched the war against the Alliance Star System. Only before Tuo Sen was he forced to escape in a sorry state.

When Tuo Sen appeared in Allheaven again, Master Lu Fu was terrified and hid himself using a special spell. It wasn't until Tuo Sen left that he reappeared.

He had been healing himself over the years. Although he didn't have enough Joss Flames, he had his own methods to slowly recover from his battle against Tuo Sen.

Everything had been peaceful, but on this day, when Wang Lin left the ancient tomb and arrived in Allheaven, Master Lu Fu opened his eyes and they lit up!

However, before he could think, he felt Wang Lin's power pressure that spread across Allheaven. Master Lu Fu's expression changed greatly and he suddenly got up. His eyes were filled with shock. He looked ahead as if his gaze could penetrate everything and see Wang Lin!

However, before he could see clearly, a powerful force rushed into his divine sense, messing with his mind. Everything became blurry before him.

Master Lu Fu's expression changed once more and he frowned.

"Who is this person… I can't see his appearance, but his divine sense is a bit familiar… He shouldn't have reached the third step yet, but why do I feel such a terrifying feeling from his blurry figure?"

Master Lu Fu wasn't the only one inside this planet formation vortex. There were four elders sitting around him. When Master Lu Fu suddenly stood up, the four elders were shaken and they looked at Master Lu Fu.

If Wang Lin were here, he would recognize all four of them!

Thunder Celestial Temple's Master Flamespark. Li Yunzi, who was seriously injured by Wang Wei. The Yao family ancestor who hunted Wang Lin and was stopped by Qing Shui, Blood God!

Aside from those three, the last person was Xiang Yundong!

Xiang Yundong was the person who had taken Wang Lin to planet Dong Lin and allowed Wang Lin be deceived by the Xiang family ancestor to have almost all his life force sucked away!

Master Flamespark had followed Master Lu Fu the longest. When he saw Master Lu Fu's expression change, he was shocked. After hesitating a bit, he clasped his hands and respectfully asked, "Senior, what happened?" 

Li Yunzi and company's eyes were gloomy. They had a bad feeling appeared inside their hearts. Master Lu Fu was an unimaginably powerful existence at the third step. This kind of existence was a legend, and few things could make them lose control of their emotions.

However, before the four of them got Master Lu Fu's answer, they immediately felt a pressure that made their hearts tremble sweep across the stars.

This pressure was extremely powerful, and they felt like something powerful had smashed into them. Their expressions changed greatly and their minds trembled. They had the illusion that they would collapse under this pressure.

Fortunately, this pressure passed by in a flash. However, just that moment had caused their faces to turn pale and they were terrified.

They vaguely felt why a legendary existence like Master Lu Fu would act like this!

Master Lu Fu's eyes lit up. He had always been cautious his life and was rarely adventurous. The one time he took a risk resulted in him taking a big los from Tuo Sen. Not only was he almost killed, but he had to avoid Tuo Sen like a homeless dog.

Therefore, his actions became even more cautious. The pressure from before was powerful enough to shock him. At this moment, while things were unclear, he was unwilling to check it himself. After pondering a bit, he said, "The four of you, setup the Allheaven mirror. This old man wants to see who this person is and why he came to Allheaven!"

Master Flamespark and company respectfully nodded and calmed themselves. They quickly moved to the four corners and sat down. Their hands quickly formed seals. This spell was something Master Lu Fu had given them and made the four of them practice. They had almost completely mastered it.

As their hands formed seals, a white light flashed. The white light became brighter and brighter between the four of them. A moment later, a white mirror appeared!

When the white mirror appeared, it was filled with ripples and was still blurry. Master Lu Fu's eyes lit up and his right hand formed a seal. Then his index finger pointed directly at the water-like mirror surface.

The ripples on the mirror suddenly stopped and the image was no longer distorted. A star system suddenly appeared in the mirror, and a person with white hair and white robe was slowly moving through the star system!

Wang Lin slowly moved through the Allheaven Star System. Everything made him feel familiar. Although Allheaven wasn't the Alliance, Wang Lin had left too many footprints here.

"I wonder if the people I know are still there…" Wang Lin let out a sigh when he suddenly frowned and he looked up at the stars. The thunder tattoo in his right eye flashed.


After he spoke, the thunder tattoo flew out from his eye and the world trembled. The thunder tattoo pierced through the void and disappeared!

Just as the mirror appeared and they saw the white-haired figure, Wang Lin's words echoed in their ears.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as monstrous thunder erupted from the mirror. Thunder lashed out from the surface of the mirror and swept the area.

There was a thunderous bang and the mirror shattered into pieces. Master Lu Fu's expression changed and he waved his sleeves to push this collapse away!

However, the endless thunder rose into the air and created endless rumbles that shook the surrounding cultivators! To them, they saw the thunder cover the stars as if divine retribution was descending!

Master Flamespark coughed out blood and quickly retreated. His eyes were filled with disbelief. At this moment, a voice was frantically roaring in his heart!

"Wang Lin!!! He is Wang Lin!!!" He had clearly seen Wang Lin's white hair and white robe. He could never forget Wang Lin's figure!

Li Yunzi also coughed out blood as he retreated in horror. He had interacted with Wang Lin the most, especially the last time, where he was forced into a corner by Wang Lin. That memory was engraved in his mind!

He immediately realized that the person in white was Wang Lin. He was dumbfounded and was unable to say a word!

"Wang Lin!! It's him!!" Blood God's face turned deathly pale, his heart pounded, and he retreated. He couldn't believe what he had seen. He could never have imagined that the little ant that was hunted by him and would have died had Qing Shui not interfered could give off a pressure that would make him tremble!

There was also the Xiang family's Xiang Yundong. His face was pale. He had the weakest cultivation here. At this moment, the thunder from Wang Lin's origin soul had expectedly left a deep crack in his dao heart.

"Wang Lin!!" Xiang Yundong's eyes were filled with panic. He first thought about how his ancestor had drained most of Wang Lin's life force using the excuse of treating his wife. As a result, there was a grudge between them!

Originally, the Xiang family didn't care at all. No matter how powerful Wang Lin was, compared to the Xiang family, it was like hitting a rock with an egg. There was also the Xiang family ancestor that had been in closed door cultivation for tens of thousands of years. With him there, people rarely dared to provoke them.

"Senior, this person's cultivation…" Xiang Yundong suppressed the fear in his heart and looked at Master Lu Fu.

Master Lu Fu's expression became even more gloomy as he looked at the majestic thunder clouds spreading across the star system. After a long time, he slowly said, "Wang Lin… This old man remembers. Back in the Land of the Ancient God in the Alliance Star System, I met him there…"

There was a flash of complication on Master Lu Fu's eyes, then he walked into the depths of the vortex.

"This person has not reached the third step… But… This old man isn't confident in winning against him.  This old man doesn't care about what happened between you guys and him. Stay here and you will be safe!"

When this sentence entered their minds, they silently pondered.

Master Flamespark's eyes lit up and he gradually calm down. He asked himself and knew that he hadn't mistreated Wang Lin; he had even helped Wang Lin a bit. He was confident, but there was still a hint of shock that lingered in his mind.

Li Yunzi's expression changed many times. After a long time, he let out a sigh.

The most nervous were Blood God and Xiang Yundong.

A moment later, Xiang Yundong clasped his hands at Master Lu Fu and looked at the other three with a complicated gaze. He wanted to send this news back home as soon as possible so they could make preparations. Wang Lin was someone that not even Allheaven's ancestor, Master Lu Fu, dared to battle, so how could their Xiang family fight? Just thinking about this made him feel fear.

As for Blood God, he pondered for a bit and then sat down. He… didn't dare to leave!

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