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Chapter 1473 - The Power of A Roar!!

In the ninth map, Devil Master Nine Heavens’ avatar was also rapidly moving through the tomb. Although Wang Lin had taken the first step, he wasn’t worried, as his original body was already in the tomb.

“Steal! Even if you steal everything, you can’t leave the ancient tomb alive!” There was a flash of coldness in Devil Master Nine Heaven’s eyes. However, at this moment, a roar came from the void and the turbulence around him scattered.

In a flash, a powerful divine sense swept through his body and went far away.

However, this sweep caused him to tremble. His mind trembled and his expression changed greatly! When the divine sense swept by, he had the illusion that all his secrets had been seen through by that divine sense!

Terrified, he stopped in the air. His eyes were filled with shock!

At that moment, his scalp went numb and he almost lost his wits. He had only experience this feeling before he became a third step cultivator!

“Who!? Whose divine sense is that!?” Devil Master Nine Heavens stared at the void ahead. For the first time, fear appeared in his heart.

He and the woman in pink weren’t the only ones like this. All the surviving cultivators in the tomb felt this monstrous divine sense sweep by.

They were all terrified!

This divine sense was filled with a domineering aura, as if the emperor of the heavens was looking down from above!

In the seventh map, there was an old man wearing linen cloth. His lips were sealed by three needles and his old face revealed a cruel expression.

Great Desolation, who had entered with his original body, rushed through the ancient tomb. His Arcane Void cultivation erupted as he rushed through the tomb. No one could stop him!

He quickly moved forward and crossed a map with just five steps! However, he suddenly stopped and his eyes lit up!

Wang Lin’s divine sense that had fused with the ancient tomb swept by. Great Desolation’s hand formed a seal and reached out as if he wanted to grab the divine sense that terrified him.

However, just as his right hand reached out and touched the divine sense, he felt a powerful force from it. A thunderous rumble echoed as Great Desolation was forced to retreat. His expression immediately changed and his mind trembled!

“Who are you, Your Excellency?!”

No one answered him, and the divine sense continued to spread out. As it spread out, it crossed the seventh map, sixth map, fifth map… In the second map, Devil Master Nine Heavens’ original body and Miao Yin were calmly moving forward. They crossed immeasurable distances with just one step.

However, Devil Master Nine Heaven’s expression suddenly changed.

“This old man’s avatar has found…” Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly stopped. The divine sense that his avatar felt suddenly swept by them.

Miao Yin’s pupils shrank. He unexpectedly felt his mind get affected by this divine sense, which shocked him. He looked at Devil Master Nine Heavens.

Devil Master Nine Heavens’ expression was gloomy and there was also shock in his eyes.

“Very strong!! Very, very strong!!”

The third Celestial Imperial Concubine had given up on moving further into the tomb. She was quickly flying back to the first map. She had given up any chance of finding a fortune here and had chosen to leave!

She had a very bad feeling that if she didn’t leave now… she would be kept here forever!

Just as she was rushing forward, the divine sense swept by. Just as it swept past her, the divine sense stopped. The woman in white trembled and sweat filled her forehead. She stopped and actually didn’t dare to move an inch.

Her heart pounded as the divine sense surrounded her body. It was as if everything about her was being seen through. Aside from fear, she felt a sense of exasperation that she quickly suppressed.

After a long time, the divine sense slowly left her body and continued to spread forward.

The woman in white didn’t relax until the divine sense left, and her face was slightly red. After a moment, she looked at where the divine sense went with a complicated gaze.

Wang Lin was sitting in the palace, and his divine sense was spreading out outside of his control. He saw all the Ancient Star System cultivators inside the ancient tomb. He saw the charming woman and Devil Master Nine Heavens’ avatar!

As his divine sense spread out, he saw Great Desolation, Devil Master Nine Heavens’ original body, Miao Yin, and finally the woman in white!

As his divine sense spread out even more, he saw the spatial rift that led to the Ancient Star System.

Wang Lin’s divine sense finally stopped by the spatial rift. At this moment, due to being fused with the ancient tomb, Wang Lin saw some things he couldn’t see with his current cultivation level.

An existence that not even people like Dao Master Miao Yin could see!

This spatial rift was being kept open by a great spell, so it couldn’t close… Outside the spatial rift, in the Ancient Star System, the huge palm print still hadn’t dissipated. The black-robed figure under the palmprint was still there, floating outside the spatial rift.

However, just as Wang Lin’s divine sense closed in on the spatial rift, the man in the black robe suddenly raised his head. His eyes shined brightly!

His gaze seemed to penetrate the spatial rift, and he saw Wang Lin’s divine sense!


The two of them silently looked at each other through the spatial rift!

“Who are you?” the two of them said at almost the same time. The difference was that the man in the black robe had spoken with his mouth. His voice was ancient and hoarse, as if two things were being rubbed together.

Wang Lin’s voice had come through the fluctuation of divine sense and the will of the ancient tomb. It also gave people the feeling that it was ancient.

The man in the black robe slowly said, “This old man is the Ancient Star System’s Sovereign!”

Inside the spatial rift, Wang Lin silently pondered. No response came out for a long time.

The man in the black robe frowned and slowly said, “No matter who you are, please let them out. This old man will thank you later!”

“Fishing for the Moon in the Well, a very good spell…” A moment later, Wang Lin’s words extended out from the rift and entered the black-robed man’s mind. The black-robed man was shocked and didn’t hesitate to wave his right hand. The giant palmprint roared as it smashed down at the spatial rift!

However, he was a step too late!

Wang Lin had fused with the will of the ancient tomb, so he was the tomb itself. The spatial rift should have closed but was being kept open by an external force. Now, with Wang Lin’s will, the spatial rift rumbled and the force keeping it open could not withstand the power of the entire tomb along with Ye Mo’s residual will. The spatial craft rapidly shrank!

Once it closed, Wang Lin could place a seal on the ancient tomb so that it couldn’t be opened for tens of thousands of years!

This would make it so that the people who had entered here would have no way of escaping! Destroy 30% of the Ancient Star System’s power!

The black-robed man let out a roar and rushed next to the rapidly shrinking spatial rift. He lifted his dried up hand and it fused with the descending palmprint.

The huge palmprint seemed to fuse with his right hand and smashed down on the spatial rift! At this moment, an extremely hot energy came from his right hand. This heat wasn’t fire but light!

This was the law of origin!

The light was dazzling, and it landed on the spatial rift. It pierced the spatial rift and shot toward Wang Lin’s divine sense.

The power of the palm was extremely strong. The entire ancient tomb trembled when the light landed on Wang Lin’s divine sense that had fused with the ancient tomb. Wang Lin’s divine sense was knocked back.

The power of this palm was enough to destroy a world!

The power of this palm was the limit of this star system!

However, how could the will of the ancient tomb and Ye Mo’s residual will be destroyed so easily? As the palm pushed through the spatial rift, a roar came from the third layer of the tomb!

No one else could hear this roar. Only Wang Lin heard it clearly as he was fused with the will of the tomb. The roar entered Wang Lin’s divine sense and caused the eyes of his physical body to shine brightly!

As his eyes lit up, the roar that had entered his divine sense seemed to enter his body. A strange fluctuation spread through his body, causing Wang Lin’s throat to let out a crazed roar!


The power of the roar caused the world to change colors and shook eternity itself!

Storms cover the sky, and Tuo Sen coughed out blood and was knocked back. He used his arm to block before him, but the flesh on half of his body instantly disintegrated, revealing the white bones below.

The body of an 8-star royal ancient god had collapsed!

The roar came out of Wang Lin’s mouth and shook the entire ancient tomb. Devil Master Nine Heavens’ avatar collapsed without being able to resist at all. The fourth Celestial Imperial Concubine coughed out blood. Her hand waved the satin that had allowed her to escape the danger from before. This satin was gifted to her by the Ancient Celestial Sovereign!

The satin collapsed! The charming woman let out a miserable scream and her body collapsed and her origin soul flew out. She used some unknown method to barely survive after her origin soul had collapsed several times.

Great Desolation, Devil Master Nine Heavens’ origin soul, and Miao Yin all coughed out blood and their bodies collapsed. Not even Arcane Void cultivators were qualified to resist this roar!

However, as Arcane Void cultivators, they all had life-saving spells. After surviving this roar, they all took out spare physical bodies that had been refined. Their eyes were filled with monstrous terror and they didn’t dare to continue. They didn’t hesitate to retreat and attempt to leave this ancient tomb!

The roar echoed and charged at the spatial rift inside the first map. It collided with that palmprint!

The power of a roar!

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