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Chapter 1472 - 7-Star Ancient God!!!

Tuo Sen was unable to see anything inside the palace. He had been channeling all his effort to force his way inside, but just as he entered, his vision went black from the giant ancient god body that was thrown at him.

All of this happened too fast, so he couldn’t dodge. He could only lift his right hand and resist it with the power of his 8-star ancient god body. However, he didn’t expect the power from it to be so terrifying!

That powerful force entered Tuo Sen’s body like crazy. The bones inside his right arm unexpectedly broke and he was knocked back. As he coughed out blood, he also saw Wang Lin sitting on the throne above the stone platform!

With the help of Tuo Sen, Wang Lin had used his right arm as the price to pass the nineteenth breath. The seventh star between his eyebrows had clearly taken shape and was reaching the point of completion!!

The terrifying nineteenth breath descended!

At the same time, Tuo Sen clearly saw the seventh star that was forming between Wang Lin’s eyebrows!

No one knew Wang Lin’s ancient god body better than Tuo Sen. He immediately understood everything after seeing this. He was aware that Wang Lin was going through the inheritance that originally belonged to him!!

“You took my memory inheritance and now you are going to steal my ancient order inheritance!!” Tuo Sen’s eyes were bloodshot as he charged forward like a madman despite his injuries as the nineteenth breath descended. 

He moved extremely fast and immediately closed in on the net he had broken. He was about to enter!

When the nineteenth breath arrived, the rejection force was impossible to calculate. Wang Lin’s waist collapsed and it rapidly spread across his body. In just a moment, his chest exploded.

His remaining left arm also released popping sounds. Just as it was about to collapse, Wang Lin revealed a crazed look and pointed to between his eyebrows, causing 20 Ancient Leaves to appear. With a wave of his left hand, the 20 Ancient Leaves charged forward.

After finishing this last action, his left arm shattered.

“Seal!! Ling Dong, Zhou Jin, stop this person!”

The 20 Ancient Leaves moved extremely fast and sealed the net the moment Tuo Sen was about to charge through. Tuo Sen collided with the 20 Ancient Leaves.

However, Tuo Sen was extremely powerful, so much so that not even the Realm Sealing Formation could stop him. Just as the Ancient Leaves arrived, Tuo Sen threw out a punch.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and three of the 20 Ancient Leaves immediately collapsed! Tuo Sen’s right hand reached through the opening created by the three collapsed leaves and was about to tear them apart!

Ling Dong clenched his teeth and charged forward, ignoring his injuries. His hand formed seals and a monstrous, purple sea rushed out containing countless Joss Flame souls. The mighty wave rushed forward!

Zhou Jin also jumped into the air and roared as he waved his hand. “Wolf herd, worship the moon!”

As he spoke, illusory wolves appeared around Zhou Jin. In a flash, hundreds of thousands of wolves appeared, and they filled the world.

A round blood moon appeared above the palace!

These hundreds of thousands of wolves let out howls and turned into smoke that fused with the blood moon!

After the blood moon absorbed the hundreds of thousands of wolves, it descended toward Tuo Sen’s fist!

Two early stage Nirvana Void cultivators were using their most powerful spells against Tuo Sen!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The moment Ling Dong’s purple sea descended, the blood moon smashed down. Tuo Sen’s right hand had to retreat!

However, as his right hand withdrew, Tuo Sen’s head broke out from the gap. He let out a roar that shook the entire palace!

The roar of the ancient god!

His roar was like thunder, and it spread across the palace. This roar was deafening, containing the power of an ancient god. It created a powerful storm that swept across the palace with a tyrannical aura. Ling Dong coughed out blood and the purple sea collapsed. He fell to the ground and no longer had any strength to fight!

Zhou Jin’s blood moon distorted and miserable screams echoed from it. The wolves that were absorbed collapsed one by one and soon the blood moon itself also disintegrated!

Zhou Jin’s face was pale and his chest caved in. He coughed out blood as he was knocked back and smashed into the ground.

The storm formed by the roar of the ancient god swept across the palace. The bodies of the countless cultivators collapsed. Even the eight corpse mountains turned to dust, and even the eight dragons disintegrated!

Only the corpses of the three ancient order clan members didn’t collapse from this roar.

Tuo Sen went crazy!

He let out a fierce roar! Wang Lin had stolen his memory inheritance, and now Wang Lin was going to steal his ancient order inheritance, so how could he not be crazy? Even at the expense of being seriously injured, he was going to steal back what he thought belonged to him!

Now that Ling Dong and Zhou Jin could no longer block him, his arm reached into the gap left by the Ancient Leaves. He tore at them and was about to rush in!

All of this happened extremely fast!

Wang Lin’s body continued to collapse as the powerful rejection force from the nineteenth breath rushed into his body. His chest and left arm dissipated into the air!

Only a head floated in the chair, and only a lingering will kept the head connected to the throne! However, the collapse wasn’t over. The nineteenth breath became extremely slow, seeming like it wouldn’t end.

Cracks appeared on Wang Lin’s chin before it dissipated into nothing. His lips, nose, and eyes all dissipated into the void.

Only the six stars between his eyebrows remained, rotating rapidly. The collapse continued and was about to reach Wang Lin’s ancient god stars that held his origin soul!

The seventh star suddenly gave off a dazzling light. Then a mighty flow of ancient god power erupted from the seventh star like a tidal wave!

As it erupted, the seventh star instantly went from illusory to solid. It cross the line and now was… complete!!!

When the seventh star appeared, the seven stars slowed down and slowly rotated. The seven stars turned one circle!

An ancient god power countless time stronger than when he only had six stars erupted. The power moved down from the seven stars toward Wang Lin’s head. His eyebrows, closed eyes, and lips appeared in a flash!

A complete head appeared, making it seem as if Wang Lin was reborn. Then the seven stars rotated a second full circle!

Wang Lin’s neck, chest, abdomen, arms, and his entire upper body appeared. His bones appeared first, followed by his flesh and innards!

Every single strand of muscle contained a large amount of ancient god power. Every inch of bone contained powerful ancient god aura!

When Wang Lin’s ancient god stars finished the third circle, his lower body suddenly appeared. Wang Lin’s new ancient god body was not thousands of feet tall, but… ten thousand feet tall!!

Ten thousand foot ancient god!

7-star ancient god!

Ten thousand foot royal ancient god!

Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly opened. His body still remained seated on the throne; he didn’t move an inch!

The seven stars rotated slowly and then rapidly sped up as ancient god power filled his body. Wang Lin felt as if he could blow up a planet with just one punch!

Also, at this moment, the most powerful blow from the Black Tortoise Clan that the second generation Vermillion Bird taught him appeared in his mind. The understanding of how to use force filled his mind!

Scenes of avatars from the inheritance came from the throne!! These spells were like a fragmented divine sense, and they became his own memories!

At the same time, because Wang Lin had lasted 18 breaths, his divine sense formed an inexplicable connection with the throne!

This connection was extremely strange. Not even Wang Lin could figure it out in a short period of time, and he didn’t have the time to ponder!

It was because of this connection that this throne seemed to turn into a platform. As Wang Lin sat there, the entire map of the three layers of the ancient tomb appeared in his mind!

His divine sense was magnified tens of thousands of fold by the throne through a mysterious method. He could feel a will inside this tomb! It was the remains of Ancient Order Ye Mo’s will!

Wang Lin’s divine sense was magnified and then fused with this will. His divine sense suddenly rushed out from the palace.

The first who felt it was Tuo Sen. His roar stopped and his body trembled. Terror appeared in his eyes!

In the ninth map, the charming woman had a gloomy expression as she charged forward. The restriction she had been using to control Tuo Sen had loosened, and this made her feel very uneasy!

“I didn’t expect that small ancient god to get there first. However, I have Tuo Sen, so I still have a chance… However, how did this restriction loosen…” She frowned as she pondered while flying forward.

The woman’s body suddenly stopped and crazed wind seemed to come from the spatial rifts around her. She suddenly looked up and her expression changed. She clearly felt a divine sense that could make her tremble sweep by her!

This divine sense was extremely powerful, causing her mind to rumble. She was startled for a long time before she recovered. Terror filled her eyes!

“This is… Whose divine sense is this?! Could it be that Ancient Order Ye Mo wasn’t killed by the Celestial Sovereign!?”

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