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Chapter 1471 - Inheritance (3)

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with blood as he stared at the illusory net that had appeared in the void. He stared at Tuo Sen, who was attacking the net to break into the palace!

His eyes were like lightning as he looked at the illusory net. Time slowly passed as he struggled against the rejection force.

Eleventh breath, twelfth breath… Thirteenth breath!

Although these breaths seemed to have passed by in an instant, they felt like years to Wang Lin. It was as if three hundred years had slowly passed by.

The powerful rejection force was like a storm, and it increased in power with every breath as if it wanted Wang Lin’s body to collapse. Blood was coming out of the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth, the veins on his face were swollen, and his heart was pounding as if it was following some kind of rhythm.

His roar that had almost become a hiss had come from Wang Lin’s mouth and nose. His origin energy was operating at its limit inside his body. Even his ancient god body felt that pain was unbearable.

It was as if his meridians would explode if he kept resisting. Even his body would explode into a pile of meat!

As he roared, Wang Lin only had one idea in his mind: he couldn’t let the aura inside his body leave, he must not!! No matter what, he had to go all out!

Once he gave up and was kicked off the chair, he would have given up this once-in-lifetime opportunity. Wang Lin wouldn’t allow this to happen!

The six ancient god stars were rotating rapidly as the seventh star slowly rotated and became more and more clear. A bright light came from the seventh star, making it even more dazzling!

There was a devilish energy vortex rotating inside his right eye, and an ancient devil star was flashing. During the thirteenth breath, a vague ancient devil star appeared in his right eye!

This was the first ancient devil star. Although it was vague, it was the proof of Wang Lin resisting the rejection force from the throne!

However, the price of the thirteenth breath was too big. Popping sounds echoed and the flesh below his waist couldn’t stand the force anymore. Large amounts of blood covered the throne and then the flesh below his waist exploded, revealing his white bones!

This pain was monstrous; it was not something an ordinary person could withstand. Just thinking about it would make you shiver!

“What does this pain count as? This is nothing compared to the first trial!” Wang Lin clenched his teeth and sneered.

At this moment, Tuo Sen’s roar from the illusory net became even more clear. Like a sword attempting top pierce through, it got closer and closer to the platform Wang Lin was on!

As Wang Lin sat there, he could clearly see Tuo Sen inside the net. Tuo Sen’s expression was ferocious as he let out a shocking roar. His eight stars rotated rapidly and gave off an ancient aura!

His punches were like a storm, and every time one landed, it caused the illusory net to tremble violently as if it could collapse at any moment!

Fourteenth breath, fifteenth breath!

After two breaths, the rejection force from the throne increased several fold. It was like a pair of ruthless hands that wanted kick Wang Lin off the throne!

Sixteen. The moment the sixteenth breath arrived, the rejection force reached a peak. There was a rebound force, then the rejection force disappeared for a moment and became a suction force!

The rejection force below Wang Lin dissipated, but he didn’t relax and instead his pupils shrank. This was the calm before the storm. After the calm, the world would be destroyed!

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to roar, “Ling Dong, Zhou Jin, resist with full power!!”

The suction force from the throne didn’t just pull in Wang Lin, it also pulled from the beating heart in the third layer through a mysterious method. The powerful aura from the heart pierced the void and rushed into the throne.

The moment the aura arrived, the suction force from the throne dissipated and a rejection force 100 times stronger erupted!

Although this rejection force lasted only an instant, it destroyed the entire lower half of Wang Lin’s body.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as Wang Lin’s legs collapsed. At the same time, Esteemed Ling Dong, who was helping Wang Lin resist this force, trembled. His left hand shattered as well.

He was also hit by this powerful force and was forced to retreat several steps. His head rose up and he coughed out blood before he retreated even more! Although he was forced to retreat, he still strictly obeyed Wang Lin’s command. His hand formed a seal and a giant black statue appeared.

This black statue was the Ling Dong Clan’s devil god. It let out a roar as its arms loosened and pressed down on Wang Lin through the void.

Zhou Jin’s face also turned pale and cracking sounds came from his right hand. His bones turned into powder and his right arm collapsed. He took a few steps back while coughing out blood and then he let out a roar, causing a blood red wolf phantom to appear behind him.

The blood wolf let out a roar and jumped over Zhou Jin to help withstand the force from Wang Lin’s body!

Ling Dong and Zhou Jin withstood 70% of that explosive force, so Wang Lin only had to withstand 30%. If not for those two, it would’ve been very difficult for Wang Lin to last 16 breaths!

Although the throne had erupted with 100 times the rejection force, the aura of inheritance had also increased 100 fold. Some of that aura had rushed into his body during the collision.

Wang Lin’s body rumbled as this aura rushed in. The seventh star that was about to form flashed violently. It was rapidly moving toward being complete.

It looked like it only needed three more breaths to completely appear!

A 7-star ancient god was about to appear!

Tuo Sen’s roar became even more clear and the illusory net seemed to be getting pulled to its limit. It came closer and closer to Wang Lin. In a flash, it was less than 10,000 feet away!

Tuo Sen’s body continue to expand and became tens of thousands of feet long as he continued to slam into it. The illusory net could no longer withstand it and fine cracks appeared all over it!

“Open for this god!! Open!! Open!!”

Tuo Sen did not notice Wang Lin’s existence as he roared. There was a sense of excitement in his ferocious expression.

“Damned Ancient Order, this inheritance belongs to this god. In this star system, no one else beside this god is qualified to take it. Yet you make all these obstacles! Have you become dumb?!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot. At this moment, his lower half had collapsed and only his upper half remained. However, Wang Lin didn’t care. As long as he could keep the aura in his body and become a 7-star ancient god, all of this could be restored!

The recovery ability of a 7-star ancient god was far stronger than a 6-star ancient god!

Seventeenth breath!

The 100 times rejection force suddenly increased. Although it was only a few fold, it was on the basis of 100 times the previous rejection force. Even if Tuo Sen had been sitting here, his body would collapse and he would die!

This powerful rejection force directly rushed out. Wang Lin’s body trembled and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. His expression became ferocious as if he had gone mad!

“Since Ancient Order Ye Mo could sit on this throne, then why can’t I, Wang Lin, sit here? I will sit here!! I want to see you stop me!!”

The rejection force was like a tsunami rushing into Wang Lin’s body, and it also rushed into the phantoms Ling Dong and Zhou Jin had summoned. The unimaginable force rushed into the statues, causing them to tremble before collapsing into countless fragments. Ling Dong coughed out blood and was thrown off the platform!

Zhou Jin’s blood wolf let out a miserable howl before it vanished. Popping sounds came from Zhou Jin’s body as he was thrown back several thousand feet into the ground.

The two of them had helped Wang Lin resist a majority of the rejection force, but they could no longer help him for the time being. Now Wang Lin had to rely on himself!

Eighteenth breath!

Although these breaths sound slow, all of this happened in an instant! Just as Zhou Jin and Ling Dong were knocked back, the terrifying eighteenth breath arrived!

At this moment, the roar from Tuo Sen echoed violently. The giant illusory net could no longer bear it and began to collapse. Tuo Sen was about to rush out, and he was less than 5,000 feet from Wang Lin!

The seventeenth breath was when the rejection force had increased 100 times, and now it increased even more, making it so Wang Lin could no longer resist. The seventh star rotated rapidly; a majority of it had formed. He only needed two more breaths for it to fully appear!

Just at this instant, Wang Lin’s right hand suddenly rose up and reached out. A petrified ancient god body was grabbed by Wang Lin, and he threw it toward the illusory net that Tuo Sen was breaking through!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. As the rejection force erupted from Wang Lin’s body, the petrified ancient god body smashed into the illusory net. It smashed into Tuo Sen’s giant head as he rushed out with indescribable excitement!

At the same time as Wang Lin threw the statue, the unimaginable rejection force had rushed into his right arm and entered the petrified ancient god body that was thrown at Tuo Sen!

This rejection force was so powerful that Wang Lin’s right arm could no longer withstand it. Right after he threw the petrified ancient god body, his right arm collapsed. However, the rejection force had found an outlet and the petrified ancient god body flew like an arrow and smashed into Tuo Sen’s head!

A mournful scream came from Tuo Sen’s mouth. Then a thunderous rumble came from Tuo Sen’s body and he coughed out blood as he was knocked back!

“Wang Lin!!!”

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