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Chapter 1467 - Upheaval in the Ancient Order Tomb

An upheaval began inside the Ancient Order Tomb. After the rift was opened, all the fog began to churn and rumble violently.

The change inside caused the outside to change as well.

At this moment, outside the Ancient Order Tomb, the rift that had disappeared reappeared once more. The fog outside seemed to connect with the fog inside, and it began to churn. The sound of the fog colliding spread far and wide.

The moment the rift appeared once more, the fog was pulled back into the rift. The rift seemed to contain a powerful suction, and the fog was being pulled in. In a flash, more than half was pulled back in, and the rest was still being rapidly sucked back into the rift.

Not far away from the Ancient Order Tomb, on a dead plant, Great Desolation’s main body opened his eyes. His face was pale and there was a merciless gaze in his eyes. In his life, he loved breaking vows, but everyone who knew about this habit had died, so it never spread.

Although he had some friendship with the second generation Vermillion Bird, how could it compare to benefits? It was due to his personality that he had almost no friends after tens of thousands of years of cultivation. He let out a cold snort and his body disappeared. He reappeared outside the fog that was being rapidly sucked in.

His body floated inside the fog like a motionless mountain as he stared at the fog with a cold gaze. After pondering for a bit, there was a hint of determination in his eyes.

“There is no limit on the cultivation level of who can enter…” Great Desolation pondered a bit and then charged into the rift without hesitation.

The moment the rift began to absorb the fog, there was an illusory planet far away. The planet was covered in a purple ocean, and the waves rumbled. In the depths of the ocean sat an old man. At this moment, he opened his eyes and a cold light flashed within them.

“Great Desolation dared to steal my avatar and that person dared to ruin… my plan! Right now, an upheaval is happening in the tomb and the restriction to enter has disappeared…” The old man pondered for a moment and then waved his hand. The waves surged before him and a giant door made of the ocean appeared before him!

The old man stood up and stepped into the gate. His figure appeared outside the Ancient Order Tomb. At this moment, the space before the old man distorted and seemed to be divided into nine worlds. A person walked out from this distortion!

This person was an old, middle-aged man, and his face was dark. After he appeared, his eyes were like lightning as he glanced at Dao Master Miao Yin. “Old Daoist Miao Yin, who hasn’t left the purple ocean for tens of thousands of years, has also come to these muddy waters.”

“Since you, Old Monster Nine Heavens, can come, then this old man can as well,” Dao Master Miao Yin said with a hoarse. The two looked at each other and stopped talking, then they looked at the rift devouring the fog.

After a while, Dao Master Miao Yin suddenly said, “Great Desolation Old Poison has already gone in…”

Devil Master Nine Heavens frowned and said, “Could it be a trap…”

“It shouldn’t be… Someone who can set up a trap in the Ancient Order Tomb, would they do something like this…” The two looked at each other, their gazes filled with determination.

“Great Desolation must be sealed!”

“I can help you seal Great Desolation, but I’ll take 60% of his treasures!”

“That’s fine, but that little fellow is mine!”

The two of them made an agreement and charged at the rift that was calmly floating there after devouring all the fog. Just as the two were about to enter, the Ancient Star System trembled.

A powerful force began to condense from all directions. In a flash, it turned into an illusory palm and floated above the rift.

This palmprint was very large, large enough to cover this star domain. Dao Master Miao Yin stopped and looked at the palm print. Devil Master Nine Heavens frowned and also stopped.

Black gas appeared below the palm print, forming a black figure. This person was covered by a black robe, making it impossible to see them clearly.

“The great battle is about to start, so nothing can happen to the two of you. This Ancient Order Tomb… don’t go.” After a brief moment of silence, the rift didn’t shrink. It was as if it was waiting for cultivators to enter.

Dao Master Miao yin looked at the person in the black robe and said, “You divinate an accident will happen?”

“I haven’t divinated it yet…” The man in the black robe’s voice sounded ancient.

“No accident will happen. Even if one does, you will have a way of saving us.” Dao Master Miao Yin turned around and entered the tomb.

Devil Master Nine Heavens smiled and clasped his hands. “It looks like your injures have mostly recovered. If any accident happens, we’ll be troubling you.” Devil Master Nine Heavens stepped into the rift with no hesitation. The rift still remained, floating there. The blurry figure in black stood there and let out a sigh after a long time.

“I hope nothing happens… Two of the five masters, Arcane Void Great Desolation, Zhou Jin, and two of the Ancient Celestial Concubines. They are 30% of my Ancient Star System’s power… All of them have entered the Ancient Order Tomb… I’m worried…”

Inside the Ancient Order Tomb, the two giant arms had swept by as if they were going to destroy the first rank 9 platform, but they had opened up a rift to another world.

Wang Lin’s face was pale, but he didn’t hesitate at all. The moment the rift appeared, he stepped inside.

The others could only watch Wang Lin disappear. Due to power of the arms, they didn’t dare to move forward.

The moment Wang Lin entered the rift, the two giant hands slowly dissipated. However, the danger wasn’t gone. The eyes of the ancient demon that had been released turned red. He then licked his lips and let out a sharp roar!

The moment Wang Lin entered the rift, the ninth map instantly appeared in his mind. However, at this moment, the ninth map had no use. At the same time, the ancient voice echoed inside Wang Lin’s mind.

“Rank 9 platform, thou are qualified to obtain my inheritance… You can enter the reincarnation door and enter my heaven palace… However, my heaven palace has been sealed by my enemy, so you will need great cultivation and great luck to enter… In my life there is only… one regret… The door to the left blocks my path of retreat… Li Guang shot down my left eye, which contained half my memories, memories of my hometown…  Inheritor, if you can become an ancient… If…” The words dissipated. The last two sentence was too vague. Wang Lin’s vision blurred for a moment, and when he regained it, he was in an incredibly large palace.

This palace was like the sky, and it was difficult to see the end. The entire palace was bright and gave off a sense of majesty, but there was also a sinister feeling to it.

This sinister aura was coming from the four rows of cultivator corpses! Each row had nearly 1,000 cultivators. They all stood there with blood coming out of their orifices. Their eyes were open, filled with killing intent.

These people’s clothes were extremely strange and very different from what Wang Lin had seen. Their clothes were like flowing water, as if they were living. Wang Lin had only seen these clothes back in the Scatter Thunder Clan, when he saw those images of the past. There were green flames burning above their hands, making popping sounds inside the palace.

Wang Lin floated in the palace and looked at these cultivators. These people had become the light source in here. Their corpses and origin souls formed the candle for the burning flames.

Looking at this, the sinister feeling became even stronger. Wang Lin’s gaze followed those cultivators and looked into the hall. There was a huge stone platform and a huge seat above it.

There was a huge crack on the platform below the chair. It contained a shocking aura that still existed to this day.

It was as if someone had used a sword or arrow that could break through everything in the world and attacked the person sitting on the chair!

This seat was empty, except for a ball of light that emitted a gentle glow that quietly floated there.

At the center of the four rows of cultivators, there was a furnace thousands of feet tall. There was incense burning inside and smoke floated upwards.

Wang Lin pondered and then gradually flew into the air. His gaze swept past the platform and he saw a portion of the palace!

Behind this platform there was also a giant furnace between four rows of cultivators. They remained motionless, with the same expressions as the others. There were flames burning above their heads as well.

There was a furnace in each of the eight directions around the platform, forming an octagon, and there were countless cultivators!!

Wang Lin’s mind trembled as he observed everything before him. After a long time, he took a deep breath. What he saw now wasn’t the entire hall. After pondering for a bit, he waved his hand and a wind swept by. Light filled the palace, allowing Wang Lin to see even further away. When he saw what was in the distance, his pupils shrank.

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