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Chapter 1466 - Clap Once

One of the Celestial Concubines and Devil Master Nine Heaven both entered the vortex and charged at Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he stared at the two of them, but he didn’t move. He continued to fuse the three ancient order powers and create runes.

He wasn’t afraid of the others seeing him doing this, as no one else beside Tuo Sen could do this.

“He is actually making the runes himself!” When Devil Master Nine Heaven saw this, his pupils shrank, but he stopped. However, his movements became more gentle when he saw the ancient demon inside. He seemed to have guessed something and didn’t want to disturb the ancient demon.

The woman in pink also saw Wang Lin’s actions. She was startled for a moment and immediately understood everything. She shook her head and quickly closed in.

This vortex was extremely powerful, and the deeper one went, the more difficult it became. Devil Master Nine Heavens and the woman slowed down, but they still moved rapidly through the vortex.

Due to the ancient demon aura raging here, all spells used in this place would be affected. However, these two were extremely powerful and instantly crossed 7,000 feet. They were getting closer and closer to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stared at the two of them. When they were no more than 1,000 feet away, Wang Lin waved his right hand. The ancient devil bottle appeared and a large amount of ancient devil souls came out of it!

At the same time, Wang Lin’s ancient god stars rotated rapidly and a large amount ancient god power rushed out, forming a vortex. There was already a huge amount of ancient demon aura here, and the three instantly fused into one.

In a flash, the power of the three clans fused, forming the mysterious power that could create the runes. With a roar, this power filled Wang Lin’s body.

In a flash, Wang Lin’s entire body was covered in countless runes. All of this happened in a flash, it was unimaginably fast.

The expressions of Devil Master Nine Heavens and the woman in pink changed. They no longer cared about disturbing the sleeping ancient demon and charged at Wang Lin.

At this moment, another platform closed in on the vortex. It was Great Desolation, who also stepped into the vortex as soon as he arrived.

After Great Desolation came the woman in white. She frowned as she put away her platform and walked into the vortex.

Just as Devil Master Nine Heavens and the woman in pink closed in, Wang Lin sneered.

“You’re late!” Wang Lin’s body trembled, but he didn’t care that they were closing in. The runes around him were shaken off his body and floated around him.

At the same time, Wang Lin waved his hand and the large amount of the runes he had created appeared. Then Wang Lin jumped into the air, and with a wave of his sleeve, his 80,000 foot platform appeared!

The moment the platform appeared, it absorbed all the runes he had created. A bright, golden light shined and swept out in all directions.

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy. After absorbing all the runes, the 80,000 foot platform began to swell!

82,000 feet, 84,000 feet… until it was 90,000 feet!

Rank 9 platform!

The moment the platform appeared, the golden light dissipated and no color appeared. Not only that, but the platform trembled even more violently! Wang Lin took a step and stood on the rank 9 platform.

“Rank 9 platform!!” A cold light flashed in Devil Master Nine Heavens’ eyes and he charged forward without hesitation.

The expression of the woman in pink also changed and she charged at the platform.

There was also Great Desolation, who was filled with greed. He also charged in.

Only the woman in white retreated while pondering. It seemed she was backing out of this.

However, just at this moment, a shocking change occurred! A shocking howl came from the Ancient Order Tomb. It sounded far, but a moment later, it would be next to your ears!

In the ninth map, Tuo Sen was roaring and charging forward. However, his expression suddenly changed and he quickly dodged to the side.

Thunderous rumbles came from the endless void ahead. He could clearly see a giant arm extend out from the fog and dangerously sweep by behind him.

Although it didn’t touch Tuo Sen, the shockwave it set off hit his body. Even with his powerful body, he was knocked back and coughed out blood. It took a lot of effort to stop himself, and a rare hint of fear appeared in Tuo Sen, who was not afraid of anything, as he looked at the giant arm that was quickly flying into the distance.

This arm swept across the Ancient Order Tomb, toward the eighth map.

At the same time, in the first map, another giant arm swept through the fog. A few dozen cultivators were still in the first map, and they were moving through the fog. In a flash, a thunderous rumble replaced all sounds, and before they could react, the giant arm swept by.

Their miserable screams of death were covered by the rumble. After the arm passed by, none of them survived. Even their platforms had collapsed.

This arm was 10 times faster than the one from the ninth map. It was like a flying mountain as it moved at a speed that could match Arcane Void cultivators.

It swept through the second, third, fourth… until it was through the seventh map. All the cultivators in the path of the arm were unable to avoid it and all died.

There were some that had rank 4 platforms, but it made no difference; they all died.

The two giant arms were like a giant closing his hands around his head to slap himself!

Their speed could only be described as an instant. Just as Wang Lin’s rank 9 platform and Devil Master Nine Heavens and the others were about to collide, the two arms swept across the Ancient Order Tomb to arrive in the eighth map!

The howls that had entered everyone’s ears were from those two giant arms!

It was impossible to describe the shock everyone felt when they saw the two arms that were hundreds of thousands of feet thick. They moved at a speed faster than anyone could react and appeared outside the ancient demon vortex!

The arms appeared on the two sides of the vortex and instantly closed in. The vortex instantly collapsed without any chance of resisting!

As the vortex collapsed, the two giant arms instantly closed in. The two giant arms swept by everyone and clapped toward the first rank 9 platform that had appeared!

The woman in white retreated first and backed away in terror, avoiding the arms. However, she was hit by the shockwave, causing her to cough out blood. She was thrown far away.

Great Desolation was not this lucky. He was the last one here and the one closest to one of the arms. He couldn’t dodge at all before the arm landed on his body. His body turned into mush. Not even Dao Master Miao Yin’s avatar, the body of a third step cultivator, could survive one blow!

Great Desolation let out a miserable scream and his soul screamed. He was about the escape; however, the blast from the arm extinguished his soul.

All of this happened in a flash.

The arm charged toward the rank 9 platform behind Devil Master Nine Heaven and the woman in pink.

Devil Master Nine Heavens’ face instantly turned pale. His face had always alternated between that of a young man and that of an old man. Right now, it remained an old man as his hand formed a seal and he collided with the arm.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and he coughed out blood. His face rapidly changed from an old man to a middle-aged man. He coughed out another mouthful of blood and his face turned from a middle-aged man to a young man!

At this moment, the countless avatars of Devil Master Nine Heavens all died. Their deaths gave him a chance of surviving.

Devil Master Nine Heavens, who had turned into a young man, disappeared, allowing the arm to sweep by. Then he reappeared, and blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth. He quickly backed away, his eyes filled with horror.

As for the woman in pink, her expression changed greatly. Her hands formed a seal and she spat out a mouthful of pink mist. There was a black ribbon inside it, and she grabbed it. She used the ribbon to move to the side but was still touched by a finger. She coughed out blood and rapidly retreated.

In the other direction, the other arm crushed the vortex and swept by the chaotic cyclone the ancient demon was in. The seal was crushed!

The moment the seal was crushed, the ancient demon opened his eyes. There were eight and half stars rotating in his left eye. He had awakened!

The instant the giant arm swept by, the awakened ancient demon let out a sharp roar. The moment he roared. his body turned transparent. allowing the arm to pierce through toward the rank 9 platform!

The two giant arms appeared on two sides of the platform. In a flash, they landed on the first rank 9 platform. The platform trembled and began to crumble.

The arms pierced through everything and clapped together before Wang Lin. The two arms slowly opened as if it they had grabbed onto the void. It was as if the void was a piece of paper, and a giant rift was torn open by the arms!

There was a strange world inside the rift!

Wang Lin’s face was pale. He hadn’t been injured by the arms, but the scene that appeared before him shook his mind.

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