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Chapter 146 – Core Formation (3)

Before Wang Lin entered, he took out a black cloak to cover his head. After entering, he looked around the first floor and found that it mostly contained flying swords. All of the swords were high quality and sealed in boxes with talismans on each end to prevent the sword qi from escaping.

In addition to all of these swords, there was a crystal pillar in the center of the room with three flying swords floating in the middle with the tips of the swords pointing down.

The three flying swords dimmed and brightened. Sometimes they would even shine brightly.

As Wang Lin looked at the three swords in the center, a worker walked up. He was about 20 years old and looked very bright. He carefully examined Wang Lin. It was pretty normal for customers to hide their faces because many cultivators didn’t want to be recognized. As for Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he had the Treasure Refining Pavilion’s own special technique to check. The more he checked, the more excited he became, because Wang Lin’s cultivation level kept changing between Core Formation and peak late stage Foundation Establishment.

Although this worker was surprised, he didn’t show it on his face. He respectfully asked, “Does senior have his eyes on these flying swords?”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked at the worker. He was instantly able to see that the worker was at 7th or 8th layer of Qi Condensation and calmly asked, “Does the Treasure Refining Pavilion sell pill furnaces?”

The worker nodded and smiled. “Senior, I’m afraid that you will only find pill furnaces in our Treasure Refining Pavilion, as they are not things normal people can buy. If senior is interested, please follow me to the second floor.”

Wang Lin calmly walked toward the stairs. The worker quickly followed to lead the way. Just before he stepped on the ladder, he turned and looked at a cultivator that was currently bargaining with a worker. He pondered for a moment before stepping onto the stairs.

After arriving at the second floor, the worker quickly went to talk to a middle-aged man in a room to the right before quickly returning downstairs.

The middle-aged man didn’t have any hair and his eyes occasionally shone. He got up, clasped his hands, and said, “What quality of pill furnace does fellow cultivator want?”

Wang Lin took a look at the middle-aged man and found that this middle aged man’s cultivation level was at the peak of Foundation Establishment, just like him. He was surprised by this. The first floor had a Qi Condensation cultivator and the second floor had a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Does this mean that there is a Core Formation cultivator in charge of the third floor?

Wang Lin’s expression was relaxed as he asked, “Could you take out a few for me to see?”

The middle-aged man laughed and pointed at the chair to the side. “Fellow cultivator, please sit and I’ll go grab them for you.” With that, he poured a cup of tea before walking next to a wall and hitting it. Ripples appeared on the wall, then it turned more and more illusionary.

Then three beautiful girls walked out, each holding a white jade tray. On each tray was a large, red box. Each box was about two square feet.

These three wooden boxes were the exact same size, but the patterns engraved on them were different. There were also seals placed on every box.

The three beautiful girls walked up to Wang Lin and gazed at him.

The middle-aged man picked up one of the wooden boxes, placed it on the table, and said, “Fellow cultivator, this is forged from the Greenstar Rock and Mysterious Fog Crystal from the depths of the Sea of Devils. It took 49 months of refining to create this Mysterious Green Pill Furnace. This is a rank 3 pill furnace.” With that, he tapped the box, causing it to open, revealing a fist-sized pill furnace.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He remembered that Li Muwan told him that the pill furnace she carried around was only a rank 2 one and that she would need a rank 4 or better pill furnace to ensure there weren’t any problems with the Distant Heaven Pill.

After taking one look, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He didn’t say a word.

The middle-aged man faintly smiled. He waved his arms and the box returned to the jade tray. He passed over the second girl and directly grabbed the box from the third girl’s tray. He gently placed it on the table and smiled. “I believe fellow cultivator must be refining a top quality pill. This pill furnace is refined from the cores of 99 low quality spirit beasts from the Sea of Devils. It’s called the Hundred Beast Pill Furnace. If you use this pill furnace to refine a pill, there is a high chance of the pill absorbing some of the beast cores’ aura. This will increase the quality of the pill.” With that, he tapped the wooden box. The box slowly opened, revealing a blood-red pill furnace. If one looked closely at it, they would see the face of 99 spirit beasts.

These spirit beasts looked as if they were real. They even gave off slivers of spiritual energy. This furnace was also in a sealed state. If it was unsealed, the spiritual energy inside it would surge forth.

Even Wang Lin was tempted by this Hundred Beast Pill Furnace, but his expression didn’t change at all.

The middle-aged man touched the wooden box and said, “Fellow cultivator must know that low quality spirit beasts are equal to Core Formation cultivators. Our sect spent a lot of time and effort to make this pill furnace. This pill furnace has reached rank 5.”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. After pondering for a bit, he asked, “What price?”

The middle-aged man smiled and answered, “The standard price is 100,000 high quality spirit stones, or you can take out a treasure that is equal to that price.”

After hearing this price, Wang Lin’s heart sank, even though he was prepared for it. No wonder the Fighting Evil Sect’s sect head used up almost all the money of the sect to buy just one.

The smile remained on the middle-aged man’s face as he poured himself a cup of tea, took a sip, and said, “This Hundred Beast Pill Furnace is indeed expensive. How about fellow cultivator considers the Mysterious Green Pill furnace from before instead? Although it is still 100,000 spirit stones, it is mid quality spirit stones, which is only 10,000 high quality spirit stones.”

Wang Lin looked at him and slapped his bag of holding. A piece of dragon hide appeared on the table.

“Dragon’s hide!” The middle aged man said, in surprised tone. He picked it up and carefully examined it, then said, “This is the hide of a medium quality dragon spirit beast. How much more of this do you have?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. He didn’t answer. Instead, he asked, “How much is needed to exchange for the Hundred Beast Pill Furnace?”

The middle-aged man lowered his head and calculated for a bit before raising it. He looked at Wang Lin and said, “If the dragon is at least 1,000 meters long, then the entire hide would be enough to exchange for it.”

Without a word, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the dragon’s hide formed a small mountain before the middle-aged man. Wang Lin didn’t even look at the middle-aged man as he grabbed the pill furnace and walked down the stairs.

The middle-aged man breathed rapidly and looked at the dragon’s hide. He spread out his divine sense and found that although it was missing a small piece, it was not much different from a complete dragon.

The complete hide of a medium quality dragon spirit beast. It has to be said that a medium quality spirit beast is the same as a Nascent Soul cultivator. Even in the inner parts of the Sea of Devils, it could be considered a powerhouse. Although the middle-aged man had seen a lot, he had only seen the complete hides of low quality spirit beasts. As for the hides of medium quality spirit beasts, he had only seen pieces. This was the first time he had seen the complete hide of a medium quality spirit beast.

When he raised his head, Wang Lin had already put the box inside his bag of holding and quickly went down stairs.

Wang Lin knew well that it was not wise to display his wealth to others. This was why he decided to cover himself. However, he still didn’t feel safe. Even though he didn’t understand the value of the dragon hide as much as the middle-aged man, he knew that it was a rare material. If the middle-aged man were to start thinking about the other parts of the dragon and got greedy, it would cause trouble.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn’t want to trade the dragon’s hide, but the price of the pill furnace was simply too high. Aside from the dragon’s hide, the only other thing he had was the spirit liquid.

In comparison, if he were to take out out something heaven defying like the spirit liquid, it would cause even more problems. After considering the choices, he decided to trade the dragon’s hide and quickly leave.

He left the Treasure Refining Pavilion and coldly looked across the street. When he went upstairs, he had already noticed someone spying on him, so he left a trace of his divine sense on that person. When he came out, he noticed that that person was in the inn across the street.

There were quite a few people in the inn, including three Core Formation cultivators next to the person Wang Lin had left a trace of his divine sense in. Wang Lin pondered a bit and decided to not detonate the divine sense. After making a few turns, he took a step and activated his earth escape technique. However, there was a flash of white light and he didn’t enter the ground. The entire city was covered in a formation that prevented his earth escape technique from working.

Wang Lin’s brow furrowed as he jumped into the air and flew toward the city gates.

He only flew for a bit before a black-clothed cultivator arrived at the spot where Wang Lin attempted to use the earth escape technique. He looked at the direction Wang Lin flew in and licked his lips. His eyes were filled with greed. This cultivator was one of the people that was bargaining on the first floor when Wang Lin entered.

This person was named Wei San. He was one of the disciples of the Fighting Evil Sect who had come to buy stuff in Nan Dou. When he saw Wang Lin enter the second floor, he was tempted and casually took a few glances before watching from the inn across the street. He even sent out a voice transmission jade to fellow Fighting Evil Sect disciples who were also in town buying stuff. After a long time, he saw Wang Lin leave and calculated that Wang Lin must have gotten some treasures. Wei San couldn’t help but get some evil ideas.

But he couldn’t see through Wang Lin’s cultivation level. Based on his guesses, Wang Lin must have been at the Core Formation stage. This made him want to back down, but when his fellow disciples arrived with some elders, he was very happy and explained everything in detail.

Besides him, more than ten people appeared, all at various cultivation levels. Most of them were at the Foundation Establishment stage, but three of them were covered in black fog.

These three were the three cultivators that caused Wang Lin to worry.

Wei San turned around and respectfully said, “Elders, I can’t believe that you three are in Nan Dou as well. I’m sure that that person must have some sort of treasure on him.”

A husky voice filled with anger said, “Wei San, you exaggerated too much. I thought it was really a Core Formation cultivator. Hmph, how could a mere pseudo Core Formation cultivator have any treasure? What a waste of time.”

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