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Chapter 1444 - Enemy Approaches

Wang Lin's indifferent gaze swept by the cultivators that retreated. There were intense fluctuations of emotions coming from them. As long as he ignited their emotions, he could deal great damage to them.

However, the Ancient Order Tomb was very dangerous, and until he figured this place out, he wouldn't kill all of them. What he wanted was to display his might!

Some of the cultivators here were powerful. If he forced them into a corner and they teamed up, it wouldn't benefit Wang Lin.

Wang Lin seldom killed if there were no benefits.

His gaze was cold and the nine-colored fire rotated in his left eye. His white hair fluttered and he gave off a demonic aura. As his gaze swept by, anyone who made contact with Wang Lin's gaze turned pale.

"You said before that if I kill more than 10 beast here, you will kill me and refine my soul?" Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the fat cultivator holding the abacus.

The cultivator's body trembled and even the fat on his body shook. He forced out a bitter smile and felt bitter in his heart. He didn't know Wang Lin was an Ethereal Fire cultivator. To refine the soul of an Ethereal Fire cultivator, this matter… Not even he himself believed he could do it.

It was more likely that his flesh would be burnt clean before he could even begin to refine.

Wang Lin's gaze gradually became colder as he stared at the fat cultivator. There was a hint of killing intent flashing in his eyes.

The fat cultivator was covered in sweat and his heart was pounding. He faintly felt like there was a fire burning inside his body. His mouth was dry and he quickly waved his right hand, taking out a scale. He quickly handed it over and bitterly said, "This little one indeed said it, and I hope Fellow Cultivator can forgive me. This is what I obtained from the platform; I hope Fellow Cultivator can accept it as an apology."

Wang Lin's right hand reached out and the scale landed on his hand. He looked at it a bit before pushing it away. Then his gaze moved from the fat cultivator and landed on another person.

"You said that if I killed one extra beast, I would die here. I'll give you the chance!" Wang Lin's words were cold as he spoke.

When the fat cultivator saw that Wang Lin was no longer targeting him, he felt relieved. However, the cultivator in black trembled, but his eyes remained closed as if he was blind. Right now he silently sat there, with his expression gloomy.

A moment later, the cultivator in black clasped his hands at Wang Lin and waved his right hand. A black sword flew out toward Wang Lin. This sword was covered in devilish energy.

The cultivator in black softly said, "I was reckless before; I hope Fellow Cultivator won't mind."

Wang Lin took the sword and looked at the cultivator in black. Wang Lin found the cultivator in black very interesting. The emotion fluctuations coming from him weren't strong, but there seemed to be a mysterious power sealed between his eyebrows. He felt as if the seal would be released when he opened his eyes.

"Also, you, who wanted me to scram from here? If I don't scram, you are going to make my corpse scram?" Wang Lin wasn't this petty of a person, but since he was going to display his might, he was going to act arrogantly. If some of them were really blind, he wouldn't mind just killing them.

The man in purple with the fish behind him was covered in sweat. He let out a bitter smile and clasped his hands. He didn't speak and took out the gourd-shaped treasure he had obtained on the platform and handed it over.

"A sentence that shouldn't have been said has cost me the first treasure I've obtained here, alas…" The cultivator in purple felt remorse in his heart.

"Also, you, what a confident tone. If I'm not obedient, you were going to kill me?" Wang Lin's gaze lit up and he looked at the old woman in green. Among the people here, the old woman in green was the most strange. Even now, Wang Lin hadn't been able to find out much about her.

The most important part was that Wang Lin saw no emotions from this old woman, as if all her emotions were hidden deep inside her.

The old woman in green stared at Wang Lin with a demonic gaze in her eyes. No one knew what she was thinking, and after a slight hesitation, Wang Lin charged forward. He was too fast and, like a bolt of lightning, he appeared before the old woman.

The expression of the old woman in green became heavy and she quickly retreated. Her hands formed a seal and origin energy appeared, causing the area to distort.

Wang Lin approached in a flash and charged into the distorted area. He calmly raised his right hand and waved. A thunderous rumble echoed across the area.

In a short period of time, many thunderous rumbles echoed and Wang Lin and the old woman's attacks collided dozens of times. The rumbles became even more intense, and the origin energy around him formed a storm that swept the area.

The remaining people all retreated, and the old woman coughed out blood soon after. Her face became pale and she quickly retreated. Wang Lin's figure charged out from the storm, his white clothes dazzling, and his fingers formed a sword with which he pointed forward.

A finger of time. The desolate door from the Wind Celestial Realm appeared in Wang Lin's mind. The finger stirred up the world and an ancient aura filled this land. The ancient aura entered Wang Lin's fingers and shot at the old woman.

The expression of the old woman changed greatly. Although she thought she had overestimated Wang Lin's strength, she didn't expect Wang Lin to be no weaker than a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator and his spells to be so shockingly powerful!

Facing danger, she could no longer hide her spells. She stopped retreating and pointed at her temples. She then opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of pink mist.

When the pink mist spread out, a fragrance came with it. Wang Lin's vision blurred and illusions appeared before him. The old woman's figure became blurry and a series of shadows appeared behind her.

Those shadows were all people Wang Lin was familiar with!

Wang Lin wasn't the only one like this; confusion had appeared in everyone else's eyes. The old woman became their close relatives, and it seemed like Wang Lin was actually killing their relatives. An sense of anger roared in their hearts.

"This is actually someone from one of the three great clans, the Sealing Phantom Clan…" The eyes of the girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan narrowed and a hint of surprise arose in them.

All of this happened in a flash. Seeing that the surrounding cultivators were being affected, Wang Lin's fingers collided with the pink mist.

Thunderous rumbles shook this area and the pink mist was pushed back. It seemed to be unable to resist Wang Lin's finger and was pushed back by it. It dissipated under the power of time and allowed Wang Lin's finger to land between the old woman's eyebrows.

The old woman's body trembled and she was thrown back, coughing out blood. The emotions she had hidden inside herself could no longer be hidden and Ethereal Fire erupted inside her. The mark between her eyebrows was destroyed and was replaced by the flickering image of the back of a woman!

A miserable scream echoed inside the fire!

The confusion disappeared from the surrounding cultivators and feared filled their eyes!

"Sealing Phantom Spell!!"

"This old woman is from the Sealing Phantom Clan!"

"The Sealing Phantom Clan, one of the three great clans!"

Wang Lin floated in the air. Aside from killing, he had attacked was because he wanted to see through the old woman's spells. Now that he knew the answer, he gave up on killing her.

The Ethereal Fire rapidly dissipated around the old woman with a thought from Wang Lin. The fire retreated back into her body, forming a fire seed. It was like a restriction had been planted in her body.

With the Ethereal Fire extinguished, the old woman's face was pale. She looked at Wang Lin with fear in her eyes. After a moment of silence, she took out the treasure she had obtained and handed it to Wang Lin.

The remaining cultivators all trembled took out the treasures they had obtained to offset the disrespectful things they had said. Even the girl from the Sealing Extermination Clan timidly took out the treasure she had obtained.

Only the long-haired woman in white looked profoundly at Wang Lin and smiled. In a flash, the platform below her flew into the sky.

"There is a treasure inside this sealed land. Since you're interested, I'll leave. I believe that we will meet again here, inside this Ancient Order Tromb…" The woman's voice gently floated into Wang Lin's ears as her figure disappeared into one of the spatial rifts.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed, but he didn't speak.

The battle seemed to have ended here, and everyone's gazes couldn't help but look up at what was above the ancient god, ancient devil, and ancient demon!

The 10,000-foot platform on the back of the ancient god was covered in red fog, and it seemed to be sealing something extremely powerful!

Wang Lin also looked at the ancient god on the ground. However, just at this moment, his expression changed and he looked at the horizon.

The world suddenly rumbled and all the cultivators here saw the change. The horizon distorted and nine giant platforms rushed in!

"There are people here! That's good, hand over the treasures you've obtain from the platforms and wait on the side!" The voice was gloomy and a powerful pressure suddenly descended!

The spatial rifts around the area seemed to be torn apart. The nine large platforms didn't make any sound as they tore through the rifts and appeared here!

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