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Chapter 1432 - Love and Gratitude

"This old man isn't lying to you. As early as 1,200 years ago, I heard of your name and learned that the only reason you cultivate is to bring your wife back!" The Sovereign's voice was weak as it slowly floated among the stars, but they were like heavy hammers slamming on Wang Lin's mind.

However, this impact turned into waves that surged in Wang Lin's brain, causing him to tune out the Sovereign's voice. Only the last four words were like a bolt of lightning that tore open his flesh and rushed into his soul!

"Bring your wife back!"

"This old man also knows that in order to bring your wife back, you have asked many cultivators for help, but in the end none of them could help you! You probably don't believe my words; you presume that since I'm seriously injured, how can I achieve this?

"This matter is indeed extremely difficult; even if I wasn't injured, I wouldn't have the ability to bring your wife back. However, my teacher is someone on par with the Ancient Celestial Sovereign. He is even famous in the ancient world!

"This old man will seek Master for you and seek the life realm. He can harvest countless souls to form a longevity seal. Not only can your wife be resurrected, but even your only son can be resurrected as well!"

Wang Lin was completely frozen and his mind rumbled. He was speechless for a while. He was already seriously injured and was holding on with just one breath. Now that he couldn't hold that breath anymore, his body trembled and he coughed out blood.

"As long as you agree to become this old man's soldier, this old man can do it all for you!" The voice was weak, but there was something magical about it, and it landed on Wang Lin's body.

There was struggle in Wang Lin's eyes. His struggle had never been this intense. Neither Dao Master Blue Dream's proposal nor the first generation Vermillion Bird's words could compare! None of them had directly struck at Wang Lin's most vulnerable spot in his heart!

When it landed on his dao heart, the impact was comparable to Fishing the Moon in the Well, and it fished out Wang Lin's soul!

In order to resurrect Li Muwan, Wang Lin was willing to do anything! Risk everything!

When he had no hope, he longed for hope. Right now there was hope, and even if it was just a glimmer, it weighed heavily in his heart. He struggled like crazy.

"Become this old man's soldier, you will be an existence beyond Master Simo, Qing Shui, and Qing Lin. You will be the most powerful death soldier I have!!

"If you agree, this old man will give you the dao name Master Ling Shang!

"Haven't you spent your life trying to resurrect your wife and child? My teacher can do it. If you don't believe me, I can let Teacher resurrect your wife first, and once you two reunite, it won't be too late to agree!"

Wang Lin's face was ashen, and the struggle in his mind had reached a limit. There was a voice frantically screaming in his mind, shaking his body!

"Take his offer, become the Sovereign's soldier so Wan Er can be resurrected. Wang Lin, haven't you been cultivating all your life just for her?"

"Take his offer. 1,500 years of being apart can finally come to an end and Wang Ping can also be brought back. Isn't reuniting your family your biggest dream?"

"Take his offer. You're not going to become the Sovereign's slave, you'll just have to listen to all his orders. Compare your personal freedom to Wan Er's life; which is more important?"

"Take his offer, become the second Master Simo and become a slave to the Sovereign. Betray the Inner Realm. Break off from Situ Nan, Qing Shui, and everyone you knew in the Inner Realm. From now on, they're your enemies!"

This voice became louder and louder until it become a heaven-shaking roar in Wang Lin's mind. His face turned pale and he subconsciously took a few steps back. Right now his eyes were bloodshot, he was trembling, and his mind was on the verge of collapse. The struggle to make a choice had turned into a flood that was drowning him.

"If one day the Sovereign asks me to kill Situ… what would I do…. If one day the Sovereign asked me to kill Qing Shui… what would I do… If one day the Sovereign asked me to slaughter my way back into the Inner Realm, how could I face all those familiar faces… Zhou Yi, Zhou Ru, Big Head, everyone… If one day the Sovereign orders me to harm the second generation Vermillion Bird… will I be able to do it…"

There was a miserable smile on Wang Lin's face, and a shocking trace of blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth. His heart was being ripped in half due to this decision, and the pain was something words couldn't describe at all!

Wan Er was his everything and his one weakness. He wouldn't allow anyone to hurt her. In order to resurrect Wan Er, Wang Lin could give up many things. In order to resurrect Wan Er, he could give up his vitality. Right now he was willing to give up his life!

However, there were some things that were even more important than his life! It was just that in life, there were emotions beside love that he couldn't cut off!

"From now on, I'll hand the Soul Refining Sect to you…" On planet Suzaku, the Soul Refining Sect's master, Dun Tian, had placed the Soul Refining Sect's treasure in his hands after passing away. After placing the inheritance of the Soul Refining Sect on his shoulders, Dun Tian closed his eyes, smiling… Situ Nan had given up the chance to take away the Heaven Defying Bead and had accompanied Wang Lin for hundreds of years. He had taught Wang Lin cultivation from Wang Lin's youth. A teacher, a father, a brother, and also a friend… If there was no Situ, there would be no Wang Lin! Wang Lin once said something about Situ that represented all the gratitude he felt toward Situ!

"I, Wang Lin, would never kneel to the heavens, only in respect for Situ!"

Zhou Yi was lovestruck for his entire live; nothing could cover his thousand-year obsession. He had given Wang Lin a fortune that had allowed Wang Lin to avoid death! Zhou Yi was obsessed with Qing Shuang. If Wang Lin chose to follow the Sovereign, there would surely be a tragic battle between them!

"I, Zhou Yi, only want to do one thing in my life: to accompany Qing Shuang until the end of time…"

Brother Qing Shui had a cold face but a warm heart. Once he decided that Wang Lin was a cross generation disciple of Bai Fang, he was willing to do anything to make sure no one harmed Wang Lin!

"Since he is my junior brother, no one can harm him. If you hurt one of his fingers, I will seek your life!"

Qing Shui's madness, which had caused him to kill his wife, brought all his grief and indignation, was due to the schemes of the Outer Realm. If he found out that the junior brother he once protected had become the slave of the cause of his sorrow, how would he feel… There was also the fifth generation Vermillion Bird. He was clearly at the end of his lifespan, but he was still willing to help Wang Lin recover. He had even handed the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to Wang Lin. His kind gaze would forever linger in Wang Lin's heart.

"This old man, Lu Yun, has lived his entire life for the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect… Even though  I will soon die, I can now die with a smile… You're excellent, take care of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect for me."

The old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's dying wish was for Wang Lin to take care of the sect. Facing the kindness Wang Lin had received, he couldn't face the dead Divine Emperor's anger and disappointed gaze.

The second generation Vermillion Bird had only known Wang Lin for a few days. His hearty laughter, gratified expression, look of admiration, and kindness toward Wang Lin came to mind. He had fished up the dragon to gift its blood to Wang Lin and had tried to save him many times during moments of danger in the trials. He had even roared at the first generation Vermillion Bird in the Heaven Trial!

The second generation Vermillion Bird had gifted him the method to control the dragon and the Ancient Soul Restriction. Also, before Wang Lin left, the second generation Vermillion Bird had clearly disobey the first generation Vermillion Bird's order and had to bear an unknown price to teach Wang Lin the Vermillion Bird Clan's strongest spell, the Realm Burning Ancient Umbrella!

"Little fellow, don't forget that the next time we meet, you have to choose the seventh generation for this old man. Be sure to select a child with determination! You look rather cold, but even you were naughty at some point. Unfortunate, unfortunate. Ah, what's so good about duo cultivation, this old man really doesn't understand…"

There were still a lot of people, a lot of people… How could Wang Lin cut them all off with one choice… Master Simo's memory filled Wang Lin's mind. When he saw Master Simo's life, he felt like he was watching his own memories.

The Master Simo today was Wang Lin's future!

In order to resurrect his sister, Master Simo had given up the Heaven Breaking Sect and all his sect brothers. He had even given up his own soul to become the Sovereign's dog and had killed for the Sovereign. With one point from the Sovereign, even if it was Master Simo's own teacher, he would raise the butcher's knife as he shed tears!

If he hadn't seen Master Simo's memory, Wang Lin's choice would've been even more difficult.

If he hadn't experienced Dao Master Blue Dream's proposal or the first generation Vermillion Bird's words, Wang Lin still might not have been able to make the biggest decision in his life!

A painful decision, but one he had to choose!

After seeing Master Simo's memory, Wang Lin asked himself how he would choose if that day came… However, he didn't expect that day to arrive so quickly!

This day was like a calamity!!

Fortunately, Master Simo's memory had given Wang Lin a path… "I don't want to become Master Simo…" Wang Lin murmured in a low voice. The struggle in his eyes was replaced by pain, but this pain was filled with determination!

"I don't want to become your slave!

"I don't want to betray their gratitude because of my choice. Love is the pain I can't give up. it's what I spent my life cultivating for… But love isn't the only thing in my life!

"I admire someone like Master Simo, who can abandon everything and his own conscience just for one person! However, I'm afraid to choose, I'm afraid to face everyone that was kind to me… Even if my wife and child were to awaken, we would become puppets… I won't chose this...

"Perhaps your teacher can really awaken my wife and child, but if he can do it, then I, Wang Lin, can as well!"

"My wife and child, I'll resurrect them myself!" Wang Lin raised his head and stared at the startled Sovereign. He turned and disappeared among the endless stars as he went far away.

No one saw the two lines of crystal tears falling from Wang Lin's eyes, and they were scattered among this vast star system.

"Wan Er… Ping Er… Would you two blame me…"

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