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Chapter 1428 - Crazy Idea!

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor was a third step cultivator. Even though he was only at the early stage of Nirvana Void, he could make the heavens shake with a wave of his hand. He used Spatial Bending as he moved back to the Fire Sparrow Clan headquarters rapidly with Liu Jinbiao.

The ancestor stepped out outside the main Fire Sparrow planet. His eyes were filled with ecstasy, and in a flash he flew toward the center of the planet that was surrounded by fire.

He was too fast and instantly arrived at the place where he normally stayed in closed door cultivation all the time.

The temperature of the fire here was extremely terrifying; just one spark was enough to kill a cultivator. However, the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor was perfectly fine and quickly approached while holding Liu Jinbiao.

Liu Jinbiao's expression was as gloomy as water as he coldly looked at the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor. He had completely forgotten his past and had deceived himself into believing that he was the sixth generation Vermillion Bird!

After holding power for so long, he had been captured by the Fire Sparrow Clan. However, as the sixth generation Vermillion Bird, he had his own pride. Even at the moment of life and death, he wouldn't beg for mercy.

There was an illusory door deep within the sea of fire here. Ordinary people couldn't even take half a step inside. In addition. with the ancestor guarding it, this place was extremely well guarded.

Although he had left, the door within the sea of fire had an extremely powerful restriction placed on it. This restriction wasn't placed down by him, but by his master. Even third step cultivators would find it difficult to break inside in a short period of time.

After arriving at the door. the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor became excited and knelt down on the ground. This caused Liu Jinbiao's eyes to narrow.

A third step cultivator, the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor, was kneeling before the door!

"Master, this old slave has captured the sixth generation Vermillion Bird as a gift to Master to help Master's injury recover!"

"Master?" Liu Jinbiao's scalp went numb and his eyes were filled his shock. As he stared at the blurry gate, a monstrous wave was set off in his heart!

"Master of a third step cultivator… This… This…"

The door was silent, and the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor remained kneeling. He waited for a long time and wasn't impatient at all, he remained respectful. The longer he stayed like this, the more shocked Liu Jinbiao became, And he showed signs of awakening from his dao of deception.

He was about to be scared awake!

"Six generation Vermillion Bird?" After a while, a blurry voice came out of the door.

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor trembled and became even respectful. His eyes became excited and he quickly said, "This old slave has investigated thoroughly. I devoured his blood and searched his soul, so I can't be wrong! He is the sixth generation Vermillion Bird!

"This old slave captured him in the Fallen Land!"

The voice seemed to silently ponder, and an invisible aura gradually spread out. This made Liu Jinbiao's body tremble, and the pride in his eyes dissipated and was replaced with endless fear.

He was completely awakened due to fear!

"I've finally done it! I've finally gone too far!" Liu Jinbiao felt his mouth go dry and his eyes filled with panic. He screamed madly in his heart, "To have third step cultivator as a slave… who the hell is this? That Wang Lin arranged for me to come here and said that he could save me, but even if he comes, I fear he would die…"

After a long moment of silence, that blurry voice came from the door once more.

"Send him in!"

Liu Jinbiao's body trembled and he was about to open his mouth to explain. However, the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor directly grabbed him and dragged him toward the door!

All of this happened too fast. Before he could explain, he felt his body tremble and get dragged into the door by the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor!

The restrictions on the door seemed to be suppressed and didn't activate, allowing the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor to enter.

After entering the door, what appeared before Liu Jinbao was something he could never forget!

This was a world without a sky or earth, the only thing that existed was a massive flame! The flame occupied 70% of this world, and it rumbled loudly.

There were no stars around them, but lines as thick as one's arm branched across space. At a glance, they seemed to form a spiderweb!

The fire was at the heart of the spiderweb! The spiderweb seemed to be tunnels, and things seemed to be moving within them toward the flame.

The fire was seven-colored, without black and white! The seven-colored fire burned brightly, and a vague figure could be seen sitting inside!

The figure was covered in armor, and there was a seven-colored Vermillion Bird flashing behind him.

"You can leave…" The blurry voice echoed in the sky as a ball of seven-colored fire the size of a fist flew toward the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor. The fire went in between the eyebrows of the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor.

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor trembled and ecstasy filled his eyes.

"Go cultivate and absorb this…" The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor respectfully bowed and disappeared from this world.

At this moment, only Liu Jinbiao and the figure inside the fire remained.

Liu Jinbiao's body trembled. He could feel a suffocating pressure coming from the seven-colored fire the other person was sitting in. This pressure was enough to kill him millions of times!

"You're not the sixth generation Vermillion Bird…" The blurry voice echoed and weighed upon Liu Jinbiao's mind. This made his scalp tingle and he lost his wits.

Liu Jinbiao knelt on the ground, his eyes flooding with intense fear. Without hesitation, he immediately begged, "Lord Celestial, forgive me, Lord Celestial forgive me… Junior Liu Jinbiao is merely a little cultivator and was forced by someone to come here. If I hadn't come, I would have died. I hope Lord Celestial will have mercy. This little one is willing to do his best to service Lord Celestial…"

The blurry voice interrupted Liu Jinbiao. "However, there is something that interests me on your body…" Some of the countless branches moved and wrapped around Liu Jinbiao. In a flash, some broke through his flesh and began to absorb, causing Liu Jinbiao to scream miserably.

His body rapidly withered as large amounts blood were being sucked out and turned into bumps that moved within the branches toward the flame.

Aside from his blood, his vitality was also rapidly being absorbed. Facing this moment of crisis, Liu Jinbiao let out a scream and spat out a mouthful of essence!

The moment this mouthful of essence came out, a monstrous sword energy suddenly appeared. Xu Liguo appeared as a big sword, but he didn't stab toward the flame but turned into a sword storm!

"Master, the passage has been opened!!" Xu Liguo was also scared out of his wits. After he appeared, he began to roar in his heart,

"It is all that fiend's fault. He thought this holy place had fire essence, but instead there is a living person here. A living person who can make a third step cultivator his slave!!"

"Interesting…" The illusory voice seemed to smile as it echoed.

On the Great Emperor Planet, Wang Lin closed his eyes and saw inside the transfer array. His mind entered the Wind and Rain Realm, looking for the All-Seer's soul. He used with All-Seer's soul and quickly divinated the future… At this moment, his eyes suddenly opened, revealing a flash of killing intent!

There was someone healing inside the holy land of the Fire Sparrow Clan. Before he came to the Fallen Land, he wasn't sure, but after talking to the first generation Vermillion Bird, he was sure there was someone inside!

If he had given up the plan back then, it wouldn't have been impossible for Lin Jinbiao to come back even after he had been captured, but a crazy idea had appeared in Wang Lin's heart!

The first generation Vermillion Bird once said that the person healing in there was likely the traitorous third Vermillion Bird, and the first generation ancestor hated that person a lot. If it wasn't for the fact that he was trapped in the Fallen Land, he would have slaughtered his way to the traitorous Vermillion Bird!

Although he hadn't said it, he had told Wang Lin that he could assist in Wang Lin's plan and allow Wang Lin to enter the Fire Sparrow Clan's holy land. He had also given Wang Lin a Vermillion Bird Feather as a gift.

All of this pointed to one problem!

More importantly, the traitorous third Vermillion Bird had another identity in the Ancient Star System. In truth, Wang Lin had a guess, and he was 70% sure of it! No, it could even be said that he was 90% sure!

70% was enough for him to decide to do something heavening-shaking! Much less 90%! Once he did this, he was going to leave the Ancient Star System and return to the Inner Realm!

"He was injured by the first generation Vermillion Bird and then was injured by that mysterious roar in the Inner Realm. In the end, he was forced to go into closed door cultivation to heal for tens of thousands of years. However, he has secretly been controlling the scene!! His daughter entered the Inner Realm to allure Qing Lin, destroy the Celestial Realm used to generate Joss Flames, and combined the forces of several people to destroy the body of the Lord of the Sealed Realm.

"He has done whatever it took to tempt people who caught his attention in the Inner Realm, like Sima Mo, Qing Lin, and if I'm not wrong, even Qing Shui's madness must have something to do with this person! He has even used the viciousness of planting dao… All of this is his doing.. Now that he is seriously injured, I must take this opportunity!!" Madness appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. What he planned to do was already crazy anyway!

The formation light flashed rapidly and thunderous rumbles echoed. The formation rotated until it formed a vortex, and with a bang, it disappeared from the Great Emperor Planet. Wang Lin's figure disappeared with it!

The old Vermillion Bird sitting at the side of the lake opened his eyes. He silently looked at where Wang Lin disappeared for a long time and softly said, "First generation ancestor, you still feel that he isn't someone of my Vermillion Bird clan… Even though he passed the trial… But disciple believes that he is… I have disobeyed your order and taught him the strongest Vermillion Bird Clan skill without your permission… Because that's what he should have received after the trial was over…"

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