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Chapter 1427 - Engraved Ambition

"Remember, unless it is absolutely needed, don't use this spell!" The old Vermillion Bird looked extremely serious. After he finished speaking, he took a deep breath and formed a strange seal with his hands.

As the seal appeared, ethereal fire came from the old Vermillion Bird's eyebrows and entered the seal. This caused the seal to flash red, and they fused together to form a fire bone about 10 feet long.

It might not be appropriate to call it a bone. It was like a stick, but it was very smooth.

The moment this fire bone appeared, the old Vermillion Bird's eyes became serious. His hands formed more seals and thin lines began to appear. They didn't surround the fire bone but extended out from its tip.

The object that was formed by the old Vermillion Bird's spell looked rather strange. If you spread some oil paper between the lines, it would look extremely similar to the umbrellas used by mortals on rainy days.

Wang Lin stared intently. He had seen the old Vermillion Bird create two different sets of seals. The first set was 999 seals in an instant. The second group was even more; he had created exactly 9,999 in a flash!

Not a sliver of origin energy fluctuation was released, and the clouds hadn't scattered. The surroundings were extremely quiet.

It was as if nothing had changed.

After finishing the two sets of seals, the old Vermillion Bird became even more serious. He took a deep breath and his eyes revealed a strange light. Both his hands worked together to form seals, then a light began to spread out in all directions, penetrating the lake.

The old Vermillion Bird's hands moved faster, and without a pause, seals appeared one by one. One, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand… so fast that they became a blur to the eye!

The old Vermillion Bird's hands were so fast, it was impossible to see them with the naked eye, and if one used divine sense, it would be stopped by a mysterious force.

The old Vermillion Bird let out a roar . The number of seals in his hands had already reached over one million. The one million seals appeared at the same time and formed a storm. This storm charged at the fire bone!

In a flash, the storm fused with the fire bone and shot into the sky!

Wang Lin took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. His pupils immediately shrank.

The storm seemed have to formed a large umbrella that hadn't opened! Large amounts of fire formed countless fire dragons around it!

The entire sky was occupied by fire dragons. They surrounded the umbrella and roared. This could be clearly seen from every part of the Great Emperor Planet!

"Burning Realm Ancient Umbrella!" The old Vermillion Bird let out a roar and the storm suddenly stopped rotating. It floated motionlessly in the air!

An unspeakable pressure slowly descended from the sky. The vegetation bent and large amounts of water mist appeared. The fishes in the lake swam quickly and bubbles appeared on the furnace of the lake.

Fine cracks appeared on the ground.

All the cultivators that saw this felt like the blood in their bodies was about to dry up.

The sky was covered in endless distortion, as if it couldn't withstand the storm. The distortion continued to spread until it covered almost half of the Fallen Land!

All the planets that were shrouded in this showed signs that a great drought was coming. There were signs of the destruction that was to come.

The old Vermillion Bird's breathing became a bit rough. It was obvious that it was a lot of stress on him to use this spell.

"The first group has 999 seals, the second group has 9,999 seals, and the third and fourth groups both have 990,000!

"You must form all these seals within nine breaths of time. Each of the seals must contain your origin soul's Yang energy. Then, with a special chant, you can form the strongest spell of my Vermillion Bird Clan: Burning Realm Ancient Umbrella!!

"If one mistake is made during any of the seals, the consequences will be unimaginable. Even with my mid stage Arcane Void cultivation, I would still be seriously injured. If a non-fire cultivator made a mistake, they would likely die!

"This spell came from the Ancient Celestial Sovereign. This old man once heard from the ancestor that back in the ancestor's hometown, the Ancient Celestial Sovereign used this spell and destroyed an entire realm of 10 billion people. This is why it is called the 'Burning Realm!'

"This was an extremely powerful spell in the hands of the Ancient Celestial Sovereign. This old man doesn't know if this spell is a dao spell, but the ancestor said that the umbrella could be open nine times, and a world would be destroyed each time!

"Back then, the Ancient Celestial Sovereign opened the umbrella eight times to destroy a realm! Not even he dared to open the umbrella a ninth time! The ancestor is at the early stage Void Tribulant and can only open it five times! As for this old man, due to my origin soul's Yang remaining intact after tens of thousands of years, I can use my own Yang to open it twice at the mid stage of Arcane Void!

"I shouldn't be passing this spell to you, because it is too dangerous and one mistake would lead to disaster! The ancestor also said that the spell is incomplete as the Ancient Celestial Emperor secretly learned this from someone else, but since you're comprehension is so high, you can decide for yourself!"

The old Vermillion Bird's words echoed as Wang Lin stared at the umbrella in the sky. His mind was shaken by the old Vermillion Bird's words!

He originally thought the old Vermillion Bird would pass him a dao spell. He could had never have expected to learn a spell that contained unimaginable power!

"Opening the umbrella eight times can destroy a world with 10 billion people… This… Can this still be considered a spell!?"

The old Vermillion Bird's breathing became even more rapid. He waved his hand and the storm that stopped trembled and began to dissipate.

"I can only let you see this and can't open it. If it were to open, it would cause great damage here!" The old Vermillion Bird bit the top of his tongue and spat out blood containing his mid stage Arcane Void cultivation toward the storm. The blood turned into a monstrous mist that fused with the storm and gradually made it disappear.

It wasn't until seven minutes later that the storm disappeared. The Great Emperor Planet gradually returned to normal and the distortion also slowly recovered.

Although this didn't last long, it had made Wang Lin's scalp go numb, and his eyes lit up. Although the spell hadn't been activated, Wang Lin had gotten a general feel for it. Wang Lin's heart was pounding.

The old Vermillion Bird only relaxed when the world returned to normal. He waved his hand and a jade flew out from the void toward Wang Lin.

"This jade contains all the seals and the method to open the umbrella. Quickly memorize it, and once there are no mistakes, destroy the jade!" After the old Vermillion Bird finished speaking, he sat down, closed his eyes, and began to cultivate.

Wang Lin accepted the jade and stared at it. The scene of the old Vermillion Bird displaying the spell appeared in his mind. Wang Lin was tempted!

In his lifetime, he was rarely tempted by spells or treasures. He had cultivated restrictions all his life and was a grandmaster at them. For ordinary people, forming nearly two million seals was a very difficult task. 

This was indeed the truth, and nine breaths was too short!

However, when Wang Lin was at the Core Formation stage, he was already used to forming seals very fast. Some restrictions could only be placed or broken in an instant, so large amounts of seals needed to be formed during a short period of time.

The first threshold that most people faced was not that difficult for Wang Lin! What really shocked Wang Lin was what the old Vermillion Bird had revealed about the Burning Realm Ancient Umbrella!

"From the Ancient Celestial Sovereign. So it is from the Ancient Celestial Emperor who secretly learned it. It is not complete…" Wang Lin took a deep breath, and there was a flash of terror in his eyes.

If this sentence was true, then the meaning of it was simply too shocking.

"This spell.. Who the hell created it… Where did the Ancient Celestial Emperor secretly learn this… If just the stolen, incomplete spell is enough to destroy a realm, what if it was complete…" Wang Lin raised his head and silently look up at the sky. He faintly felt as if he was a mortal looking at the sky, and he felt very small.

"What does my current cultivation level count as… Just how big is this world? What is outside this world…" After a moment, Wang Lin took a deep breath and determination filled his eyes.

The more he knew, the smaller he felt, but Wang Lin didn't give up. Instead, it ignited the defying will in his heart!

"I can as well!" 

"I, Wang Lin, can as well!"

"Why can't I, Wang Lin, do it as well!"

In the world, some people chose to be mortal, some became celestials, some were below others. All things were different. There were great injustices in this world, but at the same time, it was extremely fair! 

"Since someone can create this kind of spell and cultivate to such an unimaginable degree, then I, Wang Lin, can do the same! Although my talent is lacking, it won't be able to become the stone that trips me!

"Today I learned the Burning Realm spell, which was created by someone else and was later stolen by the Ancient Celestial Emperor. In the future… I want others to learn my spells!" Wang Lin's expression was filled with determination. He didn't roar or cry, only his silent words echoed in his heart!

Perhaps this was his ambition!

Wang Lin closed his hands and his mind entered the jade. He engraved the countless seals in his mind, as well as the method for opening the umbrella!

The jade turned into ashes in his hand and was blown away by the wind. The ashes that flew away represented Wang Lin's ambition as it flew higher and higher...

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