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Chapter 1426 - Will Leave

Master Simo left… Grandmaster Yun Luo went with him, and the two of them disappeared from the Great Emperor Planet before Wang Lin's eyes.

There was no result in this battle. It was outside the expectations of all the cultivators here, including the old Vermillion Bird. However, with his powerful cultivation, he had vaguely noticed some things.

Although this was the case, it wouldn't hinder the rise of Wang Lin's prestige in the Fallen Land! In the eyes of the cultivators here, just the battle was already enough for them to see Wang Lin as someone who could face a third step cultivator!

The Fallen Elder selection that had been interrupted continued, but none of this was related to Wang Lin anymore.

In the Fallen Land, the abandoned planet Liu Jinbiao and Xu Liguo were on had been carefully searched by the people of the Fire Sparrow Clan.

For the Fire Sparrow Clan, the trial being held on the Great Emperor Planet was a wonderful opportunity for them.

As they carefully searched, the Fire Sparrow Clan found Liu Jinbiao, who was in closed door cultivation in the deepest part of the planet, and his guardian, Xu Liguo.

After a vicious battle, Liu Jinbiao was captured and secretly sent out from the Fallen Land to meet with the Fire Sparrow Clan's ancestor, who was waiting outside.

Liu Jinbiao's expression was gloomy and he didn't speak at all. However, he gave off the aura of the master of a generation. An invisible aura from someone who had held power for a long time and could kill thousands of people with just one word.

When Liu Jinbiao was brought out from the Fallen Land, the ancestor of the Fire Sparrow Clan, who had carefully stayed outside and didn't dare to enter, revealed a look of ecstasy.

He took a step forward, ignoring the worship of the Fire Sparrow Clan, and his right palm turned into fire that directly slammed down on Liu Jinbiao!

Liu Jinbiao's expression didn't become panicked; his eyes contained an ancient gaze as he coldly stared at the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor!

His calm gaze caused the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor's mind to tremble!

"This aura and pressure only belong to someone who has held power for a long time. If this person really is the Vermillion Bird, he should be like this!"

With a cold snort, the ancestor's right hand landed on Liu Jinbiao's body. Fire rushed into his body, and after the fire swept through, he frowned.

Liu Jinbiao sneered and said, "Little Fire Sparrow Clan, you sneak attack me when this old man is seriously injured. Just like your ancestor, mere clowns!"

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor's eyes lit up and some of this doubt dissipated. When he checked Liu Jinbiao's body, he found that there wasn't much fire inside. When he heard Liu Jinbiao's words, although some of his doubt had faded, it wasn't enough. He waved his right hand and a wound appeared on Liu Jinbiao's right hand, and a large amount of blood flowed out.

This blood was taken by the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor and he formed it into a ball. After smelling it, joy appeared in his eyes, and after hesitating a bit, he devoured it.

When the blood entered his stomach, it turned into a powerful fire force that erupted inside his body. An illusion immediately appeared behind the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor.

A fire bird filled with fire opened its wings, and before it was a smaller Vermillion Bird. This Vermillion Bird seemed seriously injured and was blurry. After fighting with the fire bird for a while, the fire bird devoured the Vermillion Bird.

After devouring the Vermillion Bird, the fire around the fire bird erupted and it began to change. It became more and more like the Vermillion bird.

"Good! It indeed is a Vermillion Bird!!" The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor was filled with ecstasy. He laughed as his right hand landed on Liu Jinbiao's head.

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor's cultivation level was extremely high, so he was naturally cautious and paranoid. After testing several times, although he was sure, he still used the soul search spell.

In his view, everything in this world could be false; only soul search was true. Fire rushed toward his right hand, which was on top of Liu Jinbiao's head, and he began soul searching.

Memories flashed across his mind, and a moment later, the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor revealed a satisfied smile. Although there were still some doubts, this person was definitely the sixth generation Vermillion Bird.

He waved his sleeve and took Liu Jinbiao away. In a flash, they disappeared without a trace as he used a powerful spell to bring Liu Jinbiao back to the Fire Sparrow Clan headquarters.

The moment the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor took Liu Jinbiao away, Wang Lin, who was sitting next to the lake the old Vermillion Bird was fishing the dragon in, suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes shined brightly.

"Liu Jinbiao's dao of deception is really brilliant; even the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor has been cheated… Now I need to prepare and wait for Liu Jinbiao to be brought into the Fire Sparrow Clan's holy land!" Wang Lin's eyes shined as his hands formed seals and restrictions surrounded his body.

More and more restrictions appeared until they formed a formation around him. This formation hd the ability to teleport Wang Lin away using a special method.

At dusk, Wang Lin opened his eyes and calmly said, "Ancestor, Junior has a servant in the Fallen Land named Zhong Big Red. I hope can take care of him on my behalf."

The old Vermillion Bird was sitting beside the lake with a fishing rod in his hand and a jug of wine placed beside him. After hearing Wang Lin's words, he looked back with kindness in his eyes.

"Are you ready?"

Wang Lin nodded.

"There are still a few more treasures to refine, then I just need to wait for the other side to activate the formation."

The old Vermillion Bird put down the fishing rod and took a drink from the jug. Then he said, "I have already passed the method of controlling the fire dragon to you. It will be extremely dangerous once you leave. I don't know when we will meet again… If you have any other requests, you can ask."

Wang Lin silently pondered and looked at the old Vermillion Bird. Although Wang Lin had only known him for a few days, the old Vermillion Bird had selflessly helped him and protected him, which made Wang Lin feel warmth. Now that they were going to part, Wang Lin felt sadness.

When the old Vermillion Bird saw Wang Lin pondering, the kindness in his eyes became even stronger and he smiled. "If there is a chance, the two of us will meet again. Don't be unwilling to leave, like a child. I hope that you can shock me again next time we meet."

Wang Lin looked at the old Vermillion Bird before taking a deep breath and saying, "Ancestor, Junior wants the cultivation method of the Ancient Soul Restriction from the arena!"

"You want that Ancient Soul Restriction?" The old Vermillion Bird pondered a bit and slowly said, "The Ancient Soul Restriction is something the first generation ancestor stole. Even I don't have the cultivation method… Forget it, I'll just give it to you to protect yourself. If you have the time, you can study it and perhaps, with your comprehension, you can learn something."

As the old Vermillion Bird spoke, his right hand reached at the sky. The earth far away rumbled and the sky changed colors. Clouds scattered and a ghostly light flashed.

A giant tortoise beast appeared in the sky. The tortoise had a indifference gaze as it lowered its head to look down at the old Vermillion Bird.

The old Vermillion Bird formed a seal and pointed at it. The giant tortoise lit up and began to shrink. The smaller it got, the brighter it became. Soon, the giant tortoise turned into a palm-sized tortoise shell!

The ghostly light was like moonlight, and it shrouded the sky.

With wave of his hand, the old Vermillion Bird sent the tortoise shell toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin took it and put it away after looking at it. He clasped his hands at the old Vermillion Bird and was about to speak when he was interrupted by the old Vermillion Bird.

"You don't need to thank me, how can an elder giving their junior something require the junior's thanks? If you're really grateful, help this old man with something…" The old man let out a dry cough as he spoke.

"Please speak, Ancestor. As long as Junior can do it, I'll get it done!" Wang Lin's voice wasn't loud, but it was filled with determination.

The old Vermillion Bird's face turned red as he put down the fishing rod and rubbed his hands together. "Your Vermillion Bird has awakened four times, and you're already qualified to give out the Vermillion Bird mark. This old man hopes that when you chose the seventh generation Vermillion Bird… This…"

Wang Lin looked at the old Vermillion Bird, waiting for him to finish speaking.

"This… You have to pick a good candidate… Uh… You can't pick one without self restraint, do you understand?" The old Vermillion Bird winked.

Wang Lin frowned and didn't understand too much. After pondering a bit, he nodded and said, "Ancestor can rest assured. When Junior picks the seventh generation Vermillion Bird, I'll be very careful to not let the matter with the third generation Vermillion Bird happen again!"

"This old man doesn't mean this…" The old Vermillion Bird rubbed his hands as he gnashed his teeth. "This old man means that when you picked the seventh generation Vermillion Bird, you can't pick a flirtatious individual. Alas, why don't you understand? Isn't your comprehension pretty high?"

Wang Lin was startled for a moment and nodded with a puzzled look. "OK, Junior will not choose someone too flirtatious as the seventh generation Vermillion Bird. After all, it is not good to be too greedy for beauty as a cultivator."

The old Vermillion Bird's eyes widened and he shouted, "It's not about being too greedy for beauty, he can't covet for any beauties at all. Alas, where did all your comprehension go? Do you have to make this old man say it directly… OK, you better choose the seventh generation Vermillion Bird from children to save the effort of his origin soul's Yang being broken, which would make him unable to cultivate this old man's cultivation method! That's right, pick a child, and the next time you come, bring him here!

"Remember to make sure his origin soul's Yang hasn't been broken!! It's not me scolding you, but look at you. You're so young, and not even at this old man's cultivation level. You have to know that over the countless years, not a bit of my origin soul's Yang has dissipated. I really don't understand juniors like you; what's so good about duo cultivation!? This old man has never duo cultivated with anyone, yet I am energetic everyday, not to mention how happy I am."

Wang Lin was startled for a moment as he stared at the old Vermillion Bird. He was left speechless and could only nod with a wry smile.

The old Vermillion Bird let out a big sigh in his heart. He had put all his hopes on Wang Lin. After seeing Wang Lin nod, the old Vermillion Bird coughed and said, "This old man's spell can only display its full power when used by someone who kept their origin soul's Yang. It's not that I have some sort of special hobby. This old man won't make you help you for nothing, I'll teach you a spell!

"This is one of the three strongest spells of my Vermillion Bird Clan. It was passed down by the Ancient Celestial Sovereign. Although your origin soul's Yang is broken, you can still cultivate it. This spell is too powerful and will burn your lifespan, so don't use it carelessly, but it should be able to save your life!"

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