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Chapter 1414 - Fame of the Fallen Land

The Ethereal Fire is invisible, and it can ignite all emotions ablaze. However, this fire can only be used to hurt enemies and can't increase the cultivation level of a Vermillion Bird Clan member.

Ethereal Fire is the fire that can exterminate the world! It can kill but can't be extracted from the cultivator's body. It's invisible, so it can last forever.

The amount that exists will only ever be the amount that was converted from corporeal fire. All the way until the cultivator's death, that's how much Ethereal Fire they will have. 

However, at the moment of the birth of Wang Lin's Ethereal Fire, it was swept by the magnetic force. A strange change that not even the first generation ancestor could explain occurred!

This moment the Ethereal Fire was born, it absorbed some of the magnetic force! If this was just it, it wouldn't be a big deal, as the external magnetic force could dissipate at any time.

However, the magnetic force inside Wang Lin's Ethereal Fire came from the Heaven Defying Bead, so the magnetic force was eternal!

As a result, although the magnetic force hadn't changed the power of the Ethereal Fire, it made Wang Lin the first person in existence to be able to absorb Ethereal Fire!

Wang Lin didn't have much Ethereal Fire at its birth, but if he continued to absorb more, the power of his Ethereal Fire would be terrifying!

The magnetic fog quickly surged out from Wang Lin's body and filled the Earth Trial in an instant. A moment later, it broke out from the Earth Trial and rose up above the Great Emperor Planet.

The endless magnetic fog rushed out and filled the sky of the Great Emperor Planet. It charged back out and became the magnetic force that surrounded the planet.

It looked as if hadn't changed from before, but if one looked closely, they would find the difference.

Before entering the Heaven Defying Bead, the magnetic fog was destructive and was dead. However, now it seemed complete and seemed to contain life.

The 10,000 cultivators stared dumbfoundedly at all of this. As they watched the second incense stick release all the magnetic fog, cracking sounds came from the giant incense stick that was half-burned.

This sound was ear-piercing and clearly entered the ears of every cultivator. Cracks appeared on the incense stick and began to spread. Soon, cracks covered the entire incense stick.

With a bang, the burning earth incense stick was split in half down the middle. The burning side slid off the giant tortoise and fell on the arena.

The surroundings were completely silent.

The human incense stick was extinguished and the earth incense stick was split in half… The only one that remained towering was the heaven incense stick!

Grandmaster Yun Luo's expression was even more pale. The broken earth incense stick was like her broken mind, and the fear in her eyes became even stronger.

"It shouldn't be him, it can't be… It can't be him!"

Master Simo's mouth was dry after witnessing Wang Lin's trial; everything that had happened was beyond his imagination. A trace of a deeply hidden sense of fear toward Wang Lin arose inside him.

This was originally an impossible situation for a third step cultivator, to dread a second step cultivator... However, at this moment, it appeared within Master Simo.

Dao Master Miao Yin stared at the earth incense stick that had broken in half. His eyes narrowed as he took out a peach and took a big bite out of it. There was a flash of greed in his eyes.

"Heaven Defying Bead… Heaven Defying Bead… I want it!"

Dao Master Blue Dream had a complicated expression as he withdrew his gaze and silently pondered. Beside him, Li Qianmei lowered her head, so no one could see her expression.

The old Vermillion Bird scratched his head and revealed a bitter smile.

"This little fellow, what did he do… The change to the Great Emperor Planet was clearly related to him… How many secret does his kid have hidden… This is great, the first incense stick went out and the second incense stick was split in half… How can the trial continue, how will the trial be scored…"

The surrounding 10,000 cultivators went into an uproar after a brief moment of silence.

"The second incense stick actually split in half! This…"

"What cultivation level is this third Young Emperor at to be able to do this? The first incense stick extinguishing is already shocking, but it is nothing compared to the second incense stick splitting in half!"

"I fear this is not related to the third Young Emperor, I think it has to do with the magnetic fog! However, why would the magnetic fog suddenly enter the incense stick…"

Various thoughts appeared in their heads, but all of their eyes landed on Wang Lin's body before the first incense stick, and they awaited his awakening!

"Will this person awaken or will he ignite the next incense stick without touching it like before…"

In the Earth Trial, after all the magnetic fog had rushed out of Wang Lin's body, the Heaven Defying Bead gradually disappeared.

The entire Earth Trial quieted down, only the Ethereal Fire around Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird was silently burning.

After a long time, Wang Lin looked at the Vermillion Bird and inhaled. The Vermillion Bird let out a cry and entered his left eye. At the same time, Ethereal Fire appeared around Wang Lin's body. This fire was colorless and gave off a destructive aura.

Wang Lin let out a deep breath of foul air and looked up at the sky. A moment later, instead of opting to leave, he stepped forward. He crossed tens of thousands of kilometers and arrived at the edge of the Earth Trial, at the empty mountain that wasn't burned.

The fourth generation Vermillion Bird was sitting silently on the empty mountain. He was inside the trial as well, so he had clearly felt what Wang Lin had gone through, and he was shocked.

However, he wasn't an ordinary person. He quickly suppressed the shock and silently looked into the distance.

Before him, the world twisted and Wang Lin walked out. He arrived before the fourth generation Vermillion Bird and also silently pondered.

The fourth generation Vermillion Bird looked back at Wang Lin and whispered, "After your fourth awakening, you still need to nourish your Ethereal Fire for a period of time. Bear that in mind."

Wang Lin revealed a complicated expression toward the middle-aged man before him. He clasped his hands and asked, "Is Senior the fourth generation Vermillion Bird?"

"I am." The middle-aged man nodded.

Wang Lin stayed quiet. After a long time, he whispered, "The fifth generation Vermillion Bird has done a long for junior. Before he died, he talked about how he accompanied the fourth generation Vermillion Bird…"

The middle-aged man's eyes revealed sadness and he nodded. His voice contained melancholy as he whispered, "I know…"

Wang Lin raised his right hand and waved at the void. A crack to this storage space opened and a stone statue slowly flew out!

This stone statue was formed by the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's body after he died!

"The old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor lived his life for the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. In my opinion, no one is more qualified to be called a Vermillion Bird!" As Wang Lin looked at the remains of the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, memories of the past flashed in his mind.

"While the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor was worrying about the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, you weren't there, the second generation Vermillion Bird wasn't there… In the Four Divine Sect, the White Tiger Divine Emperor died, the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor defected, and the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor was trapped. For tens of thousands of years, only the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor held on. Even at this death, he couldn't forget about the matter of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect… He couldn't forget his teacher… Today, Junior was able to see Senior, so I'll leave his remains here. I believe the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor would choose to stay here as well to accompany the teacher who abandoned him and never went back. Perhaps this is his home."

Wang Lin withdrew a few steps, knelt before the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, and kowtowed three times. "Old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, this disciple has brought you here from the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. I have brought you back to the side of the fourth generation Vermillion Bird, your home… I can't repay what you've done for me, but my promise will continue."

After he got up, Wang Lin looked at the fourth generation Vermillion Bird with a complicated expression. He clasped his hands and said, "Thank you, Senior, for helping me before. Junior is going to leave." Wang Lin let out a sigh and walked away.

He could accept the second generation Vermillion Bird, but he couldn't accept the fourth generation Vermillion Bird… If the fourth generation Vermillion Bird hadn't left, the old Divine Emperor would have already gone through the fourth awakening. If the fourth generation Vermillion Bird hadn't left, the old Divine Emperor wouldn't have died.

The fourth generation Vermillion Bird looked at the corpse of his disciple and his body trembled. A powerful sense of sadness appeared in his eyes. He slowly stood up and his trembling right hand touched the face of his disciple.

"Lu Yun… your teacher… has wronged you…." Tear flowed down from the eyes of the fourth generation Vermillion Bird.

"Teacher knew everything about the Four Divine Sect… It's just that I couldn't go back… When I came to the Ancient Star System, someone placed a mysterious seal in me…" the fourth generation Vermillion Bird murmured. His appearance seemed to age a lot as he looked at the corpse of his disciple and thought of the past.

"Over the years, I have tried to break the seal on me, but I still haven't succeeded… Even the first generation ancestor couldn't release the seal… I can only stay in the Earth Trial and not take half a step outside… If I were to leave, the seal would erupt, making me lose my sanity and become crazy… Lu Yun, it's not that Teacher didn't want to go back, I just couldn't go back…" The tears of the fourth generation Vermillion Bird fell as he looked at the corpse of his disciple. The tears contained the endless sadness his heart, the painful memories, and the endless remorse.

"Not just me, but the second generation Vermillion Bird also has this seal inside him. He can suppress it, so he doesn't have to stay inside the Earth Trial, but he can't leave the Fallen Land… Fallen Land… Fallen Land, this is the fallen land of my Vermillion Bird Clan… Either we fall into madness or fall from grace!" the fourth generation Vermillion Bird bitterly murmured as if he was explaining it to his disciple… Wang Lin's figure walked toward the sky further and further away until he disappeared without a trace.

The moment his figure disappeared, his closed eyes suddenly opened under the human incense stick!

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