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Chapter 1391 - Obtained Through Deceiving

The Cloud Escape Clan didn't leave the planet; they wouldn't dare to leave until Wang Lin allowed them to.

After Wang Lin returned, he created a large cave and went into closed door cultivation. He set up restrictions so no one could take half a step within 50 kilometers of the cave.

The Dark Scorpion Clan had the highest status, so they occupied the area closest to the cave. The Cloud Escape Clan was helpless, so they could only temporarily settle down nearby.

Zhong Big Red was extremely arrogant, he moved between the two clans as he wished. The joy of being the focus of everyone's attention was something he couldn't get in the Scatter Thunder Clan.

Inside the cave, Wang Lin sat there and pondered. Earlier, before the messenger left, the messenger had told him that a very important event would occur in three months. On that day, the Fallen Elders would be restructured.

Some might keep their status and some might be replaced by others.

However, Wang Lin didn't care about this. What he cared about was how he could accomplish his goal with the Fire Sparrow Clan through this Fallen Elder election.  

"The bait has been set…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and then he closed them as his divine sense spread out. His divine sense gradually merged with the world, becoming part of it.

After a long time, Wang Lin slowly noticed that a familiar feeling in the distance was moving farther and farther away.

In the dark space outside the Fallen Land, three Fire Sparrow Clan members were flying far away. One of them was a middle-aged man with a solemn expression. He touched the mark between his eyebrows and his eyes revealed a strange light.

"Elder asked me to send the blood extracted from the pill back. This matter is of great importance to our clan, so we can't make any mistakes. If the elder's analysis is true, then after the Patriarch and elders see this, they will definitely have more orders." The man's eyes were filled with determination. He and the two people beside him flew even faster and disappeared into the distance.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and his divine withdrew. A sneer appeared on his face. That blood contained a high temperature and a hint of fire essence. Aside from his own blood, nothing else could replace it.

Therefore, he could use his connection to his own blood to find its rough location, even when it was far away.

"Once that sliver of essence is sent back to the Fire Sparrow Clan, it will definitely set off a huge wave. Then my plan to obtain their fire essence should succeed!

"Since the blood has already been sent away, I need to prepare the second step…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and revealed a hint of gloominess. He waved his right hand and a spatial rift appeared.

The moment the rift opened, a mournful cry came from within. This cry was filled with sorrow and could make the hearts of people tremble.

"Grandpa Xu, Little Biao knows he was wrong. Grandpa Xu, please let Little Biao go, I'll never dare to deceive you again!" Another scream echoed, and Xu Liguo's laughter was mixed with it.

"To land in your Grandpa Xu's hands was your fortune. Your Grandpa Xu has been lonely for thousands of years, I'll never kill you. Little precious Jinbiao, you can rest assured, Grandpa Xu won't make it too painful..."

The miserable screams echoed and sounded really tragic… Wang Lin frowned and let out a dry cough. As his cough echoed into the storage space, the screams suddenly stopped. Shortly after, Xu Liguo's excited voice echoed and he quickly flew out from the storage space.

Xu Liguo was holding a person. His clothes were in tatters, looking as if he was just attacked, and he looked extremely haggard. His eyes were filled with horror as Xu Liguo held him and appeared before Wang Lin.

"Master, what do you need help with? This little one assures I'll do it well, and it won't be like back in the Scatter Thunder Clan!" Xu Liguo threw Liu Jinbiao to the side and rubbed his hands together.

Wang Lind didn't look at Xu Liguo but looked at Liu Jinbiao, who began to tremble. His heart was filled with indescribable fear. After being thrown into the storage space, he had been tormented by Xu Liguo. He was devastated and miserable, and every time he thought about Xu Liguo, it was like a nightmare.

Wang Lin slowly said, "Liu Jinbao… Do you admit your wrong doing?"

When these words landed in Liu Jinbiao's ears, his body trembled violently, then he knelt on the ground and cried, "Celestial… This little one knows he was wrong and asks Celestial to give this little one a chance. This little one will never deceive again…"

Wang Lin's right index finger gently touched his knee and a strange light appeared in his eyes. He looked at Liu Jinbiao and said, "Tell me, how is your deception without the jade?"

Liu Jinbiao wiped away the tears off his face and was filled with repentance. He quickly said, "Celestial, what deception skill does this little one have? I completely relied on the jade, and now Celestial has taken the jade, so this little one can't deceive anyone anymore. I ask Celestial to give this little one freedom. This little one can't deceive anyone anymore…"

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and he nodded. "Since you can't deceive anyone anymore, you're worthless. Thus, there is no reason to keep you alive."

Liu Jinbiao's face was filled with joy but then immediately froze. Once he realized Wang Lin's meaning, his expression changed. His body trembled when he saw the coldness in Wang Lin's eyes, and he quickly said, "Celestial misunderstands!!! Celestial misunderstands!!! What little one said was wrong. Even without the jade, this little one's deception skill is number one in the Cloud Sea, no one can compare. This little one never relied too much on the jade, I only used it when I had to. This little one has been practicing the art of deception since young and has always used any chance I had to practice. I'm a master of deception!!"

"Oh? Then tell me, what is your understanding of deception?" Wang Lin's right index finger was still gently tapping his knee. Although his voice was calm, this action caused Liu Jinbiao's heart to beat at the rate of his tapping. 

"Deception, in truth, is the truth to trick people! To use any means, especially credibility, misunderstanding, or even prejudice, to achieve a certain goal. When needed, this includes camouflage, even to the point where you believe it yourself. Only like this can you fool others!" Liu Jinbiao was cautious as he looked at Wang Lin. After seeing Wang Lin nod, he relaxed a bit.

"The art of deception I study is divided into three realms. The first realm is to deceive others. The second realm is to deceive yourself. The third realm is a certain enlightenment, like seeing a mountain as a mountain and seeing a mountain not as a mountain. Going back to the basics, it is similar to the first realm!

"These three realms sound simple, but in truth, most people linger in the first realm. They don't even believe their own words and are just deceiving to deceive; their skills are trivial!" Liu Jinbiao relaxed, but he was still cautious.

"Only after reaching a certain understanding of deception can one reach the second realm, to deceive oneself! To use any method and life experience to deceive oneself until even you yourself believe the deception is real!" Liu Jinbiao took a deep breath. He seemed to have forgotten his present situation and became serious.

"There are others that have reached this realm. Whenever we meet, we always debate dao and compare our understanding.

"However, most people I've met didn't dare to go too far into the second realm. After all, the second realm is extremely dangerous to us! The danger comes from ourselves! When we completely cheat ourselves, there is a chance we get lost and forget. We might become a gentleman, a villian, or even a madman!

"There were also some seniors who sank too far into the second realm and even forgot who they were. Whenever I think of them, I feel sadness in my heart!

"Lamentable, lamentable!" Liu Jinbiao had forgotten this current situation, and there was a certain charm to his words. This caused Xu Liguo's jaw to drop, and he mocked, "Aren't you just a scammer? You talk as if it's like cultivating…"

Xu Liguo didn't finish speaking when Liu Jinbiao suddenly stood up and glared at him. His eyes were filled with pride and haughtiness, but there was also a hint of loneliness. This loneliness came from someone who stood at the top!

"How can an ignorant child understand this old man's heart?"

"When this old man was four years old, I began cheating and was already a prodigy at the age of nine. I dared to deceive a Foundation Establishment cultivator as a mortal! After 16 years, I could read people's hearts at a glance! Since then, I've walked the heavens and earth, seeking the limit of the art of deception!

"The world is big, and rumor has it that there are 3,000 grand daos. However, who can tell this old man what the 3,000 grand daos are and that the dao of deception isn't part of the 3,000 grand daos?!

"If what you all cultivate can be called dao, then isn't what I cultivate considered dao?

"How many creatures have been born throughout time, and how many creatures have perished? Ever since the birth of the universe and living things coming to be, deception has existed. If it is useless, then it would have long disappeared and not existed until today! This old man seeks to ask the heavens the rank of the dao of deception among the 3,000 grand daos. If there really is none, then this old man will make his own dao outside of the 3,000 grand daos!"

Xu Liguo was gobsmacked; even Wang Lin was startled.

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