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Chapter 1384 - Frightened Bird (1)

Wang Lin quickly flew across space. He left the Armored Dragon Clan after taking away a lot of the treasures they had accumulated. There were large amount of Dragon Collapse Pills and Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal in his storage space.

There were also many puppets. The one with the highest cultivation level was at the first Heaven's Blight. These were all of the Armored Dragon Clan's savings, and it was all given to Wang Lin by the new patriarch.

While flying, Wang Lin's lit up. He had been pondering. During his battle against Master Simo, the mysterious Great Emperor had suddenly appeared and in the end had even given him the title of Young Emperor.

"Does that Great Emperor have any relation with the Four Divine Sect… If he does, who is he? If he doesn't, why is he treating me like this… Also, all he did was send this jade and showed no intention of meeting me… What is the meaning behind this…" Wang Lin frowned and he flew faster and faster.

"At first he only said 'five breaths of time,' which was within my expectations. After all, our battle was likely to catch his attention, and Master Simo had pursued me here. According to the law of the Fallen Land, he had to be punished and driven out.

"However, the Great Emperor killed Master Simo's avatar. It would've been fine to just drive him away, but killing expresses a certain attitude! After all, Master Simo is a third step cultivator. The Great Emperor killed his avatar as a message to the Sovereign Council!

"It's obvious that the Great Emperor changed his mind. His original plan was only to watch from the side, but in the end he got personally involved. Just what made him change his mind…"

Wang Lin pondered even more before he suddenly stopped. He thought of one possibility!

"I have five essences in my body, and the Great Emperor has great cultivation, so he might have seen through it… Or he saw the fire essence in the fire crystal. If the Great Emperor is really related to the Four Divine Sect, he should be able to tell at a glance that I have the Vermillion Bird!

"Perhaps these two possibilities are the real reasons he changed his mind! However, all of this is merely my own speculation. I don't know if any of it is true.

"Also, he punished the Armored Dragon Patriarch by sending his messenger as a way of displaying his might to me… In the end, he told me to go to the Fallen Elder selection in three months… This matter is strange. I'll just have to go in three months and see what this Great Emperor's objective is!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he focused himself. He used Spatial Bending to head toward the Dark Scorpion Clan.

Greed's group was moving very fast and quickly closed in on the Dark Scorpion Clan. These 1,000 cultivators flew across space, creating large amounts of ripples as they closed in on the Dark Scorpion Clan's planet.

A moment later, the 1,000 rays of light broke through the atmosphere of the planet and charged straight down.

Greed was surrounded by the crowd, and he looked arrogant as he descended!

The sky above the Dark Scorpion Clan changed colors and the clouds shattered. The sky seemed to be torn as ray of light pierced through.

The expressions of all the cultivators on the planet changed greatly. They looked at the sky with fear in their eyes.

Thunderous rumbles came from the sky, and the earth trembled. It was as if it couldn't withstand the pressure of all the cultivators charging out from the sky!

The new location of the Dark Scorpion Clan was around the cave Wang Lin was previously cultivating in. Right now, Zhong Big Red was walking around with his hands behind his back and a serious expression as he scolded some Dark Scorpion Clan members.

The old man named Zhang followed behind Zhong Big Red and looked respectful, but there was a hint of self-satisfaction in his eyes. This was especially so when he saw the Dark Scorpion Clan cultivators who had higher cultivation levels and were trembling at Zhong Big Red's scolding.

"It's not me wanting to scold you, but look at what you all have done in the last few days. It's already been a few days, but you guys haven't even found a fart! When Master comes back, you all will have to bear the responsibility yourselves! Hmph!" Zhong Big Red waved his sleeve and let out a cold snort.

His cold snort caused the faces of the Dark Scorpion Clan members to turn pale. One of the hesitated before clasping his hands and saying, "This matter…"

Before he finished speaking, his expression changed greatly and he looked up at the sky. At this moment, every member of the Dark Scorpion Clan looked up at the sky in shock.

The Dark Scorpion Patriarch was sitting in the valley outside Wang Lin's cave when he suddenly opened his eyes in horror and flew into the air.

Zhong Big Red was also started, and he looked up at the sky. His face turned pale and became filled with horror. The old man named Zhang also gasped and was stunned.

Ripples covered the sky as if it was the sea, and monstrous waves were set off. The rays of sword energy created a powerful howl as they closed in!

This sound was weak at first but soon became heaven-shaking!

A loud voice came from the 1,000 rays of sword energy and echoed across the planet. "The Cloud Escape Clan wants to search for something and is borrowing the planet for three months. Dark Scorpion Clan, leave immediately!" 

The expression of the Dark Scorpion Patriarch changed greatly and he immediately said, "Cloud Escape Clan, what are you planning to do!?! Although my Dark Scorpion Clan is small, it is still a member of the Fallen Council. You all…." 

However, before he could finish speaking, a cold snort descended from the sky!

"Noisy!" This word was cold and soon suppressed all other sounds. At the same time, a person walked out from the group of 1,000 cultivators!

The moment this person appeared, his cultivation activated and a stench came from his body. This stench was too powerful, and as it spread, the Dark Scorpion Patriach quickly retreated as he exclaimed, "Greed!"

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