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Chapter 1383 - Greed

As for Greed, most of the people of the Fallen Land knew that he had a mysterious origin. No one knew when he had appeared in the Fallen Land, and his cultivation level wasn't that special, only Nirvana Scryer.

However, this person had repeatedly made shocking appearances. The pills and treasures he would take out had set of wave after wave in the Fallen Land.

Although Greed's cultivation level wasn't high, he was extremely slippery. Adding his strange spells and powerful treasures, he could always protect himself. Even people with higher cultivation levels than him found it difficult to capture him.

In particular, this person was good at escaping and had a spell that could increase his speed 97 fold, making it impossible for ordinary cultivators to catch up. Greed was also extremely cautious and often wouldn't hesitate to escape.

As a result, he rarely faced danger.

As time passed, for some unknown reason, Greed's cultivation level steadily grew and he had somehow reached the Nirvana Cleanser stage. Then his spells became even more mysterious.

He gradually caught the attention of powerful cultivators in some of the clans. They became greedy and pursued Greed. Many thought that Greed would without a doubt die, but then Greed unexpectedly took out a lot of treasures he had never used before!

Every treasure had heaven-shaking power. The three Nirvana Shatterer cultivators chasing Greed were injured when they were caught off guard by him. One of them was even killed!

The remaining two fled with serious injuries!

This matter set off a huge wave in the Fallen Land, it was too unbelievable. A Nirvana Cleanser cultivation hadn't died under the pursuit of three Nirvana Shatterer cultivators and had even killed one of them!

Greed's name swept across the Fallen Land like a storm, but, similarly, the clan of the dead Nirvana Shatterer cultivator was furious. Although this clan didn't have a Fallen Elder, it was still very strong. In order to kill Greed, the clan had sent out a first Heaven's Blight cultivator!

A first Heaven's Blight cultivator killing a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator was like a tiger trampling an ant! This matter set off an uproar, and just as everyone was sure Greed was doomed, another miracle happened!

Greed took out a treasure. There were many rumors about this treasure later on. Most rumors said that this treasure was a broken statue!

The moment the statue appeared, the entire Fallen Land rumbled and clouds filled the star domain. Roars that seemed to come from ancient times echoed, and the first Heaven's Blight cultivator instantly died to this treasure!

That destructive force had shaken all the Heaven's Blight cultivators in the Fallen Land. That power was enough to destroy even third Heaven's Blight cultivators!

Even fourth Heaven's Blight cultivators would have to spend a lot of trouble to remain unharmed!

However, no one knew if Greed had even stronger treasures beside this one. After all, Greed owned endless treasures.

This treasure was already beyond everyone's imagination. However, could there be a treasure that could instantly kill Nirvana Shatterer and Heaven's Blight cultivators?

After this battle, Greed became famous. Rumor had it that the Great Emperor became interested and looked for Greed. Greed took this chance to hand over a treasure, and the Great Emperor gave him a pill to help increase his cultivation.

A few years later, after Greed reappeared before everyone, he was at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer! His reappearance had caught the attention of many cultivators at the fourth Heaven's Blight.

In secret, a fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator wanted Greed's treasure and attacked him in secret. But in the end, he was seriously injured and was forced to retreat. In the end, no one dared to plot against him anymore!

Rumors of Greed having many treasures spread.

Aside from spells and treasures, Greed also had another ability. Wherever he appeared, there would be a heavenly treasure. Even if it was an abandoned planet, he would be able to find some heaven-shaking treasure.

It was because of this that the phrase "Greed never goes anywhere without treasures" began to spread.

Aside from Greed's spells and treasures, he also had another quirk. Whenever someone made a strange reaction around him, they would receive his retaliation.

This was because of the spell in his body!

This Greed cultivated an unknown spell, and wherever he went, a foul smell would linger for a long time.

At this moment, the 10 cultivators around Greed also smelled that almost unbearable stench. However, they didn't dare to reveal it and remained respectful.

They moved very fast and soon spotted the planet the Dark Scorpion Clan was on. Greed's eyes lit up as he stared at the cultivation planet in the distance. There was excitement in his eyes.

Back then, he had almost died to get to the Outer Realm and had used his own strength to accomplish his current achievements. He was now several times stronger than before, and he had even obtained new treasures.

There were even several treasures he had almost given up his life to obtain, and they were incomparably powerful! Today, he was not the same person as he was in the past. If he went back to the Inner Realm, his status would be extremely high!

However, he couldn't get excited, as the stench on his body was like a shadow on his heart. He couldn't smell it anymore, but whenever he saw the expressions of the people around him, it was enough for him to go crazy.

He thought of a lot of methods to get rid of this stench, but this smell existed in his origin soul and was fused with his origin soul. No matter what he did, he couldn't get rid of the smell.

This pain had tortured him until today. This made his hatred for the All-Seer, Wang Lin, and the Moongazer Serpent reach a peak!!

"All-Seer, if it wasn't for all of you forcing me to go to Allheaven, I wouldn't have ended up in such a miserable state. There is also that Moongazer. This old man vows that I'm going to tear it to shreds!!

"The most important one is that Wang Lin!! That person… That person is my nemensis! He robbed me of all my treasures. My teleporting furnace, my ancient thunder dragon, my Mountain and River Painting, my mountain soul… All the treasures I spent tens of thousands of years gathering were taken by him!!!"

Every time Greed thought about this, he felt his heart ache. Aside from his hatred toward Wang Lin, there was a huge shadow over his heart. After encountering Wang Lin a few times, he felt extreme dread toward him.

This dread became fear as time passed. Although his cultivation level had increased, this fear didn't dissipate, but became even stronger.

He didn't know the reason himself, but every time he thought of Wang Lin, his mind would tremble.

"My lifelong nemensis!! On planet Suzaku, the Heaven Defying Bead I fancied was taken by him… In the Demon Spirit Land, my cultivation level was clearly higher, but in the end he devoured my ancient thunder dragon… My thunder dragon!!! It had accompanied me from my childhood, and if I still had it, I could have fused with it to become a thunder cultivator!!!

"Then I was forced by All-Seer and them to go to Allheaven to search for Wang Lin. Then, after suffering at the hands of the Moongazer Serpent, I met Wang Lin! He took my furnace, my Mountain and River Painting, my everything!!

"Then, just as I was about to escape from the Moongazer Serpent, he stopped me and I almost died from serious injuries. However, fortunately, heaven isn't blind and I finally escaped. I managed to land on a cultivation planet!" Greed recalled his past, and his encounters with Wang Lin were especially painful.

He had seeked treasures all his life, but only when facing Wang Lin did he lose all his treasures and almost die. This was a nightmare he couldn't forget.

"Now I have even more treasures and my cultivation level is much higher. My treasures are even stronger than before. I don't believe you can break out from the Inner Realm and come to this Fallen Land to steal my treasures!! If this really does happen, then you, Wang Lin, are really my lifelong nemensis!"

Greed sneered. He didn't think any of these thoughts could become real. In his view, it was completely impossible.

"This Cloud Escape Clan has a treasure that can get rid of the spell in my body. However, I can't take it away, I only stay at the clan until I have studied it enough. Then I can go anywhere I wish. The world is big, so I definitely won't meet him again.

"Now that I have understood 80% of that treasure and just need the legendary Ancient Scorpion Corpse from the Dark Scorpion Clan, I'm 90% confident in getting rid of this spell!" As Greed pondered this he felt melancholy thinking about everything he had faced so far.

"My treasures from the past… He is really my nemensis. Good thing this old man is in the Outer Realm, now there is no way I will meet him. Otherwise, I fear all my treasures would be taken by him again…" Greed's fear for Wang Lin was born from the nightmares he had faced. Even though his cultivation level was higher now, he still couldn't get rid of his fear toward Wang Lin.

Just like how a bird that was almost killed by an arrow but survived became stronger, and even became a ruler amongst birds, that injury from the past would forever be buried in its mind. It would tremble from just hearing the sound of a bow.

This was a crack on his dao heart! Unless Greed could kill Wang Lin himself to destroy this nightmare, he would forever be a frightened bird!

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