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Chapter 1378 - A Generation of Masters

Master Simo's expression changed and he suddenly stood up. His eyes were like thunder as he looked into the distance. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate all barriers. His gaze extended into the distance and saw Wang Lin standing up straight on the mountain peak.

"I underestimated his cunning! However, before absolute power, it's all useless!" Master Simo sneered as he stepped forward and then disappeared without a trace. 

Only the father and son duo from the Armored Dragon Clan remained, their expressions gloomy.

"Father, that cultivator's cultivation level is high and he is not simple… He was hiding here, and we…." the young master of the Armored Dragon Clan said softly.

The Armored Dragon Patriarch gloomily said "Of course he is not someone simple… If I'm not wrong, he's the person who wiped out the Scatter Thunder Clan and killed their head elder. Then he was hunted by the Sovereign Council and sealed 100,000 cultivators!"

"What?!" The Armored Dragon Clan's young master was startled and his expression changed greatly.

"Otherwise, why would a third step cultivator like Master Simo come here? If not for his cultivation being so powerful, how could your father help him? After all, the person who destroyed the Scatter Thunder Clan isn't a third step cultivator, or else why would I help Master Simo?"

The Armored Dragon Clan's young master pondered a bit and then softly said, "If Senior Simo succeeds, it'll be fine, but if…"

"There is no possibility! Even if he doesn't die, he will be seriously injured. He will be trying his best to escape to heal, much less deal with us. Even if he does come find trouble for us, I'll make it so he will never leave!

"Your father is, after all, ninth Fallen Elder and a representative of the Fallen Council. He won't dare!" The Armored Dragon Patriarch looked proud as he waved his sleeve and left.

Wang Lin's expression was calm, revealing no emotion as he looked up at the sky. He had his hands behind his back and his white robe flapped in the wind. If one looked at him from a distance, he looked like a celestial!

He stood there and seemed to fuse with the world itself. He was heaven! He was earth!

The child from 2,000 years ago had now grown up and stood at the peak of cultivation. He even dared to challenge third step cultivators! Even if the third step cultivator was only here with his avatar and only had fifth Heaven's Blight cultivation!

However, in this world, both in the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm, aside from Wang Lin. how many dared to challenge third step cultivators?

Right now, Wang Lin contained the aura of a master of a generation. Below his calm nature hid a heaven-defying storm and monstrous killing intent!

He dared to fight the heavens, fight against fate, and fight the dao!

This was Wang Lin! The heavenly dao wanted to steal Li Muwan's life, but he had risked it all for a chance of survival. He had condensed Joss Flames but then abandoned them, relying only on his five essences to trigger the Great Void Gate. He walked down an ancient path that almost no one knew of anymore!

He had led the people of the 7 Million Worlds to break through heaven and out of their prison! He had killed the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder even though his cultivation level was lower! He had used his own power to charge through the Ancient Star System to bring Li Qianmei home!

He had caused chaos in the Ancient Star System and was being hunted by the entire Ancient Star System. With all he had done, even Qing Shuang[1] would sigh and knew she wasn't his match.

This was Wang Lin! He walked the world not seeking immortality, but to live right without regrets and do nothing he felt ashamed of!

Sword energy filled the world, and only one was missing from reaching 40 million rays of sword energy. The clouds scattered, and at this moment, it was impossible to tell if the world contained sword energy or if the sword energy contained a world!

When Wang Lin's right hand pointed, the almost 40 million rays of sword energy began to gather. It was as if a vortex had appeared at the tip of Wang Lin's finger and moved all the sword energy.

In just an instant, the nearly 40 million rays of sword energy disappeared and fused with Wang Lin's right index finger! This finger contained heaven-shattering force. Just one finger contained the power of 40 million rays of sword energy!

A thunderous rumble echoed in the sky and a vortex appeared in the distance. The vortex connected the heavens and earth. It quickly closed in with a thunderous rumble!

Master Simo was inside the vortex.

"To dare to challenge me, Master Simo. You've got guts!" Master Simo's voice echoed as he charged at Wang Lin from inside the vortex.

It looked like Master Simo had sucked the power of the heavens to form this vortex, which then became a spell to attack Wang Lin!

"You sure have a lot of crap to say!" Wang Lin's expression was calm, and when Master Simo arrived, his hands formed a seal.

"Mountain Crumble!" At this moment, illusory volcanoes appeared around Wang Lin! With Wang Lin's cultivation level, he was stronger than back when Qing Shui was still injured!

Illusory volcanoes appeared one by one. The rumbles formed a shocking sound wave that spread far and wide.

Wang Lin was surrounded by volcanoes. His expression was calm, but his eyes were filled with powerful killing intent!

Master Simo's expression became serious. He wouldn't dare to underestimate the power of someone who could trigger the Void Gate without any Joss Flames. At this moment, his hands formed a seal and he waved. The vortex around him flew out and charged at Wang Lin!

At the same time, Wang Lin's finger that was pointed at the sky mercilessly swung down!

"Mountain, first crumble!" As Wang Lin's voice echoed, the volcanoes began to rumble. Black smoke came out from the volcanoes, covering the sky, and collided with the vortex.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the sky, creating a powerful shockwave that spread in all directions. The sky trembled and the earth cracked.

At this instant, the cultivation planet began to tremble.

"Mountain, second crumble, third crumble!" The volcanoes erupted and red lava shot out toward the vortex.

At this moment, the rumbles were loud enough to shatter one's eardrums. A crack that connected the heavens and earth appeared in this world. In the sky, it was a spatial crack, and on the earth, it connect with the deep rift that had appeared.

"Mountain, fourth crumble, fifth crumble!" As Wang Lin's voice echoed, the volcanoes began to overlap until they formed one real volcano, and it began its destructive eruption!

However, although this volcano looked extremely real, it had no soul and was merely formed by a spell!

At this moment, Wang Lin jumped into the air and his right hand reached at the earth. He shouted, "Since this volcano has no soul, then I'll grant it a soul! Extract the souls of all the mountains on this planet!!"

As Wang Lin's voice echoed, the cultivation planet trembled and the earth rumbled as if a dragon was moving underground. One of the mountains instantly collapsed into a pile of rocks. It was as if its supports had all given out at once!

Their souls, their supports, were all extracted by Wang Lin completely!

Mountains collapsed one by one as their mountain souls were extracted. The mountain souls flew out and instantly gathered in Wang Lin's hand!

There were no mountains remaining on this planet. The only thing left were piles of rocks!

Wang Lin held all the mountain souls from the planet and threw it. The mountain souls fused with the volcano just as Master Simo's vortex arrived!

At this instant, the volcano formed by Mountain Crumble had a soul! Its soul was extremely powerful, as if it was formed by countless mountain souls. Now this volcano was finally a real volcano!

At this moment, Mountain Crumble finally reached completion!

"Mountain, ninth crumble!" Wang Lin jumped directly to the final crumble! The volcano rumbled and a thunderous rumble echoed as if a storm was breaking out. The volcano shattered, forming a storm filled with rocks, lava, black smoke, and the mountain soul!

This storm collided directly with Master Simo's vortex!

A destructive aura spread out and landed on Wang Lin's body. His clothes flapped violently and his hair fluttered. His face was pale, but not only did he not retreat, he charged at Master Simo!

Master Simo's expression was also pale. When the shockwave hit him, his body turned into a ray of light and he charged out.

"Mountain Crumble? This is Bai Fan's spell!!" Master Simo moved like lightning and charged out of the shockwave. His hands formed a seal and he waved his hand. His coldly shouted, "Heaven as Painting!"

After he shouted, the sky changed and countless ripples appeared in the air. Distortions appeared and all other colors disappeared until it was pure white!

This white was like a painting! There were countless shadows forming mountains and rivers!

"Earth as Ink!" Master Simo roared, then the earth rumbled and turned completely black. At this moment, it was as if the earth had become ink!

"I'm the pen, one pen to break the heaven. Complete my Heaven Breaking Dao!" Master Simo waved his right hand as if it were a pen. The world changed as he waved his hand like he was forming his own world!

Wang Lin's pupils shrank. When he discussed dao with Li Qianmei, they also talked about spells, and he had also obtained Sima Mo's jade. All of this allowed him to learn of a famous spell in the Heaven Breaking Sect, it was called the Heaven Breaking Dao!

Only the sect master and head elder of the Heaven Breaking Sect could learn it! It was extremely powerful!

"Master Simo… Master Simo… Could he be…"

1. Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's daughter AKA the female corpse that got revived

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