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Chapter 1377 - Do You Dare to Fight (2)

The Armored Dragon Clan's young master smiled and slowly said, "The third treasure of my Armored Dragon Clan is the strongest. It is called the Dragon Collapse Pill! You don't consume these pills. Instead, they explode and injure the enemy! One is not powerful, but with hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, their power is endless!

"Of my Armored Dragon Clan's three treasures, the latter two were gifted to us by the Great Emperor. Only my Armored Dragon Clan possess them!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. After pondering for a bit, he said, "I don't want the Dragon Scales or the White Bone Dragon. However, I'm interested in the Dragon Collapse Pill. Let me look at one."

The Armored Dragon Clan's young master reached at the void and used some unknown method to cause a white pill to appear in his hand. He threw the pill and it flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin caught it and took a closer look.

This pill contained four auras. These four auras were extremely chaotic and formed a strange balance. Once this balance was broken, the resulting explosion would be equal to the attack of a Nirvana Scryer cultivator.

"One soul pill for 100 of these pills!" Wang Lin's words were firm.

The Armored Dragon Clan's young master pondered for a bit. Then his eyes lit up and he nodded.

"Ok, I wonder how many Dragon Collapse Pill senior wants to exchange?"


The Armored Dragon Clan young master's pupils shrank and he nodded. "10,000 Dragon Collapse Pills are enough to threaten a first Heaven's Blight cultivators." He waved his right hand and there was a flash of light. Dragon Collapse Pills fell out one by one, forming a small mountain.

Wang Lin waved his sleeve and then, after collecting all 10,000 pills, he left behind 100 soul pills. He got up and left, and the Dark Scorpion Patriarch quickly got up and followed.

After leaving the pavilion, Wang Lin revealed a sneer. He turned around toward the Dark Scorpion Patriarch and ordered, "Go back to the Dark Scorpion Clan first, I have some personal matters to deal with."

The Dark Scorpion Patriarch nodded. He was afraid to ask why and quickly left.

Wang Lin's expression remained calm. He slowly walked within the Armored Dragon Clan's city. He had set the bait and was now just waiting for the target to bite.

"I charged directly into the Scatter Thunder Clan before, but for the Fire Sparrow Clan, I'll have them send me in!" Wang Lin walked for a while and then turned around shortly after.

"You've followed me the entire way. Are you looking for death?"

Wang Lin's voice was cold. When his voice echoed, ripples appeared 100 feet behind him. The old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan walked out. He looked extremely respectful and clasped his  hands. "Senior, please don't be angry. Junior has followed Senior to make at rade."

Wang Lin didn't speak, he only coldly looked at the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan.

Sweat came from the old man's forehead and he quickly said, "Junior has a large amount of Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals. If Senior wants, Senior can trade for them all. Junior only wants those pills."

Wang Lin casually asked, "How many Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals do you have?"

"I have 100 pieces the same size as the one Senior saw before!" The old man's mind was shaken by Wang Lin's share. After just a few sentences, his clothes had been soaked.

Wang Lin calmly said, "Bring them over."

The old man hesitated for a bit. Then he clenched his teeth and his right hand hit the fire mark between his eyebrows. Then a ball of blue fire flew out toward Wang Lin.

After Wang Lin caught it, he immediately noticed that this small flame was like a bag of holding, and inside were 100 crystals. Although they were of varying sizes, on average they weren't much different.

Wang Lin took out 100 soul pills and threw it to the old man. Then Wang Lin took a step and disappeared from the city.

When he reappeared, Wang Lin was already standing on the top of a mountain. With a wave of his hand, the 10,000 Dragon Collapse Pills appeared in surrounding the area.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he sneered. "Although soul pills are expensive, one doesn't have the same value as 100 of these pills, each of which are equal to the attack of a Nirvana Scryer cultivator! Armored Dragon Clan, since you want to get involved, then don't blame me for being ruthless!"

He sneered and waved his right hand, then his cultivation spread out. The fire tattoo in his left eye flew out and a sea of fire immediately surrounded the 10,000 Dragon Collapse Pills.

"Refine!" Wang Lin said, and the fire turned blue. As it swept by, the Dragon Collapse Pills popped. The pills began to melt under this intense heat.

"Dao spell, Fuse! Everything in this world, be it spells, treasures, power, law, all fuse for me!!" Dao Master Blue Dream's dao spell was very powerful and was of great help to Wang Lin.

At this moment, with the help of the fire and the dao spell, the 10,000 Dragon Collapse Pills began to gradually use. The temperature of the fire became stronger and stronger.

A golden pill the size of a nail appeared in the sea of fire! In the end, Wang Lin's right hand reached out and all the fire went inside the pill.

This small pill contained a heaven-shattering destructive force. It was no longer four auras fused together, but five!

The extra aura was the power of fire! As a result, the power of the pill had increased greatly.

"10,000 pills fused into one, and there no loss of power. As a result, it is comparable to the self-destruction of a first Heaven's Blight cultivator. With the Fuse dao spell, a change occurred, and it became infinitely close to a second Heaven's Blight self-destruction! Then I added the fifth aura, which is fire. Now the pill can display the power of a third Heaven's Blight cultivator exploding!"

Wang Lin's right eye flashed and thunder appeared. It turned into a thunder tattoo and flew into the golden pill. Popping sounds echoed from the golden pill and it began to fuse once more.

As it fused, the world changed colors and thunder began to gather, entering the pill.

"Six auras. Adding on the Scatter Thunder Clan's spell, it can hurt fourth Heaven's Blight cultivators!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled killing intent. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood. This was ancient god blood, and it contained essence origin energy from his origin soul.

The blood landed on the golden pill. The golden pill immediately turned dim from the blood and gave off a blood-colored glow! This blood was filled with killing intent!

"Adding my ancient god blood and essence energy, it will be powerful enough to threaten fifth Heaven's Blight cultivators!"

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals he had obtained flew out. Fire from Wang Lin's left eye surrounded the crystals and they began to fuse.

"These crystals can't make my Vermillion Bird awaken for the fourth time, but with my control of fire, I can turn them into treasures. The destructive force won't be weaker than the Dragon Collapse Pill I just re-refined!"

Wang Lin didn't hesitate to use the dao spell to fuse them. A Vermillion Bird mark vaguely appeared in his left eye, making the fire even stronger!

"Fifth Heaven's Blight, so what? If you really came with your avatar, then I'll make you go extinct right here! If you came with your original body and use your third step cultivation, I don't believe you will survive. After all, a third step cultivator can easily destroy the entire Fallen Land! Even if no one stops you, at most I'll just escape here. The bait has already been set at the Fire Sparrow Clan, so they will naturally come and find me!"

Wang Lin let out a cold snort, and the fire before him shrank. All the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals had been refined into a dark blue crystal. Not only did it contain fire essence, but there was also the shadow of a Vermillion Bird!

The killing intent in Wang Lin's eyes became even stronger. He raised his right hand at the sky and two deer beasts appeared. The moment they appeared, Wang Lin shouted, "There is still one more seal on the broken swords that were stabbed into the deer corpse. I want to see if I can open it now that my thunder essence is complete!"

As he spoke, thunder rumbled inside his body and gathered in his index finger. The thunder formed a net, and popping sounds echoed like crazy from his finger.

One ray, two rays, 100 rays, 1,000 rays, 10,000 rays, 1,000,000 rays of sword energy erupted from the thunder net and continued to increase. Finally, the 10 million rays of sword energy broke out from the limitation of the thunder net.

In an instant, the entire sky was covered in sword energy and endless killing intent spread out. 10 million, 20 million…. Until it finally stopped at 39.99 million! 

"I still can't completely break the seal, but I broke part of it, allowing the power of the sword energy to increase greatly! Now it's time to battle!" Wang Lin stood up and let out a loud laugh!

"I'm waiting here for you, do you dare to fight?!"

His laugh was heaven-shaking with the intent to challenge, and it spread out in all directions. At this moment, all the cultivators on the planet clearly heard this!

In a residence in the city on the eastern side of planet, the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan stood there with a solemn expression. There were seven other Fire Sparrow Clan members standing beside him. They couldn't hide the shock in their eyes.

The 100 soul pills were being burned by fire before the old man and were gradually melting. Even the souls were burnt until they dissipated, leaving only a drop of blood. It gave off a demonic glow!

"Just as I expected, the reason these pills contain essence is because of this drop of blood! This… What kind of blood is this?!" The old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan took a deep breath, but just at this moment, a laugh filled with the intent to challenge and killing intent echoed.

The old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan suddenly raised his head and looked up.

At the same time, in the holy land of the Armored Dragon Clan. The clan patriarch and Master Simo was sitting inside a pavilion. Before them stood a man. He was the Armored Dragon Clan's  young master!

"Father, I've already gifted the 10,000 Dragon Collapse pills, as you've ordered."

The Armored Dragon Patriarch's expression was gloomy as he looked at Master Simo at the side and said, "This person stole 10,000 Dragon Collapse pills from my Armored Dragon Clan. I ask Master Simo to help me capture this person. I'll greatly reward Senior once he is caught!"

Master Simo revealed a smile. Just as he was about to speak, a laugh echoed across the sky!

The laugh was a challenge. It was also cold and filled with endless killing intent!

"I'm waiting here for you, do you dare to fight?!"

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