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Chapter 1376 - Do you dare to fight (1)

Third Heaven's Blight!

Both in the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm, clan or sect, a third Heaven's Blight cultivator was a powerhouse that no one would dare to provoke. They all had very high statuses and enjoyed great amounts of power.

In the Inner Realm, if a sect in the rank 8 region in the Cloud Sea had a third Heaven's Blight cultivator, they would be a sect at the pinnacle. Even the rank 9 region didn't have many third Heaven's Blight cultivators.

The power of the Inner Realm was far inferior than that of the Outer Realm. The old man that appeared before Wang Lin was a third Heaven's Blight cultivator. The Fire Sparrow Clan was one of Ancient Star System's top clans. They had the power to send out a third Heaven's Blight cultivator to become the leader of the Fire Sparrow Clan in the Fallen Land.

Wang Lin had long noticed the aura of the Fire Sparrow Clan before entering. He wasn't surprised by the appearance of this old man at all.

After seeing the Fire Sparrow Clan in the Fallen Land, Wang Lin smiled.

The old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan entered the second floor and casually sat down. His eyes lit up and he began observing Wang Lin. Although he looked calm, he was extremely vigilant.

He naturally knew the Dark Scorpion Patriarch and what his cultivation level should be. But even someone like him was not qualified to sit down and was standing there like a servant.

This made Wang Lin very mysterious in his eyes.

In addition, the most important thing was that he couldn't see through Wang Lin's cultivation!

No matter how his divine sense spread out, he couldn't find any cultivation aura from Wang Lin, much less figure out what clan Wang Lin was from.

The people of the Ancient Star System didn't always have their marks between their eyebrows. Some powerful cultivators could hide their clan mark, making it impossible for others to detect it.

"You want me to let you have the Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals?" Wang Lin revealed a smile that wasn't a smile as he looked at the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan.

The old man's mind trembled. He almost felt fear when facing Wang Lin. After pondering for a bit, he clasped his hands. "The Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals have great use for my Fire Sparrow Clan. This old man…"

When he got to this point, Wang Lin let out a cold snort.

This cold snort made it seem as if millions of bolts of thunder had exploded inside the second floor of the pavilion. The charming woman's expression immediately changed. She subconsciously took a few steps back and her face turned pale.

As for the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan, his body trembled violently. Facing this sound, he felt like he was hit by a million kilogram carriage. His origin soul trembled, his pupils shrank, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The fire inside his body seemed to lose control and erupted from his body. The chair under him was turned to ashes and the flames were about to spread. Wang Lin waved his hand and an invisible wind blew toward the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan.

The fire around the old man that had just spread out was extinguished by the wind. Some of it was forced back into the old man's body.

The old man's face immediately turned pale and he immediately retreated. He retreated three steps in a row. Every step he took left a deep footprint on the second floor. The footprints were black, as if they were burnt, and white smoke appeared.

After three steps, the old man let out a roar and all the fire in his body erupted to stop himself from retreating. However, at this moment, Wang Lin's cold gaze met the old man's. Wang Lin's gaze was like a sharp, invisible sword that pierced through the old man's eyes and directly attacked his origin soul with a destructive force. Even the origin energy in the old man's body was unable to stop this invisible sword.

He retreated once more, and indescribable fear appeared in his eyes. Inside his body, the invisible sword closed in, but it didn't pierce through his origin soul. Instead, it circled once around his origin soul and gradually disappeared.

All of this happened in an instant, but to the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan, it was like a nightmare. He was walking on the line between life and death.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and slowly said, "You can't refer to yourself like this before me!"

The surroundings were completely silent, and the charming woman took a deep breath. Her gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with respect, and there was a deep sense of awe hidden in her eyes.

"Oh… Junior was reckless. I ask Senior to please forgive me. Junior knows he was wrong." The old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan was covered in sweat and a huge wave was set off in his mind. He clearly knew that if this man wanted to kill him, it would be extremely easy.

He no longer had any of the arrogance he had when he walked out, and he respectfully stood on the side no longer dared to find a seat to sit on. It was as if no one was qualified to sit before this young man.

Wang Lin ignored the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan and casually said, "Bring me all your Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals."

The charming woman respectfully bowed, then she took out a jade and squeezed it. The jade began to glow and the woman waved her hand. The jade flew toward the wall before Wang Lin and fused with it.

The wall immediately began to move and ripples appeared on it. Shortly after, the wall become transparent, allowing one to see inside clearly.

Inside the wall were three fist-sized white stones slowly rotating.

The charming woman lowered her head and whispered, "Senior, my Armored Dragon Clan doesn't have much Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal for sale, there are the only three pieces… Originally, Fellow Cultivator Hu came first to trade for them. Since Senior wants them too, it does make it difficult on Junior."

The old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan looked at the three white stones and let out a sigh in secret. He clasped his hands. "Since Senior wants them, how would junior dare to compete?"

Wang Lin's gaze swept past the wall. There was no crystal in the wall, it was merely an image produced by a spell for people to watch.

With a wave of his right hand, three pills appeared in his grasp. The moment the pills appeared, the power of fire appeared, making it seem as if they were three balls of fire. Wang Lin threw the three pills toward the charming woman.

When the woman saw the three pills, her eyes shined and she caught them. After taking a closer look, she explained, "These are soul pills made from the souls of top qualify fire beasts!!"

Wang Lin slowly said, "Is that enough for the crystals?"

The charming woman took a deep breath and then took a closer look at the crystals. Then she nodded. "It's enough!"

Just at this moment, the old man from Fire Sparrow Clan said, "Fellow Cultivator Zhao, can this old man look at the pills?" Although the old man's expression had remained calm, his heart was a mess. When he saw the pills, he felt an aura that shook his heart.

The charming woman looked at the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan with hesitation. However, after seeing Wang Lin that didn't speak and had closed his eyes as if he didn't care, she nodded. She handed one pill to the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan.

The old man took a deep breath and his divine sense went into one of the pills. His body trembled and his eyes revealed a strange light. Then he took a closer look before closing his eyes. After a long time, he opened his eyes and returned the pill.

Although his expression was unchanged, a monstrous wave was set off in his heart!

"Essence!! This is fire essence!! This pill contains a trace of fire essence!!! Although this pill doesn't have much use for others, it has great use for my Fire Sparrow Clan!!! However, where did this essence come from?"

Wang Lin opened his eyes and casually looked at the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan. He revealed an unnoticeable sneer and slowly said,

"Bring over those three crystals."

The charming woman quickly nodded. She took the three pills and then quickly went downstairs. The pavilion became silent, and the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan was still pondering. No one knew what he was thinking.

Wang Lin was in no rush. A moment later, footsteps echoed and the charming woman rushed up. However, before her stood a middle-aged man. He wore a daoist robe and gave off a sense of pressure without showing his anger.

The charming woman was following him and looked extremely respectful.

The moment the man appeared, the Dark Scorpion Patriarch behind Wang Lin moved. He bent down to Wang Lin's side and whispered, "The Armored Dragon Clan's young master. Strange, he has very high status and rarely comes here."

After the man arrived on the second floor, he laughed. He didn't even look at the old man from the Fire Sparrow Clan and clasped his hands at Wang Lin. "I'll take Senior's pills. These are the three Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals."

As he spoke, he waved his hand and the three white stone appeared in his hand, they floated toward Wang Lin. After seeing Wang Lin put them away, his eyes lit up and he laughed. "Dos senior have more of those pills? Is there anything else you want to trade for?"

"I have a lot of pills. I just don't know what you can take out to trade." Wang Lin smiled and looked at the middle-aged man.

After being asked the question back, the old man was startled for a moment and said, "Any planet with a Fallen Elder can sell puppets and Blazing Fire Mutation Crystals, but my Armored Dragon Clan has three treasures! You can only get these three treasures from my Armored Dragon Clan! The first is the Dragon Scales. 3,982 scales make a set, and they contain the blood of my clan. After using a spell with it, it can form multiple layers of protection. No ordinary treasures can break through! It can even block some spells."

After this, he looked at Wang Lin and said, "There is also the second treasure: White Bone Dragon. This dragon was made from refining the skeletons of dead Armored Dragon Clan members for generations. There aren't many, but each White Bone Dragon has earth-shattering force. Also, they are already dead, so they will live forever!"

"Oh? What about the third treasure?" Wang Lin smiled

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