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Chapter 1372 - Blazing Fire Mutation Crystal (1)

Zhong Big Red stared viciously at the middle-aged man and nodded. He pressed his hand against his chest and gnashed his teeth. "That's right, it was definitely him!"

The middle-aged man's face immediately turned pale and he didn't hesitate to retreat. His hands formed a seal and the scorpion between his eyebrows began to move as if it was alive and gave off a demonic glow.

However, just at this instant, Wang Lin calmly raised his hand and pointed. With one point of his finger, the world changed colors, clouds scattered, and endless rumbles echoed. Endless clouds suddenly appeared in the sky.

When Wang Lin's finger landed, the thunder in the sky rumbled. A bolt of thunder as as thick as a thumb descended at an unimaginable speed. The middle-aged man trembled and the bolt of thunder struck his head.

A destructive storm rushed into his body from his forehead. Popping sounds echoed inside his body as his flesh and blood shattered, his bones fragmented, and his origin soul was destroyed!

After the thunder passed, the middle-aged man seemed to have evaporated. All traces of him had disappeared as if he had never appeared before.

After the thunder passed, the surroundings were deathly silent. The cultivators that had escaped the city were filled with intense fear. They looked at Wang Lin with terror in their eyes.

With a raise of his hand, Wang Lin had caused the clouds to gather and thunder to descend to instantly kill an Illusory Yin cultivator. This spell was enough to shake the minds of all the cultivators here!

The old man named Zhang was completely pale and had even stopped breathing. He was in a daze and his face revealed unimaginable horror.

Even Zhong Big Red was shaken. Even though he had seen Wang Lin's power back in the Scatter Thunder Clan, seeing it again here, he felt Wang Lin's infinite might once more.

Wang Lin's expression hadn't changed at all even thought he was being hunted and was hiding in the Fallen Land. If it was anyone else, they would want to avoid everything and wouldn't casually act.

However, Wang Lin's cultivation was heaven-shaking, and he had experienced too much danger in his life. He had walked on the line between life and death too many times. So what if his pursuers found him? Even if it would attract powerful enemies, he wouldn't just ignore his servant being injured!

Just like what he said before, even if Zhong Big Red could endure it, he couldn't!

There were few people in this world who could force him to endure! Wang Lin was not like his weak self from the past, he was now a powerhouse and had the heart of a powerhouse!

Even tigers could be bullied by dogs when they left their mountain, and dragons could be forced to back down by shrimps. But in truth, it was because the tigers and dragons were willing. If they weren't, who would dare to provoke them?

This matter wasn't over with just killing the middle-aged man. Since he had decided to act, he was going to destroy all threats. Wang Lin's right foot stomped the ground.

The top floor of the tower trembled and cracks spread from his feet. Soon, the entire floor was covered in cracks.

The top floor of the tower collapsed with a bang. Zhong Big Red held the old man named Zhang and they stared dumbfoundedly at what was happening below.

They saw Wang Lin sink down and arrive at the second floor when the floor shattered. Just as he descended, a fierce aura filled with killing intent appeared. There was a roar and a ghostly light shot to ward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral. The moment the ghostly light closed in, his right hand casually reached out. A giant hand appeared and caught the ghostly light. No matter how much it struggled, it couldn't break free.

The ghostly light flashed violently in the hand that had appeared, revealing a purple bead. It flashed violently and even more intense light came from it.

"Dark Scorpion Bead, collapse!!" A roar echoed and a destructive aura came from the rotating bead. Just as it was about to explode, Wang Lin's right hand mercilessly squeezed.

With a bang, the bead shattered, releasing the destructive power inside, destroying this floor of the tower.

The young master retreated from the dust with a pale face, but he stared straight ahead with eyes filled with shock.

"This bead is a bit interesting." Wang Lin's indifferent voice came out from the dust. His uninjuried figure slowly walked out.

The moment he appeared, the youth revealed a look of disbelief. His scalp was numb and he was almost scared out of his wits. He was extremely clear on the power of that dark scorpion bead. The explosion was enough to seriously injure a Nirvana Scryer cultivator, but this person was able to casually withstand it with a simple squeeze without suffering any injuries. Just thinking about this made the youth tremble.

He was terrified and was about to escape when Wang Lin waved his right hand. A electric net appeared and surrounded the youth. It immediately shrank, and the youth's scream followed. He lost all power to resist, as if he was sealed, and floated in the air.

Without even looking at the youth, Wang Lin stomped the ground once more, dropping down to the next floor. Just as he entered, he waved his sleeves and caused a sea of fire to appear. Two old men charged out at him from below. The fire immediately caused the two of them to cough out blood, and the fire entered their bodies. The fire formed a seal and they floated into the air.

"They are indeed like scorpions that like to move about in the dark underground, still not willing to appear even with all this…" Wang Lin calmly walked into the next floor.

Just like this, Wang Lin continued down floor by floor. Mournful screams echoed as more Dark Scorpion Clan members were sealed and thrown into the air. There were now dozens of them.

"Your Excellency has gone too far!!!" Just as Wang Lin continued down, a roar suddenly came from the depths of the tower.

At the same time, a powerful force came from underground and charged toward Wang Lin, who was in middle floor of the tower.

This storm rose through the tower floor by floor. More power gathered with each floor it passed, and in the blink of an eye, it broke through the floor Wang Lin was on.

This storm appeared clearly before Wang Lin's eyes. Inside was a black scorpion almost 100 feet large. This scorpion was formed by a spell, and it charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He didn't retreat, and his hand formed a fist. The ancient god power in his body condensed like crazy and then he threw a punch at the incoming scorpion!

The moment his punch flew out, an ancient god silhouette appeared behind him and also threw a punch that immediately collided with the scorpion.

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy, creating an indescribable shockwave that scattered in all directions. The sky changed colors and the earth rumbled. The entire planet shook violently and large amounts of dust were kicked into the air.

There was a thunderous bang, causing the exposed part of the tower to tremble and countless cracks to appear on it. The impact caused the entire exposed part of the tower to collapse into countless fragments that scattered in all directions.

Even the part hidden underground suddenly collapsed and set off a huge shockwave underground. It was as if earth dragons were moving underground as mighty waves were set off.

When the tower collapsed, dozens of cultivators were forced out from inside. Their faces were all pale and they coughed out blood as they looked at Wang Lin with intense fear in their eyes.

The surrounding cultivators watching all anxiously retreated. They were completely shocked by what had happened; it was something they had never seen before in their lives.

At the center of the collapsed tower, Wang Lin's clothes flapped as the wind blew on him. His hair flowed in the wind, but his body didn't move. He withdrew his right hand and calmly looked down as he coldly said, "You hurt my servant and now you're saying I'm going too far? You all are too weak."

There was a giant skull more than 10,000 feet large. It was originally hidden by the tower above it, but now that it was gone, everything below was clearly revealed before him.

Deep within the skull was an old man sitting on some broken stones. He wore a black robe with a scorpion embroidery. This scorpion was a bit strange; it had a total of nine tails!

There was also a scorpion mark between his eyebrows, but compared to the one on his robe, it was inferior. His clan mark only had four tails!

These four scorpion tails hung down, covering his face and making him look terrifying. However, at this moment, his face was pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He suddenly looked up and his eyes revealed a ferocious light before charging at Wang Lin.

"Although my Dark Scorpion Clan is only a small clan, it is one of the 372 clans recognized by the Fallen Land. If you act against me today, you will make an enemy out of the entire Fallen Land!!

"If that happens, the emperor of the Fallen Land definitely won't spare you!"

"A mere second Heaven's Blight cultivator dares to speak like this before me?" Wang Lin's expression was calm and his gaze was like lightning as he looked at the old man. Thunder flashed in his right eye and the world immediately trembled.

The old man's expression changed greatly. In his eyes, the other person had disappeared and was replaced by a bolt of thunder. This bolt of thunder descended from the sky and penetrated his eyes, directly entering his mind.

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