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Chapter 1371 - I Can’t Endure It

“Master, I have returned. Pills cost the most here, far more than treasures. There is also a type of puppet here. Although it’s not strong, it’s very popular. One only needs to imprint their divine sense on it to be able to control it at will!”

Zhong Big Red was very excited as he spoke.

When Wang Lin arrived here, he had let Zhong Big Red out and sent him to gather some information. Zhong Big Red was from the Ancient Star System, so it wouldn’t be suspicious for him to go out.

“Also, I found nothing about the Ancient Star System Order, so Master can rest assured.”

After releasing Zhong Big Red, Wang Lin had used a spell to check his heart. After all, Wang Lin had destroyed the Scatter Thunder Clan, and he wasn’t sure what ideas Zhong Big Red might have.

However, what Wang Lin found strange was that Zhong Big Red unexpectedly had almost no feelings toward the Scatter Thunder Clan. From his view, the clan had never helped him, and because of the thunder crystal, he had to constantly offer tribute. In his early years, he had relied on himself to rise to his current cultivation level, and he saw how vicious the people in the clan were to each other, so he felt no sense of loyalty.

Therefore, after learning he could grow stronger by following Wang Lin, he chose to leave the Scatter Thunder Clan without hesitation.

Although the Scatter Thunder Clan was destroyed, there were a lot of people who had left the clan over the countless years and lived elsewhere. It wouldn’t be a surprise for people of the Scatter Thunder Clan to appear in the Fallen Land.

Wang Lin softly asked, “Puppet?”

Zhong Big Red became spirited and quickly said, “Master, this puppet is very expensive here and is made from unknown materials. It can display the power of a normal cultivator and even has divine sense. It is wonderous.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained unchanged. He was interested in the puppet. After pondering a bit, Wang Lin slowly asked, “Is there any news on the Fire Sparrow Clan?”

“There aren’t many Fire Sparrow Clan members here, and I didn’t encounter any on this planet. However, after gathering some information, they are mostly gathered on a fire attribute planet nearby. As for the specifics, this little one isn’t too familiar, but I should get a clear idea soon.” Zhong Big Red patted his chest as he spoke.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined an indiscernible amount. Although his thunder essence was complete, the accompanying thunders were still a bit flawed. However, he was confident in fixing this. The reason he was still in the Ancient Star System was for his fire essence!

In order to complete his fire essence and awaken the Vermillion Bird again, he needed to absorbed a large amount of fire. The Fire Sparrow Clan was Wang Lin’s first choice, and he wouldn’t easily let them go.

However, he wouldn’t get lucky with the Fire Sparrow Clan like he did with the Scatter Thunder Clan and receive help breaking through all the obstacles. It also wasn’t realistic to blend into the Fire Sparrow Clan to approach the core of the clan.

Wang Lin originally planned to do this, but he was now being hunted by the entire Ancient Star System. It was very likely that before he could get into the core of the Fire Sparrow Clan, the people hunting him would arrive.

Although this was the case, Wang Lin did think of a strange method. If he succeed, he could completely devour the fire from the Fire Sparrow Clan!

“Zhong Big Red, take my pills and buy a puppet.” Wang Lin pondered a bit before waving his right hand, causing three pill to appear. A burst of fragrance filled the cave. Zhong Big Red stared at the pills and swallowed hard before respectfully receiving them.

Holding the pills, Zhong Big Red revealed a flattering smile and whispered, “Master, there are also cultivation furnaces being sold, should this little one…”

Wang Lin frowned, causing Zhong Big Red to shut up and quickly leave.

After leaving the cave, Zhong Big Red’s clothes became covered in sweat. Although following Wang Lin was a big opportunity, that frown had terrified Zhong Big Red.

“When I was in Master’s storage space, that Xu Liguo was too vicious. He constantly bullied me because his cultivation level is higher. I’ll remember this. Once my cultivation level increases, I’ll definitely get my revenge!

“Hmph, hmph, as long as I properly serve Master, that day won’t be far away.” Zhong Big Red held the pills and flew off into the distance.

He had been here for several days. Relying on his invincible art and his clever nature, he had made friends with quite a few of the lower rank cultivators. Soon, he arrived outside a valley and clasped his hands. “Big Brother Zhang, Little Brother Zhong is here to visit.”

This valley was very quiet and was filled with thorn plants. At a glance, it was desolate and filled with yin energy. There were also scattered animal bones on the ground that formed a formation.

There was a cave in the inner part of the valley. There was no door to the cave, but a black fog covered the entrance, making it impossible to see inside.

After Zhong Big Red spoke, a strange laugh came from the cave and the black fog shot into the sky. At the same time, a skinny old man wearing a black robe walk out from the cave.

This old man’s hair was a mess and his body was like a bag of bones. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked extremely scary..

The skinny old man floated next to Zhong Big Red and said, “So it’s Little Brother Zhong. You said earlier that you had to return to your master. I didn’t expect you to return so fast.”

Zhong Big Red’s expression remained neutral and he smiled. He waved his right hand and took out one of the three pills Wang Lin had given him. He flicked one directly toward the skinny old man.

The old man’s eyes suddenly narrowed and he took a closer look. His expression immediately changed and ecstasy filled his eyes.

“This is a high quality pill!! It is extremely suitable for my cultivation and extremely hard to find! Little Brother Zhong, this…”

Zhong Big Red laughed and clasped his hands. “No harm, this kind of pill is useless to Master. Little Brother sees that Big Brother has been at the mid stage of Soul Formation for a long time, and I presume you need the pill. Just accept it.”

The skinny old man took a deep breath and was no longer polite as he quickly put the pills away. He looked at Zhong Big Red and whispered, “Little brother Zhong, your master’s cultivation level, could it…” The old man hesitated a bit before saying, “Could he be at the Yin and Yang stage?”

Zhong Big Red expected this person to talk about his master, so his expression immediately turned respectful and he whispered, “My master’s cultivation is heaven-piercing and even I don’t know the exact cultivation level. However, I’ve seen Master kill Nirvana Scryer cultivators with one blow!”

The skinny old man sucked in a breath of cold air, and he didn’t dare to try to find out if this was the truth or a lie. It didn’t matter if it was true or not, someone who could casually take out pills like this was not someone he could provoke.

“Little Brother Zhong is fortunate to follow such a master. Your cultivation will definitely sore in the future. Don’t forget your Big Brother then.” The skinny old man’s eyes were filled with envy as he clasped his hands.

Zhong Big Red clasped his hands and laughed. “Naturally. In fact, I came out this time to ask Big Brother Zhang for help.”

“Little Brother can ask. As long as I can do it, I’ll help.” He had met Zhong Big Red several days ago. This person was obviously very rich, and the pills Zhong Big Red had made his eyes red. He wanted to steal from him, but he was cautious. After gathering some information, he had learned that Zhong Big Red had a master.

Someone who could make a Soul Formation cultivator his servant was not someone he could fight, so he had suppressed his greed. Zhong Big Red was also good at flattering and gave out a lot of pills. Just like this, the two gradually became acquainted, with their own agendas in mind.

Originally. this old man was still suspicious, but seeing how Zhong Big Red’s master could casually hand out pills like this, he felt Zhong Big Red’s master had become a lot more mysterious.

“Earlier, Big Brother Zhang mentioned the puppet and Little Brother went back to tell Master. My master is interested in buying a puppet… Big Brother Zhang knows Little Brother is new and unfamiliar with this place. I hope Big Brother Zhang can help me on this, and once this matter is done, there will definitely thank you.” Zhong Big Red’s eyes lit up and he smiled as he looked at the skinny old man.

After the old man heard this, he hesitated and whispered, “Brother Zhong, this puppet is not easy to buy… If we were on the main planet, it be easy, but here, the Dark Scorpion Clan controls the trade on puppets. They are extremely domineering, and the price is several times higher. Are you sure you want to buy?”

Seeing Zhong Big Red nodding, the skinny old man pondered for a bit before clenching his teeth. “OK then, I’ll take you there once!”

After he spoke, he led the way and they charged off into the distance.

There was a ruined city on the western area of the planet. It looked to be in disrepair, with the walls broken in many places, but it was extremely lively. A large amount of cultivators moved about there.

The skinny old man was obviously very familiar with this place. He led Zhong Big Red to a relatively complete building, and they carefully walked inside.

The hall was at the center of the city, but very few cultivators were here. It was as if the cultivators dreaded the hall and didn’t dare to casually enter; they would often go around it.

Zhong Big Red and the old man’s figures were seen by many people. A lot of them secretly shook their heads.

The moment they entered the hall, Zhong Big Red’s body trembled as he felt cold energy come from all directions. He couldn’t withstand it at all with his cultivation, so it immediately entered his body. It was as if a big hammer had slammed down on his heart, and he immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The old man was a bit better, but his face was pale. He quickly kneeled on the ground and said, “Juniors have no ill intent, we just want to buy a puppet.”

The hall was very large and there was a statue in the center. This statue was dark, and it was a statue of a scorpion. It had its tail raised and gave off a chilling aura. The cold energy that made Zhong Big Red cough out blood came from this scorpion.

“Want to buy puppet? What can two little Soul Formation cultivators like you have to buy puppets?” A cold voice echoed as a person walked out from the back of the hall.

This person wore black and looked around 40 years old. He had an gloomy expression and a look of contempt in his eyes. There was a ferocious scorpion mark between his eyebrows.

This scorpion was lifelike and looked almost alive. The tail unexpectedly swayed and gave off a demonic feeling.

Zhong Big Red took a deep breath and quickly bowed. He took out the pill Wang Lin had given him and respectfully said, “Junior wishes to use this pill to trade for a puppet.”

The middle-aged man’s expression remained the same and his right hand reached out. The pill flew into his hand he casually looked at it. However, his eyes immediately changed and he completely ignored Zhong Big Red and the old man. He quickly sniffed the pill, then his divine sense spread out and his pupils shrank.

“It’s actually a soul pill!” The middle-aged man’s gaze fell on Zhong Big Red, then he slowly said, “How many more do you have?”

Zhong Big Red bitterly smiled and said, “There is only one.” As he spoke, he didn’t even wait for the other to ask and took it out himself.

Holding the two pills, the middle-aged man was still sizing Zhong Big Red up. After a long time, he withdrew his gaze. He believed that the person in front of have must have gotten very lucky. These pills were rare, and two were already a lot.

After nodding, the middle-aged man waved his hand. His clan mark shined and a puppet that looked exactly like a real person appeared before them.

There was no clan mark between the puppet’s eyebrows, and it had a dull expression. There was no intelligence and no vitality, only a gloomy aura. Its cultivation level was about early stage Soul Formation.

“These two pills can only exchange for this puppet. The two of you can scram.” The middle-aged man turned around and quickly walked into the depths of the hall.

It wasn’t until he left that Zhong Big Red and the old man looked at each other. They both saw the fear in each other’s eyes. Zhong Big Red felt regret. He didn’t think that just trading for a puppet would result in them encountering a life and death crisis.

He quickly collected the puppet and left with the skinny old man.

As for the middle-aged man, after entering the temple, he took a step and sunk into the ground. There was another world hidden underground.

There was tower hidden underground, and the hall was merely the top. This was the second floor, and it also had a scorpion statue, but there was a young man sitting on top of it.

As the young man was cultivating, he seemed to be absorbing power from the statue. When the middle-aged man arrived, he opened his eyes.

“Young Master, earlier, two Soul Formation cultivators brought these two pills!” The middle-aged man quickly handed over the pills. The aloof young man picked them up, and after looking at them, he slowly said,

“Soul Pills… The rank is ordinary, but the soul is not bad. No need to make such a fuss. As for the two little cultivators, capture one and injure the other. Leave a divine sense mark and see where he goes! Don’t bother me with such trifle matter in the future.” The young man closed his eyes and no longer paid attention to this.

The middle-aged man bowed and then disappeared.

Zhong Big Red and the skinny old man quickly left the city. In the sky, the old man wryly smiled and said, “Little brother Zhong, the Dark Scorpion Clan is extremely domineering, and no one on this planet dares to provoke them. We were lucky to be able to trade for the puppet. If…” The old man didn’t get to finish speaking before his pupils shrank and he looked ahead.

Zhong Big Red trembled and his scalp felt numb. He didn’t hesitate to charge forward and escape.

There was a cold snort, and shortly after, two rays of black light shot out. One of them shot toward the old man. He wasn’t able to resist at all and was immediately captured.

The other ray of black light instantly caught up to Zhong Big Red and landed on his back. His face immediately turned black and he coughed out blood as he escaped like crazy.

The middle-aged man from the Dark Scorpion Clan appeared and coldly looked at where Zhong Big Red disappeared to. He turned around and grabbed the unconscious old man before returning to the Dark Scorpion Clan’s main hall.

Zhong Big Red’s face was extremely pale. The life and death situation he had just faced had taught that this place was far more dangerous than the Scatter Thunder Clan.

“The pills attracted too much attention, alas… I handled this wrong. Not only did I hurt Fellow Cultivator Zhang, but I almost caused a calamity.” Zhong Big Red flew at top speed toward Wang Lin’s cave.

“Cultivation!! If I had a higher cultivation level, a cultivation level like Xu Liguo’s, this would not have turned out like this! I, Zhong Big Red, must become strong!!” Zhong Big Red clenched his teeth, filled with determination. A hour later, Wang Lin’s cave appeared before him.

After landing on the mountain, Zhong Big Red revealed a bitter expression and walked toward the entrance. He coughed out another mouthful of blood when he landed.

Wang Lin was cultivating and opened his eyes the moment Zhong Big Red walked in. His eyes shined like bright lights as he looked at Zhong Big Red.

Wang Lin slowly asked, “Where’s the puppet?”

Zhong Big Red’s face was pale and he silently waved his hand. The puppet appeared. Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the puppet flew toward him before stopping before him.

Wang Lin carefully looked at it, and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“This thing…” A moment later, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and put the puppet away. Then he casually asked, “How did you get injured?”

Zhong Big Red pondered for a long time and then softly told him everything that had happened. In the end, he saw Wang Lin’s expression become more gloomy, and he bitterly said, “Master, I was reckless on this matter. If I had controlled the information better, this wouldn’t have happened. At least I got the puppet and completed Master’s order...

“As for my injury, I will be able to recover after going into closed door cultivation for a period of time.”

He saw that Wang Lin didn’t speak, and when Wang Lin’s expression became even more gloomy, his heart trembled. He whispered, “Master escaped to the Fallen Land to escape pursuit. This little one can endure…”

Before he finished speaking, he heard Wang Lin let out a cold snort and his face turned even more pale.

“What a poisonous method. No matter how much time you spend in closed door cultivation, you can’t easily recover. That person broke the trajectory of the cultivation in your body and also left a divine sense imprint…”

Zhong Big Red’s body trembled and he clenched his fists. However, he quickly loosen his fists and silently pondered.

“You’re my subordinate. You can endure it, but I can’t!” Wang Lin got up and walked toward the exit.

Zhong Big Red suddenly looked up and stared at Wang Lin. His eyes couldn’t help but turn red, and he whispered, “Master…”

Wang Lin didn’t turn around but coldly said, “Lead the way!”

Zhong Big Red took a deep breath and killing intent appeared in his eyes. Without hesitation, he led Wang Lin toward the city! Wang Lin thought that he was too slow and grabbed him. They moved like lightning and caused thunderous rumbles as they charged toward the city.

All the cultivators on the cultivation planet felt a tremble in their souls. The sky changed colors, the earth trembled, and the clouds scattered!

In only a moment, Wang Lin had brought Zhong Big Red to the broken city. He loosened his hand and allowed Zhong Big Red to float beside him. Zhong Big Red was excited as he pointed at the city and whispered, “Master, the Dark Scorpion Clan is there!”

Wang Lin’s eyes glowed like torches as he looked at the city below him.

“This city will be destroyed in three breaths. People not related, quickly leave!”

His voice was like thunder descending on the city. The sound created a blast that caused the city below to tremble and kick up a large amount of dust.

The expressions of the cultivators in the city all changed greatly, and some even coughed out blood. Then they frantically escaped the city.

Inside the main hall, the middle-aged man was sitting there while the old man named Zhang was filled with fear, begging for mercy. Just as he was about to continue, Wang Lin’s voice echoed.

The middle-aged man’s eyes suddenly opened in shock and he coughed out blood. He immediately stood up.

Not only him, but all the Dark Scorpion Clan cultivators cultivating in the tower opened their eyes and stood up in shock.

Even the young man in the second floor trembled and his face turned pale. The voice had penetrated the earth and landed directly here, shaking the tower.

Three breaths of time passed by in an instant and Wang Lin’s right hand pressed down. Thunderous rumbles echoed as endless thunder gathered from all directions, forming a giant thunder net. It descend on the city as Wang Lin’s hand pressed down.

The endless thunder created a scene that shocked the hearts of all the cultivators escaping from the city. With a thunderous bang, the earth trembled violently and the thunder net fell. The entire city collapsed; even the tower collapsed, and the entire city became a ruin.

Countless cracks more than 1,000 feet deep appeared!

This caused the tower hidden under the earth to reveal more than half of itself! The top of the tower had already collapsed, and the old man named Zhang was looking at the sky. He saw Zhong Big Red and his mind trembled.

“He… He is Zhong Big Red’s master!?”

The middle-aged man next to the old man named Zhang was gobsmacked. This was so sudden, he didn’t even have time to react.

Wang Lin slowly descended and floated where the collapsed roof was. Zhong Big Red followed Wang Lin with excitement in his eyes.

Wang Lin pointed at the middle-aged man and looked at Zhong Big Red. “Was it him who hurt you?”

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