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Chapter 1370 - I Was Wrong About Him

Shortly after Wang Lin released the thunder tattoo, the popping sounds of the thunder moving across the mountains echoed, and the roars of the 100,000 cultivators sealed there became even weaker. It was as if they had been completely sealed and no more sound could come out.

The thunder tattoo imprinted on the mountains gave off a ghostly light and a faint heaven's might.

After a long time, ripples appeared in the sky above the mountains and a person walked out. He was a middle-aged man wearing green, and the moment he appeared, his pupils shrank. He wasn't looking at the mountains, but at the sky.

"It just appeared before… Void Gate!! This this is the aura of the Void Gate, it can't be wrong!" The middle-aged man looked very gloomy as he gazed at the sky like he was looking for something.

"The Void Gate hasn't been opened; otherwise, my original body would have noticed… A cultivator that can make the Void Gate appear… Interesting, no wonder the Sovereign Council would be so generous as to take out a rank 5 dao spirit!" The middle-aged man was Master Simo's avatar!

He wasn't in a rush before. He had made his way here slowly and didn't care too much about the capture. However, now, everything changed and he became more serious.

After withdrawing his gaze, Master Simo looked at the mountain below him and his pupils shrank again. He took a deep breath and stared at the thunder tattoo imprinted on the mountains. His expression became even more serious.

"He is a thunder cultivator!!! He is trying to become a third step cultivator as a thunder cultivator!! This… This… Throughout the ages, thunder cultivators have had the most difficult time reaching the third step. Thunder is a power of the heavens, and even in the Scatter Thunder Clan, only one person has ever reached the third step. He also stopped at the early stage of Nirvana Void, but if he went crazy and summoned heavenly thunder, even mid stage Nirvana Void cultivators would have a headache dealing him with.

"No wonder he wanted to destroy the Scatter Thunder Clan. His purpose must have been the eternal thunderbolt in the Scatter Thunder Clan. After devouring the eternal thunderbolt, he triggered the appearance of the Void Gate!" Master Simo's expression was gloomy and he roughly guessed what had happened.

"What is even more terrifying is that even after he tried to break the Void Gate, he had the power to fuse the thunder with the mountains to seal 100,000 cultivators… This kind of feat can't be accomplished by someone ordinary!! He must have planned this all along. Only someone who is extremely calm and calculating can do this!"

Master Simo took a deep breath and a mysterious light shined in his eyes. He gained a strong interest in Wang Lin.

"Hunting an ancient god already made me excited, and now I can hunt a cultivator like this. Good, good, good!" Master Simo laughed and didn't even help the 100,000 cultivators below before he turned around to leave.

However, just as he turned, he suddenly trembled and turned back around. He carefully looked at the void where the Void Gate had appeared.

"Something's not right…" For the first time, horror and disbelief appeared on his face, along with doubt and shock!

"There is none…. There is no aura of Joss Flames?" Master Simo paused for a moment and waved his right hand. The wind howled and filled the world, forming a giant image. This image clearly showed Wang Lin charging at the Void Gate three time and how he sealed the 100,000 cultivators!

Staring at this dumbfoundedly, Master Simo's face immediately turned pale.

"He… He didn't use any Joss Flames. There isn't even a trace of Joss Flames on him… He actually didn't rely on Joss Flames but caused the Void Gate to appear only by the completion of his essence!!! This… This is unheard of… And he actually opened the Void Gate by a sliver!!

"How is this possible!? No one can complete their essence without the use of Joss Flames. No one can trigger the Void Gate without the use of Joss Flames!" Master Simo gradually hid the terror in his eyes and replaced it with calm and peace. He then took a step forward and moved at a speed several times faster than when he came, anxiously pursuing Wang Lin through the trail Wang Lin had left.

At the moment Wang Lin's thunder essence reached completion and summoned the Void Gate, in the Blue Silk Clan, Dao Master Blue Dream's hands over the zither suddenly trembled. He raised his head, waved his sleeves, and charged out of the room.

Li Qianmei was sitting on a chair and looking at her father, but she didn't say a word. However, the confusion in her eyes was gone and was replaced with clarity. It seemed she had remembered a lot. She then gently stood up and walked out.

The moment Dao Master Blue Dream walked out from the room, he waved his right hand. Endless, blue light filled they sky and rapidly condensed into moving pictures!

The pictures contained Wang Lin's three attempts to break the Void Gate!

Dao Master Blue Dream stared at the pictures and carefully examined them. His expression gradually became more solemn and in the end he was filled with shock.

This was a very rare expression to appear on Dao Master Blue Dream's face.

"Your father… Underestimated a person… This is the first time I've been wrong…" After a long time, Dao Master Blue Dream let out a sigh, and disbelief still remained in his eyes.

"You will continue to be wrong. No one can see through his future. Even if you're one of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System, you still can't." Li Qianmei looked at the man attempting to break the void gate in the pictures and smiled gently.

"You… Are you blaming your father…" Dao Master Blue Dream looked at his own daughter with a complicated expression.

Li Qianmi shook her head and softly said, "I haven't recovered all of my memories, just a bit. If I had really forgotten him, then it would have been best we never meet again. However, since I remember some, I won't let it go… When my memory is restored, I'll go find him."

The woman that had divined Wang Lin's position was cultivating on the island at the center of the lake when Wang Lin triggered the Void Gate.

The many flowers and plants all withered and quickly collapsed. The lake around the island became violent, forming a vortex around the island.

The woman's eyes suddenly opened, revealing a mysterious and shocking light.

"The first is the sign flowers withering… The second sign is the lake turning to a vortex… The third sign is thunder descending… The fourth sign is the sea of fire… The fifth sign is the island splitting… The sixth sign is the ancestral remains shattering…" 

As the woman spoke, the sky rumbled and a bolt of thunder descended on the hill of the island, it was heaven-shaking! This caused the expression of the woman in black to change greatly!

"The ancestor passed down nine signs, and now three of them have appeared!"

There was a star domain in the Ancient Star System with many cultivation planets. More than 1,000 planets filled this vast star domain.

This was a very famous place in the Ancient Star System called the Fallen Land. A total of 372 small clans lived in this dense area, and it was extremely chaotic.

Due to the chaos, traitors of large clans or those that had provoked powerful enemies would gather here. Then more and more people gradually gathered here until it formed a force that can't be underestimated.

Normally, the Sovereign Council wouldn't allow such a place to exist, and because it harboured a large amount of traitors, it was hated by many clans.

However, over the countless, very few people dared to attack this place. About 20,000 years ago, a large clan was hunting a traitor. When they saw the traitor enter this place, they didn't stop but charged in.

However, the moment they entered, a gust of wind blew by. The nearly 1,000 cultivators from the large clan immediately died!

This was just one of the rumors. Another was that one of the Five Masters, Devil Master Nine Heavens, once secretly came here. However, he was forced to retreat with serious injuries and had set an oath to never take half a step into the Fallen Land!

There was another rumor. It stated that millions of years ago, someone stole something from the Sovereign Council but escaped here. Even the Sovereign Council was unexpectedly afraid, and after setting a 100-year agreement, they retreated.

These various things made the Fallen Land mysterious, and few people knew its secrets. However, in turn, large amounts of cultivators seeked refuge here for various reasons.

This Fallen Land gradually became very lively and became the largest trading hub in the Ancient Star System. Various treasures were traded here.

At this moment, Wang Lin was sitting inside a cave on a planet without much spiritual energy in the Fallen Land. This cave took up a portion of a mountain, and he was the only one inside.

Wang Lin had long decided to enter the Fallen Land. He naturally knew of this place after devouring the memories of so many Ancient Star System cultivators.

Now that he was being hunted by the Ancient Star System Order, this was a relatively safe place. After all, the Sovereign Council didn't control this place, so the Order couldn't be passed here.

Although even though this place wasn't completely safe, the same could be said about the other places in the Ancient Star System. Out there, he would continue to be hunted, and, eventually, even third step cultivators would make their move.

As a result, there was no difference where he went.

The Fallen Land only took pills and treasures, the stranger the better. Even large amounts of origin crystals were sold. Wang Lin had traded some pills in exchange for 100 years of residence in this cave.

Wang Lin had been cultivating here for the past several days and had devoured pills to help his injuries recover. As for his physical injuries, due to the toughness of his ancient god body, he had almost recovered.

On this day, while his eyes were closed, his expression changed and he slowly opened his eyes. A figure appeared at the entrance of the cave and quickly entered.

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