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Chapter 1369 - Thunder Tattoo Shakes The Heavens

At this moment, Wang Lin no longer hid himself but raised his hand and pulled down. The restriction hiding him was ripped open and he revealed himself to the world!

The thunder essence shined brightly in his right eye in the shape of the thunder tattoo, and Wang Lin let out a roar!

"My thunder essence, break open this gate!! Thunder tattoo, appear!"

The moment he spoke, bright light appeared in his eye and charged out from his body. A giant thunder tattoo 10,00 feet tall appeared!

The thunder tattoo rumbled loudly and triggered the thunder of the world. It was the lord of thunder! It was the thunder tattoo Wang Lin had created by condensing his thunder cultivation!

"Break open this gate for me!!" Wang Lin roared as he raised his hand as if he was supporting the thunder tattoo, then he charged at the giant gate!

Wang Lin had already become a bolt of thunder. His body, his origin soul, his mind, his everything had turned into a bolt of thunder, a bolt of heaven-defying thunder!

This thunder rumbled as it rushed toward the Great Void Gate. It moved faster and faster as it got closer!

The tens of thousands of cultivators were all motionless as they stared at this scene. They were frozen from fear and their minds were trembling!

After opening this door, Wang Lin could reach the third step. Wang Lin instantly closed in on the gate, and the thunder tattoo mercilessly slammed into the gate!

A heaven-shaking rumble echoed across the world. Even space itself trembled and spread far away.

Wang Lin's thunder suddenly landed on the gate and began an indescribable collapse. This force could rip the world apart. It contained Wang Lin's thunder essence and all the accompanying thunder!

As the rumble echoed, the thunder suddenly collapsed. Wang Lin's body appeared and he coughed out a large amount of blood. His body was knocked back by the repelling force and he fell to the ground.

The Great Void Gate didn't move at all!

Wang Lin suddenly got up and charged out once more with a roar. His hands formed seals and the thunder tattoo appeared once more. The thunder in his body surged into the thunder tattoo, causing it to grow into tens of thousands of feet tell. He let out a roar as he charged at the Great Void Gate!

"Open for me!! Open!" Wang Lin's voice spread across the cultivation planet and shook the hearts of the 100,000 cultivators here. They were stunned as Wang Lin charged at the Great Void Gate once more. They were terrified. If it was them, they wouldn't have the courage to go all out like this.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world and a shockwave spread out. Wang Lin's thunder collapse once more and popping sounds echoed from his body. He coughed out blood, his body was a bloody mess, and he fell back to the ground once more.

The Great Void Gate didn't change at all; not a hint of it opening appeared, and it was about to disappear from the world.

"I won't give up like this!!!" Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot and filled with madness. As the gate was about to disappear, he rushed out once more. His hands formed a seal and the thunder from the sky and earth began to surge toward him.

"I'm the lord of thunder! All thunder in this starry sky, gather for me!!" As Wang Lin's words echoed, all the thunder on the planet gathered toward him. Thunder even came from outside the planet from 50 kilometers; 500 kilometers; 5,000 kilometers; 50,000 kilometers; 500,000 kilometers; 5,000,000 kilometers away!

Endless thunder appeared within 5,000,000 kilometers of where Wang Lin was and charged toward him!

At this instant, Wang Lin had become a huge vortex and attracted all the thunder to come to him. The thunder surged into his body and formed a giant thunder tattoo hundreds of thousands of feet tall!

The thunder tattoo rumbled. It contained Wang Lin's unwillingness. After it appeared, it charged at the gate for the third time as Wang Lin roared!

The thunder was heaven-shaking when it collided with the Great Void Gate that was about to dissipate! At this moment, Wang Lin's body trembled violently and the thunder tattoo collapsed!

An indescribable shock spread out like crazy. Wang Lin coughed out blood and blood exploded from his body. He was knocked far away by the shockwave.

However, the motionless gate also rumbled and unexpectedly opened just a small crack after being hit by the bolt of thunder that contained Wang Lin's heaven-defying will!

Although this gap was very small, it did open! Although it was far from opening completely, this gave Wang Lin hope!

The boundless gate slowly dissipated. Wang Lin's body was pushed by the impact and he landed loudly on the ground.

After a brief moment of silence, it was unknown who shouted first, but everyone's gazes gathered on the spot where Wang Lin had fallen.

"Kill!! This person didn't succeed in breaking into the third step and is seriously injured. Killing him will be great merit!"

"He is the person who destroyed the Scatter Thunder Clan. Kill him and your name will spread across the Ancient Star System!"

"This person is powerful, so we can't give him the chance to recover. We must kill him immediately!"

As murderous roars echoed, the 100,00 cultivators began to move. They used spells and treasures as they charged at Wang Lin!

The sky was covered by the light of treasures and spells. They formed a destructive aura that charged at Wang Lin!

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes. Although he was injured, with his cunning, he was already prepared. When the attacks arrived, Wang Lin pressed down on the ground and lifted it with a roar!

The entire mountain range rumbled and thunder filled the area. Wang Lin rushed into the air, and the mountain rose up into the air with him!

Countless fierce beasts escaped in panic and large amounts of trees collapsed, setting off a monstrous dust cloud.

This scene was so shocking that it caused terror to appear in the eyes of the surrounding cultivators once more!

This scene was enough to shock anyone! The mountain range was covered in thunder and was lifted into the air. Wang Lin let out a roar as he waved his hand and the mountain range split into countless thunder mountains that scattered in all directions!

Treasures and spells collided with the countless thunder mountains, creating a thunderous rumble. Large amounts of cultivators weren't able to dodge fast enough and were hit by the thunder mountains. They coughed out blood and their bodies collapsed!

Some people's origin souls completely disintegrated as well!

However, if this was all, it wouldn't show Wang Lin's methods. Although Wang Lin was injured, he had been injured by the Great Void Gate, and his thunder cultivation had to reach the peak of Nirvana Shatterer to be able to summon the Great Void Gate. Ordinary cultivators were not worth taking seriously in his eyes!

"Thunder mountains, contain my thunder and turn into sealing thunder to seal all of them. Although this is not enough to seal you all for life, it's enough for me to leave!" Wang Lin smiled as he waved his hand and endless thunder fused into the countless thunder mountains.

As the rumbles echoed, the countless mountains descended from above on top of the cultivators. They all connected together and fell on these cultivators.

The 100,00 cultivators were terrified and were about to scatter. However, thunder surrounded them, distorting the origin energy of the world and preventing them from escaping!

The countless mountains descended from the sky and landed on the ground completely sealing the 100,00 cultivators below it!

These people were at various cultivation levels, and Wang Lin obviously couldn't fight them, so he had borrowed the thunder mountains to seal them. Right now, thunderous rumbles echoed as the cultivators attempted to break the thunder mountains that were sealing them.

The thunder mountains rumbled violently and large amounts of rocks fell off. It seemed like they could collapse at any moment and allow the 100,00 cultivators sealed under them to break free!

Wang Lin sneered as thunder flashed in his right eye and the thunder tattoo appeared once more. The moment it appeared, heavenly thunder appeared and Wang Lin pressed his hand down! The thunder tattoo split into countless parts and imprinted on the countless thunder mountains!

It was like a rune was placed for the real seal to start working!

Using countless thunder mountains to seal 100,00 cultivators would make Wang Lin famous! When the thunder tattoo landed, the mountains no longer trembled. They became even more stable!

Some angry roars could still vaguely come out from below the mountains, but they couldn't break out of the seal in a short period of time!

Wang Lin's face was pale. He was injured by the Great Void Gate and then had to seal 100,00 cultivators, so he was exhausted.

"This is merely the start of the Ancient Star System's hunt. I can't stay here!" Wang Lin's body flickered and he took a step forward. Ripples echoed as he disappeared using Spatial Bending.

"Even the completion of my thunder essence can't open that barrier to the third step, can't open the Great Void Gate…" Wang Lin's figure reappeared and he immediately took another step.

"However, if one thunder essence isn't enough, then I'll use two complete essences to smash it. If two aren't enough, I don't believe five complete essences can't open the Great Void Gate! At that time, I'll instantly reach the third step and even be considered a powerhouse in the third step!" Wang Lin's eyes were cold and determined as he disappeared once more.

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