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Chapter 1368 - The Great Void Gate

Several cultivators had walked by Wang Lin and swept the area countless times with their divine senses, but none of them noticed him.

As Wang Lin sat there, he had completely merged with this surroundings. Whenever someone's gaze or divine sense passed by, their senses would be distorted, so they wouldn't detect Wang Lin.

His aura had long fused with the mountain range, so it was impossible to tell them apart!

The Heavenly Thunder had already been successfully refined and had become one of his accompanying thunders. The Earth Thunder had also been successfully devoured by Wang Lin a few hours ago.

Wang Lin knew that time was of the essence. He didn't hesitate to charge toward the fourth type of thunder, the Origin Thunder.

This Origin Thunder was formed by the origin energy of the world. After being refined by Wang Lin for three hours, it trembled and could no longer resist!

Right now there were four types of accompanying thunder around Wang Lin's thunder origin soul. As the four types of accompanying thunder rotated, his origin soul became even more powerful, and his thunder cultivation was getting closer to peak Nirvana Shatterer.

"Magnetic Thunder, I command you as the thunder of heaven to become my accompanying thunder!" Wang Lin's divine sense roared. The fifth type of accompanying thunder, Magnetic Thunder, was very strange. It contained a powerful magnetic force and gave off a powerful repulsive force.

To completely absorb it, he would have to refine it for several days and slowly make the repulsive force dissipate until it became his own. However, Wang Lin didn't have much time to waste. Seeing the Magnetic Thunder resisting violently, he let out a cold snort and the four types of accompanying thunder around his origin soul descended.

They formed a powerful force and collided with the magnetic force. There was a violent roar and the Magnetic Thunder resisted for a moment before it collapsed!

The moment it collapsed, Wang Lin's origin soul devoured the Magnetic Thunder. However, due to the fact that it was not absorbed but devoured after collapsing, it was a lot weaker than the other types of accompanying thunder.

However, Wang Lin couldn't care too much about it. After absorbing the five types of accompanying thunder, they rotated rapidly around his origin soul. At that instant, his cultivation broke through from the late stage of Nirvana Shatterer to the peak of Nirvana Shatterer!

When his thunder cultivation reached the peak of Nirvana Shatterer, his origin soul expanded rapidly before pounding on the sixth type of accompanying thunder, Dao Thunder!

The Scatter Thunder Clan had found Dao Thunder in the Inner Realm. Only Inner Realm cultivators cultivated dao and could form dao intent. This was how dao thunder was formed!

If this thunder resisted, Wang Lin wouldn't hesitate to crush it. His origin soul arrived with the momentum of a large army, but the Dao Thunder unexpectedly didn't resist at all!

Complicated dao intent came from the countless souls within the thunder. Wang Lin felt that these souls were extremely familiar. They were all Inner Realm cultivators!

These souls also felt Wang Lin's dao intent and charged at his origin soul. Without the need for Wang Lin to devour it, the Dao Thunder integrated with its own!

A perfect integration!

All six types of accompanying thunder were devoured and were rotating rapidly around Wang Lin's thunder essence. His thunder cultivation had reached the peak of Nirvana Shatterer!

His eyes suddenly opened, and in the thunder mark in his right eye, six types of accompanying thunder rotated. Endless rumbles came from the thunder in the sky!

The 100,000 cultivators on the planet searching for Wang Lin immediately noticed the difference in the thunder. Their divine senses fused together and swept the entire planet, but they still found nothing!

If it wasn't for the Zhen Yan Sect stopping them, these cultivators were going ignore all life on the planet and refine the entire planet to force Wang Lin out!

Rays of light filled the sky. There were cultivators everywhere!

Wang Lin revealed a sneer. The six types of accompanying thunder were complete, but this wasn't the end. He still needed three more types of thunder to complete his thunder essence. However, he had no clue where to search for the remaining three.

"When it comes to accompanying thunder, there is need to follow the rules and search for them. If I say they are accompanying thunder, then that's what they will be!" Wang Lin was never one to follow the rules. Since he had no idea what the three types of accompanying thunder should be, he was just going to make his own!

"I want to see if I can reach the third step with the help of my thunder essence reaching completion!" Wang Lin's eyes glowed red and his Ji Realm shot out!

"Ji Realm is divine retribution and is also thunder! I don't care what the divine retribution was before, now you are the Ji Thunder and my seventh type of accompanying thunder. I, Wang Lin, am the thunder of heaven. My words are orders you follow for life! Ji Thunder, return!"

Under Wang Lin's will, the Ji Thunder rumbled and charged at his right eye. It penetrated this right eye and imprinted itself in his pupil!

It became the seventh type of accompanying thunder!

At this moment, inside Wang Lin's right eye, there were seven types of thunder rotating around his thunder essence. An extremely powerful aura erupted from his body!

Wang Lin had already merged with the mountain range. The eruption of thunder spread out across the mountain range and across the entire continent!

The thunderous rumble was heaven-shaking, and endless thunder was set off across the continent!

This thunder didn't hurt mortals, but it was extremely bright!

The cultivators searching for Wang Lin were all shocked and then became excited as they began searching once more.

There were several cultivators at the Heaven's Blight stage working together, causing their divine senses to increase greatly.

"Thunder toad! You're a fierce beast and contain your own bloodline. You have followed me for many years, and although your cultivation level isn't high, you have cultivated my defying nature!

"Today, as the lord of thunder, I grant you the title of the eighth type of accompanying thunder, the Bloodline Thunder! I don't care what the eighth type of thunder was in the past. From today onward, you will become the eternal eighth type of accompanying thunder!"

Wang Lin's divine sense was powerful, and when it spread out, the thunder toad that had followed him for countless years appeared. The thunder toad let out a roar and then turned into a bolt of thunder that charged at Wang Lin's right eye!

In an instant, the thunder toad disappeared and a bolt of bloodline thunder appeared in Wang Lin's right eye! Eight types of accompanying thunder rotated around his thunder essence. Now the world changed colors and the clouds scattered!

Not only the earth, but even the sky was covered in thunder. Thunderous rumbles spread out and shocked the minds of all the cultivators here.

Right now the sky was thunder, and the earth was also thunder. The space in between was surrounded by thunder. There was attraction between the thunder from the sky and the thunder on the earth. Bolts of thunder connecting the sky and earth appeared!

The 100,000 cultivators searching for Wang Lin were no longer excited, but terrified! They had never seen something like this before. Watching the thunder rumble, their hearts began to tremble!

"The last type of thunder! I can't find this last type of accompanying thunder in this world, but throughout my life, I have always defied the heavens. I refuse to bend to fate, and I'll become the lord of the world. I'll destroy this heavens and shatter this earth!

"I've fought against the heavens for the soul of my wife and stole from time. I've lived my life as a heaven-defying cultivator. Although it has been bloody, I have no regrets. I, Wang Lin, have traveled the world for 2,000 years, but my heart remains calm. I seek a heaven-defying heart and I cultivate a heaven-defying will!

"Since I can't find the last form of accompanying thunder, then I'll use my entire life of cultivation to form the Defying Thunder. This Defying Thunder has never been born before, but today, with my command, this world will give birth to the Defying Thunder that will replace the ninth type of accompanying thunder of the past and become the only ninth type of thunder, Defying Thunder!" Wang Lin's will were filled with madness and power. He suddenly stood up and looked at the sky!

His body was as straight as a pine tree, filled with heaven-defying will! His eyes were like thunder, and his aura charged into the sky. His heart contained defiance and struggled directly against fate!

"What happened at the 7 Million Worlds removed my last bit of hesitation. If the heavens are insensitive, then us cultivators should resist! If it doesn't care, why should it control all lives and mess with my life?!" Wang Lin's voice roared, and the endless thunder seemed to resonate. The thunder formed a giant thunder lake and spread in all directions!


A bolt of thunder that had never appeared since the beginning of time was born from Wang Lin's words. It was invisible and couldn't be seen by most people. Only those filled with a defying will could detect it!

When this thunder suddenly appeared, it charged toward Wang Lin's right eye! It contained the struggle against fate and heaven.

It integrated in an instant!

In Wang Lin's right eye, the nine types of accompany thunder around his thunder essence were complete! As they rotated, they formed a thunder tattoo in Wang Lin's right eye!

The moment the thunder tattoo took shape, an indescribable thunder force erupted from Wang Lin's body like an endless volcano eruption!

As the thunderous rumble echoed, a giant, illusionary gate suddenly appeared before the gobsmacked cultivators on the planet!

This gate was boundless and seemed to be part of heaven itself. It was like the door of the heavens, and if one could open it, they could leave this world!

"Third step, Great Void Gate!!!" Some of the cultivators immediately recognized it, and their expressions changed. Disbelief filled their faces!

The moment the door appeared, Wang Lin clearly felt the indescribable power coming from it. It was as if everything he had was nothing but dust compared to it!

"Even if I can't break it, I have to try!!"

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