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Chapter 1367 - Master Simo

The six types of thunder. Wang Lin had sent out his will, and his origin soul began to shine brightly. If not for the fact that this body had contained the light, it would have lit up the entire planet as if it was day!

Under this violent light, a rift appeared in Wang Lin's origin soul, but it didn't bring him any harm. The inside of the rift was completely dark, as if it led to another world!

Under Wang Lin's will, the darkness in the rift egan to move like fog, and there were faint rumblings coming from within.

In just a moment, six types of thunder rumbled and flew out. They were the result of the Scatter Thunder Clan collecting them for tens of thousands of years. They immediately rushed out and rotated rapidly around Wang Lin's origin soul.

A feeling of swelling came from Wang Lin's body. It was fortunate that he had the body of an ancient god, because if he was an ordinary cultivator, he would have exploded immediately.

Even so, there were strands of thunder coming out from Wang Lin's pores. This caused his clothes to move without any wind, and thunder moved across the entire room.

Due to this, the thunder outside became even more crazy and rumbled loudly. This drastic change caused Wang Lin to open his eyes!

"My judgement was wrong…" Wang Lin's expression became gloomy and his body disappeared from the house. He moved across the rumbling sky and instantly appeared in an endless mountain range in the southern part of the planet!

The endless mountains were linked together, making it impossible to see where they ended. The mountains were covered in many giant, ancient forests that were filled with ferocious beasts.

Wang Lin appeared in a valley in the depths of the mountain range. The moment he appeared, he waved his hand and light distorted around him so that he could blend into the surroundings.

Under the light, Wang Lin sat down, formed seals with his hands, and began to refine like crazy!

He previously thought that he could contain the six types of thunder within his origin soul, but he unexpectedly found that his origin soul couldn't devour them in a short period of time. Not only that, but thunder was coming out of his body!

The thunder was weak, but it was enough to attract the attention of some of the cultivators on the planet!

When Wang Lin left the house, the expressions of the cultivators in the pavilion in the imperial city all changed. They had faintly noticed a shocking thunder force, but when their divine senses rushed over, they found nothing.

However, all of these cultivators were very smart and immediately realized the reason!

"It doesn't matter if this is the person who slaughtered the Scatter Thunder Clan. This person must have a hidden agenda for hiding here!" The Nivana Shatterer old man had a gloomy expression. His eyes lit up and he charged off into the distance. The rest followed him.

Not only him, the old man in the daoist robe who had his divine sense split was about to leave when he suddenly turned around. His eyes revealed a strange light as he turned without saying a word and his divine sense began a careful search.  

Similarly, in the western part of the planet, there was a group of cultivators in white. They had searched the entire western side of the planet and found nothing. Just as they were about to leave, the expression of the middle-aged man who was the leader changed and he changed directions without hesitation.

In a foggy star domain in the Ancient Star System lived one of the large ancient clans, the Misty Clan. Deep within the foggy star domain, there was a blue planet. Within this blue planet was a lake as calm as a mirror. It was very beautiful.

There was an island at the center of the lake with two or three elegant pavilions built on it. They were surrounded by a large amount of flowers that gave off pleasant fragrance. The wind would create ripples in the lake and blow the fragrance of the flowers into the distance.

There was a woman in black sitting outside the pavilion. She had green silk draped over her head, and the wind caused her hair to flutter. Her face was covered by green silk, so it was impossible to see it. Her hands were like jade and there was a ball of water that gave off water vapor moving above the lake.

The ball of water seemed to be filled with chaos and filled with light. Its insides twisted and distorted until the figure of a man in white that gave off the aura of loneliness appeared!

As the ball of water twisted, the figure became even more clear. Looking at it closely, it was Wang Lin!

Just at this moment, the eyes of the woman in black lit up behind the green silk. The ball of water exploded into a curtain of water.

The curtain of water revealed a star domain, and in that star domain there was only one cultivation planet!

The woman in black softly said, "Tell the elders of the Sovereign Council that Yun Luo has found the person who destroyed the Scatter Thunder Clan. He is here!"

The moment she finished speaking, three figures vaguely appeared and clasped their hands at the woman before disappearing.

It wasn't long before all the Ancient Star System cultivators around the planet Wang Lin was on obtained the Sovereign Council's order and began to gather.

At the same time, there was an abyss within a spatial rift. This place was dark all year and was always filled with cold energy. Any living being sucked in would instantly perish.

However, deep within the darkness and cold energy of the rift sat a middle-aged man. He wore a gloomy expression as he sat there and cultivated.

Every time he inhaled, the endless cold energy would gather. Crackling sounds echoed as ice formed and instantly collapsed into energy that was absorbed by this man.

There was a ball of white light floating before him. The white light seemed to contain souls, but it was impossible to see what was inside clearly. It slowly rotated, and faint white lines flew out of it and were inhaled by the middle-aged man.

After a long time, the middle-aged man slowly opened his eyes and looked at the white light before him. He muttered, "A rank 6 dao spirit is indeed amazing. I've only absorbed 60%, but I already faintly feel signs of breaking past the early stage of Nirvana Void… Although I'm still far from a breakthrough, but it's a feeling that hasn't appeared in a long time… The four void realms, Nirvana, Spirit, Arcane, Tribulant!"

The middle-aged man's expression suddenly changed and he looked up. A ray of red light pierced through the void and rushed into the rift. It suddenly appeared before the middle-aged man!

The red light lit up everything, and there was a blood colored piece of paper at the center!

"Master Simo, orders from the Sovereign Council within! Capture the person who destroyed the Scatter Thunder Clan to earn a rank 6 dao spirit as a reward! Kill him and you will only obtain a rank 9 dao spirit!" A gloomy voice echoed from the blood paper.

This middle-aged man was one of the third step cultivators hunting Tuo Sen when Wang Lin entered the Ancient Star System!

Master Simo!

Master Simo's eyes lit up and his right hand reached out at the blood paper. He crushed the paper and then a red gas entered his arm.

"This matter is simple, my avatar is enough." After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and an illusion walked out of his body. This avatar looked exactly like him, but its cultivation wasn't at the third step, but fifth Heaven's Blight!

His avatar took a step forward and disappeared from the spatial rift.

As for Wang Lin, he was hiding within the mountain range, ignoring all the cultivators that were searching for him on the planet. Ignoring the rays of light flying above his head, he closed his eyes and began refining the six types of thunder like crazy.

The first one he refined was the Spiritual Thunder. He already had a lot, and it didn't take long for him to absorb all the Spiritual Thunder the Scatter Thunder Clan had gathered.

As a result, his Spiritual Thunder was every powerful! It slowly rotated around Wang Lin's origin soul. Every time it made a rotation, it would make his origin soul grow, and his cultivation level would increase a bit.

His thunder cultivation was growing toward the peak of Nirvana Shatterer! It was difficult to reach Nirvana Shatterer in 10,000 years, much less breaking through further. Wang Lin's cultivation time simply couldn't compare to that of those old monsters. He relied on the dao fruit to reach the Nirvana Shatterer stage, and then on the thunder.

Although this was the case, it couldn't increase his cultivation level too much… Unless all nine types of thunder were completed!

However, Wang Lin didn't know if he could enter the third after the nine types thunder were complete. He had a feeling it wouldn't be this simple. After all, he had chosen not to cultivate Joss Flames...

"No matter what happens, I can't cultivate Joss Flames!" Wang Lin's decision was firm. After absorbing the Spiritual Thunder, his origin soul opened its mouth and began to devour the other five types of thunder.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, one day went by!

During this day, even more Ancient Star System cultivators had gathered here. There was no less than 100,000 cultivators. There were many powerful cultivators here, and very few weak people were sent out!

The entire cultivation planet had been searched like crazy by these cultivators. The search had already flipped the entire planet inside and out!

Even the mountain range had been searched inch by inch by these cultivators, but in the end, no matter how much they searched, they found nothing!

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