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Chapter 136 – Middle Aged scholar

The moment Qingxuan finished speaking, the expression of a female cultivator, who was standing on a flying sword, suddenly darkened and became unsettled after hearing the words “Ma Liang”. She clenched her teeth, stopped, and turned around. This woman was very beautiful, but her expression was very ugly as she came over.

This woman was the person who Ma Liang couldn’t get out of his mind even in the foreign battleground, his junior apprentice sister Xu Si.

She greeted Qingxuan, then looked at Wang Lin with an ugly expression and cold eyes as she said, “Where did this evil doer come from? You dare to pretend to be a disciple of the War God Shrine? Brother Qingxuan, please help me kill this person.” With that, she slapped her bag of holding and a two inch black rain needle appeared in her hand. She gently moved her wrist and the rain needle violently attacked Wang Lin.

Strands of grey light spread from the needle, creating a shower of needles. The shower of needles covered the sky, then rained on Wang Lin.

Qingxuan was startled. He didn’t act, but took a few steps back. He stared coldly at Wang Lin without saying a word.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he sneered on the inside. He reached out, formed a giant hand with his attraction force technique, and easily caught all of the needles. He wiped off the divine sense on them, snorted, then casually placed them into his bag of holding.

The young woman’s beautiful face suddenly turned pale as a stream of blood flowed down from her red lips. Her body shook, and the flying sword under her feet lost its shine. She stared at Wang Lin with a look of disbelief. In her memory, Ma Liang couldn’t possibly have this kind of power. Not to mention stopping her magic treasure, but also to be able to so casually wipe her divine sense away from it. Her heart was in turmoil as she thought about this.

Just at this moment, three sword lights came from the middle of the army of cultivators. When they arrived, they revealed three young men. One of them was Yang Xiong.

He looked at the woman once, then turned around to Qingxuan and said, “Sorry for bothering you, brother Qingxuan. Junior apprentice Ma Liang is indeed a disciple of the War God Shrine. Thank you for guiding him here.”

Qingxuan looked at them meaningfully. He let out a chuckle as he shook his head and left. After he moved away a bit, he turned around and saw Yang Xiong being very respectful to Ma Liang. This startled him. After pondering for a bit, he changed directions and went toward the He Tu Sect.

Yang Xiong ignored everyone around him and whispered to Wang Lin, “Does master know ancestor Feng Luan? The person on the five-colored phoenix chariot is her. She ordered me to bring you to her.”

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the constantly moving army of cultivators. In the center, there was a five-colored phoenix chariot, and standing on it was a woman wearing a court dress. She seemed to notice Wang Lin’s gaze and glanced at him.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he knew what was going on. This ancestor Feng Luan was the same middle-aged woman who had come for Zhou Zihong’s Soul Essence Blood. After pondering a little, he moved toward her with Yang Xiong. When he passed Xu Si, he shot her a vicious look and silently placed a sliver of his divine sense on her.

This divine sense will activate after one month and then this girl will die. After experiencing the events in Zhao, Wang Lin decided he would eliminate anyone who had ill intent towards him, whether they were man or woman. He would nip the bud before anything else could happen. Since this Xu Si attacked first, then she couldn’t blame him for being ruthless.

Yang Xiong guided the way and whispered, “When Lin Tao was making a copy of the map, he was caught by ancestor Feng Luan, so the map is currently in her hands. Lin Tao was also punished. If it wasn’t for the migration, he would have been locked away for ten years.”

Wang Lin’s expression was normal, but he became even more cautious and followed Yang Xiong to the five-colored phoenix chariot. Yang Xiong stopped after arriving near the chariot, but Wang Lin went past him. He arrived before ancestor Feng Luan, clasped his hands, and respectfully said, “Wang Lin greets senior.”

The woman withdrew her gaze from the battle and looked at Wang Lin. She gently asked, “Wang Lin is your real name?”

Wang Lin silently nodded. The name Wang Lin was simply too common, so there was no need to hide it. If it was discovered by her that he was lying about his name, then it would be bad.

The woman looked at the advancing army of cultivators. She pondered a bit before saying, “Currently, the country of Hou Fen is in danger. Once we reach Xuan Wu, there will be another big battle. Thus, we can forget about this matter, so you don’t have to worry about it. If someone bothers you, I can protect you, but only once. After I help you, then I no longer owe you for saving Zihong.”

Just as Feng Luan finished speaking, the sky suddenly darkened. In the distant battlefield, ten large volcanoes were ripped out from the ground and tossed aside by the ten Nascent Soul cultivators. The fire beasts all scattered, but some of them were hit by the impact and were turned to paste.

Using this chance, the army of cultivators charged through the opening and broke though the army of 20,000 or so fire beasts that were chasing Wang Lin.

Flying swords charged into the gap one by one. Once a gap was opened, the cultivators had already won. After all, their goal wasn’t to eliminate the fire beasts, but to escape.

Feng Luan stared at the battlefield. The phoenix chariot suddenly charged forth and broke through as well.

The 16 giant fire beasts were held down by the Nascent Soul cultivators. They roared repetitively, but eventually stopped and stared coldly at the escaping army of cultivators. Then they linked their hands together in a weird wave and waves of roars like before came from their mouths.

Shortly after, red lines came out of their foreheads to form the ring of fire. The moment the ring of fire appeared, the 16 giant fire beasts revealed looks of devotion and let out sad growls.

Their bodies shrank rapidly as bursts of dark red energy entered the ring of fire.

This processes lasted more than an hour. Some cultivators noticed the change and came to stop them, but when they got close, they were turned to dust by a destructive force. After seeing this, no one else dared to come too close.

One more hour later, the bodies of the 16 giant beasts had dissipated. They had all fused with the ring of fire. The ring didn’t grow any larger, but the color was now dark red. Finally, it silently shattered into tiny red specks and disappeared.

At this moment, all of the fire beasts inside Hou Fen stopped moving and knelt on the ground, letting out sad sounds at the same time. Suddenly, one of the fire beasts fell to the ground and started twitching. If one looked closely, they would see a speck of red light on its forehead. Its body rapidly expanded and in less than one hour, it grew to ten feet tall.

Shortly after, one fire beast after another was touched by the red speck and their bodies rapidly grew. In less than 2 hours, all of the fire beasts in Hou Fen seemed to have undergone a change. Their powers were also increased ten fold.

The beasts that changed flew into the air and chased after the army of cultivators. More and more changed fire beasts joined the chase. This scene looked very intimidating.

As for the army of cultivators, of the ten Nascent Soul cultivators that returned from the battle, four came back to the War God Shrine’s group. One of the old men with a pale face swept the chariot and locked onto Wang Lin. His voice was cold as he asked, “It was this junior who lured the fire beasts here?”

Wang Lin stared at the old man with his cold gaze and nodded.

The old man let out a few cold snorts, then his giant hand reached toward Wang Lin. Feng Luan’s face slightly darkened as she slapped the five colored phoenix chariot. A five colored phoenix appeared and let out a chirp. It flapped its wings and a five colored light spread out.

The old man withdrew his hand. He stared at the woman and angrily shouted, “Feng Luan, what are you doing? Not only did this guy possess a disciple of our War God Shrine, but also lured the fire beasts here. You have to know that more than 1000 disciples of Hou Fen died in that battle.”

Feng Luan revealed a determined look and decisively said, “As long as I’m here, you can’t kill him.”

Zhou Jin stared at Feng Luan with a dark expression. He pondered for a bit, then said, “This person isn’t Ma Liang, so he isn’t a disciple of my War God Shrine. Although I can’t kill him, he can’t stay here either.”

Feng Luan turned toward Wang Lin and asked, “Wang Lin, are you willing to become my honorary disciple?”

Wang Lin quickly thanked her and nodded.

Zhou Jin’s eyes narrowed and became cold. Feng Luan’s cultivation level was the same as his, at the early stage of Nascent Soul, but her cultivation partner, Yang Sen, was at the mid stage of Nascent Soul. It wasn’t really worth it to offend two Nascent Soul cultivators over something this small. Zhou Jin snorted and said, “Since junior apprentice sister Feng Luan is willing to take this person as her disciple, then I naturally won’t pursue this matter anymore. Putting the identity of this person aside, seeing that there are more battles to come, with his mere mid stage Foundation Establishment cultivation level, it would be hard to ensure his safety.”

With that, he waved his sleeves and left.

Of the three remaining Nascent Soul cultivators, only one flew toward Feng Luan. The other two wryly smiled and scattered. The person who flew toward Feng Luan looked like a middle-aged scholar. He was the mid stage Nascent Soul cultivator that Zhou Jin dreaded, Yang Sen.

He looked at Wang Lin and frowned. He then sighed at Feng Luan and asked, “Junior sister Luan… why did you do this?”

Feng Luan coldly stared at the middle aged scholar and said, “If it wasn’t for him, Hong Er would have died in the foreign battleground. If it wasn’t you for inciting her, how could Hong Er have entered that dangerous place?”

The middle aged scholar turned toward Wang Lin and deeply bowed. After he finished, he took out a piece of jade and swiped his hand over it. He threw it at Wang Lin and said, “This jade is a Nascent Soul level treasure I made in my earlier years. I have already removed my divine sense from it. Once you imprint yours, you will be able to use it to protect yourself in the coming battles.”

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