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Chapter 1356 - Seven Sword Chops the Heavenly Mountain (3)

Daoist Scattered Spirit's eyes were filled with sorrow as if he didn't want activate this formation, but he had to. He had never forced anyone; his dao teachings had spread over the countless years to cultivators and morals...

"The world we are in is false. The Celestial Realm that we have been told of is false. We need to break open the world together to see the truth, to walk out of this world and become real… people! This is my dao!"

The 7 Million Worlds' 100 Million Life Formation used the lives of the 100 million people in the 7 Million Worlds as the root. As Master Scatter Thunder's words echoed, people left their houses across the mortals cities of the 7 Million Worlds.

There were young and old, male and female, they all walked out and sat down. They couldn't use spells, but a powerful will filled their minds. The would to break through the world!

"We are not ants, we are not livestock. We don't want to be captives, we want to break the heavens, break out of this world, and break the Celestial Realm! I'm willing to give my life so that the future generations can have a bright future!"

The cultivators of the 7 Million Worlds all walked out from the respective sects. They looked at the sky with determination before sitting down and releasing even more powerful will!

"We are not dumb cultivators, we are not cultivators that would allow others to destroy us with divine retribution; we have flesh and blood, we have joy and sorrow. Cultivating to be a celestial is the grand dao, and we want to rise to the Celestial Realm. However, this Celestial Realm is fake, so we'll destroy the Celestial Realm and become celestials ourselves!"

Countless peak Soul Formation cultivators who had their cultivation sealed by Daoist Scattered Spirit so they wouldn't attract divine retribution walked out from their hiding places. They looked at the sky with a vicious gazes, and their will power erupted!

"We are humans, not random livestock to be slaughtered. We are cultivators, not things to be used by the Celestial Realm to collect Spiritual Thunder! The Celestial Realm will collapse and the world will shatter. We want to walk out of the cage!"

The thoughts of every living being surged in their minds and gathered to form an indescribable storm!

This storm was the resistance of the 7 Million Worlds after being suppressed for countless years. It was the unwillingness of the 7 Million Worlds being amplified countless fold!

This power was invincible; even the heavenly dao would be shaking before this power. This was the rebellion of ants, this was a heaven-defying will that shocked even Wang Lin!

This was not the heaven-defying will of one person, but the defying wills of countless living beings in the 7 Million Worlds!

"I use the flesh and blood of my 7 Million Worlds to open this seal that prevents any external forces from entering!" Daoist Scattered Spirit's mighty voice spread to every corner of the 7 Million Worlds!

As his voice echoed, his power suddenly increased and became stronger and stronger, forming a powerful storm. This storm was extremely powerful, and it was something Wang Lin had never seen before in his life!

It was impossible to see it with one's eyes, but if one checked with their divine sense, the storm was like a sun giving off a heaven-shattering power!

This storm was formed by the will and life of every person in the 7 Million Worlds, and it was everywhere! This storm formed a giant wall that prevented any external force from entering!

All of this sounds slow, but it happened in an instant. The moment the storm of will and life formed, the eternal thunderbolt from the Scatter Thunder Clan broke through the void and arrived. It crashed into the storm in an attempt to break in!

A thunderous rumble echoed, shocking the entire world. The storm began to tremble and roars filled with reluctance echoed inside it. These were the roars of the countless cultivators and millions of mortals. The roars fused together into a sound that could confront heaven itself!

Wang Lin was stunned while looking at everything before him, and his mind trembled from the roar. His soul seemed to resonate with the roar, and he felt as if he was being baptised. The confirmation of his dao became more clear.

The eternal thunderbolt didn't break the storm the first time, and the storm become even stronger. The roar of millions of people erupted at the same time!

Under the pressure of this force, the eternal thunderbolt was forced back several thousand feet!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The eternal thunderbolt flashed and seemed to connect with heaven itself. It immediately descended once more!

This shocking scene caused the head elder's eyes to be filled with fear. For the first time, he was scared! It never occurred to him that such a shocking thing could happen in the 7 Million Worlds! Not only him, not even the Scatter Thunder Clan's first ancestor could have imagined something like this would happen!

"Mad… you've all gone mad. All the cultivators in the 7 Million Worlds have gone mad. Even all the mortals have also… all gone mad!!"

The eternal thunderbolt arrived outside the storm surrounding the 7 Million Worlds. It descended on the storm a second time.

The storm rumbled and countless mortals in the 7 Million Worlds coughed out blood and fell, but even more people walked out to replace the fallen.

Some mortals struggled to get up.  Even if blood was gushing out from their mouths, they were still going to give all their strength!

The cultivators also coughed out blood, but they were releasing even more will than the mortals, so they suffered even more injuries. Some cultivators' bodies exploded, but the rest didn't give up. Even if they died, they were still willing to continue!

They had no path of retreat!

Master Scatter Spirit's eyes were filled with endless sorrow as he sat down and closed his eyes. As he closed his eyes, he seemed to dissipate from the world and then became part of the 7 Million Worlds.

At this instant, a large amount of light came from Daoist Scattered Spirit. He became the center of the 7 Million Worlds storm and became even more powerful!

It was as if the formation had gained a formation spirit!

The storm roared. No matter how much the eternal thunderbolt bombarded it, the storm didn't move!

A crystal sword began to condense inside this storm. The moment it appeared, the world trembled and it floated above Daoist Scattered Spirit.

This sword was seven feet long and three inches wide. It was bright and gave off a dazzling glow!

"Fellow Cultivator, this old man has used the lives of the 7 Million Worlds and the world itself to create this formation. It will seal this world and at the same time condense this heaven-chopping sword. Take this sword and chop down seven strikes to kill the head elder. This is where my 70% confidence comes from!"

The seven foot sword flashed and flew toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin raised his hand and the sword flew into his grasp. Holding the sword, Wang Lin could clearly feel the unimaginable madness inside it!

This aura was filled with unwillingness and the intent to break through the world!

What was this sword? This was clearly the hope of all life in the 7 Million Worlds!

All of this happened in a short period of time. The expression of the head elder changed greatly. He looked at the seven foot sword, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

"Arrogant! You're nothing more than the 7 Million Worlds!" He grinned as he stepped forward toward Wang Lin with this right hand raised, and a thunderous rumble echoed!

Wang Lin silently pondered as if he didn't see the head elder closing in . The endless thunder instantly closed in, forming countless balls of thunder. They were about to crash into Wang Lin, and even the head elder was less than 100 feet away!

Wang Lin suddenly raised his head as he gripped the seven foot sword and chopped down!

The world trembled and a blinding light appeared. This light covered the world and seemed to absorb all other light. It was like the first ray of sword light that appeared at the beginning of time!

One sword chop to shake the heavens!

There was no sword energy, but countless roars that could shatter bones echoed. The moment the sword fell, countless people died in the 7 Million Worlds! However, all of their deaths were willing, and they turned into an indescribable force that rushed out from the sword!

The countless roars were inside the sword light, charging at the head elder. The thunder he had created collapsed in an instant without any chance to resist!

The head elder's mind trembled violently and he quickly retreated. The thunder armor around him expanded to block before him. The first sword strike collided with the thunder armor.

A heaven-shaking rumble echoed and a mournful cry came from inside the light. The head elder's eyes were filled with disbelief, and a strong sense of fear appeared in his eyes. This thunder armor was refined by the third step ancestor of the Scatter Thunder Clan and was able to resist Wang Lin's Joss Flames. However, when the sword strike landed, he coughed out blood and he was thrown back 10,000 feet.

The sword light disappeared and the first strike was over!

The head elder's eyes were filled with monstrous fear. His body trembled and crackling sounds came from the thunder armor, then a large amount of cracks appeared on it. Then, with a bang, the treasure that had been passed down for tens of thousands of years shattered into countless fragments.

A deep wound appeared on the head elder's chest. It was a bloody wound, and his face was extremely pale. He coughed out another mouthful of blood and didn't hesitate to retreat, staggering as he did so!

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