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Chapter 1352 - Battle at the Scatter Thunder Clan! (6)

The moment the Soul Lasher appeared, the head elder's eyes widened as he looked at the whip. There was a flash of shock in his eyes.

"This is… This is… No, the aura is different, it only looks similar…"

The Soul Lasher extended to 100,000 feet, and popping sounds echoed as all eight ancient thunder dragons were hit by the whip. They let out painful roars and were about to charge once more when Wang Lin grabbed the whip and began lashing out like crazy!

The Soul Lasher came from planet Suzuka and specialized in damaging the origin soul! No matter your cultivation level, as long as you were in soul form, you would have to despair before this whip!

It was impossible to escape it!

Even the heavenly ghost was unable to escape. It would be caught trembling!

At this moment, Wang Lin held it and whipped nonstop. The eight ancient thunder dragons roared intensely but were unexpectedly unable to get close. They were pushed back by the whip!

As they retreated, the parts where the eight ancient thunder dragons were hit by the whip seemed to burn and showed signs of melting!

Wang Lin was spirited, and without thinking, he poured his cultivation into the Soul Lasher. The whip gave off a ghostly glow and golden light came from the broken part of the whip!

When the head elder saw the golden light, his expression changed greatly. There was even a trace of fear in his eyes!

"This golden light!!! This golden light!!! Could this item really be… Impossible, that whip was taken away, how could it be in his hands? It's impossible!

"I want to see what this imitation whip can do! Ancient thunder dragon, devour for me!!" The head elder stared at the whip, and his hands formed a seal as he spat out blood once more. The blood spread to the eight ancient thunder dragons and they let out violent roars. They no longer retreated but charged forward!

Wang Lin took a step forward and quickly moved the Soul Lasher in his hand. A thrilling battle began between him and the ancient thunder dragons. The ghostly light from the whip lessened and was gradually being replaced by the golden light coming from the broken parts.

A moment later, the eight ancient thunder dragons seemed to go crazy as they gave up on Wang Lin and charged at the whip!

The head elder had a hideous expression as he stared at the Soul Lasher and yelled, "Ancient thunder dragons, explode, explode, explode!"

As the head elder roared, the eight ancient thunder dragons trembled, and one of the dragons' body began to rumble. The sound of the thunderous rumble was impossible to describe, and thunder scattered from its body, forming a thunderstorm!

It wasn't just one ancient thunder dragon exploding, but in a short period of time, eight ancient thunder dragons had exploded. The eight thunderstorms spread out. They were powerful enough to destroy all life within a star domain!

The storms charged directly at Wang Lin. At this moment of danger, the Soul Lasher in Wang Lin's hand lashed out like crazy, but the storm was too strong. For the first time, the Soul Lasher was not strong enough!

Countless cracks appeared on the whip, and as popping sounds echoed, the tip collapsed!

Wang Lin's body was covered in blood. At this moment, the head elder relaxed a bit, as if he had confirmed that the whip wasn't what he expected. As he relaxed, killing intent filled him once more as he rushed forward. He was going to cooperate with the thunderstorm to kill Wang Lin!

"Die for this old man!" The head elder instantly closed in with a grin. He raised his hand and was about to slam down!

However, just at this moment, a shocking change occurred!

Wang Lin struggled inside the storm formed by the eight ancient thunder dragons. His ancient god body was about to collapse and his origin soul was seriously injured!

His eyes were bloodshot and he let out a sigh. At this cultivation level, he wasn't strong enough to fight a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator. He was about to activate the charm to head to the 7 Million Worlds when shock filled his eyes!

A glaring ray of golden light came from the collapsed Soul Lasher, and in an instant, even more golden light spread out. This golden light contained an indescribable aura, and even the ancient thunder dragons inside the storm seemed to pause!

Even the world seemed to stop, making it seem as if someone had used the Stop spell!

All sound seemed to disappear from this world, and all the rumbling from the thunder disappeared. Everything beside the golden light and the aura from the whip seemed to disappear!

Inside the golden light, the 100,000 foot Soul Lasher shrank and continued to silently collapse. As layers fell off, the golden light coming from it became even more dense!

In just a moment, the 100,000 foot Soul Lasher shrank until it was only 10 feet long. The last piece of leather on the whip was torn off, then a shocking change occurred to the whip!

At a glance, it didn't look like a whip, but a ray of light! A ray of golden light!

It was as if someone had extracted light from the world using a powerful spell and condensed it into this 10-foot-long golden thread! An indescribable pressure came from the golden thread!

Wang Lin was holding this golden line. At this moment, his mind trembled and he had an illusion that he was holding millions of souls in this hand! These souls and light were fused together with a strange spell to form the Soul Lasher, which was specialized in damaging souls!

A sense of enlightenment vaguely appeared in Wang Lin's mind. Wang Lin held the 100 foot golden line and gently waved. The golden line twisted like a snake and whipped toward the storm formed by the ancient thunder dragons!

The moment the golden line whipped out, it extended indefinitely! 1,000 feet, 10,000 feet, 100,000 feet!

This golden line extended endlessly and directly cut through the thunderstorm surrounding Wang Lin. The thunderstorm rumbled and immediately collapsed!

As it collapsed, the souls of the eight ancient thunder dragons were split in half, and they let out mournful cries. They began to dissipate and were about to return to the Ancient Thunder Realm that had disappeared a long time ago!

The head elder's eyes were filled with monstrous terror. The moment the golden line appeared, he rapidly retreated but was still hit by it. He immediately coughed out blood as he quickly retreated, and he exclaimed, "This!! This!! The Million Worlds Soul Sealing Whip was taken away back then. It should never have reappeared in this world!!"

"Who the hell are you? Where did you come from? Why do you have the treasure of the leader of that group cultivators that helped the Ancestor back then?!" The terror in the head elder's heart reached a limit. He had personally seen that whip before!!

Back when the ancestor was still around, he was only a Soul Formation cultivator. He personally saw the leader of that group of cultivators wield that whip. With one wave, the world collapsed and time seemed to reverse. A giant rift appeared in the world, and within that collapse, the 7 Million Worlds appeared!

He also saw that cultivator wave the whip a second time, which opened the void, and from the darkness, the whip took countless creatures. These creatures were put into the 7 Million Worlds. They were the first residents of the 7 Million Worlds!

He also saw that when that cultivator took out those creatures, an angry roar came from the void, then a terrifying aura that he still remembered well came out from the void. A illusory figure rushed out with the roar.

However, that figure that terrified him collapsed when the mysterious cultivator whipped a third time!

"They already left, they took the whip and left. Why did the treasure of their chief reappear once more, and in his hands?! Unless- unless this is the ancestor's spirit at work, sending this person here to give me the Million Worlds Soul Sealing Whip!!!" The head elder was filled with endless greed.

Wang Lin had no time to think about what the head elder was thinking. At this moment, his eyes released a strange light. His heart pounded as looked at the eight torn-apart ancient thunder dragon souls that were being pulled back.

"These are ancient thunder dragons. Although they are only souls, they are still real ancient thunder dragons. Back then, I only devoured half of one. I can't give up this opportunity!"

Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. The souls were about to dissipate, and once they disappeared, he would never have such a chance again. At this moment, he couldn't bear to think about anything else, and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows. His origin soul rushed out of it!

His origin soul was an ancient thunder dragon, but at this moment, it expanded greatly like boundless fog!

Wang Lin was only able to devour half of that ancient thunder dragon because back in planet Suzaku, Wang Lin had become a soul devourer! A soul devourer could devour any soul in the world!

Although Wang Lin hadn't used its power in a long time, today he would use it once more!

"Devour, devour, devour, devour these eight ancient thunder dragons. Devour them and my power of thunder will increase greatly!!!" Wang Lin's mind gave off this maddening will. His origin soul moved under his command and began devouring!

The ancient thunder dragon souls that were about to dissipate trembled, and a portion of them were devoured by Wang Lin!

At this instant, Wang Lin's origin soul surged like crazy and thunder rumbled. His power of thunder had never increased like it did now!

This scene caused the head elder to become gobsmacked, and his eyes widened with disbelief. He could have never dreamed that Wang Lin would dare to devour, could devour ancient thunder dragons!

"This… How can this be possible…"

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