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Chapter 1351 - Battle at the Scatter Thunder Clan! (5)

The Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder had a vicious expression, and all the calmness and pride from before were gone. In this short period of time, Wang Lin had brought him too much shock and surprise in their vicious battle.

He originally didn't think of Wang Lin as a threat; he thought he could easily kill Wang Lin with only fourth Heaven's Blight power. However, at that moment, when he felt that life and death crisis, something he hadn't faced in tens of thousands of years, his mind cleared up.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was willing to suffer injuries and rip off the last seal to display his full fifth Heaven's Blight cultivation, that impact just now could have seriously injured him, or even killed him!

The impact of the thunder was like an angry wave that broke through all his protections. At that moment, a bolt of red lightning charged straight at him. That lightning contained a trace of divine retribution and made his clan mark tremble until a crack appeared on it.

There was also that bizarre and almost invincible blood sword that had brought him a nightmare. It broke through everything and penetrated through his chest. If not for him releasing his fifth Heaven's Blight cultivation, just that sword would've been enough to cover him in cold sweat.

In addition, the other party's thunder essence had closed in, and it contained endless will. It triggered the thunder inside him, and the attacks from both inside and outside left a large amount of wounds on his body.

All of this was a lesson that he had paid for in blood. This had awakened the head elder. The young man before him was his archrival! That coupled with him using Dao Master Blue Dream's Light Shadow Shield, endless speculations appeared in his mind!

However, whether it was the injuries or Dao Master Blue Dream's spell, they only shocked the head elder. What made him terrified was the other party's grasp in timing and bold and decisive nature!

"In the extremely dangerous moment when the thunder collapsed, he actually used the Light Shadow Shield to counter-attack, catching me off guard. This sounds simple, but very few people would be able to grasp the timing and pull it off so perfectly! Even if it was me, I would hesitate!

"This person isn't very old, but he already has such a cunning mind. He should be very famous in the Ancient Star System, but I have never heard the name 'Wang Lin' before!

"What exactly is he?!"

The Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder's expression was vicious as he retreated from the impact, and his killing intent toward Wang Lin grew several fold. He let out a roar as he raised his hand and clawed at the space around him!

"Open the Ancient Thunder Realm!"

A thunderous rumble echoed. It was heaven-shaking and even more shocking than before. It was as if the world was going to collapse, and a giant vortex appeared before the head elder!

The center of the vortex was completely black, and endless thunder was moving within. As it rotated, it seemed to open up a black hole to another world!

This spell was infinitely close to third step cultivators extracting the power of Joss Flames!

Wang Lin was in the distance, and his face was slightly pale. Before, he was hit by the impact and suffered  injuries. If he hadn't used the Light Shadow Shield to protect himself, he would've been seriously injured!

This was a vicious battle. It could be said this was the most powerful opponent Wang Lin had faced in his life! Daoist Water was a third step cultivator and was forced to retreat before he could kill Wang Lin. However, it wasn't Wang Lin that had forced him to retreat, but the Lord of the Sealed Realm!

Therefore, since he had been facing the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder himself this whole time, his blood is almost boiling!

Battle intent filled his eyes!

Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight, never fear a fight! 

"If I can't overcome a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator, how could I be qualified to challenge a third step cultivator, to kill Daoist Water?" Wang Lin laughed loudly and his hand formed a seal. Rumbling sounds echoed from his body as his ancient god stars rotated rapidly, and the star of law appeared as well.

His entire cultivation surged rapidly, and the blood sword had long returned to his side, giving off endless sword energy! Wang Lin's eyes shined like torches, and he didn't give the head elder the chance to continue the spell. He raised his right hand and charged forward!

The blood sword opened the path and endless thunder appeared around him. In an instant, Wang Lin became like a thunder meteor as he charged forward in this endless rumble!

"The firefly dares to fight the bright moon!" The head elder sneered as he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of essence blood of a fifth Heaven's Blight cultivator. The blood was immediately absorbed by the giant vortex.

"Ancient thunder dragons that have been gone for countless years, today, as a slave of the eternal thunderbolt, I awaken your dissipated souls. I use my blood as the guide so your endless thunder might can gather and descend upon this world. Display your power that can destroy the world!"

The moment the head elder's blood was absorbed by the vortex, muffled roars came from within it. These roars were heaven-shattering, and before they even came out of the vortex, the surrounding thunder rumbled!

The moment he spoke, thunderous rumbles echoed inside the vortex as if a powerful existence was smashing into it in an attempt to rush out!

"Ancient thunder dragons, descend!" the head elder roared as his hand reached out once more. The giant vortex rotated like crazy and a thunderous bang came from within!

A giant dragon head suddenly came out of the center of the vortex. This dragon head was green and gave off endless thunder. The moment it appeared, it gave off a roar unique to the ancient thunder dragon!


Wang Lin closed in with endless thunder, but the moment he got close, all the thunder around him collapsed. Even he was affected by the roar. He trembled violently as if his body was going to explode. Then he coughed out blood and was thrown back. Disbelief filled his eyes!

"A complete ancient thunder dragon!" Wang Lin retreated, and his expression was extremely gloomy.

The giant dragon head struggled to come out of the vortex with a monstrous aura. Its body was more than 100,000 feet long and each of its green scales contained thunder!

After it charged out, it caused the space around it to collapse. It was as if it could destroy the world if its body moved!

If it was just one ancient thunder dragon, Wang Lin wouldn't have been so shocked. However, after the first one, another one rushed out from the vortex!

Two, three, four… Until the eighth ancient thunder dragon appeared before Wang Lin. Eight ancient thunder dragons had appeared in this world!

Every single ancient thunder dragon was powerful beyond imagination. Now that eight had appeared, all thunder had to listen to their command!

"Ancient thunder dragons, kill this person!" The head elder grinned as he pointed at Wang Lin. The eight ancient thunder dragon rushed toward Wang Lin!

These eight ancient thunder dragons instantly closed in.Thunder had no effect on them because they were ancient thunder dragons. They were the strongest messengers of heaven, who were given the right to command thunder!

At this moment, they instantly closed in on Wang Lin.

The thunderous rumbles continued. Wang Lin let out a roar and grabbed one of the ancient thunder dragons. His body trembled as if he was hit by a million-pound carriage and immediately retreated as he coughed out blood.

However, just after he retreated three steps, two more ancient thunder dragons rushed in. As the impact continued, Wang Lin continued to cough out blood. He couldn't stop, so he continued to be pushed back!

However, just at this moment, three more ancient dragons came from behind him, trapping himself inside. The eight ancient thunder dragons all rushed at him at the same time!

A life and death crisis appeared in Wang Lin's mind. His face was pale, but his expression was filled with madness. His whole body was a bloody mess, and he couldn't control the thunder in his body at all.

The power of the ancient thunder dragons was far beyond his imagination. They were far stronger than the one he devoured back then!

"This is an ancient thunder dragon!! However, the ancient thunder dragons are already extinct, so these eight aren't real, but formed from souls. Nevertheless, if these eight dragons explode at the same time, they will kill me instantly. Even my ancient god body can't withstand it due to the limitation of my stars!

"However, it is because I devoured half an ancient thunder dragon's soul that I gained the chance create thunder essence. If I can devour these eight ancient thunder dragons, then my power of thunder will increase greatly!" Wang Lin's injuries were getting worse as the bombardment continued. His origin soul was on the verge of collapse and his body was at its limit.

"What to do!? Soul! Soul!! Although these ancient dragons were strong when they were alive, now they are only souls! I need a chance!" Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot as he faced the bombardment, and his eyes revealed a strange light. He no longer retreated but let out a roar at the eight ancient thunder dragons that was no weaker than theirs!


A vortex appeared between Wang Lin's eyebrows. and his origin soul extended out in the form of the ancient thunder dragon. He let out a roar that matched theirs!

His roar was heaven-shattering. As it spread out, the surrounding eight ancient thunder dragons couldn't help but pause for a moment!

"Soul Lasher!!" At this moment, there was a flash of light around Wang Lin. The mysterious whip that had accompanied him for countless years suddenly appeared!

After the Soul-Lasher had fused with Wang Lin's dao, it could be big or small. It wrapped around Wang Lin and whipped toward the eight ancient thunder dragons!

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