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Chapter 1342 - The Path of a Powerful Thunder Cultivator!

There were 7 Million Worlds here, making this place seem boundless. But the Scatter Thunder Clan members didn't need to blindly search. Whenever someone was about to go through their divine retribution, the charm the Scatter Thunder Clan members were holding would detect it. Then the nearest Scatter Thunder Clan cultivator would be teleported over and be transformed into the heavens!

As Wang Lin moved through the 7 Million Worlds and looked at the planets, a complicated feeling arose in his heart. His expression gloomy as he looked at this world that couldn't be distinguished from the real world. After a long time, he let out a sigh. Then he flipped his right hand and more than 10 Scatter Thunder Clan marks appeared in his grasp.

After crushing all of them, a large amount if items that could be used to exchange for thunder crystals erupted forth. After putting them all away, Wang Lin looked at the thunder remaining from the marks

There were all incomplete traces of Spiritual Thunder. They had all been gathered by Zhang Jingyun and the others over the countless years by murdering newcomers to the 7 Million Worlds. There were nearly 1,000 of them, and once combined, they would form a complete bolt of Spiritual Thunder!

As Wang Lin waved his hand, the nearly 1,000 strands of Spiritual Thunder began to fuse, and eventually there was only one remaining!

From afar, it no looked longer thunder, but ball of smoke. There were countless faces inside it, and it was rapidly changing!

Although it looked like it had nothing to do with thunder, there was a strange thunder force within. It was completely different from the thunder Wang Lin cultivated, but the moment it appeared, the thunder in Wang Lin's right eye flashed rapidly.

The smoke ball trembled and charged toward Wang Lin's right eye. It immediately entered his right eye and went into his origin soul. It merged with the thunder inside Wang Lin's origin soul.

Thunder rumbled like crazy inside Wang Lin's body, and his hair moved without any wind. His body gave off endless thunder and he was as bright as the sun, but with thunder scattering in all directions!

The moment the two thunders fused, thunderous rumbles echoed inside his origin soul. The memory fragments that seemed to come from ancient times erupted from the thunder inside his origin soul.

This large amount of memory was like a storm sweeping across Wang Lin's origin soul. This caused his body to rumble, and the world before him seemed to be split open by thunder. A clear image of the world appeared clearly before Wang Lin!

This was the inheritance of the thunder essences that had been there since the birth of thunder. The memory was contained inside the thunder essences and was rarely ever opened. Today, when Wang Lin absorbed a complete Spiritual Thunderbolt, a gap opened and some of the memories leaked out!

There was a bolt of endless thunder appearing from the void in the image. This thunder contained a powerful aura of essence, and surrounding it were nine different kinds of thunder. Together, they formed a strange pattern!

The thunder essence was at the center and the nine other thunders were accompanying it. When they rotated, they seemed to form their own world and gave off a sense of perfection!

This was the real thunder essence!

An ancient voice broke through time and echoed inside Wang Lin's ears. This voice felt very ancient, as if it was the sound of heaven itself! "Nine thunders is the limit. They were formed with the birth of thunder essence. Above nine is ten, and ten is perfection. Thunder essence, reach completion…"

The moment he heard the voice, Wang Lin's origin soul rumbled, then everything before him collapsed and he recovered. He was still in the 7 Million Worlds, and everything was still dark with bursts of light. However, he was now covered in sweat and his eyes were filled with shock.

There was originally only one thunder mark in his right eye, but now there was hint of a second one. Only it was a bit smaller!

That smaller bolt of thunder orbited the original thunderbolt inside Wang Lin's right eye. Every time it rotated once, it would cause Wang Lin's thunder origin to grow slightly.

A deeper understanding of thunder filled Wang Lin's mind. After a long time, the shock Wang Lin was feeling died down and his eyes lit up. Everything became more clear!

"The Scatter Thunder Clan said that thunder is split into six types, but even they don't know that it's not six, but nine! These nine thunders all accompanied the thunder essence… In a way, a complete thunder had 10 different types!

"My thunder origin has already appeared and is on the same level of existence as the eternal thunderbolt in the Scatter Thunder Clan, and it is also a thunder essence! I can strength my thunder essence by absorbing it, and if I can find the other accompanying thunders, my thunder origin will be complete!

"I can even break through the second step cultivation and become a third step cultivator with this thunder essence! Right now I have already absorbed the Spiritual Thunder… There are eight more!" Wang Lin had never been as clear about the future of his cultivation as now.

The sliver of memory from his thunder essence had opened the door for him!! It could be said that if not for the Scatter Thunder Clan, Wang Lin could have never come to the 7 Million Worlds and most likely would not have discovered the truth about thunder.

The Scatter Thunder Clan indirectly gave Wang Lin a great fortune!

The thunder in Wang Lin's eyes flashed, and with a thought the thunder in his right eye flew out and started floating before him. The thunder essence was filled with life, and there was a smaller bolt thunder around it!

This was very familiar to what he saw, the only difference was that it lacked the other eight accompanying thunders! It was a pity that the only accompanying thunder was too weak; although it was there, there was only a trace of it.

His right eye flashed and the incomplete thunder essence immediately returned to his right eye. He muttered, "I'm not willing to kill people going through their divine retribution, but I can kill the Scatter Thunder Clan members and obtain it from them…"

As he sneered, Wang Lin disappeared. His divine sense spread out as a ripple and a nightmare begin in the 7 Million Worlds.

There were a few Scatter Thunder Clan members moving through space. The one with the lowest cultivation was at the Ascendant stage and the highest at Corporeal Yang. They were paying attention to their tokens and would immediately head over if they detected anything.

"This Spiritual Thunder is extremely difficult to collect. We have already killed four lower realm cultivators, but none of them gave birth to Spiritual Thunder!"

"No rush, this relies on luck. If no Spiritual Thunder appears, then we can just steal from others." The Corporeal Yang cultivator was filled with arrogance as he spoke.

The surrounding cultivators immediately began to flatter him.

Just at this moment, an Ascendant cultivator became puzzled and pointed ahead, saying, "Everyone, do you all see this… I have never seen it in the 7 Million Worlds before…"

Before he could finish speaking, a thunderous rumble came from where he pointed. It got closer and attracted the attention of everyone else. The Corporeal Yang cultivator's eyes widened and became filled with terror!

A thunderstorm more than 100,000 feet wide was raging before them. Before it even got close, they could already see the endless lightning bolts that were like little silver snakes moving along the edge. The sound of the thunder was earth-shattering!

"What is this!? Escape!" These cultivators immediately became pale. They felt their scalps go numb and were going to retreat. A few smart ones were going to teleport away; the Corporeal Yang cultivator was one of them!

However, they were too slow. In an instant, the thunderstorm suddenly sped up and surrounded them. Even the Corporeal Yang cultivator was forced out from teleportation and was sucked into the thunderstorm.

The screams seemed insignificant compared to the sound of the thunder… The cultivators all died!

The storm swept across the stars and a huge face vaguely revealed itself within the storm. It was Wang Lin!

His face was hidden inside the storm as it swept forward. None of the Scatter Thunder Clan members were able to escape death before this thunderstorm!

A Nirvana Scryer old man of the Scatter Thunder Clan was moving along across space. However, at this instant, his body trembled and he suddenly turned. His pupils shrank and disbelief filled his eyes.

Before he could escape, the thunderstorm swept by and swallowed him as it continued moving forward!

As Wang Lin began a slaughter, neither Yin and Yang or Nirvana Scryer cultivators were able to resist the thunderstorm at all and were all devoured!

In just a few days, almost 1,000 cultivators had been killed by Wang Lin, and everything within their marks belonged to Wang Lin. He had also obtained four complete Spiritual Thunderbolts from them!

These Spiritual Thunderbolts were all absorbed by his right eye and continued to grow!

On the fourth day after Wang Lin's thunderstorm engulfed three Nirvana Scryer Cultivators, his token that indicated that there was someone going through divine retribution began to tremble just as he was about to move! However, the trembling stopped in a flash as someone else had already gone before Wang Lin!

The thunderstorm shrunk like crazy and formed a powerful vortex, and Wang Lin walked out of the vortex. His eyes lit up as he walked forward with the token in hand and disappeared!

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