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Chapter 1341 - I'm Divine Retribution

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and the thousands of cultivators that were pushed away let out mournful cries. They looked at the sky with stunned expressions and were speechless for a very long time.

The divine retribution clouds gradually disappeared. Zhang Jingyun looked like he hadn't had enough.

"Sorry, sorry, I haven't become divine retribution for a long time and went a bit too far… It's a pity he cultivated all the way to the peak of the Soul Formation stage, but he is simply too trash for not giving birth to any Spiritual Thunder." Zhang Jingyun shook his head and was still savoring the feeling.

"No harm. There are many opportunities in the 7 Million Worlds, and the birth of Spiritual Thunder is not easy. There will be opportunities later; let's first deal with these newcomers." The cultivator named Zhou indifferently waved his right hand so the divine retribution clouds blocked them from view. Then he coldly looked at Wang Lin and company.

It was not only him. Aside from the Illusory Yin cultivator who was sitting on the side with his eyes closed, the four other people, including Zhang Jingyun, surrounded Wang Lin's group.

"You all…" The expressions of some of the newcomers changed, and some of them immediately roared in anger.

"We have no grudges with you all. What is the meaning of this?"

"We are all from the same clan, what are you going to do?"

"Do it!" The cultivator named Zhao sneered and moved forward. His hand moved, forming two thunder whips. He didn't attack Wang Lin, but two others.

The other three also attacked at the same time. They were all mid stage Ascendant cultivators who had worked together many times. They immediately began a slaughter!

Miserable screams echoed. The cultivator named Zhou was extremely vicious; he had chosen two people who had just reached the Soul Transformation stage. These two people weren't able to resist at all and immediately died!

Flesh and blood splattered everywhere, and a foul smell spread!

The person who attacked Wang Lin was the previously gentle-looking Zhang Jingyun. He seemed to not have recovered from being divine retribution, and there was contempt in his eyes. He haughtily formed a seal and created thunder similar to divine retribution.

"Lower realm ant, hand over your Spiritual Thunder and die for me!" There was a sense of pleasure in his twisted expression as he charged at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's expression remained calm, and he reached out with his right hand. The twisted expression Zhang Jingyun had immediately collapsed and his face turned pale. Disbelief filled his eyes and his body froze in the air as if there was a big hand holding him!

"You… You…" His voice was trembling as he looked at Wang Lin with terror. Before he could speak, an impact that made him lose his wits rushed into his body. His body trembled and he let out a miserable scream that entered the ears of the surrounding cultivators!

"Pretending to be the heavenly dao and delivering divine retribution upon others… But right now, I'm your heavenly dao, I'm your divine retribution!" Wang Lin's voice was cold and contained an inexplicable feeling as he mercilessly squeezed!

With a bang, Zhang Jingyun's flesh collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood. Just like the old man, his body collapsed and his soul was destroyed!

This sudden change shook the minds of the surrounding cultivators. This was especially true for the three people who accompanied Zhang Jingyun. They had just killed all the newcomers and had taken the stuff from their marks.

Zhang Jingyun's miserable scream and Wang Lin's indifferent words caused their eyes to overflow monstrous fear! Zhang Jingyun thought that he had invited a lamb, but the price of death told him that Wang Lin wasn't a lamb, but a fierce wolf from the Inner Realm!

That Illusory Yin cultivator suddenly opened his eyes. He was filled with disbelief, and his body trembled. When Wang Lin killed, he clearly felt Wang Lin's suffocating power!

He couldn't even raise any will to resist this powerful aura. His scalp was numb and a huge wave was set off in his mind. He didn't hesitate to try to escape!

However, his footsteps trembled when Wang Lin's indifferent gaze swept past him. His mind trembled as if thunder had exploded in his brain, and he coughed out blood!

"Who gave you permission to escape?" Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, but this sentence caused the Illusory Yin cultivator's origin soul to tremble, and he coughed out blood once more. He no longer dared to escape!

At the same time, the three Ascendant cultivators, along with the cultivator named Zhou, trembled and retreated like crazy. They were going to leave this place that terrified them!

However, what awaited them were Wang Lin's red eyes. A bolt of red lightning shot out from his eyes!

Ji Realm!

Most of the Ji Realm was in Wang Lin's original body, and only a very small amount had come with his divine sense. However, he still used it because the Ji Realm was divine retribution!

"Since I'm divine retribution, I'll naturally use divine retribution to destroy you all!" The red lightning shot out directly toward a cultivator. His eyes became filled with red light and he let out a miserable cry. In a flash, it broke through his body and destroyed everything. His body collapsed just like the old man who died to the divine retribution!

"To think of yourself as the heavenly dao, what nonsense. If you're heavenly dao, then I'm the divine retribution that will exterminate the heavens!" As Wang Lin spoke, the red lightning pierced through the first cultivator and charged toward the second cultivator. This cultivator's eyes were filled with terror as he hit the mark between his eyebrows and took out all his treasures. There was madness in his eyes as he chose to self-destruct!

However, not even Master Zhou Tian could self-destruct before Wang Lin, much less this little Ascendant cultivator!

The moment he took out his treasures, they all shattered before the Ji Realm lightning. Even his body that was going to explode was like a flame that was extinguished by water when the red lightning hit him. His body trembled, blood flowed out from his orifices, his body was destroyed, and his origin soul shattered!

All of this happened in a flash. Killing these people didn't take Wang Lin any effort!

"Mere Ascendant cultivators dare to compare themselves to heavenly dao. This will be the root of the Scatter Thunder Clan's end!" Wang Lin turned around to look at the Illusory Yin cultivator after he spoke. He didn't even look at the last Ascendant cultivator named Zhou while he was destroyed by the Ji Realm.

"It's your turn next!" As Wang Lin spoke, the Ji Realm that had killed three cultivators suddenly turned around and instantly entered the body of the Illusory Yin cultivator. His eyes became dim and his origin soul died. However, his body wasn't destroyed and fell to the ground!

However, the clan mark was taken away by Wang Lin when the body fell on the ground!

The thousands of cultivators in sorrow immediately saw a scene that they could never forget. A body that gave off celestial spiritual energy, the body of a celestial!

A celestial that was just standing within the divine retribution clouds fell from the sky. It was as if veils were lifted and the celestial spiritual energy surrounding the body disappeared. This corpse was just like them, this wasn't a celestial!

It was a cultivator!

There was a bloody mark between the eyebrows of the corpse that fell on the earth. There was still-thick fear in the corpse's eyes.

Wang Lin walked out from the divine retribution clouds and coldly looked at those below him as he said, "That is your celestial!" Then he took a step and disappeared from the world. However, his figure was forever imprinted in the hearts of those cultivators!

Even after Wang Lin had been gone for a long time, these cultivators still hadn't recovered from the shock. Today, they had not only seen their ancestor get destroyed by divine retribution, but also watched the corpse of a celestial fall. They also saw the one who was powerful enough to kill a celestial and heard his words filled with mockery. But even more so, those words were filled with self-deprecation!

These cultivators arrived next to the corpse and stared at it...

"Is this a celestial…"

"Why do I feel like this person is the same as us, a cultivator…"

"Just stronger than us…"

After a long time, the thousands of cultivators awakened from their shock when a soft voice echoed across the world and entered their ears.

"Can I take this body away…" As the voice echoed, a young man appeared. He had no hair and his face was filled with kindness. He stepped out from the void and arrived next to the body.

An old man at the late stage of Nascent Soul was shocked, and he hesitantly said, "You're… Daoist Scattered Spirit!"

"If you want, I can be anyone in the 7 Million Worlds. If you want it, I am." The bald youth smiled and ignored them. His hand reached out at the corpse and took it with him as he walked into the void. His eyes landed in the direction Wang Lin went to and revealed a strange light.

"He is different from those people who call themselves divine retribution… Perhaps he is not a thunder slave…" The youth pondered and disappeared from the world. He was beyond the Soul Formation stage, beyond Ascendant, he was at the Nirvana Cleanser stage!

This kind of thing should be impossible in the 7 Million Worlds! It should never happen! If the Scatter Thunder Clan knew of this, it would set off a huge wave inside the Scatter Thunder Clan. Even the ancestor would leave his closed door cultivation to check out the situation!

At the same time, on the planet Wang Lin was on, Xu Liguo was happily gathering resources with thousands of people. His throne was now nearly 10,000 feet wide, and it was filled with beautiful female cultivators!

There was one woman who was extremely stunning. She was coldly sitting there and staring at Xu Liguo with hatred in her eyes!

"You're a mere treasure spirit, yet dare to capture me. You have caused a calamity to fall upon you! Not only you, but even your master will be killed! No matter who your master is, no matter what your master's identity is in the clan, you will both die!"

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