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Chapter 1339 - Malicious Intent

The exit to the 7 Million Worlds was less than five kilometers away! Although a Nirvana Scryer cultivator couldn’t teleport here, it was a distance he could cross in the blink of an eye!

However, Master Zhou Tian didn’t even have that much time!

Just as he was fleeing, Wang Lin’s mocking voice entered his mind. He couldn’t even think before his pupils shrank and Wang Lin somehow appeared before him. That pair of cold eyes was filled with thunder and pierced into Master Zhou Tian’s soul!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

It was as if millions of bolts of thunder had rushed into Master Zhou Tian’s eyes and exploded inside his body. This created an unimaginable storm inside him, tearing his body apart.

He coughed out a large mouthful of blood mixed with pieces of his internal organs. His eyes became blurry and then widened from terror!

All the danger he had faced in his life couldn’t compare to what was coming at him today. He was inside this passage where no matter who he called for help, they wouldn’t respond!

At this moment, he felt endless regret. If he hadn’t provoked that person in the Thunder Crystal Temple, this wouldn’t have happened! However, this regret came too late!

Wang Lin’s spell entered his eyes and landed on Master Zhou Tian. His gaze was like a trigger that caused all the thunder Master Zhou Tian had cultivated over the countless years to collapse!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, all the thunder inside Master Zhou Tian exploded outside of his control. He didn’t even get to scream before his body exploded into pieces. Those pieces of flesh also exploded and continued to spread.

As the heaven-shaking collapse occurred, Master Zhou Tian’s origin soul rushed out while surrounded by his clan mark. His origin soul was seriously damaged and almost transparent. After rushing out, he quickly escaped.

However, forget him, even cultivators at the Nirvana Shatterer stage weren’t qualified to escape without Wang Lin allowing it! Wang Lin’s right hand reached at the void and a suction force surrounded Master Zhou Tian, causing him to scream. He instantly fell in Wang Lin’s hand.

The large difference in cultivation levels made it so he couldn’t even blow himself up!

After being caught by Wang Lin, Master Zhou Tian began begging for his life.

“Elder, elder forgive me. Junior didn’t intend to offend you. Elder, forgive…” As he spoke, his eyes suddenly widened and flooded with disbelief. At such a close distance, and due to the light from the passage, which made Wang Lin’s body transparent, he could clearly see a soul sealed inside Wang Lin.

“You… You’re not…” Before he could finish speaking, Wang Lin coldly squeezed his right hand and Master Zhou Tian was destroyed!

A thunder force came from his origin soul and was absorbed by Wang Lin. His clan mark was put away by Wang Lin!

A very short period of time had passed from when he attacked and crushed Master Zhou Tian’s origin soul!

After killing Master Zhou Tian like killing an ant, he rushed forward, breaking all barriers before him. He rushed into the exit and entered an important place for the Scatter Thunder Clan, the 7 Million Worlds!

Ever since the 7 Million Worlds had been created, aside from the mysterious cultivators that had helped the Scatter Thunder Clan’s third step ancestor create it, no outsider had ever entered!

Wang Lin would be the first after those mysterious cultivators!

This was a vast star system that contained 7 million cultivation planets. These cultivation planets were not densely packed, but they were mostly far from each other!

This star system was extremely large, almost boundless, but in Wang Lin’s eyes, it looked a bit fake! Its brightness was only a decoration and its size had been carved out by someone!

The distance between each cultivation planet was exactly the same!

At the center of this endless star system was a large continent. There were countless towering pavilions and a statue on this continent!

The statue was that of a man covered in thunder. From afar, it looked like a giant looking at the distance.

This was the central square of the 7 Million Worlds, and also where everyone appeared after accepting the task!

There was a large amount of cultivators outside those towering pavilions, no less than 10,000 of them! Most of them were at the Soul Transformation stage, and many were at the Ascendant stage. There were only a few at Yin and Yang stage!

There were many above the Nirvana Scryer stage. Most of them were in a hurry!

There was a large transfer array outside each of  the large pavilions. Wang Lin immediately looked around after he came out of the formation. Although he was prepared, he was still shocked.

His expression didn’t attract the attention of the guard at the transfer array. Every clan member would be like during their first time here!

“Enough, don’t look inside the transfer array. Wait until after you leave and you’ll have time to look all you want. It must be your first time here. Give me your jade and let me see!” An impatient voice interrupted Wang Lin’s thoughts. It was an Corporeal Yang cultivator sitting beside the formation.

Wang Lin took out Yu Fei’s clan jade and threw it. The cultivator examined it for a bit before returning it. Then the guard waved his right hand and a ghostly light flew toward Wang Lin.

“Take these and go study them yourself on the side.”

There were three things inside this ghostly light. There was a jade, a token, and a bolt of thunder.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he took the ghostly light and walked out of the transfer array. This place was very busy, so no one paid attention to him. He walked to the side and took out the jade. This jade told him a few things to pay attention to in the 7 Million Worlds, but it also introduce the other two things.

The key to enter the 7 Million World was the this token. Only with it in hand could he enter. As for the bolt of thunder, it caught Wang Lin’s attention.

Although this thunder looked like it was there, he couldn’t touch it with his hand. Ths thunder seemed to form a formation. With a sweep of his divine sense, Wang Lin found that it unexpectedly contained the power of a thunder lake 100,000 feet wide!

What shocked Wang Lin even more was the indescribable will coming from the thunderbolt. This will contained a faint obsession toward life. It was as if what he was holding wasn’t thunder, but real life!

This made Wang Lin take a deep breath.

“This is a trace of Spiritual Thunder… The jade said that every time a new cultivator enters, the Scattered Thunder Clan gives one to them.”

It was only a trace of Spiritual Thunder, and it wasn’t complete. It would take 1,000 slivers to make the complete one. This was to prevent people from abusing the rule of sealing.

The people of the clan only had one chance in their life to obtain this thunder. Once it was gone, they couldn’t obtain more from the clan. They could only rely on stealing from others or trading in private.

Even so, there were still people who had the idea of stealing that sliver of Spiritual Thunder from newcomers.

At this moment, three cultivators locked their gazes on that sliver of thunder.

As Wang Lin observed the thunder, a middle-aged man came from not far away. This person was smiling, and he seemed to be at the mid stage of Ascendant. “Fellow Cultivator, I’m Zhang Jingyun. This must be Fellow Cultivator’s first time in the 7 Million Worlds.”

Wang Lin looked up. With a flip of his hand. the Spiritual Thunder disappeared. He looked at the cultivator before him and nodded.

“Everyone belongs to the same clan. This is my second time at the 7 Million Worlds, so I am somewhat familiar with it. How about we form a group and you allow me to introduce you to some people. This would make it convenient for everyone, and it’s more convenient to move as a group. What does Fellow Cultivator think?” The middle-aged man looked sincere and his expression was gentle.

However, his expression was filled with flaws in Wang Lin’s eyes. After all, Wang Lin was an old monster who had lived for 2,000 year, and this middle-aged man naturally just wasn’t as good.

Wang Lin revealed a smile and looked profoundly at the middle-aged man. He clasped his hands and said, “Then I’ll be thanking Fellow Cultivator.”

The middle-aged man suddenly became cautious when Wang Lin looked at him. He vaguely felt like his secrets had been seen through. However, after carefully looking at Wang Lin, he noticed nothing and smiled. “No problem. We are in the same clan, so we should support each other. What is Fellow Cultivator called?”

Wang Lin smiled. “Yu Fei!”

“Yu Fei? That name is a bit familiar…” The middle-aged man pondered a bit and then his eyes revealed a strange light. He clasped his hands and laughed. “So it is Fellow Cultivator Yu Fei, the one who just entered the Scatter Thunder Rankings!”

The middle-aged man spoke a few more words, and when he thought he had seen through Wang Lin, he said, “Fellow Cultivator Yu, this is not a place to talk, and the formation leading toward the 7 Million Worlds is about to open. How about we go over there?”

After Wang Lin agreed, the middle-aged man led Wang Lin through the crowd. When another cultivator saw this, he secretly shook his head.

“Another person is about to have bad luck. Anyone who is led away by that Zhang Jingyun will not only lose their Spiritual Thunder, not even their life is guaranteed…”

This Zhang Jingyun was obviously very familiar with the central square, so it didn’t take long for them to arrive at a large formation. There were hundreds of cultivators here. all in their own groups. There was a group with more than 10 cultivators.Six of them were new like Wang Lin, while the remaining four had higher cultivation levels, at the Illusory Yin stage.

Zhang Jingyun walked up and smiled. “Everyone, I’ve brought back one more. I believe everyone has heard the name ‘Yu Fei’ already.”

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