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Chapter 1330 - Scatter Thunder Ranking

The old man stared directly at Wang Lin. He couldn't hide the terror and disbelief in his eyes. He was just cultivating when door to the cave just opened without him noticing anything.

He had never encountered such a bizarre thing in his hundreds of years of cultivation. What made his skin scrawl was the extremely familiar figure that had walked into the cave.

There was a large amount of restriction in the cave, some from before and many placed by this old man over the years. Once all of them activated, a Core Formation cultivator would die for sure. As for Nascent Soul old monsters, if they were a bit careless, they would be seriously injured or even perish!

But… but he watched the familiar figure slowly walk over under the flashes of restrictions and rumbling of spells.

At this moment, the old man's scalp was numb. The other person's cold gaze made his nascent soul feel pain. That gaze seemed to turn solid and pierced countless holes in his body; not even his nascent soul could escape!

A powerful pressure came from that person, and each of his steps seemed to stomp on his nascent soul. The old man's face instantly paled and he trembled, then he coughed out blood. He was terrified as he crawled back a few steps. He didn't even have time to get up!

"Yu…. Yu Fei!"

Wang Lin made his way through the layers of restrictions and walked into the cave. His gaze swept past the Nascent Soul junior before examining the cave.

This cave was not small. It had six stone rooms and went through the valley. There was also a small path that led into the valley.

The sound of water flowing could be heard; it was the river that flowed in the valley. There was also a fragrance filling the cave. There were clearly a lot of spirit herbs planted here.

This cave was very clean without any clutter. The stone walls were very smooth and could almost act as mirrors. There was a large formation slowly rotating on the ceiling of the cave. Once it was activated, the stone wall above would become transparent and allow one to see outside while in the cave.

The Nascent Soul old man's heart pounded and he didn't dare to move. The disbelief in his eyes was still strong. In his eyes, Wang Lin was like the owner of the cave leisurely looking around, while he became the outsider, restless and at a loss.

Wang Lin looked up at the formation. Although it was rough in his eyes, there were still some intricacies to it.

Just as he raised his head, there was a flash of killing intent in the old man's eyes and he rushed out. He used the teleport spell that only Nascent Soul cultivators could use!

Teleport was the most obvious difference between Nascent Soul and Core Formation cultivators. A Nascent Soul old monster with teleportation was powerful beyond belief to Core Formation cultivators.

He appeared behind Wang Lin in a flash. He then opened his mouth and a ray of green light shit out. This green light contained a bolt of thunder. There were many ghostly wails coming from this thunder, and it shot directly at Wang Lin.

The old man didn't even look at the result. After using his life treasure, he teleported again to escape the cave!

However, just as he was about to escape, his eyes widened, his body froze in the air, and cold sweat rolled down his face. Wang Lin, who should have been behind him, suddenly appeared before him and coldly looked at him.

"Did I let you go?" Wang Lin's two fingers were holding the green thunderbolt, and he waved his sleeve. The old man's body was knocked back and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He slammed into the wall. Eyes filled with panic, he exclaimed, "You… How did you become so powerful!?!"

Wang Lin gently squeezed with his two fingers and the green thunderbolt immediately dissipated without a trace.

This scene struck the old man's mind like a hammer. He was in shock, and his face became even more pale, his nascent soul weakened, and black blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

"You can't kill me!! No killing is allowed within the clan. If you kill me, the elder of the family will…" The old man was filled with fear. Wang Lin's strength was beyond his imagination. He didn't think a Core Formation cultivator he could bully at will and expel could become so powerful in just a few days.

However, before he could finish speaking, Wang Lin's divine sense spread out, forming an invisible giant hand that pressed down on the old man's head to search his soul. With Wang Lin's power, the old man wasn't even qualified to resist. The old man's body trembled violently, and a moment later, he fell on the ground, unconscious.

After looking through this Nascent Soul old man's memory, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he began to ponder.

He hadn't killed many people of the Scatter Thunder Clan, but with all the memories he had just obtained, he had a fairly detailed understanding of the Scatter Thunder Clan.

"They use this method of scattering them so they can learn to fight, learn the law of the jungle, and for a generation of leaders to be born!

"Aside from the three mother planets, where a large number of clan members simply live, the remaining 13 of the 16 planets are all trial grounds for the clan members! Every 100 years, there will be one spot to enter the holy land, and everyone on these 13 planets needs to fight for it!

"Once they enter that holy land and personally come into contact with that eternal thunderbolt, their mark will be empowered even more. It will cause the cultivation level of whoever enters to increase greatly!

"There are still seven years until the next competition… However, the method the Scatter Thunder Clan made for their clan members to compete is interesting… It isn't dependant on cultivation level or fighting skill, but on thunder crystals!

"In seven years, the person with the most thunder crystals will be allowed to enter the holy land! This is an opportunity I can't let pass. I will be allowed to just enter the holy land to absorb the eternal thunderbolt!" Wang Lin's lit up and his right hand reached at the void. The thunder mark between the old man's eyebrows flashed and a jade flew out.

The people of the ancient star system rarely used bags of holding. The marks between their eyebrows contained a storage space, and everything could be placed inside.

With the jade in hand, Wang Lin easily saw its contents without damaging the divine sense mark on it.

This jade contained a formation that was always active and vaguely merged with the world. The contents inside were constantly changing. It was a ranking list!

This ranking list had a total of 800 names and a number behind each name. These numbers represented thunder crystals!

There were obviously more than 800 people in the Scatter Thunder Clan, but only the top 800 could enter this ranking list!

Wang Lin looked at the top name on the list and frowned. "1,900,007,000…" The person at the top was named Master Spruce

"1,300,009,000…." The rank two person was named Lotus.

After quickly looking at the list, even rank 800 had more than 400,000 thunder crystals. As for the old man in the cave, he only had 70,000 thunder crystals, which was insignificant.

Thunder crystals were not objects or just a name. There were many ways of obtaining them. The fastest way was to give tribute to the Scatter Thunder Clan. Whether it was spells, pills, alchemy materials, and even Joss Flames, they could all be exchanged for thunder crystals.

Joss Flames gave the most, and the rest would depend on the rank.

This wasn't the first time he had encountered something like this. The Demon Spirit Land was similar, only they used war merit, and here they used thunder crystals. This way, the Scatter Thunder Clan had mobilized the entire clan to gather. Not only would this improve the cultivation of clan members, but also allow them to accumulate resources.

"This is interesting!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he waved his right hand. The mark between the old man's eyebrows was completely activated and everything inside was taken by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn't kill this old man. He naturally knew the Scatter Thunder Clan was very strict on killing between clan members. Once there was a murder, someone would come to investigate.

Wang Lin no longer paid any heed to the old man. He walked into the depths of the cave toward the valley. The sound of water flowing became even more clear. There was a small river flowing not far from him.

There was a large amount of spirit herbs growing on both sides of the river. What attracted Wang Lin's attention the most was the faint trace of thunder coming from the plant growing on the wall of the valley. It grew seven feet out from the wall and had six green fruits.

Just as Wang Lin was observing the fruit, four rays of light were heading toward the cave. There were four old men, each standing on top of a flying sword each. None of them were weak, and one of them was at the mid stage of Nascent Soul. There was a look of disdain on his face and his eyes were cold.

One of the three men behind him pointed forward and said, "Uncle, Qi Zhi's cave is just ahead. He is the only early Nascent Soul old monster within 5,000 kilometers, and he has stolen a lot of treasures over the years."

The mid stage Nascent Soul old man nodded and didn't seem to care as he slowly said, "Very good. Afterward, the three of you can go to the Heavenly Thunder Sect to collect your benefits. In exchange for helping my Heavenly Thunder Sect, you will naturally not be treated badly."

The three Core Formation cultivators' eyes were filled with joy. The person who spoke quickly said his thanks and laughed. "Uncle will surely be able to trade for a lot of thunder crystals with these treasures. Then your status at the Heavenly Thunder Sect will be a lot higher."

The mid stage Nascent Soul cultivator looked at the Core Formation cultivator and softly said, "I won't be using those thunder crystals for myself, I'll give them to the sect master. My Heavenly Thunder Sect's sect master is very close to the Scatter Thunder Ranking. Soon, he will enter the rankings!"

After he spoke, the three Core Formation cultivators were shocked and they became even more respectful.

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