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Chapter 1323 - Joss Flame

The 10,000 foot realm shrank into Wang Lin's body, but Wang Lin remained stunned, staring at space. After a long time, he recovered. He had a strange expression on his face, and there was a faint hint of disbelief mixed in.

While pondering, his body flickered and he disappeared. He reappeared on the mountain and sat down. He was dumbfounded for a while and still found what had happened difficult to believe.

After 15 minutes, Wang Lin closed his eyes and his mind went into his body. Above his origin soul floated a vortex sphere, and inside it was the Rain and Wind World!

Although the Wind and Rain World only covered 10,000 feet when it was outside his body, it was boundless inside his body! At this moment, there were many continents floating inside this realm, and they were all formed by the collapsed Celestial Sealing Stamp...

There were battle souls on these continents of many sizes. These souls didn't let out mournful cries, they only sat there. Milky white auras came from the tops of their heads and was absorbed by the realm. At the same time, these auras went straight into Wang Lin's mind toward his five essences.

Wang Lin's five essences were like plants in spring as the milky white auras surrounded them, and they give off a strong sense of vitality!

"This… This is…" Wang Lin was still in shock. It was because he recognized this milky white aura that the shock was even more intense. It was as if a bolt of thunder was echoing in his mind.

Wang Lin wasn't unfamiliar with this aura. When the ancient demon statue in the Demon Spirit Land was worshiped by Thirteen and them, this aura was also present...

In the Cloud Sea, in the battle against Daoist Water, the last spell Daoist Water used also contained this aura...

The conversation with the Lord of the Sealed Realm and Dao Master Blue Dream all pointed to the key in becoming a third step cultivator: Joss Flames!

Wang Lin didn't understand what Joss Flames were or how they were created. However, when he fused the Wind and Rain World with the Celestial Sealing Stamp, this scene unfolded, which just confused him more.

These battle souls were all the people he had killed, but now they had become disciples that provided him with Joss Flames. This was Wang Lin's fortune, the Lord of the Sealed Realm's legacy, and an almost non-reproducible mutation. Even Dao Master Blue Dream wouldn't have thought that teaching Wang Lin the fusion dao spell would create such a change.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp was formed by a fragment of the Thunder Celestial Realm. The Thunder Celestial Realm was created countless years ago by the Lord of the Sealed Realm to prevent the Realm Sealing Formation from absorbing the Inner Realm's Joss Flames so that Joss Flames could appear in the Inner Realm.

Although the four Celestial Realms were destroyed, they were the best materials for producing Joss Flames! However, if this was it, it wouldn't be enough, but this fragment had also experienced divine retribution. It was as if heaven itself had refined this fragment into a treasure for Wang Lin!

The thing that allowed Joss Flames to be born was refined once again by the divine retribution.

Wang Lin had inadvertently taken this object to use for Magic Arsenal. Using his life and death domain, he had created 18 layers of hell that absorbed all the souls of the people he had killed so they couldn't enter the reincarnation cycle. As time went on, the power to create Joss Flames from the fragments filled these 18 layers of hell.

However, without an opportunity for it to activate, this power would slowly dissipate. Wang Lin would never have found any abnormality, as these battle souls were merely surrounded with the power to create Joss Flames and didn't release any.

This opportunity came when Dao Master Blue Dream fused Call the Wind and Summon the Rain into a world! It was like giving root to a rootless plant!

Then Wang Lin attempted to fuse Magic Arsenal and the Wind and Rain World. This allowed this change, this opportunity, to appear!

Although there were many battle souls and the Joss Flames were very weak, far weaker than Daoist Water's two billion disciples, but this was real Joss Flame. The key to reaching the third step and a dao treasure that third step cultivators scrambled for!

Wang Lin's expression was very strange. He opened his eyes and silently pondered for a bit before throwing it to the back of his mind. After all, there was still the danger of the woman in white outside the Blue Silk Clan. Even though he had inadvertently made this treasure, if it didn't help him resolve the crisis from that woman, it was useless.

His eyes lit up and his right hand reached forward. A storage space crack appeared and a huge finger bone flew out. As it floated in the air, it looked like a continent!

The ancient god finger bone was like a cultivation planet. Although this was only half of the original finger bone, its aura was extremely dense. Wang Lin clearly felt this aura from below it.

The ancient aura inside the finger was very strong, to the point of almost becoming corporeal, but it couldn't be absorbed. There was a sliver of will inside that wouldn't allow anyone to devour it.

Staring at the half of the finger bone, Wang Lin's ancient god stars appeared and rotated slowly. He attempted to absorb but still failed in the end.

"Tuo Sen used an extremely powerful spell to allow his stars to devour the finger. He can even devour third step cultivators to strengthen his stars… However, there is a will inside this ancient god aura, so it would certainly be difficult for him to devour it… However, it doesn't mean I have no way of absorbing it…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he raised his right hand and reached for his storage space once more.

There was a flash of light and the Soul Lasher flew out with the Moon Clan white-haired old man's origin soul, arriving before Wang Lin.

The white-haired old man's eyes were closed. The crescent moon mark between his eyebrows flashed dimly, resisting the Soul Lasher.

"Since the Moon Clan possessed the ancient god finger bone, they must have some method of using it…" Wang Lin's gaze fell on the white-haired old man's origin soul.

This person's cultivation level was extremely high, almost comparable to that of the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, almost at the fourth Heaven's Blight. If Wang Lin had met him along go, he wouldn't have been his match.

However, this person was obviously no match for Tuo Sen's powerful attacks and was eventually seriously injured by Tuo Sen. Then, when the finger bone was split in half, his body collapsed due to the shockwave of ancient god aura.

Even his origin soul was seriously injured, which gave Wang Lin the chance to capture him.

However, this old man was extremely powerful, and his origin soul had turned corporeal, like a real body. If not for the Soul Lasher having a fatal effect against origin souls, Wang Lin wouldn't have been able to seal him.

Staring at the white-haired old man's origin soul, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and pointed. The Soul Lasher immediately emitted a dark gold glow and shrank. The old man's origin soul trembled and his face revealed pain. He opened his eyes and coldly looked at Wang Lin.

"You're merely a 6-star ancient god. My Moon Clan has kill a lot like you. Even though you have captured this old man's origin soul, what can you do? This old man's origin soul has already turned corporeal and can't be die or be destroyed!" The old man grinned and closed his eyes. He stopped paying attention to Wang Lin and tried to use his origin energy. However, thanks to the Soul Lasher, everything was sealed.

Wang Lin didn't speak and waved his right hand. There was a flash of blood light and the blood sword appeared. He mercilessly stabbed the old man's origin soul with the blood sword.

The blood sword directly penetrated old man's origin soul, and he let out a miserable scream. He suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Wang Lin. As the old man screamed, Wang Lin raised the blood sword and cut open the old man's origin soul.

Large amounts of origin soul essence was released, and Wang Lin devoured it.

"I can't kill you? A member of the slave clan dares to be so arrogant!" Wang Lin's voice was cold, and he waved the blood sword in his hand once more, cutting the old man's origin soul. The old man screamed even more miserably and his body trembled. He stared at the blood sword in Wang Lin's hand and fear filled his eyes.

"This… What kind of sword is this!?!"

Wang Lin didn't answer the old man's question. His expression was indifferent as he waved the blood sword in his hand toward the old man's origin soul. The old man's screams gradually became more faint as time went on. He vaguely had a guess of Wang Lin's intentions, and he began to panic.

Wang Lin wasn't going to kill him, but continue to weaken him. With the Soul Slasher, he couldn't even recover. He could only look on in fear as his origin soul essence leaked out. He couldn't even self-destruct.

After several hours, the old man was weakened to a limit. All t he origin energy in his body had leaked out and wounds covered his origin soul. The blood sword also contained a suction force that took some of his vitality every time it cut. Not only was this painful, but he was now dying.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. As he withdrew the blood sword, his right hand pressed down on the old man's origin soul. His divine sense rushed out and he began to search the old man's soul!

The old man's previously weak screams became louder. His body trembled and he began to resist like crazy. However, the moment he started to resist, Wang Lin waved his right hand and the blood sword appeared again. It directly penetrated the old man's origin soul.

The old man's body trembled greatly and his resistance collapsed. His eyes became dull and  his body became transparent, as if he could collapse at any moment.

After a long time, Wang Lin raised his right hand and his expression became extremely serious.

The white-haired old man's origin soul was now completely transparent and started to slowly dissipate. However, as he dissipated, there was a flash of blood light as the blood sword pierced through his head and destroyed him completely!

The moment he died, the white-haired old man's soul appeared on a continent inside the Wind and Rain Realm. He sat there and gave off a shocking amount of milky white aura...

"The Moon Clan is extremely large. The group Tuo Sen and I destroyed was merely a branch. In the Ancient Star System, the Moon Clan still has three more branches… In the main branch, there is an ancestor of the Moon Clan. That person is… a third step cultivator!

"This old man had never seen the Sovereign in his life. He only knew that a long time ago, the Sovereign fled from the Inner Realm seriously injured and has been healing in a mysterious place!

"Combined with the words of Dao Master Blue Dream, the Sovereign being injured by a roar of something in the Inner Realm and then escaping in panic is credible! The Sovereign is in closed door cultivation due to his injuries… I just don't know how much he has recovered…" Wang Lin's eyes turned cold and he looked at the sky.

"It is time to leave… That woman in white must still be waiting there…"

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