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Chapter 1322 - Sudden Change

Time passed. The spring breeze blew across the land. Everything revived as the grass green and the fragrances filled the air. Even they sky was an everlasting blue.

Wang Lin awakened from his cultivation several months after he comprehended the fusion.

Using the fusion dao spell, Wang Lin's Spatial Bending fused with the world and with himself. He had also taken teleportation and the overlapping of space to push Spatial Bending from one variation to the next.

The moment he opened his eyes, clouds moved through his eyes. His eyes also contained the blue sky and the stars themselves.

The flaw of the Spatial Bending was the instability before merging with the world that would cause a change to the origin energy and interrupt the spell. As Wang Lin continued to fuse it, he slowly made up for that flaw.

He was using his body as the world to trigger Spatial Bending to merge with the world. As long as his body remained unchanging, then even if the origin energy outside was distorted, it wouldn't affect his usage of Spatial Bending.

This change in the spell was something Wang Lin prepared especially for himself. He raised his right hand and waved. The space around the mountain began to distort and ripples spread. Even sunlight collapsed when it reached here.

If it was in the past, he wouldn't have been able to use Spatial Bending in this situation, but now Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he took a step forward.

In an instant, his figure seemed to turn transparent and disappeared.

A moment later, Wang Lin appeared where he disappeared. His eyes revealed joy and then he sat down once more. He waved his sleeves and the chaotic energy dissipated. Everything returned to normal and the light no longer collapsed.

"This spell has reached a small completion, but there are still some imperfections. Merging it with my body fixed a few flaws, but now it consumes my own origin energy. I can cast it a dozen times or so, but afterward I need to quickly recover my origin energy. Although this is the case, it is still extremely practical. There are very few people who can prevent me from using this spell!"

Wang Lin muttered to himself as he looked up  at the sky. His gaze seemed to penetrate through the sky to outside of the Blue Silk Clan. After some time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze.

The Stop spell had accompanied him for most of this life, and Bai Fan's six spells had saved him several times. Along with his two self-created spells, there were also Dao Master Blue Dream's Heaven Reversal Stamp and Light and Shadow Shield.

"With the help of Dao Master Blue Dream, Call the Wind and Summon the Rain have been fused into their own world that can attack and defend…. But this is just the fusion of two spells… If I can fuse Magic Arsenal into it, its  power…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his heart pounded.

He raised his right hand and pointed at the sky.  Wang Lin's eyes released a strange light, and the vortex formed by the fusion of Call the Wind and Summon the Rain appeared.

This vortex sphere wasn't big, but if any cultivator saw this, they would feel like there was a world within it. The vortex sphere was like a mouth that would begin to devour everything after it appeared.

Once it it was activated, it would become its own world!

Dao Master Blue Dream had helped Wang Lin create this. It was perfect without any flaws and contained great power!

"Magic Arsenal!" Wang Lin opened his mouth and spat out the Celestial Sealing Stamp. A thunderous roar echoed and Wang Lin waved his sleeves. There was a flash of light and countless battle souls appeared.

Waves of mournful roars echoed across the sky. The ferocious battle souls all gave off a fierce aura. Many of these souls were people from the Ancient Star System. Aside from the hundreds of cultivators outside the Sealed Realm Formation, there was a large number of Moon Clan members and everyone else Wang Lin had devoured on the way!

The Ancient Star System cultivators all had a mark flashing between their eyebrows. Now that they all appeared as battle souls, it was a shocking scene for anyone to look at!

Staring at all the people killed by him over the past 2,000 years, Wang Lin raised his left hand and quickly formed seals that landed on each soul.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp began flashing rapidly and began fusing with the vortex sphere. At first, the fusion was fine, but a moment later, a great sense of rejection arose! It was like water and fire and couldn't be fused at all.

Wang Lin frowned and spat out a mouthful of origin soul essence, then his divine sense surrounded the vortex sphere and Celestial Sealing Stamp, forcing them to fuse.

With his origin soul essence and divine sense, the rejection between the vortex sphere and Celestial Sealing Stamp was suppressed and the two began to fuse. Wang Lin continued to stare at the change. Time continued to pass and the Celestial Sealing Stamp gradually fused with the vortex sphere.

Just as Wang Lin started to relax, his expression changed greatly. He didn't hesitate to retreat and started to wave his hand, forming countless layers of protection.

In an instant, the sphere fused with the Celestial Sealing Stamp flashed, giving off a destructive aura, then it suddenly exploded!

The moment it exploded, Wang Lin had already retreated far away. He waved his sleeves and used all his power to suppress the explosion of this vortex. At the same time, he took the collapsing sphere and directly used Spatial Bending to appear in an area of space near the edge of the Blue Silk Clan!

The moment he reappeared, the collapse of the vortex sphere couldn't be stopped anymore. It turned into a storm, and its rumble echoed across the entire star domain.

The sound waves and shockwaves from the explosion blew on Wang Lin's body and formed an unimaginable destructive force. A sense of life and death flooded Wang Lin's mind. He didn't hesitate to wave his hand, causing endless light to gather from all directions.

A giant light shadow appeared around Wang Lin's body. The destructive aura arrived and collided with the light shadow around him.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and the impact was heaven-shaking. At this moment, the destructive aura rushed at Wang Lin. However, when it encountered the light shadow around him, the light shadow gave off a powerful glow and unexpectedly reflected the force!

The reflection and refraction of light!

Due to this reflection force, the destructive force that arrived was redirected into the endless space, out of the Blue Silk Clan.

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo, and it took 15 minutes before it finally dissipated. The light shadow disappeared and Wang Lin revealed a wry smile. Before him, the vortex sphere and the Celestial Sealing Stamp had already separated, emitting a ghostly glow.

"This fusion is a bit… Too dangerous." Wang Lin smiled even more wrly. He didn't expect a forced fusion to create such a shocking impact.

If he just give up now, it would be a pity. Wang Lin stared at the vortex sphere with reluctance in his eyes. A moment later, his eyes lit up and he swallowed the Celestial Sealing Stamp. Then his right hand reached out. The vortex sphere flew into his right hand and with a squeeze it disappeared.

At the same time, ghostly light flashed around Wang Lin and surrounded his body. With a thought, the light surged and spread out like crazy with him as the center. In the blink of an eye, it had spread out 10,000 feet!

Everything within 10,000 feet seemed to be separated from the outside, as if it was another world! This was, in fact, what happened. Call the Wind had formed the sky and Summon the Rain had formed the earth to create its own world!

There was no origin energy within this 10,000 feet area, only Wang Lin's will! Within these 10,000 feet, he was the lord of this world!

"Since I can't fuse it by force, then I'll try a different method!" Inside the 10,000 feet world, Wang Lin opened his mouth and the Celestial Sealing Stamp flew out. 

The moment the Celestial Sealing Stamp came out, there was a powerful rejection force that was unexpectedly as strong as the resisting force from the blue mountain. Under this earth-shattering rejection force, popping sounds echoed as if the Celestial Sealing Stamp couldn't withstand it anymore… And an unexpected crack appeared on it!

This caused a hint of hesitation in Wang Lin's eyes. Just as he hesitated, even more cracks appeared, and the countless souls inside let out mournful screams as if they were forcing the end of the world!

This Celestial Sealing Stamp was composed of a Thunder Celestial Realm fragment and had been refined by divine retribution, so it was almost indestructible. However, under this rejection force, cracks appeared on it and there were even signs of it collapsing.

This shocked Wang Lin greatly! He clearly felt like this rejection force that causing the Celestial Sealing Stamp to collapse wasn't too strong, but there seemed to be some kind of limitation. This limitation prevented the Celestial Sealing Stamp from existing here! Much less fuse!

"The Call the Wind and Summon the Rain World contain my will, and the Celestial Sealing Stamp also contain my will, but the two can't fuse! I don't believe it!!" Wang Lin's gaze was firm, and he didn't hesitate to cause the world to shrink!

Thunderous rumbles quickly echoed. As the world shrank, even more cracks appeared on the Celestial Sealing Stamp until it collapsed into countless pieces.

The countless restrictions inside scattered into this world and unexpectedly… became part of the world as the world shrank!

What shocked Wang Lin even more was that the countless battle souls of the people he had killed scattered into the countless fragments...

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