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Chapter 132 – Upheaval in Hou Fen (1)

Sun Youcai’s body trembled as he escaped underground. The fear was making him feel like he couldn’t even breath. Just at this moment, he felt the ground before him warm up and he secretly complained. This earth escape move was an amazing technique anywhere else, but here in Hou Fen, where there were many volcanoes, there were some serious restrictions.

If he accidently tunneled into lava, then he could only blame himself.

Normally, when Sun Youcai runs, he identifies the direction and immediately changes direction when he feels heat. But now, he believed that he was being chased by a Soul Formation expert. He didn’t pay attention and now it was too late. All he could do was use all his might to raise his body up.

With a loud bang, his body bursted out from underground into a cave inside a volcano. A wave of heat immediately hit him, causing his hair and eyebrows to immediately curl.

He let out a scream as he quickly threw out his flying sword and moved onto a rock. After just these few moments in the heat, his skin was already cracking and his clothes were instantly turned to dust.

Even the flying sword under his feet had turned red, and its temperature kept on increasing.

The moment sweat appeared on Sun Youcai’s body, every drop turned into white vapor. Looking at him now, his entire body was surrounded by this white vapor. Although he was naked, there was still a hint of a divine being.

Below him was a large pool of lava. There were many large bubbles in the pool, and every time one burst, black gas would rise up.

Sun Youcai was able to bite the bullet and rush through to the other side of the volcano before he stopped in place as he looked at the lava below him with a look of terror.

At this moment, Wang Lin had caught up. He didn’t know the Earth Escape technique, but his divine sense had been locked onto Sun Youcai the whole time. He suddenly noticed that Sun Youcai had stopped, so he took out the piece of metal and pointed at the ground. The metal spun as it hit the ground and dug a tunnel. Wang Lin’s body quickly followed and entered the lava pool Sun Youcai was at.

The moment he entered the volcano, Wang Lin noticed Sun Youcai, who was staring at the lava below in terror.

Wang Lin followed Sun Youcai’s gaze into the lava and saw triangle-shaped eyes. Wang Lin took a deep breath and backed out of the tunnel. He hid, not moving an inch, and stared at the eyes.

According to Ma Liang’s memories from when he grew up as a kid, there was no creature in Hou Fen that lived inside a volcano. If there was, then it would be impossible for them not to be found by the cultivators of Hou Fen. It has to be said that every few years, the ancestors of the four great sects seal the volcanoes for safety.

At the same time, Sun Youcai seemed to be possessed as he stared at the eyes. He got off the flying sword and stepped onto the rock with his bare feet. The moment his feet touched the rock, the smell of burning flesh spread out.

He only took three steps before his flesh and skin were completely burned off, revealing bones that had been burnt black. However, Sun Youcai didn’t reveal any look of suffering as he jumped into the lava from the edge of the rock.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his hand reached out. The moment Sun Youcai started falling, he grabbed Sun Youcai’s bag and then quickly backed away without even looking back at the lava.

A roar came from behind Wang Lin and the heat in the area suddenly intensified. As Wang Lin ran, the tunnel around him turned red. If someone were to look from above, they would see that all of the big and small volcanoes were spewing black smoke, especially one of the large volcanoes. Around it, a red light visible to the eyes spread out. Everything that was touched by this red light turned red.

Wang Lin’s face was dark as he followed the tunnel. He suddenly stopped as he saw an ocean of flames gathered in the tunnel before him. The fire formed a creature with triangular eyes and a single horn. It looked at Wang Lin with killing intent.

Without a word, Wang Lin sent out his Ji Realm Divine Sense. One could only see a ray of red lightning shoot out from Wang Lin’s eyes and enter the fire beast. The fire beast’s fire dimmed for a moment, but it soon recovered. It then opened its mouth and let out a roar before charging at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s face darkened even more. He turned around, but his pupils suddenly shrank as another fire beast appeared behind him.

At this moment, inside the narrow tunnel, there were two fire beasts blocking both sides. He clenched his teeth as he sent out the piece of metal. The metal began to dig another tunnel and Wang Lin quickly followed.

But just at this moment, the two fire beasts suddenly let out roars. Wang Lin’s heart sank. The dirt around Wang Lin suddenly turned red and hardened until it formed a cage. Wang Lin was trapped inside.

This cage was closing around him until it completely surrounded him, finally trapping Wang Lin inside.

At this moment, waves of cracks appeared on the ground. The ground collapsed inwards, forming a basin. A ball of black dirt was formed with Wang Lin inside.

Around the dirt ball were eight fire beasts that constantly spewed fire at the ball of dirt to make it smaller. Soon, the ball grew smaller and smaller, and the beasts eventually stopped.

One of the fire beasts grabbed the ball of dirt and jumped onto the ground. The other fire beasts quickly followed. They soon returned to the cave they were in before.

The fire beast threw the ball of dirt into the lava before jumping in with the other fire beasts. They all disappeared into the lava. The lava let out a few more bubbles before calming down.

The surrounding volcanoes stopped spewing black smoke and the heat wave disappeared. Aside from the giant basin that was formed by the fire beast, there was no other evidence of what had just occurred remaining.

And basins were very common in Hou Fen. Almost next to every volcano, there would be big and small basins.

Wang Lin hugged his body as he resisted the high temperature waves. The moment the dirt surrounded him, he covered his body in his Ji Realm Divine Sense. At the moment, his divine sense was slowly dissolving the dirt ball.

He could clearly feel that he was shaking. With a shake, he could feel that he was thrown to the ground. Currently, his divine sense had broken through the restriction of the dirt ball, so he could clearly see everything before him.

In front of him was an endless pool of lava. There were countless openings above it. Lava flowed down into this endless pool from the openings.

The dirt ball he was trapped in was currently floating in the lava. Around him were seven or eight more dirt balls floating around. On top of each one sat a fire beast.

Then he looked at the lava around him and saw countless triangular eyes. One of the fire beasts jumped up from the lava and sat down on top of Wang Lin’s ball of dirt. The fire beasts didn’t notice Wang Lin’s divine sense at all.

Time slowly passed and more fire beasts came from the tunnels above. Every group carried a dirt ball as well.

At this moment, the entire pool of lava began to shake. Every fire beast quickly made an opening where a giant fire beast appeared. Wang Lin quickly withdrew his divine sense and began to observe carefully.

A normal fire beast was only three feet tall, but just the head of this large fire beast was already larger than ten feet. Slowly, a large portion of the big fire beast’s body appeared. Along with this large body, a powerful pressure came, causing all of the small fire beasts to stop moving.

Wang Lin’s heart was shocked. The power this large fire beast was at was least at the Nascent Soul level. As for exactly how strong, Wang Lin was unable to determine as he had never met a Soul Formation cultivator before.

This large fire beast looked around before moving to the left. Soon, another large fire beast came out. One by one, they appeared until there was a total of 16.

These 16 fire beasts formed a circle. Once the circle was complete, a translucent ring of fire appeared in the middle. Rainbow-colored light emanated from it.

Wang Lin carefully looked and saw a figure slowly become solid as it formed a ball of fire the size of his fist.

Slivers of red lines lined the ball of fire to the ring of fire.

The moment the ball of fire appeared, the 16 large fire beasts let out roars. One by one, their bodies jumped up from the lava pool. They then proceeded to kneel on the lava. All of the smaller fire beasts also jumped out of the lava and kneeled.

Wang Lin was observing when he suddenly felt a shock in his brain as the heaven defying bead appeared without him willing it for the first time. If he didn’t quickly stop it, then it would have broken through the dirt.

Just at this moment, a fire beast grabbed the dirt ball beneath him and threw it at the ball of fire. The dirt ball suddenly stopped in mid air and the ball of fire quickly entered the dirt ball. The sucking noise was very clear in this silent cave.

A chilling scream came from inside the dirt ball. The scream continued, but got softer and softer until no sound came out anymore. Soon, slivers of blood mist came from the dirt ball and the ball of fire came out.

The dirt ball fell from the air and sank into the lava. Wang Lin’s heart sank as well. He now understood that he wasn’t the only person alive inside a dirt ball. Even if he didn’t protect himself, the dirt ball wouldn’t have kill him. At most, he would be asleep.

Subsequently, four more dirt balls were tossed at the ball of fire. Screams rang out as the ball of fire entered them. The screams lasted for more than half an hour. When the fifth dirt ball sank into the lava, the dirt ball Wang Lin was in was thrown out.

The heaven defying bead shook violently and with a never before seen momentum, it broke through Wang Lin’s hold. Just at this moment, the ball of fire entered the dirt ball Wang Lin was in.

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