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Chapter 1314 - The First Predestined Battle (4)

Great Moon God Slaying Spell, Blood Moon Wings, Ancient God's Nine Bones, God-Decaying Liquid!

Every one of these treasures were extremely powerful. They were prepared by the Moon Clan throughout countless years to capture an ancient god alive!

It has to be said that aside from the ancient gods, devils, and demons, the ones that understood the ancient gods the most was the Moon Clan!

The Moon Clan had thought of countless methods to deal with the ancient gods!

Tuo Sen's roar echoed inside the moonlight world. Facing the countless crescent moons, he waved his arms, and thunderous rumbles echoed as all the crescent moons that closed in on him collapsed!

The Blood Moon Wings closed in and were also exploded by Tuo Sen with one punch. However, the Blood Moon Wings turned into countless feathers that stabbed into Tuo Sen's body.

What was even more powerful was the ancient god skulls. These skulls belonged to ancient gods that died countless years ago. They were like suns that crashed toward Tuo Sen!

Wang Lin's expression was also gloomy as the blood sword circled around him. His hands formed all kinds of spells to resist the crescent moons. The Blood Moon Wings flew by and turned into countless feathers that pierced through his body.

Fresh blood covered his body. He couldn't even retreat, as that moonlight silk had wrapped around his body.

As for the ancient god skulls, they didn't head toward Wang Lin; they were all focused on Tuo Sen. They created earth shattering howls as they closed in on Tuo Sen and suddenly collapsed!

An indescribable impact instantly erupted. Even someone as strong as Tuo Sen coughed out blood, and his expression became even more ferocious!

The Moon Clan was using everything they had saved up over countless years to capture an ancient god alive!

The nine ancient god skulls were the Moon Clan's clan-saving treasure. Each one of them was equal to a third step cultivator exploding. The power of nine of them collapsing at once was unimaginable!

However, compared to them, the God-Decaying Liquid was even more precious! This God-Decaying Liquid was injected into every Moon Clan member at birth, and it came from an unknown source. Even the Moon Clan didn't know where it came from. They only knew that countless years ago, when they betrayed the ancient gods, it had successfully killed an ancient god before!

After being nourished by the Moon Clan for countless years, the power of the God-Decaying Liquid was terrifying!

At this moment, the blood sea created by the God-Decaying Liquid entered the moonlight world and surrounded Wang Lin and Tuo Sen. It formed a giant blood vortex. Wang Lin immediately felt the vortex melting his ancient god power, and a powerful sense of danger entered his mind!

Tuo Sen's expression immediately became even more serious.

However, these weren't the only things the Moon Clan had prepared. They had prepared for countless years, and this was merely a part of it!

The old man stared at the formation as he roared, "Summon the Moon Clan's treasure: Ancient God Eyes!" 

Two blood red eyes appeared in the formation. The eyes seemed to give off a powerful scent of blood, and they were looking at Tuo Sen and Wang Lin!

"Summon the Moon Clan's treasure: Giant Spirit Bell!!" A giant ancient bell appeared in the world. It rang fiercely, creating ripples that entered the formation!

"Summon the Moon Clan's treasure: Ninth Extinction Spirit!" The old man's hands formed a seal and he let out a heaven-shattering roar. Blood came out of his orifices and his white hair moved strangely before him. A giant green phantom suddenly appeared. It was impossible to see the appearance of the phantom, but its entire body gave off a green glow. When Tuo Sen saw this, his pupils shrank!

When Wang Lin saw this green light, he jumped. He vaguely recognized that the green light coming from the phantom was exactly the same as the aura from the ancient god skull under the Demon Spirit Land!

Every single treasure was made specifically for dealing with ancient gods. If they were used against third step cultivators, they might be a bit lacking, but toward ancient gods, they were deadly!

Tuo Sen jerked his body and let out a roar. A powerful impact pushed the sea of blood away and then he looked at Wang Lin. At this moment, he no longer hesitated. His six stars flew out toward Wang Lin.

"After devouring you and completing the fusion, this god will break this sealing formation. Then I'm going to slaughter the Moon Clan until rivers of blood flow!"

"Tuo Sen, I have Tu Si's memory inheritance. If you devour me, our inheritances will merge and Tu Si will awaken. Do you not believe me? Give it a try!" Wang Lin smiled coldly and didn't resist. He let the six stars close in as he stared coldly at Tuo Sen.

These words hit Tuo Sen's weak point once more. He let out a mad roar and his eyes glowed red.

"You just want the knowledge of the spell that can destroy this seal. You don't have to devour me to do it. If we work together, it will be a win-win for both of us. While I, Wang Lin, am no match for you, if you remain stubborn, you will die once Tu Si awakens! Are you confident in escaping from Tu Si?"

At this moment, as the sea of blood closed in, the ancient god eyes' gaze locked on, creating a powerful aura. The ripples of the bell closed in, and finally the phantom charged in with a destructive aura!

There were also the countless moonlight silk threads surrounding the area!

"Both of us are ancient gods; how can we let these slaves seal us? If you believe me, we can deal with them first and then I'll naturally give you an answer!" Wang Lin didn't even look at the treasures closing in as he waited for Tuo Sen's answer!

Tuo Sen was afraid to gamble. He wasn't sure if Wang Lin's memories really did contain such a thing. However, even if it was false 9,999 times out of 10,000 times, as long as there was that a chance it was true, he wouldn't dare to risk it!

Once he lost, Tu Si would revive. He had no confidence facing Tu Si, as he would without a doubt die!

Tuo Sen clenched his teeth and growled, "Good!!!" The way he saw it, once these slaves were dealt with, Wang Lin would have nowhere to run. He would capture Wang Lin and then have all the time he needed to slowly find out if what Wang Lin had said was true or not!

"If what he said is true, I'll simply give up the chance of becoming 9-star ancient god and destroy his inheritance of memory so there will be no chance of Tu Si awakening!"

When Tuo Sen agreed, Wang Lin's hands formed seals and waved. At the same time, he chanted in the language of the ancient gods.

"When the world was born, the Ancient Order split into three. The first was the ancient gods. They walked against the heavens and battled against the world. They would ravage everything, destroy the heavens, and break the world! 8-star ancient god spell, Void!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light and the six ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated like crazy. Ancient god power filled his hands.

In an instant, as the various Moon Clan treasures closed in, a deformed rune appeared before his hands!

Although this rune was incomplete, it gave off a heaven-shaking aura that could cause the heavens to collapse. This was an aura of destructive that could disintegrate all spells and even heaven itself!

This was Void! The ancient gods' void power that could destroy the heavens and shatter the earth!

Wang Lin roared, "Tuo Sen, ancient god power!"

Tuo Sen clenched his teeth and waved his right hand. His six ancient god stars rotated, giving off ancient god power several times more power than Wang Lin's. It rushed into the incomplete rune.

In an instant, the rune began to move and went from incomplete to complete!

The complete rune appeared in the world. This was a rank 8 spell, an ancient god spell that hadn't appeared in countless years!

The expression of the old man outside the formation changed greatly!

The rune suddenly gave off a bright light. This light was between black and white, it was completely grey. It spread like crazy with Wang Lin and Tuo Sen as the center!

The God-Decaying Blood was pushed back, the Ancient God Eyes immediately exploded, the intense ripples immediately dissipated, and even the green shadow struggled for a moment before vanishing because it wasn't pure enough.

The surrounding moonlight silk threads suddenly shattered. Everything was pushed back by the grey light! Invisible cracks formed in the moonlight world that formed the God Sealing Formation. 

"Summoning the Moon Clan's first treasure: Ancient God Remnant Bone!" the old man in white roared like crazy, and a giant spatial crack suddenly appeared. This spatial rift was ripped open wide, and an indescribable pressure came out from within.

A finger the size of half a cultivation planet slowly came out of the spatial crack. There was no flesh or blood on his finger, only bones!

This was a middle finger bone!

"Destroy God!" The old man let out a heaven shattering roar. At the same time, the 100,000 surrounding Moon Clan cultivators all released the same roar!"

 "Destroy God!!!"

When the the Moon Clan betrayed the ancient gods, they had destroyed gods countless years ago. Now they still wanted to destroy gods, the gods that had helped them countless years ago!

The roar of 100,000 people was earth-shattering. It spread as a powerful soundwave!

"This is… This is… The finger of a 9-star ancient god!!" At this moment, Tuo Sen's expression changed greatly!

The moment the ancient broken finger bone appeared, the God Sealing Formation collapsed and the gray light touched the broken finger bone.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Tuo Sen coughed out blood and he was thrown into the distance!

Popping sounds came from Wang Lin's body as all the bones in his body broke. They were thrown in two different directions. The giant finger bone wasn't damaged at all when it landed.

The moment they were thrown out, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to use the devouring spell. Black fog surrounded his body. Using the powerful impact, he rushed into the formation of people, and the black fog scattered. Miserable screams echoed as he began absorbing like crazy.

Everywhere he passed, the Moon Clan members withered into skeletons and collapsed.

Even further away, Tuo Sen roared and began his counterattack!

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