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Chapter 1313 - The First Predestined Battle (3)

"Do you think Tu Sei really died!?!" These words were like a bolt of thunder arching across the sky. It entered Tuo Sen's mind and hit his weak point!

Tuo Sen was extremely arrogant; he wasn't even afraid of the heavens. However, if there was one person he feared the most, it was Tu Si!

He was born from a devil in Tu Si's heart and had always held unimaginable fear toward Tu Si. Although he had controlled Tu Si's body throughout these countless years, he had an incredible speculation...

"Did Tu Si die or not…"

He wasn't sure, and he didn't dare to think about it, even though all signs pointed to Tu Si being dead from the Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique!

"If you want to devour me, you can try. When I, Wang Lin, die, that will also be the moment Tu Si awakens. Then you will be annihilated as well!!" Wang Lin's voice echoed across the void.

Tuo Sen's mind trembled and the six stars stopped rotating. A rare sign of hesitation and shock appeared in his eyes.

Just as his mind was in chaos and the hesitation that shouldn't appear had appeared, a shocking change occurred in the Moon Clan's domain!

Howling sounds came from the collapsed moonlight and a powerful aura came from all directions like a storm. This sound echoed across the entire Moon Clan domain!

"God Sealing Formation, open!!" An ancient voice filled with madness, excitement, and hidden fear echoed across the star domain!

As his voice echoed, shadows appeared in the silent Moon Clan domain! There were men and women, and all of them had a crescent moon mark between their eyebrows!

There were simply too many of them, no less than 100,000, and now they filled the surroundings. Each of them were in locations that had been calculated countless times to form this God Sealing Formation!

The God Sealing Formation was used to seal gods! Ancient gods!

Aside from the many cultivators, all the cultivation planets were placed according to this giant formation. When the old man roared, the entire world suddenly changed!

The void was no more! It was replaced by moonlight. The world had disappeared only to be replaced by endless moonlight!

A giant crescent moon appeared in the sky. Endless moonlight came out of it and enveloped everything!

There was an old man of the Moon Clan sitting on each of the hundreds of cultivation planets in the star domain. Each of them activated their full power to allow the moonlight to reach a peak!

For the Moon Clan, dead ancient gods couldn't compare to a live ancient gods, and a royal ancient god no less. This held shocking allure for them!

If they could seal a living royal ancient god to become their slave, just thinking about it was enough to make any Moon Clan member's origin soul shake in excitement and let out a roar.

Once they succeeded, the Moon Clan could rise up once more!

In order to wait for this day, the Moon Clan had prepared for countless years so that one day, they could seal a living ancient god!

When Tuo Sen arrived years ago, while they felt fear, they were also filled with excitement. They prepared the formation their ancestor had left, and waited for Tuo Sen's arrival.

Originally, according to their understanding, as an ancient god, Tuo Sen would certainly seek out the Moon Clan. However, they waited for more than 10 years and Tuo See didn't come!

While the Moon Clan continued to wait, Tuo Sen finally arrived after being lured by Wang Lin!

What made the entire Moon Clan excited was that there wasn't just one royal ancient god, but two!!

The formation was activated and the world was covered in moonlight. This world of moonlight was a space the Moon Clan ancestor had created to seal ancient gods. Once trapped inside, it was extremely difficult to escape!

Tuo Sen was still shocked by Wang Lin when the Moon Clan suddenly appeared and activated the formation. The moonlight shrouded the world, and this made Tuo Sen irritated. His six stars unexpectedly didn't devour Wang Lin. They returned to him, then his right arm smashed into his surroundings.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The moonlight moved like silk and unexpectedly didn't collapsed but instead twisted. The endless moonlight began to wrap around Tuo Sen and Wang Lin. It was very fast, and in the blink of an eye, it was as if a layer of silk had been wrapped around them!

Tuo Sen's eyes shined brightly and he let out a roar at the sky. The ancient god roar spread out like crazy in this moonlight world as if it was going to collapse this world!

However, as he roared, the moonlight twisted to form more silk that began to entangle him.

"Gentle Moon Slaughter, kill the ancient god's body!" The ancient voice echoed, and in an instant, the amount of silk increased. It became sharp lines and began toattack!

These silk lines were extremely tough, and as Tuo Sen struggled, even though large amounts collapsed, they formed even more!

"Summoning the Moon Clan's treasure, God Extinguishing Fan!" The ancient voice echoed. The moonlight in this world began to gather to form a 1,000 foot fan. The moment it appeared, it mercilessly waved!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and a monstrous storm containing endless moonlight shot toward Tuo Sen. Tuo Sen roared as he broke a large amount of silk and threw a punch at the incoming storm.

Wang Lin was also surrounded by endless silk. The blood sword formed a vortex around him, cutting all the silk. However, the silk here was endless, and it was impossible to cut it all!

At this moment, the God Extinguishing Fan waved and the storm also hit him. When the roaring wind swept at Wang Lin, he retreated. As he retreated, the moonlight from the storm shot like like swords and penetrated his body!

If they were ordinary moonlight swords, Wang Lin could ignore them, but this moonlight contained the same aura as the Heaven Splitting Axe. It was extremely harmful to ancient gods.

Tuo Sen was on the same boat. As he roared, his fist collided with the storm. The storm collapsed into countless swords that penerated his body and left countless blood marks!

"Bold slaves, you dare to hurt this god? Now die!!" Tuo Sen was extremely angry. When he battled Wang Lin, he at least considered Wang Lin a member of his clan. However, these former slaves were like ants to him. And these ants had dared to injure him, so how could he not be angry?

While furious, Tuo Sen seemed to become crazy as he unleashed a large amount of destruction in this moonlight world. However, the more he destroyed, the more silk formed. In the blink of an eye, the world was a blur and was enveloped by the silk.

More than 10,000 Moon Clan members out of the 100,000 Moon Clan members coughed out blood and their bodies exploded because they couldn't withstand the rebound from the formation. They immediately died, but the crescent moon marks between their eyebrows flew out and landed on the formation!

In an instant, those more than 10,000 dead Moon Clan members appeared as souls in the moonlight world!

"Use my clan's blood to raise the god spirit. Use my clan's souls to collapse the god spirit!" The ancient voice was filled with madness. The 10,000 souls began to expand and form moons. This caused the moonlight in the world to reach a peak.

These 10,000 moons rumbled, and more than half flew at Tuo Sen, while the remaining ones shot at Wang Lin!

"Summoning the Moon Clan's treasure, Blood Moon Wings!! Blood Sacrifice!" The ancient voice echoed once more. This time, many of the thousands of Moon Clan members appeared in the moonlight world. They were holding fierce beasts in their hands, and all of them were struggling and roaring.

As the ancient voice echoed, those Moon Clan members all showed ferocious expressions and killed the fierce beasts. Large amounts of blood and flesh splattered, but they were immediately absorbed by the formation.

These thousands of cultivators were merely the first wave. After them, several more waves of cultivators appeared and sacrificed fierce beasts. Even the moonlight world was now filled with blood light!

As the blood light continued to condense, two blood-colored wings appeared and shot at Wang Lin and Tuo Sen!

"Summoning the Moon Clan's treasure, Ancient God's Nine Bones!" The ancient voice was very clear this time. A man in black appeared in the void outside the formation. His expression was filled with maddening greed.

After the old man spoke, a giant spatial crack appeared before him and nine giant ancient god skulls flew out!

These nine skulls gave off dense ancient god aura and were filled with crescent moon seals that were shrouded in moonlight. After they appeared, they shot into the formation and charged toward Wang Lin and Tuo Sen!

"Summoning the Moon Clan's treasure, God-Decaying Liquid!" The old man's white hair moved strangely. As he spoke those words, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out black blood.

The Moon Clan cultivators on the hundreds of cultivation planets that formed the formation bit the tips of their tongues and spat out black blood that contained a powerful stench!

This blood seemed to have intelligence, and it gathered together, forming a sea of blood that contained a powerful stench. Then it rushed into the formation!

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