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Chapter 131 – Is He a Fat Sheep?

Sun Youcai let out a laugh as he reached out to grab Wang Lin’s shoulder and said, “Let’s not talk about her anymore. Brother Ma, there is a transfer array to enter the Ravine just ahead.

Wang Lin’s shoulder moved to dodge the hand. He said, “That is good. Let’s quickly go so we can enter the valley sooner.” With that, he flew forward.

Sun Youcai’s hand hit empty air, but his expression didn’t change as he asked, “Brother Ma, did you come out by yourself this time?” He casually followed Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sneered, but his expression didn’t show any abnormality as he answered, “That’s right, I’m the only one that came this time.”

Sun Youcai let out a laugh and whispered, “I guess brother Ma secretly left the sect and came to the Ravine to get some technique jades. I heard that in three months, it will be the War God’s Shrine’s five palace competition. At that time, brother Ma can use them to become famous.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled, but didn’t say a word.

Seeing Wang Lin’s reaction, Sun Youcai sneered, “Little brat, it doesn’t matter if what you say is true or false. Since you’ve met your grandfather today, consider yourself unlucky. Hehe, I’ll use your body to make a puppet. I believe that Li Qiqing won’t be too on guard against you.” He was thinking this, but to ensure that everything would go as planned, he took out a jade before Wang Lin and said, “Brother Ma, I’ll call a friend over. He is very close. When he gets here, we can go through the transfer array together. That way, we can save a spirit stone.”

There was memory of a transfer array in Ma Liang’s memory. It cost a spirit stone to open the transfer array, and every time it opened, it could transfer up to three people.

So there was no issue with Sun Youcai’s suggestion. After seeing Wang Lin nodding his head, Sun Youcai placed the jade on his forehead and threw it into the air. After a few flashes of light, the jade disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin followed Sun Youcai. As they flew, he noticed that the farther they went, the more deserted it got. There were more and more big and small volcanoes around them. Some of the volcanoes spat out black smoke.

Afraid that Wang Lin would become suspicious, Sun Youcai quickly explained. “Don’t worry, brother Ma. The transfer array is not far away. I don’t know what has been going on recently, but all of the volcanos have been releasing black smoke. I remember that the four great sects’ Nascent Soul ancestors just finished sealing them last year.”

Wang Lin’s expression became cold as he laughed. “Yes, this place is indeed deserted. A very good place. Especially these volcanoes. After killing someone, you can just toss their body into them. That will save yourself from using a fireball technique.”

Sun Youcai’s body suddenly stopped. He force a smile and said, “Brother Ma…”

Before he even finished speaking, sounds of wind and thunder came in from the distance along with a black sword. In the blink of an eye, the sword arrived near them. When the light dissipated, it revealed a skinny middle-aged man. His eyes revealed a ruthless light.

This person was wearing all black. Even the flying sword under his feet emitted a black light. Both of his hands were covered in black smoke. He didn’t even look at Wang Lin as he said to Sun Youcai, “He is the fat sheep?”

Wang Lin looked at him and noticed that this person’s cultivation level was higher than Sun Youcai’s. This person had already reached the pseudo Core Formation stage and could compete with Li Qiqing.

Sun Youcai’s face suddenly smiled like a flower. His voice sounded like he was trying to please the person as he said, “Senior martial brother, it is him. I saw that that girl, Li Muwan and her brother Li Qiqing, have a good impression of him. If we turn him into a puppet and use him to approach them, we might have a better chance.”

The black-clothed man turned his head toward Wang Lin. He was surprised that Wang Lin didn’t run away. Wang Lin was only a mid stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, so he didn’t think of Wang Lin as a threat at all as he coldly said, “Brat, you can die now.” With that, the flying sword under his feet shot out toward Wang Lin’s chest.

At the same time, the black-clothed man jumped forward and clapped his hand a few times. The black mist spread out, forming a giant skull. It quickly followed the black sword toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He didn’t even mind the mist or the flying sword as he pointed his finger at the middle aged man and said, “Destroy!”

The moment the Ji Realm appeared, the sky darkened. The moment the Ji Realm Divine Sense appeared, the soul was destroyed! Wang Lin was invincible among Foundation Establishment cultivators. If he reaches the Core Formation stage, he will be the king of Core Formation cultivators. If he reaches the Nascent Soul stage, then he will be the number one cultivator under the Soul Formation stage in countless countries.

The middle aged man’s eyes suddenly bulged out. He could feel that his soul was hit by a powerful destructive force. He didn’t have any power to resist, so his soul instantly shattered. When he revealed a look of fear, he had already died. His body then went limp. Even until his death, he still didn’t understand how it all happened.

Everything happened too quickly. The flying sword didn’t even travel half the distance to its destination when the divine sense from the middle aged man broke and it fell from the sky. The black skull followed behind it and slowly dissipated with the death of the middle-aged man.

Wang Lin waved his sleeves and the black flying sword quickly flew into his hand. He slapped his bag of holding and the piece of metal came out.

“Devour that black mist.” After saying those words, Wang Lin no longer paid any attention to it and turned to Sun Youcai, who was completely dumbfounded.

A flash of red light appeared on the piece of metal as the devil came out and jumped on the black mist. He didn’t stop to consider whether or not he could even devour or digest the black cloud as he devoured it with a bitter smile. He didn’t dare to disobey Wang Lin as he knew how scary Wang Lin was.

Sun Youcai finally realized what was going one as he took a few steps back. He quickly jumped to the ground and disappeared.

The devil’s eyes turned and he slowed down on devouring the black mist. He was pretending to still be devouring. However, Wang Lin’s next sentence caused him to frown again.

“Follow me.”

With that, Wang Lin’s body moved and his Ji Realm Divine sense quickly spread out. He chased northwest. The devil revealed a struggling expression as he backed up instead of charging forward. Suddenly, he let out a miserable scream as green gas appeared on his body, causing him to not dare to hesitate anymore.

Wang Lin retrieved the divine sense he used to punish the devil and focused on chasing Sun Youcai. He was very interested in Sun Youcai’s speed. He knew that his own speed was lacking compared to Sun Youcai’s, just like with the middle aged woman who could travel 10,000 kilometers in two breaths. If someone like that wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t even be able to run.

When Sun Youcai caught up to him before, he was already using his full speed, so it showed how fast Sun Youcai was.

Therefore, Wang Lin didn’t kill him. He decided to catch him alive to get the technique out of him.

Sun Youcai was scared now. Ever since he started cultivating 30 years ago, since he was a 15th layer Qi condensation cultivator, he had been killing people. But he had always been very careful and only killed people weaker than him. He never dared to kill people stronger than him.

Over the years, he used all of the treasures he had found and traded them at the Ravine Workshop for pills to increase his cultivation level. This caused his cultivation level to continue to rise, but as his cultivation level increased, normal pills lost their effect. High quality pills were either hard to find or the prices were too high, so he set his sights on the Luo He Sect.

The Luo He Sect was famous for formations and alchemy, especially when it came to pills. If the pill was refined by the Lou He Sect, then it must be a high quality pill. Sun Youcai’s target was the Luo He Sect’s Li Muwan. He wanted to get some pills or pill recipes from her, but her older brother Li Qiqing’s cultivation level was a step above his at pseudo Core Formation. Completely above him, who had just entered the late stage of Foundation Establishment.

The current Sun Youcai wished his speed could be even faster. Even now, his mind was recalling the terrifying moment from before. Fourth senior apprentice brother was a pseudo Core Formation cultivator, yet he was so easily killed.

If that Ma Liang had used some powerful treasure, then he wouldn’t be so scared, but he didn’t even see the shadow of a magic treasure. He only heard Ma Liang say the word “destroy” and fourth senior apprentice brother just died.

What…what kind of technique is that? Thinking about this, Sun Youcai couldn’t help but feel his skull go numb. The more he couldn’t understand, the more terrified he was. What cultivation level would you need to be able to kill a pseudo Core Formation cultivator with just one word? Could it be that Ma Liang had already reached the Core Formation stage?

No! Sun Youcai quickly rejected the idea because he had met Core Formation cultivators before. Even if the Core Formation elders were to fight a pseudo Core Formation cultivator, it wouldn’t be this easy. Although they would win for sure, they couldn’t just kill them with one word like it was some sword of heavenly decree.

Sun Youcai’s heart trembled. Could it be a Nascent Soul cultivator?

But he soon rejected this idea as well. He had seen a Nascent Soul cultivator act before. It was when the Demon Sect ancestor killed a late stage Foundation Establishment traitor. In front of everyone’s eyes, he only threw out a sword and the traitor died while running away. He didn’t even have any chance to dodge or resist.

But still, in his eyes, when he compared Wang Lin killing a pseudo Core Formation cultivator with just a word to the Nascent Soul elder who used a flying sword, it was clear who was stronger. With that, his mind suddenly went blank.

“Could..could it be that… he…he is… Soul Formation.…” When Sun Youcai said the words “Soul Formation,” all of the strength left his body.

The more he thought about it, the more accurate it felt. Sun youcai bittered muttered, “A Soul Formation expert… that is someone of legends. How is it possible… but if not Soul Formation, how could he kill fourth senior apprentice brother with just one word… rumor has it that Soul Formation cultivators can control the ways of the heavens, so killing a pseudo Core Formation cultivator with one word would make sense…I…I am being hunted by a Soul Formation expert…”

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