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Chapter 1301 - Divine Retribution Arrives

The thousands of cultivators were still sitting outside the spatial crack next to the Demon Sect. They were cultivating to recover their origin energy. They would occasionally open their eyes and look at the dark spatial crack.

They were used to this kind of life, and they had spent many years like this.

The three Demon Sect members surrounded by the blue light were also sitting in the distance, and they occasionally looked at the spatial crack.

It had been almost one month since Wang Lin entered the spatial crack. For cultivators, one month was an extremely short period of time. Often, one cultivation session could last for several months.

However, the surrounding cultivators and the three people from the Demon Sect couldn't settle down to cultivate for a long period of time. This was because the spatial crack they were all familiar with had become extremely strange.

The spatial crack was too silent, silent to a terrifying degree, as if it was a dead realm. This occurrence was extremely rare throughout the countless years. Fierce beasts would always be roaring inside and rushing out, but now it was completely silent.

Even though the spatial crack was silent, the smell of blood was constantly streaming out from inside. Although it was very weak, it was constant. It was as if a heaven-shaking slaughter had occurred inside the spatial crack and caused the entire world inside to become hell!

The silence and smell of blood created an invisible pressure that continued to grow. This heavy pressure weighed down on the hearts of all the cultivators, making it impossible for them to settle down.

Just at this moment, a ray of green light came from the spatial crack. The moment the green light appeared, everyone's gazes gathered. The green light scattered, revealing the old man among the six geniuses.

Several days ago, he had decided to sneak into the spatial crack to check what was happening. No one had stopped him, because everyone wanted to know what was going on inside the spatial crack.

Now that the old man had returned, his face was filled with shock, disbelief, and fear. The moment all the gazes gathered on him, the old man said in a hoarse voice,

"It's filled with corpses!! All corpses of fierce beasts. They are all fragments and were pushed out by a force deep inside the spatial crack… I didn't enter too deep due to the thick scent of blood. I can feel that due to too many beasts dying inside, a sea of blood has formed in the depths...

"There are beast of every rank, even king beasts…. All of them were killed with one blow and their bodies exploded!"

The old man's words caused the expressions of all the surrounding cultivators to change greatly. Although they had some speculations, they were still shocked.

"This must have been caused by the cultivator that went inside to save Li Qianmei one month ago. That person's cultivation is mysterious, and he was able to cause such a calamity inside the spatial crack! It's just… It's just that all of this is too shocking. No matter how powerful he is, he is only one person, but how could he cause such a slaughter?"

"Even the Demon Sect elder was not a match for that cultivator; the elder even suffered hidden injuries by that cultivator's hand. But no matter how shocking his strength is, I don't think he caused it. After all, there are too many fierce beasts inside, and he can only handle so much by himself!"

"It is likely that a new emperor beast was born, or a new humanoid beast was born. The fierce often fight amongst themselves, or it could be a mysterious new emperor beast!"

After the surrounding cultivators heard what the old man said, an uproar erupted. They all looked at the spatial crack and became more vigilant.

The three people from the Demon Sect also had serious expressions. One of them took a jade out to report back to the Demon Sect, but a huge change occurred in the space outside the spatial crack!

Due to the bright nebula lighting up the dark space, a bit of darkness wouldn't affect the visions of cultivators. Everything was visible to the cultivators.

However, everything seemed to darken, and a powerful pressure came from all directions. This pressure was powerful and seemed to gather from all directions. The moment it appeared, cracking sounds echoed.

It was as if space itself was being compressed by this pressure!

A portion of the cultivators with lower cultivation levels immediately turned pale. Popping sounds came from their bodies as if their bones were rubbing together. They coughed out blood and suffered injuries!

"This is!?!"

"What is this!?!" The expressions of these thousands of cultivators immediately changed. They spread out their energy to resist this pressure and then immediately looked up!

They saw clouds appear in the space above them. Clouds shouldn't appear in space, but they had appeared!

These clouds were purple and boundless. They appeared out of thin air and shrouded this star field. The clouds were still moving and gathering like crazy.

As the clouds gathered, the pressure became stronger and stronger. Thunderous rumbles came from within them. Their roars were heaven-shaking, and they caused space itself to tremble.

It was as if a crack to another world had been opened inside the clouds and a large pavilion appeared. This pavilioned seem to be made of white jade and continued to push outwards!

The thunderous rumbles became even more intense, and endless thunder swam through the clouds. Space trembled violently as if it was about to collapse!

The pressure became stronger and stronger. The boundless clouds continued to spread, and in the blink of an eye, they seemed to shroud most of the rank 9 region!

Those thousands of cultivators were shaken and were stunned as they looked at the clouds above them. A fear from their souls immediately appeared in their hearts. It was unknown who retreated first, but the thousands of cultivators all quickly fled. They wanted to get away from the clouds.

"Divine retribution!!! This is… This is divine retribution!!!"

A mournful cry came from the crowd. When the surrounding cultivators heard this, their faces all turned pale. They retreated like crazy for their lives!

"Divine retribution, it really is divine retribution!!" The three Demon Sect members trembled and fear appeared in their eyes. They didn't hesitate to retreat.

There was a thunderous roar.

A thunderous rumble came from the magnificent clouds and shook the star field. Hundreds of cultivators coughed out blood and fell.

The thunderous rumbles turned into a shock wave and spread out. In the blink of an eye, it shook the entire rank 9 region. The dense fog in the rank 9 region collapsed in an instant. The fierce beasts hidden inside all let out roars filled with panic.

It was as if the apocalypse had started in the rank 9 region, and an uproar began!

The moment the clouds appeared and the thunderous rumbles echoed, all the elders in the Demon Sect were awakened from their cultivation. Their expressions changed greatly and they all flew out of their cultivation planets.

When the 16 elders of the Demon Sect came out, they saw the clouds and their pupils all shrank.

"This… What kind of divine retribution is this!?!"

Just as the elders of the Demon Sect were in shock, an ancient voice came from the Demon Sect. "This is infinite retribution!" It seemed like he was extremely concerned about this divine retribution. 

The moment the 16 elders heard this voice, they looked respectfully at the Demon Sect. "Greetings, High Elder!" A ray of light shot out of the Demon Sect and turned into a middle-aged man. Although he looked young, he gave off an ancient aura as if he had existed for far too long.

The middle-aged man looked emotionally at the clouds and slowly said, "There are many types of divine retribution, including thunder, soul, might, and others. Only infinite retribution is the most terrifying. It is ever-changing, and rumor has it that it's power is equal to heaven itself. It will without a doubt kill! I wonder which fellow cultivator unexpectedly triggered this divine retribution!" 

"The Sect Master once said that all living things will need to pass the infinite retribution. I didn't expect to see the infinite retribution today! Open the sect formation and let all the cultivators enter the Demon Sect; otherwise, they will all be destroyed by the infinite retribution!" The middle-aged man stared at the clouds, and his expression became even more serious.

His words were like an order. The 16 elders spread out their divine senses and immediately flew toward the cultivation planets. Large amounts of Demon Sect members flew out and guided the cultivators at the battlefield into the Demon Sect.

The disciples of the Demon Sect were like a mortal army. The moment an order was given, they moved quickly and effectively. They used some unknown method and quickly guided all the cultivators into the Demon Sect.

When there were no cultivators outside the Demon Sect, the sect formation activated. The roar was thunderous and seemed to compete with the divine retribution. Soon, all the Demon Sect planets were surrounded by the formation.

"There is no one in my Demon Sect that triggered the divine retribution, so there will be no harm to the sect with the formation active! This old man wants to see who can unexpectedly trigger this infinite retribution!" The old man's eyes were bright, as if his gaze could pierce the void and look at the spatial crack.

The clouds spread like crazy. In a short period of time, they completely shrouded the rank 9 region. The lightning and thunder were dense inside the clouds and could shock any cultivator that saw them.

As the clouds continued to spread, the crack to the other world continued to widen. The huge white pavilion was halfway out!

The high elder of the Demon Sect's pupils shrank when he saw the half-exposed white pavilion within the clouds. He saw that there was a statue of someone sitting in front of the pavillion, and two stone swords were stabbed into the ground before it.

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