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Chapter 1300 - Ancient God Altar

"You've injured her, so you have to pay the price!" Wang Lin's voice was cold as he held the scorpion and threw it again. The two tails he was holding were suddenly torn off, and the body fell into the void. There were many broken parts on its body, and blood flowed everywhere.

The moment it landed, the mosquito king let out a violent hiss and charged out like crazy. When it got close, its large mouth stabbed into the crack on the scorpion's body. It inhaled and revealed an excited look.

After this, the remaining 5,000 mosquito beasts rushed out and surrounded the scorpion. Their sharp mouths stabbed in and began to suck frantically.

The scorpion's scream was miserable, as if it was her last struggle for life. However, the struggle was weak and couldn't stop the 5,000 mosquito beasts from absorbing her.

Even Wang Lin felt his scalp tingle when he saw this.

It only took a few breaths of time for the scorpion's body to wither and lose all her blood. Even her understanding of dao scattered and was sucked away by the mosquito beasts.

The mosquito king let out a hiss and revealed a look of ecstasy. Its body trembled and its cultivation level increased greatly. Not only it, but the remaining 5,000 mosquito beasts all roared excitedly!

After tasting the blood of beasts and absorbing their essences, they went through a frenzy of growth. Now they scattered and chased after the fierce beasts. If one was caught, they attacked in droves and sucked the beast dry.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the mosquito beasts and arrived next to the giant scorpion. He waved his left and ripped off the remaining seven scorpion tails. He opened his mouth, spat out a mouthful of blue flames, and set the tails ablaze.

As the fire burned, flashes of restrictions appeared in his eyes and fell on the tails. A moment later, the nine tails fused into one, and it was placed into Wang Lin's storage space.

Then his left hand formed a fist and landed on the scorpion's head, causing the head to explode, revealing a fist-sized black core! There was flashes of the woman in black inside the black core, and her face was filled with terror.

If a rank 13 beast could turn human, it was like having two lives. Even if their beast body collapsed, they still had an origin soul inside their body.

The woman was terrified while Wang Lin picked up the black core, and there was coldness in his eyes. His divine sense rushed into the black core, breaking through everything, and began searching her memories.

Wang Lin gradually saw her entire life. He saw that countless years ago, this scorpion was only rank 7, but she had seen a woman by chance. That woman pointed at the scorpion with her right hand to leave a mark and said one thing.

"What an intelligent little beast. I name you Purple Blood. Become one of my beast generals and help me heal."

The woman's figure was blurry and she couldn't get a clear look. In the scorpion's memories, she was extremely respectful of this woman.

Memories passed. As he continued to search, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He learned that there was a total of 19 beasts that could turn human.

He found out that the size of the crack was boundless. Not even these fierce beasts knew what was deeper inside. They just knew that there were powerful beasts inside, and that they didn't easily come out. However, whenever they did, it would set off a huge wave!

As for the origin of the crack, not even the woman in black knew. She only knew that she had been here since she was born...

Wang Lin also found out that there was a restricted area deep within the spatial crack. The woman the scorpion respected was healing there, and a long time had passed.

Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and began to ponder. He understood that the place this place led to was likely not the Outer Realm like the Demon Sect had thought, but a mysterious place.

For some unknown reason, when Wang Lin withdrew his divine after searching the scorpion's memories, he unwittingly thought about the spatial crack in the Wind Celestial Realm. He remembered the giant mosquito king struggling to come out of the crack and the chaotic world filled with mosquito beasts on the other side.

"Is there any connection between those two places…" Wang Lin pondered for a bit before he stopped thinking about it. Instead, he turned toward the exit and quickly rushed over.

Since Wang Lin wasn't sure if this place led to the Outer Realm, he wasn't going to waste any more time here. He had to rush back to the Demon Sect as soon as possible and go to the Sealed Realm Formation. He had to find a way to break out and look for Dao Master Blue Dream!

At the start, it was the fierce beasts sieging Wang Lin, but now he was hunting them one by one. As he continued his slaughter, he moved faster and faster toward the exit.

Wang Lin's Flowing Time spell didn't waver at all; it was constantly activated, preventing Li Qianmei's life from extinguishing.

Time slowly passed. As Wang Lin rushed through, the fierce beasts were slaughtered one by one the mosquito beasts. The blood sword surrounded Wang Lin and immediately charged out when it detected a fierce beast.

As for the Nine Abyss Dragon that was tamed, it had long escaped, and not a trace of it remained.

Wang Lin was gradually approaching the exit according to the map in the jade. However, he was getting anxious because his Flowing Time spell was only slowing down Li Qianmei's loss of life, not stopping it. The slower he was, the lower her chance of surviving became.

However, Wang Lin had seen the Sealed Realm Formation before, and he wasn't very confident in opening it!

"The divine retribution didn't descend inside the spatial crack, but I can feel that it will descend the moment I leave. Perhaps… with the power of the divine retribution, I can break through the Sealed Realm Formation!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he flew even faster.

However, when he was more than halfway out and was close to the exit, a soft voice slowly drifted toward him.

"You are leaving in such a rush after killing one of my beast generals. You need to give me an explanation…"

This voice was very calm, but it appeared very abruptly. Even Wang Lin didn't notice. When the voice entered his ears, he suddenly stopped and turned around.

A woman had unknowingly appeared behind him. She was wearing red and looked stunning as she calmly gazed at Wang Lin. Her eyes seemed to contain the stars and formed a invisible vortex that would attract one's gaze.

"What explanation do you need?" Wang Lin's expression remained neutral, but his pupils shrank. His left hand reached at the void. A monstrous, red light flashed and the blood sword appeared.

The woman's gaze fell on the blood sword. Her eyes revealed a strange light and she softly said, "I recognize that sword, it once injured the Celestial Emperor… You are a royal ancient god who can wield the power of this sword."

Wang Lin became cautious as he stared at the woman. The woman before him didn't feel strong, but he vaguely had a feeling that what he was looking at wasn't her real body, but an avatar!

The woman played with her hair and softly said, "Don't be nervous, my original body is healing, so my avatar came. Although it is at the Heaven's Blight stage, I may not be able to make you stay, and I don't want to become your enemy!"

Wang Lin didn't speak a word and his expression revealed nothing, but he gripped the blood sword even tighter with his left hand.

The woman looked at Wang Lin and softly said, "I'm one of the Ancient Celestial Emperor's concubines. My name is One Moon. The woman beside you has lost almost all her vitality, but looking at you, you seem to have a way to bring it back. I can't make you stay, but I can prevent you from leaving for long enough that woman's vitality completely dissipates…"

Wang Lin's expression remained the same, but there was determination in his calmness as he slowly said, "If she dies, I won't leave this place. Instead, I'll slaughter my way to where you're healing and kill you!

"You can try!"

The woman's eyes revealed a look of admiration and she smiled. "That is indeed possible. How about this: I can send you out of here and give you time to resurrect that woman as long as you promise something."

"What promise?" Wang Lin frowned.

The woman looked at Wang Lin and softly said, "After you save this woman, you have to come back and help me heal…  I won't make you come for nothing. I don't know what is in the depths of the spatial crack, but I know that there is an ancient god alter. You help me heal and I'll help you get to the ancient god altar. I presume you know what the ancient god altar is. I'll also make a dao pact with you to guarantee that we will not be enemies!" 

Wang Lin silently pondered. He didn't know what the ancient god altar was, but from the look of this woman, she was very confident he would be moved.

"Why choose me?"

"Because you are a royal ancient god!

"Because you can control the blood sword that once injured the Celestial Emperor!

"Because you have the aura of someone familiar to me. I presume you have obtained his approval!

"Because you have five essences inside your body. Once your five essences reach completion, you can even battle the Celestial Emperor!

"These are my reasons for forming an alliance with you! If we are allies, I can give you similar benefits…" The woman looked at Wang Lin while saying all of this.

Wang Lin's expression remained unchanged. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

The woman smiled and waved her right hand. A ray of white light floated toward Wang Lin.

"With this jade, you can enter this spatial crack from anywhere or go to the exit with it. I'll wait for you." After the woman finished, she turned and disappeared without a sound just like how she appeared. It was as if she had only come to hand him this jade.

After taking the jade, Wang Lin looked at the direction the woman went to and frowned once more.

"What is this person's purpose? What is that ancient god altar…"

While pondering, Wang Lin's divine sense swept the jade in his hand. The jade was very simple; it was only a transfer array, but it was extremely complicated. However, with Wang Lin's knowledge of restrictions, he could easily see that there was no danger.

After pondering a bit, he sent a sliver of his divine sense into the transfer array in the jade. The divine sense disappeared in a flash and appeared at the exit to the spatial crack.

After determining that there was no harm, Wang Lin suppressed his doubt toward the woman and disappeared in a flash of light from the jade.

Deep within the spatial crack, there it was a dark world with a hexagonal, red crystal. The crystal was 100 feet tall. It was like ice, and there was a woman sitting inside it.

The woman's eyelashes trembled and she slowly opened her eyes. Her gaze pierced through the crystal and into the void. No one know what she was thinking.

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