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Chapter 130 – Sudden Arrival of Nascent Soul

“The three of you can return. Lin Tao, I’ll wait for you here in ten days.” With that, Wang Lin’s body floated backward and flew away in a rainbow-colored light.

Lin Tao quickly responded and thought that once he got back, he would have to have a good talk with his cousin. This was a life and death situation, so no matter what, he had to get a copy of that map.

Yang Xiong’s clothes were soaked with cold sweat. The cold breeze blew on his body, causing him to shiver. Waves of coldness came from his heart as he knew that he had just walked past death’s door.

Zhou Zihong calmly looked at Yang Xiong and left.

Wang Lin aimlessly flew in the sky as he pondered in his heart. Before long, his eyes lit up. No matter what, he couldn’t go to this War God Shrine. Not to even mention that if any of those three were thinking of rebelling, the secrets he was holding right now couldn’t be hidden from a Nascent Soul cultivator at all.

It was very likely that the Nascent Soul ancestor had already used some strange method and figured out that he had possessed Mai Liang. Thinking about this, he suddenly felt a hint of fear as his face darkened and his speed increased.

Wang Lin had already speculated this would happen, but Yang Xiong’s group’s actions made him even more convinced.

As he was flying, a gentle voice suddenly entered his ears. “Little friend, could you please return my disciple’s soul essence blood?” This voice was very beautiful. It was very sweet to listen to.

Wang Lin’s body suddenly stopped. Before him, an enchanting woman walked toward him.

The woman’s steps were as light as the clouds and each one created a rustling sound. She wore a blue court dress. The bottom half of the dress was covered in triangular emeralds. There was a belt around her waist, and from the belt extended many long ribbons. The court dress on this woman created a sense of intelligence and elegance.

The woman was very beautiful. Without any makeup, there was a red glow on her face, and her skin was a creamy white color.

As the woman walked forward, Wang Lin backed up to keep a constant distance between them. He put his hand on his bag of holding and coldly stared at her.

Wang Lin’s expression was the same as usual, but in his heart, he was on full alert. This woman’s cultivation level was something he couldn’t see through. She was clearly a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the woman and said, “What is the name of senior’s disciple?”

The woman revealed a gentle smile and replied with a soft voice, “My disciple’s name is Zhou Zihong.”

Wang Lin nodded without any hesitation and decisively said, “Okay, once junior is 1000 kilometers away, I’ll definitely send out the soul essence blood. Otherwise, even if senior acts, I’ll struggle to make sure the soul essence blood is destroyed.”

The woman looked at Wang Lin and said, “Little friend doesn’t need to be so nervous. I have already heard about you from Zihong. It was all thanks to your help that the three of them were able to safely return to the War God Shrine. Just with that, we can ignore you possessing Mai Liang. Ignoring everything else, because you saved Zihong, I can forgive you for everything that has happened.”

Wang Lin was startled and carefully looked at the woman’s eyes. He saw that the woman didn’t seem to be lying. Then, he pondered a bit and said, “Please don’t blame me, senior. Please wait until junior is 1000 kilometers away before I return the soul essence blood.”

The woman raised her hand and made a pose that would shock any man’s heart. She shook her head and laughed, “1000 kilometers… I’ll call you Mai Liang. Mai Liang, 1000 kilometers is only a few breaths for me. If I wanted to kill you, then unless you could escape to 10,000 kilometers away, it would be pointless. Fine, if you insist, then go.”

Without a word, Wang Lin’s body shot into the distance, leaving a trail of rainbow-colored light. Half an hour later, he had already traveled 3000 kilometers. He stopped at the mouth of a volcano to catch his breath. After adjusting the spiritual energy in his body, he pointed at his forehead and a silver speck of light floated out.

Wang Lin didn’t even take another look at it as his body jumped into the air and he left. Along the way, Wang Lin wondered if what the woman said was true or false, but no matter what, it was not wise for Wang Lin to offend a Nascent Soul cultivator right now.

Therefore, Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to return Zhou Zihong’s soul essence blood.

A few minutes later, the woman’s figure appeared at the mouth of the volcano where Wang Lin left Zhou Zihong’s soul essence blood. She reached out with her right hand and Zhou Zihong’s soul essence blood quickly came to her.

The woman looked at the speck of light and revealed a tender and loving expression. After carefully putting away the soul essence blood, she looked at the direction Wang Lin went and softly muttered to herself, “Seeing that you saved Hong Er and readily returned her soul essence blood, I’ll solve the issue of possession for you.”

For two days, aside from some necessary rest, he had been continuously flying. Because that woman had never appeared again, he relaxed a bit, but suddenly, his eyes focused on the ground not far from him.

Just at this moment, several sword lights flew toward him from the distance. After seeing Wang Lin, they quickly changed direction and headed toward him. When they arrived, seven or eight youngsters landed near Wang Lin. They look at him with hostile gazes.

Among these people, the most prominent was a young man in the front. The man’s face was as white as jade. He looked very refined. His cultivation was at the late stage of Foundation Establishment and already at pseudo Core Formation. He wore a purple robe and stood on top of a green flying sword, creating a very noble air.

Beside him followed a girl dressed in red. There was a hint of red on her pale face, making people want to love her.

The young man’s eyes were cold as he looked toward the girl and whispered, “Wan Er, is it him?”

The girl looked at Wang Lin. She let out an apologetic smile and whispered to the young man, “Brother, it is not him. Although that person was good at the art of disguise, he couldn’t fake this person’s temperament.”

The coldness disappeared from the young man’s eyes. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin and honestly said, “Please don’t blame us, fellow cultivator. I’m Li Qiqing from the Lou He Sect. Please forgive our rudeness.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he calmly said, “No problem. Since it is a misunderstanding, then how could I hold it against you?”

Li Qiqing let out a laugh and said, “I believe fellow cultivator is here to attend the Ravine Workshop Assembly. Maybe we can meet again in the future, but I still have an important matter to attend to today, so I’ll take my leave.”

With that, he clasped his hands again, grabbed the girl next to him, and left with the other six or seven people.

After they left, Wang Lin looked at the ground and moved forward without a word. Before long, he frowned. He took out the piece of metal from his bag of holding and smashed it into the ground.

The piece of metal was very quick and hit the ground with a bang. Then, a very pathetic figure came out of the ground 20 meters away.

This person’s appearance was very normal. Only his eyes contained a look of intelligence. He quickly raised his hand and shouted, “Fellow cultivator, this is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!” As he spoke, he quickly looked around and jumped up. A flying sword came out and carried him to Wang Lin.

“Fellow cultivator, I’m Sun Youcai. This is a misunderstanding. I didn’t want to purposely follow you, but I had to. That girl from the Lou He Sect is looking for me, and since I can’t beat them in a fight, I can only hide. They are still looking for me, but if I follow you, then that Li Qiqing won’t be able to find me.”

Wang Lin looked at him. Then, he flew forward and completely ignored the guy.

Sun Youcai quickly followed him up and slyly asked, “Fellow cultivator, what sect are you from? I’m a disciple of the Evil Devil Sect.”

Wang Lin’s brow slightly furrowed. He didn’t say a word as he used spiritual energy to move faster. His speed suddenly increased and he left Sun Youcai behind. Sun Youcai looked at Wang Lin. He sneered in his heart, but his expression remained the same. He slapped both his legs and kicked off from the ground. In the blink of an eye, he was next to Wang Lin again. He continued to say, “Fellow cultivator, I’m really sorry about before. It is all that girl’s fault. Ah, fellow cultivator, you are going to the Ravine Workshop, right? How about we go together? I know a lot of people in the area and can even buy a few Qi Condensation females to use as furnaces.”

“What speed!” Wang Lin’s heart moved as he turned to look at Sun Youcai and smiled. Sun Youcai saw this smile and suddenly felt his skin crawl. This feeling disappeared as soon as it appeared and Sun Youcai shook his head. He thought this person was only at the mid stage of Foundation Establishment. With his late stage Foundation Establishment cultivation, he couldn’t be wrong. He slowly smiled and asked, “How about it fellow cultivator?”

Wang Lin sneered in his heart and decisively said, “Okay, then I’ll bother brother Sun.”

Sun Youcai’s heart shook. He didn’t expect Wang Lin to agree this easily. He had a lot of words he was preparing to say, but now they were all pointless. However, his reaction was very quick. He smiled and said, “No problem. It was originally my fault for using fellow cultivator to hide. What is your name?”

“My name is Mai Liang. I’m a disciple of the War God Shrine.” Wang Lin faintly smiled. In Sun Youcai’s eyes, the smile was filled with naivety, but only Wang Lin knew the truth.

Sun Youcai let out a mischievous smile. He looked around and whispered, “Brother Mai, I heard your War God Shrine has a beauty named Zhou Ziwei. Our future sect leader saw her six months ago and was completely mesmerized by her. You’re from the War God Shrine. Is she really that pretty?”

Wang Lin was startled and asked, “Zhou Ziwei? Are you talking about Zhou Zihong, elder apprentice sister Zhou?”

Sun Youcai suddenly slapped his forehead and smiled. “Looked at his memory of mine. That is right, it is Zhou Zihong. So, how does she look?”

Wang Lin nodded and said, “Elder apprentice sister Zhou is indeed beautiful, but her personality is very cold, so I have only seen her a few times.”

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