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Chapter 1299 - Rank 13

"Human form rank 13 beast!" As Wang Lin stood inside the sea of blood, his eyes lit up. He looked at the woman in black with the giant scorpion shadow before her. He immediately recognized that she wasn't a cultivator, but a fierce beast that had turned into a human once their cultivation reached a certain point.

The whip shadow that had collapsed the blue light around Li Qianmei was obviously the tail of the scorpion shadow behind this woman in black. Without this tail, Li Qianmei wouldn't have been so seriously injured; she would've lasted until Wang Lin arrived.

After seeing the woman in black and the scorpion shadow behind her, killing intent appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. He immediately saw that although she had turned into a human, her cultivation level was only equal to a cultivator at the second Heaven's Blight! He didn't even answer her question before immediately charging toward the woman in black, leaving behind afterimages.

When his body moved, the blood sword flew next to Wang Lin. His left hand grabbed it and he mercilessly chopped down!

The expression of the woman in black changed. She had been injured by this blood sword before. She immediately retreated and opened her arms. The giant scorpion shadow behind her trembled and let out a howl. The nine tails moved like nine whips as they lashed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was ferocious, and he didn't stop at all. He stepped forward and waved the blood sword, causing a ray of blood energy to shoot out. There were sharp screams coming from the sword energy as it shot toward the nine whip-like tails.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and the blood sword released a bright light and caused the sea of blood to form a giant vortex. As it swept forward, three of the tails suddenly collapsed.

The blood light flashed, and the blood sword was invincible. In a flash, it directly cut off four whips! In the end, only two remained, and as they closed in on Wang Lin, he waved his left hand. Origin energy began to gather. He combined it with his ancient god power form a heaven-shattering wind that collided with the two whips.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the two whips shattered!

After opening the seal, the power from the dao fruit he digested allowed him to break through to the Nirvana Shatterer stage. He finally became a true powerhouse. He had also absorbed the ancient god aura at the Everlasting Sect and recovered all his stars. His sixth star had finally taken form, and even the seventh star had begun to show itself.

Adding the bizarre blood sword refined with the blood of an ancient god, Wang Lin's fighting strength was beyond what it was when he fought Daoist Water!

Most importantly, the five essences in his body had awakened. Although they were very weak, they were constantly growing. It could be said that the current Wang Lin was the strongest he had ever been in his 2,000 years of cultivation!

It could be said that the Wang Lin now had finally entered the realm of the strong. Whether he was in the Inner Realm or Outer Realm, he could become a ruler!

"You're a mere rank 13 beast that turned human. You are not qualified to block me, to ask for my name!" Wang Lin's clothes were blood red and his even hair was red with blood. He stepped forward and charged like a blood meteor toward the woman in black!

The woman's face became even more pale and her eyes filled with shock. She thought the most difficult thing to deal with would be the blood sword, but now she realized that although this cultivator's cultivation didn't feel powerful, he had the strength to kill her!

Seeing Wang Lin closing in like a meteor, the woman immediately retreated. Her hands formed a seal and she waved her hand. A dark whip immediately appeared. This whip was not a shadow, but real. It was covered in thorns, and at the end there was a sickle.

What kind of whip was this? It was obviously a scorpion tail! The woman in black held the scorpion tail whip and lashed out. Shocking rumbles echoed as it lashed out, leaving afterimages behind. It seemed like it would rip the world open. It smashed down on Wang Lin as he closed in.

Wang Lin sneered and waved his left hand. The blood sword flew out filled with excitement and chopped down at the whip. At the same time, Wang Lin's left hand pushed forward and origin energy gathered inside his eyes, then his gaze landed on his left palm. He used his gaze as a replacement for his right hand that was holding Li Qianmei, and he used the spell he had learned from Master Lu Fu.

Origin energy gathered and an unimaginable destructive power gathered in Wang Lin's left hand. There was also the power of an ancient god mixed in. Wang Lin pushed his left hand toward the woman in black and the spell in his left hand shot out.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The palmprint Wang Lin shot out shined brightly like the sun, lighting up the surroundings and then descending toward the woman in black.

The woman's face revealed terror and she let out a mournful cry. She ignored the scorpion tail whip and bit the tip of her tongue to spit out blood. The blood collapsed into a formation of blood mist that wrapped her up, then she retreated like crazy.

As she retreated, she leaned backward, and her clothes were torn, revealing her snow-white skin. At the same time, thorns came from her body as if there was a giant scorpion within her.

At this moment, while she retreated, the scorpion broke through her body and charged out! However, the moment it came out, the palmprint caught up and collided with the blood mist. A thunderous rumble and a miserable scream were heard.

At this moment, the blood sword swept forward. The scorpion tail whip wasn't able to stop it at all and exploded.

Wang Lin had overwhelming strength in the battle against the woman in black. She had no power to resist; it felt like before Wang Lin, she could only retreat, retreat, retreat!

"I'm under the command of the Moon Ancient Imperial Concubine. If you dare to kill me, the Imperial Concubine will kill your entire clan!!!" The miserable cry echoed from the retreating blood mist. However, this didn't make Wang Lin stop; he chased even faster.

"Kill my clan? My entire clan is dead, I'm the only one left! You hurt this woman, so I'll take your life and refine you into a treasure so you can suffer endless pain!" Wang Lin's voice was cold, and he immediately caught up. His left hand mercilessly slammed down.

A thunderous rumble echoed. When Wang Lin's left hand slammed down, his eyes narrowed and he retreated a few dozen steps. The blood mist collapsed and there was a shocking force. A ferocious aura shot out, and the woman in black was no longer there.

A giant black scorpion suddenly appeared. It was originally only a few dozen feet in size, but the moment it appeared, it began to grow until it was over 100,000 feet!

The scorpion shadow behind it overlapped like a cultivator's soul returning to place. The moment they overlapped, a fishy wind blew by.

There were flesh moving at the top of the scorpion's head, and it turned into a human face. It was the woman in black. She looked at Wang Lin with a venomous gaze and let out a mournful scream.

The nine scorpion tails waved and caused a thunderous rumble. It was as if the world was going to collapse. It screamed and charged at Wang Lin, filled with hatred. In addition to the nine tails, the two large claws were also aimed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was like an insignificant ant before the giant scorpion, but his expression was unchanged. He let out a cold snort as his left hand hit the spot between his eyebrows and his ancient god stars appeared. They rotated rapidly.

As the stars rotated, ancient god power rushed into Wang Lin's body and his bones began to grow along with his flesh! His body grew to 100 feet, 1,000 feet, until he was nearly 10,000 feet tall!

Rough skin, heaven-shaking aura, and that ancient aura. At this moment, an ancient god appeared in the world!

"Ancient God!!" After seeing the stars between Wang Lin's eyebrows, the woman in black revealed unimaginable fear.

Wang Lin's eyes seemed to contain stars and shined brightly. He held Li Qianmei in the palm of his hand and he stepped forward. His left hand formed a fist and threw a punch.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The giant scorpion trembled and its body was knocked to the side. Popping sounds echoed from the claw that collided with Wang Lin's left hand, and cracks appeared on it!

The intense pain caused the person that created the scorpion to reveal a painful expression.

Wang Lin didn't stop, he charged out once more. He caught up in an instant, and with one step, he landed on the scorpion's back. His left hand smashed down.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The scorpion let out a mournful cry and the two claws collapsed. The nine tails lashed at Wang Lin, but Wang Lin grabbed two of them with his left hand before jumping up. As Wang Lin jumped up, the scorpion wasn't able to break free from the power of the ancient god and was pulled up!

Wang Lin hated the scorpion to the bones. At this moment, he slammed the scorpion down! The scorpion was too big, and Wang Lin smashed it into a large group of fierce beasts. They all immediately died.

However, it wasn't over. Wang Lin just held the scorpion's tails and dragged its body forward. He continued to smash it down and broke through the siege like this.

The fear in the ferocious beasts' eyes when they looked at Wang Lin was indescribable, as if they were looking at a rank 13 beast. However, they were slower than Wang Lin, and he also had the giant scorpion in his hand. He roared as he charged, and he used the scorpion like a weapon as he smashed fierce beasts with it. The scorpion became weaker and weaker; even its miserable screams became faint.

The mosquito beasts surrounding Wang Lin began to buzz violently. In particular, the mosquito king stared at the scorpion with longing in its eyes.

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