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Chapter 129 – Homemade Devil

Wang Lin looked at the talkative Xu Liguo. He was about to respond when his expression slightly changed as Zhou Gangsan’s bag of holding flew into his hands. At the same time, he waved his hand and several fireballs flew out. They landed on the bodies of the Corpse Sect disciples and their corpse puppets, turning them into dust.

Shortly after, he reached out and grabbed Xu Liguo, who didn’t dare to resist. Then, he disappeared into the sky, leaving a trail of rainbow colored light.

At this point, the disciples of the other three sects had already finished harvesting the Burning Gold Fruits and were gone.

Wang Lin returned to the cave and placed the Burning Gold Fruit’s vine on the ground. He also threw Xu Liguo forward, causing Xu Liguo to panic and say, “Fellow cultivator, if there is any problem, we can talk about it! We can talk about it! As long as you don’t kill me, I can agree to any request. I was wrong before. Please don’t be angry.”

Xu Liguo felt very wronged. He was a Nascent Soul expert, but he had lost his body and his Nascent Soul was injured to the point of collapsing, causing his cultivation level to drop. In addition, he couldn’t afford the high price of a Nascent Soul cultivator’s body, so he thought about possessing a disciple of a sect, but if he was found out, it would lead to endless trouble. In the end, he decided to pay the Corpse Sect so he could possess a body without worry.

But possessing a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s body meant that it would take him a long time to recover his cultivation, almost as long as if he were to start over again. Right now, he only had the cultivation of a late stage Foundation Establishment cultivator. His Nascent Soul was just for show. It had no reasonable power.

Also, with how dominating Wang Lin’s Ji Realm was, Xu Liguo right now was a paper tiger. However, if Xu Liguo was able to recover his strength to the Core Formation stage, then the result would be very different.

Wang Lin completely ignored Xu Liguo’s plea for mercy as his eyes blinked and he moved a pillar to lock the cave down. Xu Liguo secretly groaned as he slowly floated backwards into the wall.

Wang Lin didn’t stop him. He send out his Ji Realm Divine Sense and the red lightning shout out. As the red lightning shot toward him, Xu Liguo could feel the destructive power fill him.

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and grabbed Xu Liguo’s trembling Nascent Soul. Wang Lin stared at the Nascent Soul and then his eyes suddenly lit up.

When he first saw Xu Liguo’s Nascent Soul, he felt something familiar. He thought about it during the flight here, but couldn’t recall where this feeling came from.

When he looked at Xu Liguo’s Nascent Soul this time, he suddenly remembered. This Nascent Soul was similar to the wandering souls in the World of Decay.

Wang Lin rubbed his chin and a thought appeared in his mind.

If he could devour souls like back in the World of Decay, then his Ji Realm Divine Sense would become a lot more powerful. Also, wandering souls were very powerful. They were able to devour people’s lives, regardless of their cultivation level. Once he gathers enough wandering souls in the living world, getting revenge on Teng Huayuan won’t be a problem.

More importantly, Wang Lin knew that if he were to meet a Core Formation cultivator, all he would be able do was run, but if he had a wandering soul, then he would have the power to protect himself.

If there were enough wandering souls, then he would even be willing to fight Nascent Soul cultivators.

He knew that his own techniques were too simple. He only knew some minor techniques. And as for magic treasures, all he had was a flying sword.

After experiencing the events in Zhao, Wang Lin’s mind underwent a great change. Everything he was doing now was to make himself stronger so that his destiny would no longer be in someone else’s control.

Xu Liguo’s Nascent Soul caused Wang Lin’s heart to skip a beat as he thought of an idea.

“Since I can’t bring the wandering souls out of the World of Decay, can I make them here?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He slapped his bag of holding and a piece of metal appeared. He pointed at the wall and the piece of metal carved out a cave.

While doing this, Wang Lin used this moment to send his Ji Realm to wipe out Xu Liguo’s memories. Xu Liguo was, after all, a Nascent Soul cultivator, and even with his cultivation level lowered, Wang Lin had to use all of his Ji realm to barely succeed.

Xu Liguo’s Nascent Soul became a semi transparent object with no consciousness.

After the cave was finished, the piece of metal flew back into Wang Lin’s bag of holding. Wang Lin waved his right hand and threw the Nascent Soul into the cave. He left a sliver of his Ji Realm Divine Sense to guard the Nascent Soul before leaving the cave again.

He searched through nearby mountains, catching small animals as Xu Liguo’s Nascent Soul just floated motionlessly in the cave.

After returning, Wang Lin looked at the soul for a while, then threw a small animal toward it. The animal let out a shriek before running into the corner, completely oblivious of the soul in the middle of the cave.

Wang Lin frowned as he watched the two. He strengthened the Ji Realm guarding the cave before digging another cave on the side and throwing the remaining small animals inside.

After finishing all of that, he slapped his forehead and the Heaven Defying Bead flew out. The bead circled him once before immediately diving into the Burning Gold Fruit vine next to him.

All of the fruits on the vine shrunk and disappeared at a visible rate, and all of the wood element was absorbed by the stone bead.

A third leaf slowly appeared on the stone bead. After the vine completely shriveled up, the third leaf became solid.

A flash of happiness appeared on Wang Lin’s face as he reached out and grabbed. The stone bead flew into his hand. He looked at the stone bead carefully before holding it up against his forehead. The bead quickly entered his body when it touched his forehead.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. After pondering a little, he left the cave and ran toward the volcanoes. It took him three days to harvest all of the Burning Gold Fruit vines in the area, making them extinct in this region.

The Heaven Defying Bead now had five leaves.

Three days later, Wang Lin looked into the small cave again and saw some pee and poop on the ground. The small animal was trembling in the corner. After digesting all of the food it had eaten three days ago, it was now very weak.

Xu Liguo’s Nascent Soul was still floating in the air. If you looked closely, his Nascent Soul was even more transparent than it was before. It looked as if it could disappear at any time.

Wang Lin pondered a little. He sent out his divine sense and drove the Nascent Soul toward the small animal. After a while, the Nascent Soul was above the small animal.

Finally, the the Nascent Soul had nowhere to hide and jumped at the small animal. Wang Lin suddenly became very focused as he saw the small animal shake violently. It got up from the ground with eyes emitting golden light, but the light soon dimmed and the animal fell to the ground.

Just at that moment, Xu Liguo’s Nascent Soul quickly flew out of the small animal’s head and charged toward the wall. When it hit the wall, it let out a painful scream. Then, it went and slammed against the other walls a few times, until it finally just floated back and forth in the room.

Wang Lin wasn’t surprised. In fact, he was happy. He could clearly see that the Nascent Soul was no longer transparent and was filled with a hint of madness. He quickly threw all of the small animals he had caught three days ago into the cave and carefully observed.

The moment the few small animals fell to the ground, they ran to the corners of room with fear in their eyes and screamed non-stop.

But what caused Wang Lin to frown was that the Nascent Soul ignored the small animals. The hint of madness disappeared and the soul became confused again.

Wang Lin pondered a little and then he used his Ji Realm Divine Sense to force the Nascent Soul onto another small animal. When the small animal died, the Nascent Soul charged out. Its eyes were filled with madness again.

But the Nascent Soul still ignored the other small animals. Wang Lin snorted and used his Ji Realm Divine Sense to force the Nascent Soul to devour the other small animals. Now the madness in the Nascent Soul’s eyes was even stronger.

Wang Lin pondered for a while, then went out. He caught a lot of beasts in the nearby mountains. He purposefully caught vicious beasts. There was even one that had a strange aura.

After he returned to the cave, he made a few more rooms to separate the beasts. Then, he carried a beast with bloodshot eyes that kept roaring at him and threw it into the room with the Nascent Soul.

After being forced by the Ji Realm to devour the beast again, the madness in the Nascent Soul became even stronger.

Wang Lin observed from outside the room for a long time. He didn’t know if the Nascent Soul would turn into a wandering soul, a so called devil, if he continued this.

The truth was that the best way to test this was to capture cultivators to use as guinea pigs, but he was afraid of the Nascent Soul’s cultivation level increasing after devouring a cultivator. If the Nascent Soul’s power exceeded the power of the Ji Realm, Wang Lin would be in danger. Thus, unless he absolutely had to, he didn’t want to risk using cultivators.

Four days later, aside from the animal with the strange aura, all of the other beasts he had caught had been devoured. Today, Wang Lin held that beast and threw it into the stone room.

The Nascent Soul was slowly forced by the Ji Realm to go toward the beast with the strange aura. Just as it was about to touch the beast, the Nascent Soul abruptly stopped itself from jumping on it and revealed a look of hesitation.

Wang Lin’s Ji Realm moved, forming red lightning and pressuring the Nascent Soul. The Nascent Soul finally entered the beast. For a long time, the beast trembled.

Half an hour later, the beast exploded as a red soul escaped from its body and let out a roar.

The shape of the Nascent Soul had completely changed and was glowing red. It was releasing a powerful aura that even Wang Lin could feel through his Ji Realm restrictions. As of now, this was no longer a soul, but a devil.

Wang Lin eyes lit up. After pondering for a while, he opened up the cave and walked inside.

The devil suddenly turned its head and jumped at Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he looked at the devil. Red lightning shot out of his eyes, pushing the devil away and causing it to let out miserable groans.

A vicious expression appeared on the devil’s face as it jumped at Wang Lin again, but Wang Lin waved his hand and grabbed the devil.

“You’re courting death!” Wang Lin’s voice was cold and his eyes flashed red. Every time his eyes flashed, the devil would shake. After a while, the vicious expression was replaced by a fearful one.

In the end, the devil revealed a pitiful expression. Wang Lin held the devil and exited the stone room. After arriving at the room he was using to cultivate, he tossed the devil into the air.

The viciousness appeared on the devil’s face again as he rushed toward the ceiling to escape. Wang Lin sneered in his heart as his Ji Realm Divine Sense quickly caught up and punished it. The devil let out a miserable groan as a thin line of smoke appeared on its body and it visibly weakened.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a piece of metal. Then, he blandly said to the devil, “Hide inside here. You’re not allowed to come unless I let you”

The devil looked at Wang Lin with fear as it turned into a ray of red light and entered the piece of metal.

After putting away the piece of metal, he regrettably looked at the cave. He exited the cave, waved his hand, and the cave collapsed in on itself.

Wang Lin didn’t look back as he flew eastward.

According to Mai Lang’s memories, the War God Shrine was located in the east. Wang Lin had already decided. Since he couldn’t find the location of Zhao in Mai Lang’s memory, he would need to go check out the map that was in the War God Shrine’s treasury.

In addition to everything that had happened so far, his blood-refined small, green sword was now just a piece of metal and its power had greatly weakened. If he was against Foundation Establishment cultivators, he wouldn’t need to use it. However, if he was against a Core Formation cultivator, then this piece of metal would be able to save his life.

So he had to learn how to refine treasures. That was another reason he needed to returned to the War God Shrine, because they have a refining house there.

And in addition to all of that, he had to find a place of extreme Ying, or he will be stuck at the mid stage of Foundation Establishment. Only with extreme Ying can he form the 3rd cold core and reach the late stage of Foundation Establishment and then form his core.

Wang Lin decided to not to give up cultivating the Underworld Ascension Method. After all, Situ Nan told him that after he forms the three cold cores and fuses them, he will have a high chance of entering the Core Formation stage.

When he was recovering his cultivation, because he didn’t have any Ying spirit liquid, he could only cultivate the War God Shrine technique from Mai Lang’s memory, but what interested him was the Divine Path. Although the spiritual energy from cultivating the Divine Path had no attribute, from an objective point of view, it was worse than his previous Ying spiritual energy.

But the Divine Path of the War God Shrine was not without its benefits. If the Ying spiritual energy was like an invincible sword, then this cultivation was flexible as silk.

The War God Shrine was located on a heaven piercing mountain in the eastern part of Hou Fen. The mountain was shrouded by clouds and was filled with spirit beasts. There were four sub mountains that housed the four sub sects of the War God Shrine.

As one of the four head sects of the country of Hou Fen, the War God Shrine had more than 3,000 disciples. Even if you excluded the random outer sect disciples, there were still around 2,300 disciples.

On this day, at a low, snowy peak one kilometer away from the War God Shrine, Zhou Zihong, Yang Xiong, and Lin Tao were waiting. Three days ago, the three of them suddenly felt their souls shake as Wang Lin sent them a message via their soul blood essence. He told them to bring a few items. The appointed time had long passed, but the three of them didn’t dare to leave.

Among the three of them, Lin Tao was the most scared as he looked for words to say.

Zhou Zihong looked dazed as she bit her red lips. Her mind was blank. Mai Lang had been gone for over a year. She originally thought he would would never appear again. However, when she got his message three days ago, her face immediately became pale.

Yang Xiong’s expression was the most composed. Aside from lights flashing from his eyes every now and then, he looked the most normal. However, upon closer inspection, his right hand formed a tight fist.

Time slowly passed and night came, but Wang Lin still hadn’t appeared. The three of them looked at each other in confusion.

At a mountain peak two kilometers away, Wang Lin coldly looked at the three of them. Since the upheaval in Zhao, Wang Lin had become very cautious. Although he had their soul blood essence, the three of them might be determined enough to fight to the death.

Therefore, Wang Lin was waiting. If there was anything abnormal, then he would crush their soul blood essences and flee.

At the same time, Wang Lin was also gauging their reactions. It has to be said that even if they were pretending, they couldn’t do it for a long period of time. Among the three of them, Lin Tao’s expression was the most normal. From the start, he had been scared and unsettled.

Zhou Zihong had been in a daze the whole time. Confusion appeared on her face despite her best efforts to hide it.

After observing the two of them, Wang Lin focused his attention on Yang Xiong. This person’s expression was really composed at the start, but as time passed, his expression became more unsettled.

Wang Lin stared at Yang Xiong’s right hand and his eyes became cold. He pondered for a bit before quickly moving toward the three of them. In the blink of an eye, he suddenly appeared before them. A cold aura spread out.

After they saw Wang Lin, all three of their hearts trembled and all of their fatigue disappeared.

In this past year, the various things that happened in the foreign battleground echoed in their dreams every night.

They weren’t really sure how powerful Wang Lin was, but the Mai Lang before them caused their hearts to tremble.

They had a feeling that even if Wang Lin didn’t have their soul blood essences, he could still kill them in an instant without them being able to protect themselves at all.

This type of feeling reached its peak after Wang Lin coldly looked at them. Lin Tao was the first to hit his limit as he knelt to the ground and said, “Lin Tao greets master!”

Yang Xiong and Zhou Zihong weren’t much better off. They were just withstanding the aura by sheer force.

Wang Lin withdrew his Ji Realm Divine Sense. Only then did that sense of danger disappear. The three of them let out breaths of relief. Then, Yang Xiong and Zhou Zihong bowed to greet Wang Lin.

As they bowed, a trace of bitterness flashed across Yang Xiong’s face as he clenched the jade in his right hand. He came here with two thoughts in mind. One was to cheat Wang Lin to come back to the War God Shrine and ask the elders to help him steal back his soul blood essence. The second was if Wang Lin wasn’t willing to go, then he would secretly emit his current location with the jade. Back at the War God Shrine, his junior apprentice brother was holding another piece of jade. If he were to insert spiritual energy into this jade, the jade his junior apprentice brother was holding would light up and his junior apprentice brother would call their master.

But he now found out just how stupid his idea was. If he really did that, then he would have been the first one to die.

This senior that possessed Mai Lang’s body must’ve been a cultivator from a high ranking cultivation country. How else could this senior, being only be at the Foundation Establishment stage, have a divine sense that caused his heart to tremble.

Yang Xiong secretly sighed and gave up on any ideas of resisting. He took a deep breath and quickly slapped his bag of holding with his left hand. He then took out a jade and respectfully said to Wang Lin, “Master, I have gotten what you requested of me three days ago. This is the jade from the refining house.”

After Wang Lin received the jade, he scanned it with his divine sense. Without showing any expression, he nodded. His gaze then fell on Lin Tao.

Lin Tao’s heart sped up and he whispered, “Master, that map is placed at the top of the treasure pavilion. I… I can’t go up there because my cultivation level isn’t high enough.”

Seeing Wang Lin’s deadpan face, Lin Tao clenched his teeth and said, “Ten days! Master, just give me ten days of time. By then, it will be my cousin’s turn to patrol. I will at least be able to get him to make me a copy!”

Wang Lin looked at him, nodded, then blandly said, “If you really manage to get it, then when I leave Hou Fen, I’ll return your soul blood essence to you.” With that, he looked toward Yang Xiong. His eyes became cold as he said, “Normally, I would have returned your soul blood essence to you, but the item in your hand voids your achievements. This time, I won’t kill you, but whether or not I return your soul blood essence to you will depend on next time.”

Yang Xiong’s body shook and his face immediately became pale. When he saw Wang Lin just now, especially because of the look in Wang Lin’s eyes, he felt a strong sense of fear. He knelt on the ground and handed over the jade in his right hand. His face was very tense.

Wang Lin no longer looked at him. He now looked toward Zhou Zihong. Zhou Zihong clenched her teeth, raised her pretty face, and said, “Senior, that Divine Path is very strange. Although I saw it six months ago, I couldn’t remember anything afterward, so I can’t make a copy of the jade that contains the technique. Actually, senior doesn’t have to go through such a roundabout way. With Mai Lang’s contribution in the Foreign Battleground, once you return to the sect, you will naturally be allowed to study it.”

The Divine Path was what interested Wang Lin the most from Mai Lang’s memories. Mai Lang dreamed of studying it. For some reason, the War God Shrine was very strict when it came to their own disciples studying the Divine Path, but people outside the sect only had to pay spirit stones in appointed times in exchange for studying it.

But for disciples of the War God Shrine, they must either have reached the Core Formation stage or have contributed greatly to the sect. Only after achieving one of these can they study it under the supervision of an elder.

According to Wang Lin’s analysis, this Divine Path must have something special about it. It could be that if someone at the Foundation Establishment studied it, it would be dangerous without someone protecting them.

When he asked Zhou Zihong to make a copy, he didn’t plan on it succeeding, so he wasn’t disappointed. He carefully looked at the three of them and gently said, “The three of you don’t have to be so on guard near me. As long as you don’t mess with me, then when I leave Hou Fen, I’ll return your soul blood essences. However, if you dare to plot against me, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

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