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Chapter 128 – Burning Gold Mountain Range

Wang Lin waved his right hand to open up the stone door and walked out.

Currently, the sky was blue and clear for 10,000 kilometers. His body moved and he flew to a nearby volcano. When he exited the dream space, his divine sense found a fluctuation of wood element inside the volcano.

Shortly after, Wang Lin arrived at the mouth of the volcano and looked inside. Waves of heat floated up from inside the mouth of the volcano. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he jumped in without any hesitation. He used the attraction force technique to control his descent.

The Burning Gold Mountain Range was a famous mountain rage in Hou Fen. As for why it was famous, it was because an alchemy material called the Burning Gold Fruit grew here.

This Burning Gold Fruit is a key ingredient in making the Soul Harmony Pill. The spiritual energy in the country is filled with the fire element. Absorbing this spiritual energy for a long time causes harm to the cultivators’ bodies. So, because the Soul Harmony Pill is a pill that can regulate the spiritual energy in the body, it is beloved by the cultivators here.

It can be said that this Soul Harmony Pill is the most consumed pill in Hou Fen. There are many different recipes for the Soul Harmony Pill, and they all have varying degrees of effectiveness. The most popular recipe is the one that uses the Burning Gold Fruit.

This Burning Gold Fruit only grows in the mouth of the volcano. It also only grows if it’s in a range of volcanoes, not just a lone one.

Every time the Burning Gold Fruits are ripe, the four major sects send disciples to harvest them. This fruit is very strange. It can’t harvested early or late. It must harvested in the three day period that it is ripe.

On this day, the four sects had sent out their disciples early. Each of the sects had taken over one volcano. The four major sects had an agreement regarding this much needed material, so there wasn’t really any fighting over them.

There were a total of three Corpse Sect disciples; two males and one female. They carried coffins behind them as they stood at a volcano opening, waiting for the right time to go in.

Time slowly passed. Seeing that the other three volcanoes had green smoke leaking out, the other three sects jumped into their respective volcanoes. The three disciples of the Corpse Sect revealed confused expressions. The female frowned and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Mai, do you know what is going on?”

The male named Mai was also frowning as he said, “The green smoke means the Burning Gold Fruit is ripe and ready to be harvested. The four volcanoes should be ripe at the exact same time. Senior brother Zhou, do you think we should go down and check?”

The young man named Zhou pondered for a bit. Then, he shook his head and said, “Let us wait for a bit. If the green smoke doesn’t come out and dissolve the poisonous gas of the volcano, we will be in danger if we go down.”

Time slowly passed. Seeing the green smoke become even thicker at the other three volcanoes, the three disciples became impatient. The young man named Zhou clenched his teeth and said, “Fine, let’s go down and look.” With that, he was about to jump down when a cold aura came from inside the volcano.

Shortly after, a youth filled with coldness appeared. The three disciples were dumbfounded as they watched him fly out while carrying a purple vine as thick as a person.

The vine was filled with Burning Gold Fruits.

This person was Wang Lin. After he appeared, he didn’t even look at the three as he left. He had already noticed the three a while ago, but he was having a headache figuring out how to take the fruit. Every time he pulled the fruit off the vine, it would be turned into dust by the heat.

Thus, Wang Lin decided to just pull the entire root of the Burning Golden Fruit out. However, what made him helpless was that he couldn’t put this vine into his bag of holding, so he had to carry it. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had great use for these wood element fruits, he wouldn’t be bothering with all of this.

The young man named Zhou swallowed hard as he stared at the vine on Wang Lin’s shoulder. His his expression changed many times. This was his third year here to harvest the fruit. At most, they would only take ten fruits because the root grew the fruits to be nutrients for itself. Only with enough fruits could the root survive.

If too many fruits were taken, the root would die. If the root died, then there wouldn’t be anymore Burning Gold Fruits appearing in this volcano.

But this person had pulled out the entire root. Did this person not know that the root will die two hours after it is pulled out? He was angry and saw that Wang Lin was only at the mid stage of Foundation Establishment, yet he dared to ignore the three of them and was going to carry the root away, so he shouted, “Stop! I don’t care what sect you’re from. You need to pay the price for destroying the root of the Burning Gold Fruit!”

With that, he slapped the coffin behind him and suddenly stood up straight. The lid of the coffin let out a creak as it moved a bit to the right and a black hand came out. Slivers of black gas came from its finger and a rotten stench immediately began to spread.

The two other disciples behind also put down their coffins and angrily stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin turned around, looked at the three, and rubbed the Burning Gold Vine as he asked, “Pay what price?”

Zhou Gang sneered, “Immediately cut off both your arm and legs, dig out your own eyes, and follow us back to be judged by the sect head.” With that, he didn’t wait for Wang Lin to reply. He pointed at the coffin. The lid of the coffin moved more to the right until it flew off and a completely black mummy came out. It suddenly jumped at Wang Lin with black gas coming out of its hand.

At the same time, the other two disciples of the sect behind Zhou Gang both slapped their coffins. Two more mummies jumped out, got in formation, and charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as a loud bang occurred in the golden ocean inside his consciousness. The red lightning suddenly charged out through Wang Lin’s eyes. The three Corpse Sect disciples’ bodies shook as their eyes dimmed and they died from having their souls destroyed.

Then, Wang Lin casually raised his head to look at the three corpse puppets. Two of them immediately began to rot and turned into piles of white bones.

Only Zhou Gang’s corpse puppet didn’t take any damage. It suddenly stopped charging at Wang Lin. Its emotionless eyes shined a golden light as it looked at Wang Lin with a horrified expression. It quickly backed up and was about to escape.

Wang Lin’s sneered in his heart and said, “Take one more step and you will die!”

Wang Lin’s words fell on deaf ears as the corpse puppet covered itself in black gas and ran off. But then, the corpse puppet let out a miserable scream as a light flew out from its body. The light took the shape of a small person who bowed at Wang Lin and begged, “Fellow cultivator, please have mercy. I’m Xu Liguo, a disciple of the Tian Gang sect from a rank 4 cultivation country. Just now, I have offended you, so I’ll pay you back. If you need anything, we can talk. Please, don’t be rash.”

This little person was already scared to death. He originally wanted to flee, but then he suddenly felt a destructive force enter his body. He felt a sense of danger, so he quickly escaped from the body.

Although he was a Nascent Soul cultivator, he was heavily injured in a war. He managed to escape with his Nascent Soul, but he was so injured that his Nascent Soul was about to scatter. His close friends gathered up a large amount of wealth and bought him a body from the corpse sect.

The bodies provided by the Corpse Sect were very famous in the rank 4 and 5 cultivation countries. All of them had very good talent and their looks could be customized to the customer’s preference. They even provided some of the weird cultivators with bodies of the opposite sex. As long as you can afford it, then you can find a satisfactory answer at the Corpse Sect.

More importantly, there would never be any problems with the body, and if you’re willing to pay extra, you can receive full protection during the possession process.

In addition to that, the Corpse Sect’s research into possession had reached a very high level. They could provide very detailed instructions to help the possessor in the process of possession.

As long as you can pay the price, you can pick any body of any cultivation level. As we all know, for a Nascent Soul cultivator, the best body is another Nascent Soul cultivator’s. If you use a Core Formation cultivator’s body, then your cultivation will weaken greatly and will take a long time to recover.

If you really can’t afford it and can’t even afford a Core Formation body, then you can only pay for the bargain bin priced Foundation Establishment bodies. Even if you’re a Nascent Soul cultivator, it will take a very long time for you to recover your cultivation.

Xu Liguo was one of those Nascent Soul cultivators that couldn’t afford the price.

If Nascent Soul stage bodies were the highest quality bodies the Corpse Sect could sell, then they wouldn’t be a big deal. Nascent Soul bodies aren’t their main source of income.

The perfect body for a Soul Formation cultivator is another Soul Formation cultivator’s, but the difficulty of obtaining a Soul Formation cultivator’s body in perfect condition is too high. And almost every Soul Formation expert has a large sect from a rank 5 cultivation country behind them, so they are not easily touched.

But this problem can be solved by the Corpse Sect if you can pay the price. The body would be Soul Formation, but no matter how hard you look, you won’t be able to find where that Soul Formation body came from.

This is the Corpse Sect’s greatest secret and nobody knows the truth. There is even a rumor that the Corpse Sect can provide the only rank 6 cultivation country’s top experts with matching bodies.

This is a very powerful and mysterious sect. Each sub-sect’s leader only knows that the main sect is inside a rank 5 cultivation country.

But is the real headquarters really at a rank 5 cultivation country? No one knows the real answer to that question.

But one thing is certain: no one would dare to mess with the Corpse Sect in rank 4 or above cultivation countries. As for rank 3 and below countries, as long as the sect is not wiped out, the Corpse Sect won’t care. After all, this is only a farm for low level bodies and the place where the business is occurring.

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