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Chapter 1273 - Arrival!

A lonely figure moved among the stars, wearing white with a head of flowing, blue hair, giving off a superb sense of beauty. Li Qianmei flew ahead with confusion and determination.

There were still tears on her face as she bit her lower lip and flew faster and faster.

"There are some things in this world that have no logic, and one can only rely on their feelings. It doesn't matter whether it was worth or it or not, it had to be done…" She let out a sigh as she endured the sadness and bitterness in her heart. She flew even faster.

Rank 9 region, where the God Sect was, hidden deep within the fog was a cultivation planet. There was a large formation here, and the center was a very gorgeous palace.

Inside the palace, Mu Bingmei sat there as she stared ahead. Her beautiful face revealed an indifferent expression.

"Why are you trapping me here?"

Wang Shanshan was sitting outside the palace and frowned as she said, "Big Sister Mu, it is difficult to violate Teacher's order. Little Sister is also very puzzled. Perhaps Teacher gave this order because he wants you to recover as soon as possible…" 

Mu Bingmei silently pondered. She didn't understand why the God Sect's head elder was like this, and it gave off a strange feeling. There was a tingling sensation in her heart that she couldn't make out. It was as if something big was going to happen, and it was going to happen to someone she knew.

At this moment, Mu Bingmei didn't know that the rank 8 sect competition had been cancelled or that Li Qianmei had left the Heaven Breaking Sect.

She didn't know that Wang Lin was facing his biggest crisis yet, his fate unknown!

If she knew all of this, how would she choose...

Time slowly passed, and Wang Lin still sat on the wild continent. His origin soul had turned into fire under the two pieces of the broken sword, forcing out the blood stains on them.

One hour, two hours, three hours… until ten hours had passed.

After consuming all the origin crystals, he had finally forced out 30% of the blood stains from the iron sword. This dark blood turned into a bean-sized pill that gave off a strange aura and floated around Wang Lin.

Forcing out 30% of the blood from the iron sword was Wang Lin's limit. Even if he had more time, he wouldn't be able to force out more. If it wasn't for the danger forcing him into peak condition, he wouldn't have been able to force so much out.

He then put away the iron sword and the woman in silver. He sat there and adjusted his body. His heart rate slowed down until it took several breaths for it to beat once.

It was dead silent.

The last two hours slowly passed. At the last moment, Wang Lin opened his eyes and calmly looked at the sky.

At this instant, the star fog began to surge and an unimaginable pressure slowly came out of the fog.

"He's arrived!" Wang Lin's pupils suddenly shrank but soon returned to normal as he coldly stared at the sky.

That pressure was heaven-shaking. The moment it appeared, the earth trembled and showed signs of collapse. At this instant, all the fog shrouding the rank 5 region was suddenly pushed back!

The fog moved like a wave, and the roars from the fog became even more intense. It was as if all the fierce beasts inside the fog were terrified.

At the same time, a giant vortex made of fog suddenly appeared at the edge of Wang Lin's vision. A thunderous rumble echoed as a giant arm came out from the vortex and shot toward Wang Lin.

The arm was very old and was filled with wrinkles; it was the hand of an elder. At this moment, it reached toward Wang Lin, and it seemed as if the entire world was going to collapse before it!

The origin energy of the world seemed to be sealed by a strange force; none remained within this region.

The speed of that giant hand was indescribable. The moment Wang Lin saw it come out of the vortex, it was above his head, reaching toward him like grabbing an ant! 

There were no words, no questions, no chance for survival as the hand descended!

Wang Lin had encountered this in the Seven-Colored Realm before as well. It seemed every third step cultivator liked spells like these that would crush those they considered ants!

It seemed like aside from other third step cultivators, no one could make these people appear in their real bodies, much less an ant like Wang Lin!

However, an ant could still bite, struggle, and resist. Not to mention Wang Lin had never considered himself an ant! Even if he did, he would still want to devour the world, filled with defying intent!

The moment the hand reached down, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a frenzied gaze and he let out a cold snort. He leaped at the hand like a meteor.

"Not even third step cultivators can make me yield!" The battle intent inside Wang Lin's heart ignited and the star of law between his eyebrows rotated like crazy. The moment he charged out, he closed in on the hand, and when it reached at him, he let out a heaven-shaking roar!

"10 million sword shadows!" Wang Lin's right index finger pointed at the hand that was closing in on him. The sword energy hidden inside suddenly erupted. One, two, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand…. 5 million, 8 million… 9,999,999!

Just one sword shadow short of 10 million erupted from Wang Lin's right index finger.

At this moment, Wang Lin's right index finger became the last sword shadow, and the sword shadows reached 10 million, a level of completion.

The moment that completion was reached, the shadows of two deer appeared and surrounded Wang Lin's index finger as it collided with the hand!

This was the collision of a palm and a finger. It was 10 million sword shadows condensed into one. It had the power to kill all Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, and even Heaven's Blight cultivators would be shocked!

This was Wang Lin's first attack against the person that wanted to kill him!

A thunderous bang echoed across the world. This shockwave spread across the entire rank 5 region and caused all the various cultivators to cough out blood. Their faces were pale and filled with indescribable horror.

Everything in the world seemed to slow down. Wang Lin's finger landed on the hand at this moment, and the 10 million sword shadows hidden inside his finger erupted!

The sword shadows rushed into the huge hand like crazy. The 10 million sword shadows carried Wang Lin's madness, unwillingness, and his spirit as a heaven-defying cultivator into the hand in an extreme fashion.

The two deer shadows rushed out with the 10 million sword shadows and turned into black and white gas that entered the palm. Popping sounds echoed from inside the hand and seemed to replace all sounds in the world. It was as if the heavens themselves had stopped moving.

The only thing left in this world was the scene of Wang Lin's finger colliding with that palm!

The giant, desolate palm suddenly paused for a moment, and endless popping sounds echoed. If one looked closely, there seemed to be 10 million silver snakes moving around under its skin, causing the popping sounds to become even more intense.

A thunderous rumble echoed as if the world was going to collapse. The skin of the hand burst, but, strangely, there was no blood, and not even a sliver of origin energy came out!

The hand rose after the pause, and a soft exclamation came from the endless fog behind the hand.

An ancient voice came from the fog as a powerful pressure suddenly descend from the sky. "You have some skill! However, how can a firefly compare to the moon? You dare to rise into the air before me? Get back down!" 

That pressure was extremely powerful. If a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator touched it, they would immediately die. When it landed on Wang Lin, he coughed out blood. It felt like a carriage weighing 10 million tons or countless cultivation planets were smashing into him. Popping sounds came from his bones as the pressure crushed down and he was smashed into the ground.

He had no power to resist at all!

However, Wang Lin had the body of an ancient god. After wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he roared, "10 million sword shadows, collapse! Collapse! Collapse!!!!"

Wang Lin's voice was filled with a crazy amount of killing intent. He had been a heaven-defying cultivator all his life; he defied the world and would never yield!

The moment his voice echoed, the 10 million sword shadows that had entered the hand suddenly trembled and exploded. The explosion of the 10 million sword shadows was impossible to describe, and a rumble that could collapse the rank 5 region echoed. In a flash, a heaven-defying aura spread out from the hand!

It was as if 10 million cultivators had turned into flying swords, entered the hand, and launched a crazed, self-destructive attack. The roar seemed to come from ancient times, shocking the world!

This spell was enough to kill any Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, and even Heaven's Blight cultivators would be forced off in an sorry state. However, at this moment, the giant hand suddenly trembled and a strange force appeared. The collapse of the 10 million sword shadows suddenly dissipated. The hand was left unscathed!

There was only a red point at the center of the palm, and a drop of blood fell!

Wang Lin's spells were able to destroy four fingers from Daoist Blue Dream. Now his power had increased greatly, and the power of the unsealed swords were not ordinary!

In Wang Lin's first exchange with Daoist Water, Wang Lin coughed out blood. Intense pain came from his bones, his body felt like it was being torn apart, and he was smashed down from the sky.

However, Daoist Water was injured! Even thought it was only a small wound, he was still injured!

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